Before It is Too Late... (previously named as Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon)

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Jul 18, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 63 times)

Place- Lucknow, traffic signal

Khushi stops her scooty on seeing the red signal. Few second later three speeding cars come to a screeching halt. All three of them are big and by the look and size Khushi know they are costly enough but Khushi don’t know really know the names of the models. The car which has stopped just beside her is long and black in color. Nothing can be seen through the black tinted glass, still Khushi tries once, but in vein.


Signal turns green and she starts her scooty.  Those cars vanish in a blink from her sight. She moves forward.


She crosses another signal and from a circle she turns left. It is her way home. After 2 mins she sees the same three car standing around a corner. Some chaos is going on and it seems that the first one of them has hit one bike rider and an argument is going on. Khushi has to stop; the road is almost blocked as it is not a big road. She is watching the havoc. People have come out from the front two cars. Three of them were in suits and also look elegant and other four look like as they are bodyguards. 

 The bike rider is not much injured but seeing the car size and attire of those people he is making mountain out of molehill and local people are also supporting him.

 Khushi thinks in her mind "Hey Devi maaiya how long this is going to take?"

She hasn't been able to finish her sentence in mind when The back doors of other car fly open and two men come out of it. The sight is quite eye catching.

 Both of them are young. One of them wearing a grey suit and shades and his hair is back brushed. His height is almost 6 feet. His complexion is whitish and has good features. The other one is wearing a black suit, no shades and has brown eyes (Khushi manages to notice that). He is fairly fare and tall enough, a man of dream. But the rudeness visible on his face from this far also.

 Khushi is watching the show from her scooty parked behind the car which standing after their car. 

They went to the rider. The guy in grey suit is saying something to him but he is still making fuss.

 Then the black suit guy gives him saying something and he just shuts like he never has learned how to speak.

Khushi sees the thick bundle of money.

Both of them go back to their car. While sitting the man in black looks around and at that moment they both have an eye contact but just for a moment as they sit in the car and make their way through the crowd.

Khushi is little surprised and shocked to see what just happened but she needs to move as few more vehicles were standing behind her are honking loud.


Jul 18, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 48 times)

Khushi reached home quite late.

“Hey Devi mayiaa Raksha karna buaji se”. (Oh DM save me from Buaji)

She knocked the door and it is Buaji.ll 

“Shaitan ka naam lo and buaji hazir”, She murmured. (Name of devil and buaji is here)

“Ka boli Parmeshwari?”(What did you say? parmeshwari)

Kuch nehi buaji. (Nothing)

“Ab darwazze pe khari rahogai baki din ya andar bhi aaogi? Newta dena pari ho ka?”(Will you stand there for whole day or I have to invite you in?)

“Nehi nehi buaji hum aa gaye”. (came in buaji)

She walks behind her and looks around.

Her amma is in kitchen and jiji is coming out from there. Khushi knows she has heard buaji’s voice and coming out for her rescue.

Babooji is on his chair sitting and holding a newspaper in front of his eyes.

She saw his father winked, to say I am there.

She feels relaxed.

Now buaji sat on the sofa and asked, “ab jab bhitar aa hi gayi ho to batao tumhari oo computer ki parhai to char (4) baje khatam hui jaat hai to phir abhi chhai (6) baje kaha se ghum ke aai rahi ho Nand Kishor?” She glared at her. (You have came in then tell me where have you been? your computer class ends at 4 at and it is 6 now)

 “Buaji aabhi to aayi hai baith ne to do usse” Payel comes  and give tea to buaji and baooji. (She just came let her sit)

“Tu chup rahi Payeliya”, Bua shut her up.

In the mean time Garima, their mother, also comes and sits beside buaji. She makes a gesture to say speak up.

Khushi narrates the whole story what she has witnessed some time back and at last adds “ Buaji aise paise diye us aadmi ko jaise o guccha uske liye kuch nehi aur maafi tak nehi mangi Us aadmi ka uske liye us guchhe se jyada kimat nehi thi. Kaisa aakru insaan hai”. (Khushi told the whole story and also about the guy who don’t pay any attention to the wounds of the rider or don’t care to say sorry, just flashed his money and left. how rude?)

Every one’s mouth take a perfect shape of O.  Khushi enjoys the moment as this is the first time she could really shut buaji’s mouth from taunting her.

