Missing Wife, Infuriated Husband [OS]

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Jul 26, 2013

Missing Wife, Infuriated Husband [OS] (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 244 times)

Missing Wife, Infuriated Husband [OS]

Note: This is going to be one time shot OS. I hope you will enjoy reading the teasing, the missing, the infuriating, seducing, and loving relationship of husband and wife. This OS will be soothing to your heart, after you have already read Arshi – Lost Forever OS.

Here goes for nothing…

AR Design…

It was almost 2 PM; Arnav is in his cabin siting on his leather chair twirling around, waiting for a phone call from his dear wife Khushi, still no word from his Beauty Queen. He wasn’t thrill about forestalling but thought few minutes of anticipation for her call wouldn’t hurt him.


Time is moving along and here Arnav’s exasperation is getting up to a par. Arnav made an displeased face, staring at his phone, checking impatiently to display her name on his screen.

“What the…why haven’t Khushi called yet? She knows I always wait for her call at this time. What’s keeping her?”

He was pacing impatiently within the floor of his cabin. Too much pacing might just rip the carpet.

His phone buzz.

“Thank God, she called. Wait and see what treatment she would receive from me.” He smirked at his thought.

He picked up his phone without looking the person name on the display screen.

“What the Khushi…is it time for you to call?” He barked.

“Sir, it’s me not Khushi.” Person on the other side responded.

“What the…who is me?” With annoyance and anger Arnav spoke.


“What the hell? Why are you calling me on my cell? Could you not call me on my desk phone?” He was seething his anger on wrong person.

Poor Aman…

“Sir…Sir for some reason I couldn’t get through your desk phone.” Meekly Aman said.

Arnav checked his desk phone and found it was not cradle properly. He placed it properly. He knew the reason behind his in-cradle placement of the phone. He was maddened with the client and was upset with him. In anger placement of the receiver wasn’t cradle properly.

“What do you want Aman?” With exasperation he asked.

“Sir, we all are here, waiting for you in the conference room for the meeting.”

Arnav glance at his clock, yup his meeting suppose to start at 2:15 PM, now is 2:30 PM. He was late for his meeting. Worrying about Khushi all day made him antsy at times, but today more than other days.

“No phone call from her…Damn-It”

“I am coming.” He snaps; ran his finger through his hair.

Arnav disconnected his call and went to conference room, huffing and puffing. He enters the room, look around, his employees had gathered in the room for him to start the meeting.

Ashok start the presentation. ARD was hosting a new launch of design in upcoming Fashion Show. This meeting was crucial for him. One mistake in the show in regards to schedule, arrangement, models, outfits etc that would be end of ARD. With each important project leaders, he has been attending and scheduling meetings and presentations all day one after another. But here he was sitting in his leather soft chair, thinking about his wife and was least interested in the presentations.

Usually she would have called him by now. Sometimes she calls him three or four times in a day, but today she hadn’t even called for once. First time would be to check if he reached safely at work, then to check if he had his lunch, then to check if he has taken his medicine, or what time he would arrive at home from the office or simply to tell him.

“I love you”

“But Damn-It not a single call from her today,” He wanted to slam his fist on the table but hold his urge.

The presentation went on for another half an hour. Once it was over, Arnav dart out of the conference room, before someone could stop him with questions. He dash to his office and closed the door behind him. He was furious at the same time concerned for his pagal (crazy) wife.

He dialed her number, as he slumped down into his chair and loosened his tie. It had been a long day. He had left home early, but she and Payal still woken up early to make breakfast for him and Akash. They made sure they wouldn’t leave the house without eating.

“How much his dear wife loves him? He adores her taking care of him. Since his wedding he has become too needy and dependent upon her, for a change.”

His mind wanders around remembering their morning encounter.

Khushi saw him sat down at the dining table and place his breakfast in front of him. She went back to the kitchen to bring his black coffee. But just as she reached the table in a hurry as he was running late, she tripped and the coffee tumbles out of her hand, spilling it and burning her hand. Even though he was running late, he had applied antiseptic on her hand and then kissed it.

Seeing his softer side of pampering his wife, Akash and Payal giggled. Akash was astounded to see his Bhai a changed man. He prayed to his Bhai’s stars for finding a lovable wife, who loves him dearly.

