Jul 30, 2013

TO EVERY READERS ON BEHALF OF WRITERS!!! admin plz help spread the word!! (By Coolbakes) (Thanked: 96 times)

Firstly a big thanks to myeduniya for providing such a good platform for all the writers to express their thoughts!! it has also been a great pleasure to know many people across the globe who share interests with us!!!

The readers have been a huge source of strength and support to every writer helping them become better day by day!! being a reader of many stories in this platform i thank every writer from the bottom of my heart for writing such beautiful works of literature!! they help me have a healthy kind of hobby and some words are written so well and some stories with a message that adds the slicing to the cake!!

But friends plz undersatnd!! we all read but why dont we spend a few seconds to drop a few wrods for the writer who actually sits hours to give you a good update!! we enjoy their work but dont you think its our duty to drop back a few words for them! 

being a writer i know what it takes to give a update.. and trust me its not as easy as what it seems..... and the only happiness a writer recieves is when she opens to check her comments!!

i can see many authors these days putting up notes of having lost intrest in writing or continuing their stories coz the lack of comments!! when in reality their story is being loved and read!!

its not needed that you write a page of comments but just a few wrods would help them and make them smile!!! being readers aren't we obliged this much to them!! do we write posts asking for updates so why should they for comments!!! 

lets do it yar!! how else will they know how their story is being recieved and remember the few words you drop in the comment box may mean nothing to a reader but means everything to a writer!!in the end your comments help them give much more nice updates and again its we readers who are gonna enjoy their story again!! we have more advantages!!

so plz guys!! lets take a few seconds hereafter and drop a few words and hit the thank you button and make the writers who do so much for us happy!! just a few wrods would do!!

and remember

THE FEW SECONDS YOU TAKE COULD MAKE THE DAY FOR THEM!!! we can surely afford a few seconds for the people who take hours to update for us!! cant we??


a humble request to every reader from


love always coolbakes!!

PS' i am sorry if i had put up something wrong! my apologies

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its smiles all the way!!