Khushi goes inside to freshen up. Others starts discussing the incident.


Place- Hotel Leela Palace, pent houses


the guys from the road incident.

“Fire that damn driver” 

"Par Bhai mistake happens"

“Akash his mistake cost me 15 minutes and ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ke 15 minutes is equal to 15 cores so get him out with 2 months’ salary.”

“Bhai.. Cool down.” Akash says.

“Akash I think our job is finished here, the deal is cracked; the Malik Textile is ours now. We should leave tomorrow”

“As you say bhai”.

“Let’s have a drink together.”

“As you say bhai”.

Both smile at each other.

Jul 19, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 50 times)

Place- Delhi, Raizada House..

There is a Puja going on..

Some people are sitting in front of a Hawan Kund,

“Puja Arnav Singh Raizada ke naam pe kariye”… women in Pink sari tells Panditji .(Do the Puja in the name of ASR)


“Chotey kab awabt rahi?” .. An elderly woman in a pale white sari asks former. (When does chotey coming?)


“Yes yes, tell tell”... third woman heavily dressed in banarasi and jewelry asks excited.


The man in dhoti kurta keeps mum, eyes closed and just then they hear someone shouting and everyone know who is it...


Arnav and Akash enter.


Arnav is talking or rather yelling over the phone. Akash is following him.


The woman in pink sari stands up and walks towards them with the sweetest smile on her face. The way she looks at them; a motherly affection is clearly visible in her dark eyes. She looks serene and beautiful.


she comes and hugs Arnav as she says “I missed you Chotey”.


Arnav hugs her back “Me too Di”.


 “I am here too, Di” Akash says in a complaining tone.


“Yes my small brother” Anjali hugs him too. The sweetness in her voice can melt a rock, as ASR.


Before she could can anything else the other members arrived.


“Chotey, Akash aap bohot acche bakhat aaye ho. Aayie puja me baithiye” invites the woman in white sari, who is wearing it in a old fashion with a pallu over her hear head. she is almost 70 and elegant in her look. (Chotey you have come in right time, come join us in Puja)


“Sasuma thik kahat rahi, aao aao Akash bitwa, aao Arnav bitwa” the heavily dressed woman join them too. (Mother in law is right, come join us) 


“Yes Mom” Akash agrees and goes behind her.


Arnav opens his mouth to say something but Anjali holds his arm and stops him, and says "Nani aap jaayie hum aate hai”(Granny you go we are coming)

“Thik hai Anjali bitwa par jaldi aayie” Nani ji leaves..(Ok come soon)


Anjali stands in front of Arnav and speaks in a very soft voice, “Chotey tum jaante ho ye puja tumhare liyehi hai. Aapne janam din pe aapne Di ko itnabhi aapke liye nehi karne doge, please Chotey.”(This puja is for you chotey. On your birthday won't you allow your Di to do this much for you.)


who can ignore such a sweet request and as for Arnav it is his Di's wish for whom he can get the world. He nods and both go for puja smiling to others.



Khushi’s father watching news...

Khushi is busy in reading a book. Payel and Garima are cutting vegetables to prepare lunch.

A news flash:                                                     

The company ASR Designs from Delhi bought the MalliK Textile of Lucknow two days back, which had been closed for a long time due to debt. As per sources business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR had some personal reason behind this deal but when asked he was unavailable to comment or anyone from his company.

Hearing Lucknow Khushi looks up and her eyes gets stuck on the photo which is being flashed with the news, on the side screen. The guy from the road.


Raizada house.. Delhi

Akash and Anjali in conversation

“Di I have something to show you”.. Akash takes out his tab and shows her some photos...

Anjali sees mannequins wearing saris with beautiful chikankari work on them. The works are handmade and unique in there own way.

Akash enjoys the complimentary look on her face... “They are good na” He asks in excitement .

“Good... they are beautiful... where did you find them?” Anjali is truly amused.

“I knew you will love them. Actually I went to buy those stuffs which I got you guys and there I saw them outside a boutique. I took these snaps and also got one sample... yes ... here you go...”  He gives a packet in her hand.

She takes out a sari and admires the beauty of the work on it with her palm roaming through the designs.

“I hope you have got the name and number of that place?” she asks and Akash nods in assurance.









Jul 19, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 44 times)

Place- Lucknow Khushi’s house

The landline rings.