He completely ignored them and attended to his wife. Khushi’s cheeks were flushed in red seeing his softer side. She is fully aware about his anger which is like lava doesn’t know or have time or the day to erupt any minute, but for some reason he was calm and collected. He was always qualms about her safety. He even fed her breakfast. She was completely baffled by his gesture this morning. She was sure she would receive lashing from him, but none came from his side. He kept his cool and anger at the bay.

Arnav smiled, remembering how shy she was feeling when he was feeding her. Her face was flushed like a beetroot. He loves the color on her face. But then remembered as he was exiting the house, how she came running after him with his medicine, he purposely left so he would get his treat. She made sure no one was looking, stood on her tiny toes and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He touched his cheek and smiled. He still feels burning sensation on his cheeks where her lips touched his skin.

Suddenly, his smiled disappeared and was replaced with concern and fury, when she didn’t pick up his call.

“Was she okay? Something happened to her. She is feeling alright. Was she taken to the hospital? Damn-It, where is she? Why the hell she is not picking up the phone? Why the hell she has the phone if she is not going to answer it?” Rambling thoughts occupied his brain.

Next person he dials was his Di, but no answer, then he remembered his Di has gone with Shyam. She had informed him he was taking her for an outing. Next person in line was Payal’s number. No answer, even she wasn’t picking up the call.

“What the…where the hell she is too? When you need a person to talk to, magically everyone disappears? Damn-It what’s going on today? No answer from anyone.” His face was seething with anger, at the same time worried for his lovely darling wife.

He called Shantivan, house number, he was sure he would get hold of someone and then question about everyone’s whereabouts; that too rings and no pick up.

“Why can’t anyone answer the damn phone call? What’s going on in that house after I leave? Where is everyone and what’s wrong with them?” Disappointment and irascibility is taking a toll of him.

He checked his watch and realized he has two more hours before he headed back home.

“Damn-it, until then I have to wait. Where the hell is Khushi?” Once again he rack his fingers through his hair.

He dials one more time before his next meeting, but to his abhorrence still no answer from the other side.

“Missing Wife, Infuriated Husband…”

He was thinking hard, who is the next person he hasn’t called yet, his eyes lit up.


He dials his number.

“Akash, do you know where Payal is? Is she with you?” He yelled at him.

“Bhai, I am still in the office working on the presentation. Why would Payal be with me? Did you forget? We rode together this morning?” Mildly he spoke.

Arnav shut his eyes, perturbed he was. “How the hell he could have forgotten that? See no phone call from Khushi was making him forget things. He wasn’t forgetful before he married to her. She is crazy making him crazy too.”

“That’s right, Akash…sorry it just…he pause…do you know where Payal is?” Akash chuckled; he knew his brother is hunting for information, rather trying to track down his wife. But he couldn’t resist to tease his big brother.

“Bhai, why the sudden concern about my wife? Am I missing something here? Is something going on between you two that I am not aware of?” Akash tried to stifle his laugh, it was hard but somehow he managed.

“What the…how the hell can you think there is something going between us? How dare you Akash? You know I love my wife dearly. How can you even think immoral about your wife? For heaven sake, mind your language.” Arnav was furious. He couldn’t understand, why Akash would think about him in such a manner.

“Has he lost it or what?”

Akash couldn’t hold his laugh and busted out laughing on the other end.  Arnav was bewildered and perplexed at the same time. Before Arnav could speak, Akash muttered.

“Bhai, finally you said those words we all were waiting to hear from you. Don’t be angry. I know where your wife Khushi is. The question you should be addressing is, ‘do you know where my wife is, rather than asking about mine’. They both have gone to see a movie.”

Arnav blushed on the other end. He didn’t realize he blurted out loud, “I love my wife.” Arnav always had been shy about declaring or speaking his love for Khushi, openly.  

“What the…without informing me…okay you got me there. Do you know which theater they went to see the movie?” He asked, trying his level best not to sound bashful or needy.

Too late…

“Are you missing your wife Bhai?” Disdainfully he asked; double meaning to his statement.

“Shut up Akash, I haven’t misplaced my wife.” With annoyance he spoke.

“Not that Bhai, are you really missing you wife so dearly that you are going to track her down?” Akash asked; he is still in teasing mood, pulling his big brother’s leg.

“Damn-It Akash just say it…okay…okay, Bhai…” Akash informs him the theater name and what time they would be getting out.

