upcoming episodes of saraswathichandra

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Aug 6, 2013

upcoming episodes of saraswathichandra (By geetha)

in my view as per the novel of  saraswathi  chandra (from which the story was taken)  after budhidan

( kumud's father-in-law)  becoming prime minister saras aka naveen chandra leaves the home.an attack was planed on saras and kumud by some  rebels.saras was badly attacked by them and was thrown from top of ahill.kumud was foiled by her father-in -law.saras  was saved by some saints in a ashram,he settles there  forgiving  his past life.in a mean while kumud  commites sucidedue to her  husband's behaviour by jumping from the top of a hill.every one imagines that kumud was no more,but she will be saved by the saints of an ashram where saras was  living. once again ,saras and kumud meets.every one in the ashram come to know the  past of both and hey tries to reunite them.  the story ends with saras marring kusum.

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