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Aug 1, 2013

OS : LOVE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY........ (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 57 times)


I AM BACK ONCE AGAIN AS PROMISED WITH A NEW OS, hope u will like it like my previous one, though it did not come out completely as i had planned but still as i had promised you it will be there today so it is,,, enjoy and DO TELL ME HOW IT WAS???


Things were going smoothly for Khushi, today her medical entrance test results were announced and yeyyyyyy!!!!! She had  got through the most prestigious college now only the branch which she will get was in question. Her parents were delighted and over the moon by her success and khushi was supperrrrrrrr happy.

After a few days, it was the day of allocation of her branch and she went to the center skipping all the way, and after the formalities she sat in the auditorium waiting for her name to be called out when her breathing stopped when she looked at the person who had occupied the seat beside her.

He was undeniably handsome, but it was the calmness and serenity in his deep chocolate eyes that captivated her. Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!! Here she was all figity and super-overexcited and there he sat all calm and composed, but he did not seem like a nose-in-the-air kind of guy but then how could he be so calm………..

She kept glancing at him at regular intervals, being the talkative girl that she was it was getting hard for her to keep quiet and moreover the impatience had started eating on her but she kept quiet as she did not want him to feel as if she is pounding on him.


Arnav had worked his hardest the last two years and not he was satisfied with the result that lay in front of him, obviously his parents were over the moon at his achievement but he being the quiet one just accepted their congos with a smile.

His rank could get him the branch he wanted in the most prestigious medical college of the country. Now he sat in the auditorium waiting for his name to be called out when he happened to look at the girl on his right who had been glancing at him from quite a lot time actually, she was beautiful no doubt, may be a little full because of sitting and studying all day but it just added to her charm, she was looking a lot impatient, maybe she had worked a little too hard for this and was overexcited then suddenly she spoke after glancing at him for nearly half an hour…..


Now khushi’s impatiens had reached it’s peak the children before her were taking a hell lot of time in choosing their stream that she could not curb her impariens anymore and spoke out……………

Khushi : hey devi maiyya, why is everybody taking sooo long, when will my name come.

Then sheepishly looking at the guy who was gazing at her she thought  now to you have to speak khushi otherwise it will look soo rude…….

Khushi : hi.

Arnav : hi, which branch are you willing to take??

Arnav did not know why he started the conversation as he usually was the silent guy but then her charms had worked on him and he too could not resist speaking.

Khushi was shocked, did he speak to me??? As in really!!!!!...but now she had to answer back ….

Khushi: hoping that I get Bangalore but then Jaipur is also fine by me. What about you???

Arnav: yeah I am also opting for Bangalore..

Khushi : oh so what was your rank????

Anrav : 99 and yours??

Khushi : 100 and she was super happy that may be they could be together and she started chatting and Arnav was thoroughly immersed in the conversation, he had really started liking her, time flew by and no one knew.

Then the blow came, luckily Arnav got the last seat in the Bangalore branch and Khushi had to take Jaipur.

Both their hearts broke, though they had just met for an hour or so but still the connection had been established, the bond had been formed, though they took each other’s number with a promise to be in touch but then the hectic schedule of the medical college life was against their promise.

Though they did speak to each other but it was only a few times a year like on birthdays, festivals, results and yes they did meet once in those five years when the inter-branch sports meet was held, they did manage some time alone but that still did not satisfy them.

They did not know what this relation was, and they never bothered to give it a name, but then they knew they cared for each other……..maybe much more than they did for themselves…….IS IT NOT LOVE???

But then they did meet…….the destiny was not that cruel was it??. They worked hard and both got into the postgraduate institute in Bangalore and then Khushi moved to her Aranv…………. They gradually fell in love in these two years of constant hard work and sincerity, both understood eachother, their requirements, their commitments, they did declare their love for eachother but it did not change their relation and they thanked God for that, there was no akwardness, no anxiety, no discomfort as if they were meant to be together.

After completing their course they started practicing in the same hospital, they became frequent visitors to each other’s homes, sometimes Arnav would secretly pull her in a empty room and kiss her making her blush, they would always eat lunch together in some cosy corner of the hospital talking about irrelevant things and Arnav making her blush ever so often, their families were more than happy for them, for finding someone so understanding and caring for themselves.

A year later they got married, not too much of a show as Arnav always liked simpler occasions but still he fulfilled Khushi’s every wish which charmed khushi all the more.


Now they sat together after 3 years of their marriage in the hospital ward looking at the new member of their family, who is all set the make their happy life even more blissful and worth-living. All the staff of the hospital had already come and whished their favourite couple for the new happiness in their life.

Khushi now prayed to her devi maiyya to always keep  them happy and to protect her family from all evils.

And Arnav just sat silently beside his khushi with one hand around her shoulder and one hand helping her hold the baby while he stared at her and their princess alternatively sub consciously thanking God for making his life so unimaginably happy and content.


SO THIS IS IT, hope you enjoyed it, do comment or atleast press a thank you yaar.......



Aug 2, 2013

THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 9 times)


I HOPE YOU ALL ARE IN HIGH SPIRITS, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much guys for your thank yous, those really mean a lot to me, thanks to all the silent readers too for thanking me and a special thanks to :

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