“Talk to you later, Akash. Oh! find another ride.”

Arnav disconnect the call before he embarrassed himself. He went to attend his next meeting, still he has time glancing at his Black Dial Stainless Steel Rado watch.


At Theater…

“Jiji, was he not so dashing and good looking? Like a macho-man, strong and buffed-up muscles….wah! What a song sequence was it, that too in rain, so romantic? Ha na Jiji” Khushi was lost in her dream world dreaming about her favorite actor, “Salman Khan.”

Ignoring the person who was standing by completely waiting for her outside the theater.

“How strong he is, fighting 10 men at same time. Jiji did you see his physiques, no one can beat him…no one can be like him….not better or not even close?” Khushi kept on boosting and praising about Salman Khan, haven’t realized Payal has left the building….her mouth was shut; her face look pale.

Khushi wondered, “Why Payal wasn’t saying anything?”

“Jiji, why aren’t you…” She turned around and her words stammered as she saw Arnav leaning against his white SUV, arms entwined into each other hearing each and every word of his wife. They just walked out of the theater, after watching the movie. They didn’t except Arnav to be there at the facility, to chauffeur them in his ride headed back home.

“Aap, here…how did you know we are here? What are you doing here? We would have taken an auto.” Khushi said with inquisitive eyes, but before her ranting carries, Arnav cut her off.

“Shut up and get in the car.” He held the doors open for Khushi and Payal to get in, one on the passenger side and other right behind the passenger side.

Khushi open her mouth to say, Arnav held his finger in the air, means “Don’t want to listen and don’t utter a single word.” Khushi close her mouth and sat in the car. He walks over towards driver side, sat and ignites the car. The car came to life.

On the way back home, no one utter a single word…silence surrounded them. Khushi gaze at him few times; each time she noticed he seems to be mad. She took hard gulped, praying to her Devi Maiya, please make sure by the time they reach home, he would be in good spirit and mood. Please save me from this Laad Governor.”

She was praying hard…I mean really hard.

One of the weaknesses of Khushi was she never like silence. Silence would be the death of her; blabbering mouth will get her in trouble with Arnav. So either way, there was no win-win situation.

She glances at Payal, who had shifted a little where Khushi can see her face. She was staring at her but gave weak smile.

“Jiji, did you see how Salman Khan carried that heroine in his arms…wah…what a well-built man he is…” Payal smack on her hand, but Khushi is Khushi, can’t stop praising about her favorite actor.

Khushi bhi na…she is already in trouble, now more she would entangle herself in…not only her, but me too…does she realized Arnavji’s anger?” Payal muttered those word inaudible to their ears, eyeing on Arnav’s face and then to Khushi’s.

“Jiji, did you see his body, when he took his shirt off and what a body, and those beefy muscles…” She involuntarily gazes at Arnav, who stared at her angrily. She turned around and shut her mouth, looking straight at the road ahead. Time to time Arnav gawk at her, but she kept looking at the road.

Finally after few minutes, they reach their destination…Shantivan.


At Shantivan...

She quickly jumps out of the car, as soon as it halted; grabbed Payal’s hand and headed towards the house quickly without turning back. She knew her husband would be staring at her like a hawk, which indeed he was.

She was swift, he too was not far from behind her…he was on her tail. Om Prakash opened the door to let them in. They stepped in, before she could escape from his gaze, he grabbed her hand.

“Khushi I need to talk to you. Come with me.”

He was pulling her with him, walking towards their room. She looked at him, scared in need she was. She should be, she failed to inform him about her plan with her sister, as well as she fail for one more thing, realization hasn’t drawn at that one. Not to worry, her Dear Husband is there and will remind her.

She looked at her sister Payal, asking for help with her eyes, but her sister was a traitor too…she smiled at her and walked away, leaving to her fate. Once they reach their room, in their private vicinity, he pulled her inside and locked the door.

He turned around towards her angry like a mad dog, was about to lash out on her. Something caught his eyes. He noticed that her mobile phone was lying on the bed. He moved quickly towards the bed, picked up the phone and turned around to face her.

“What the hell is this, Khushi? How can you be so careless? What’s the purpose of having the phone if you are going to leave it at home? For the bed to answer it in your absence…huh…tell me Khushi.” He shouted at her. She looked frighten and scared. She squinted her eyes immediately.

“Answer me, Damn-It,” he screamed at her, she jump and took two steps away from him.

She stared at him, without blinking her lids when she open her eyes widely, trying to contemplate what reason she should need to give him. She is fully aware of her habit, habit of forgetful. As he didn’t receive the response, he took steps towards her.

She hurriedly squeezed her eyes, waiting for him to lash out on her. Seeing her scared puppy face, he closes his eyes for few seconds, before uttering his words.

“Do you know how petrified I was when you weren’t picking up my calls? I thought something might have happened to you. In the morning you got burnt and I thought…I thought…” He paused; anguish of pain was clearly heard in his voice and seen on his face. He was trying to controlled unfathomed tears which dwelled into his eyes, waiting to gush out, any minute.

“And here you are, gone to see your Salman Khan’s movie. Do you have any idea what I went through worrying about you? Usually I receive a call from you at least once, but nada, not a single one today.” He released her arms, turned around and threw her phone on the bed.

“Poor phone, what’s his wrong doing where he had to suffer the wrath of Arnav Singh Raizada.”

“You could have at least told me where you were going. Give me a call or at least you could have carried your phone with you, Khushi.” He said disheartedly, peep at her over his shoulder. He closed his eyes to control his emotions, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

When he turned around, he saw smiled appeared on her face. She knew how to ease his mood. She touched her ears with both hands and said, “I’m sorry Arnavji, I forgot to take my phone with me. I didn’t realized you will worry about me, so much and also I didn’t noticed I didn’t have my phone with me. At least you could have called Jiji.” She snaps at him on the last sentence.

“Damn-It I did call…” he snaps back at her.

Khushi remembered, Payal too forgot her phone with her. With Khushi’s tantrum who wouldn’t forget? Glad at least they know their names.

“You always complained how busy you were and not to bother you. So when you told me you were busy all day, so I thought…I thought I wouldn’t disturb you today. I thought, you wouldn’t try to call me anyway.” She pouted her face. She stutter a little, but kept the composer on her face. “Anyway, I am sorry. Next time it wouldn’t happen again.” She apologizes to him, thinking he would forgive her and everything would be hunky dory.

She touched his cheeks, he didn’t move a bit. She leaned closer to him, to kiss on his lips. But he moved away from her and made a sad puppy pouting face.

“And why didn’t you call me today?” She raised her brows, wasn’t expecting this question from him.

“You told me you will be in meetings all day and not to disturb you.” He grips her wrist and pulls her closer to him.

“Other times you don’t go mute on me, calling me three or four times, harassing me, but today you decided to listen to me, obey and obliged.” He raises his brows at her. “And you thought I wouldn’t want to hear your melodious voice, huh? When have you listen to me and did what you were told? Always, you have defied me.”

She smiled shyly, embarrassed a little, and said softly with her sweet voice, “It is good to know how much my voice you craved to listen and missed it. I am glad I didn’t take my phone with me.”

Arnav’s eyes twinkled as he tugged her close to him and kissed her smart mouth. After he left her mouth to gulp more air to breathe, he spoke in husky voice, “Don’t you dare scare me like that again? Next time take your darn phone with you, otherwise you will find police standing next to you waiting to drag you and put you behind bars.” In his voice threat was embedded.

Giggled escape through her mouth, he raised his eyebrows, “What’s so funny Khushi?” She shook her head, suppressing her laugh pressing her lips together, to control her laughter.

He gave her stern look, “You will pay for it Khushi, one more giggle from you.”

Unfortunately, Khushi couldn’t control her giggle, another weakness of hers.

He put his one arm around her, with the other, grabs her nape of her neck, tilted her head so he can see it, and whoosh her lips into his once again. She placed her hands on his muscular shoulders for support. Thought cross through her mind, trying to imagine Salman Khan’s muscles, but here in the vicinity of her husband she was feeling his.

Glint of naughtiness shines in his eyes. “By the way, Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Arnav Singh Raizada, what were you saying about there can be no one better than Salman Khan, showing off his muscles, his body, his dance moves, how romantic you thought.”

Her mouth suddenly dries, definitely in need of liquid mixture, may be water to quench her thirst. She swallows hard, narrows her eyes, thinking, “What is he really intend to do?” She moves back getting out of his hold.

“I…I…” She stuttered, nothing comes out of her smart mouth. He smiled, his chocolatey one doing doodles-twiddle mischievous dance. She moves back, he moves forwards, so the tango dance continues…their usual one, the famous one.

Soon she find herself against the wall, trapped under his intensified gaze. He put his hands on either side of her head and leans closer…really trapped not only by his eyes but his body too. Her breathe escalates, heart pounding hard like a jackhammer in her chest. She looks away from his deepened stare, but unable to control her own desire that was building up in her under the watchful eyes of her loving husband.

Arnav brushed his stubble against her rosy flushed cheek, one by one, making her squirm with pleasure. He whispered into her ears, “And the way he carries the heroine in his arms, how he removed his shirt off, what a muscular man, the beefy one, what a body, huh…that’s what you said, Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Arnav Singh Raizada?”

She lifted her gaze at his face, swallowing again, nervousness and anxiety rush through her body. Cold chilled air gushes into the room sending shivers through out her body.

He continued staring at her with naughty smile lingered on his face. He leans in closer, only few centimeter of distance between them. She could feel his warm breath mingling with hers, his lips almost touching hers.

“Tell me Khushi what did you mean? Are you trying to make me jealous? Or do you want to really see my body, see how muscular it is? Do you really want me to take my shirt off? See how beefy my muscles are? Do you want me to carry you in my arms? How romantic was the dance sequence, that too in rain? We can have all of it….huh, macho man…fighting 10 men at same time…did you forget our first meeting? Do I need to remind you?”

Her eyes flickers, past memories come to her mind. Their first meeting happened in rain; he kissed her passionately, that time she didn’t even know who he was…he save her from those thugs…beat them with his strong muscles…she was taken back with his kiss…she felt his muscles ripple under her touch… brawny body he has…she shakes her head, he really have muscular body.

He saw her eyes flickered he knew she remembered their first meeting.

“I promise you, Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Arnav Singh Raizada, that when I am done with you tonight, you will forget your Salman Khan. Only name you will remember on your luscious pinkish lips will be your husband’s name, Arnav Singh Raizada.” Her eyes widened, staring at him. She was really scared not for the safely of her life, but by her husband who is in the mood of seducing her.

“Let’s have the demonstration…first the trial one and then the real one…preview…a trailer…then the real movie…that’s what they show in the theater. Correct Khushi?” His voice was seducing her, melting her inch by inch.

Before her feet wobble and become jelly, making her imbalance, he swooped her in his arms and carried her to their bed. He lightly threw her on the bed when there was little distance between her and the mattress. He pulled over his shirt, threw it on the ground and jumped on top of her.

“Let’s see how crazy I can make you as you have done to me today. Worrying about you all day…not calling me…forgetting the phone…not informing me about your plans…the list is endless…ready for your punishment my dear.” He tug her hair behind her ears, sending shivers through her spine.

She stared at his chest, lost within…muscular iron chest he has. She ran her finger’s over his chest, sending him shiver within his body, by her touch. He wraps his arms around her, bringing her face towards his. He nuzzled his head against her hair, kissing it sporadically. He caressed her bare back after unzip her dress and arms with his instable hands, which roams around leisurely around her back.

“What’s with the giggle wifey?” He asked when he hears her giggle. He gaze at her, pulled her face so he could see.

She raised her face to look at him, resting her chin on his, nose touching with each other, she spoke, “I was just thinking if you are going to shower your love like this, then from now on I will never call you, never carry my phone with me, and always praise and tell you how much I love Salman Khan.”

“What the…” He mouthed out, couldn’t believe what his wife just said. “Are you going to purposely and intentionally make me want to murder your favorite actor Salman Khan?” He spat out.

“No,” she shrieks.

“Then keep you smart mouth to yourself. Don’t utter those words to me. No husband wants to hear his wife brag about other man’s body, that too in front of him. I don’t care actor or not.” He blurted out with infuriation.

“I was just kidding, my loving darling husband of mine…Laad Governor too.” She laughed and bends to kiss him on his lips.

“Laad Governor,” he was astonished upon hearing this name.

“Nick-name for you, especially for you, my jealous husband.” She shook her head, knowing how jealous he can be at times.

She put her head against his shoulder, snuggled closer to him. He embraced her in his hold, pressed his lips against her.

“I love you Khushi.”

“I love you Arnavji…”

He raised his head, she corrected herself.

“I love you Arnav.”

“I love you too, my dear pagal wife.”

The End…

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