Payel who picks up the call goes to call her babooji

Payel’s father comes and picks the reciever.

“Hello, hum Sashi Gupta bol rahe hai...”

From the other end a lady speaks… “Ji aaphi hai Gupta Saris ki owner”

“Ji ha”

“Ok... main Anjali Garments ke taraf se aapko call kar rahi hu. Ye Delhi me bohot bari boutique hai jo aapne hand craft ke liye famous hai. Hume aapki kuch design mili hai jo humare owner Anjali ji ko bohot pasand aayi hai aur o apse milna chahte hai. Unke pas apke liye kuch offer hai. To kya aap Delhi aa sakte hai? (We are calling from “Anjali Garments”, which is famous for its hand works and crafts in clothes in Delhi. We have got a few designs of yours and our owner Anjali ji liked it a lot so she wants to meet you to offer a good deal. So can you come to Delhi for a meeting?)”

Sashi patiently listens and says... “jarur lekin kya offer hai aap bata sakti hai. (sure but what is the offer? Can you tell me?)”

“Nehi sir mujhe pata nehi lekin, hope for a big one. Agar aap assurance dete hain then I will inform madam. (I don’t know Sir but you can hope it is big. If you assure me then I can tell madam that you are coming.)”

“Ji... lekin hum uha pahuchke aap ko kaise sampark kare? (How to contact you after I reach there)”

 “Ji apke boutique ka koi e-mail id hai then I will send a mail with every detail.”

“Ji...” Sashi thinks for a moment and remembers that Khushi has opened one e-mail account a few days back thinking about this situation. That time he has made fun of her saying it will be useless.

He smiles in his mind and gives the id to that lady and ends the call.

Anyways he is going to Delhi to leave Madhumati, his sister.

 Place- Delhi, ASR Designs, Arnav’s cabin

“Aman, send these materials to Di’s boutique... “Arnav instructs the guy, standing other side of the table. 

“Ok sir” ... The guy nods and left with a box

Arnav leans back on his huge office chair and closes his eyes, little tired.

He starts thinking that how he was not ready to let her Di work and that also outside his company. He found the idea very silly, to open a small boutique while she already had a company in her name but she was adamant to do what she dreamt of. So Arnav had helped her to open the boutique as he couldn’t deny her anymore.

In somewhere in his heart he knew her Di is creative enough to pull it off. It is just that he didn’t want her to do the hardship as he did.  He always supported her helped her to get deals and order carefully without hurting her self confidence.

In 3 years her boutique has become popular and now many designers and small-big companies including ASR designs has dealing with her boutiques.

Place- Anjali’s Boutique, Her cabin.


Anjali asks her assistance, “Did you call Juhi?”

Juhi, “Yes madam and soon they will call back for an appointment.”

Ajali, “OK you can leave.”

As Juhi laves a man enters. 

“Anjali, Arnav has sent some material with designs. I have assigned a few girls for the job but you come once and check for yourself” he says. 

“Shaym you’ve done it then I don’t need to check.” Anjali says with a smile.

“Ok”, Shyam returns the smile and leaves.

Anjali thinks, ‘if Chotey wouldn’t have sent him to help her, God knows what she would have done alone.” She smiles on her thought and goes back to work.


Place- Lucknow station

Khushi- Babooji hum unse keya baat karenge aap keu nehi jate? (What do I speak to them, why don’t you go?)

Shashi- Bitya tum humesha dukan pe humari madat karte ho tumhe sab pata hai to tum baat kar lo. Aur hume aap pe pura bharosa hai ke aap jo bhi karengi sab ke liye accha hoga. Aur hume iiha dukan bhi to dekhna hai. Wo Kishorji ko bhi samhalna hai. (You always helped me in my work so I do not have any doubt on you, you will make right decision I know. Here I have to take care of shop and along with Kishorji)

Buaji- Hai re NandKishor in logon ki baton me train chut jabat... ari o Garima muskuray kahe rahi ho madat koro humri aur rowat nahi bitiya log humare pas acchi rahingi.(because of this chit chat we will miss the train. Garima will you keep smiling or give me a hand also. Don’t cry your daughters will be fine with me.)

They exchange good wishes and blessings and the train starts towards their destiny.

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Jul 19, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 55 times)

Place- Delhi, Buaji’s house

“Hai re Nanad Kis**** ee ka sanka Devi?”(Hey Nand Kis**** what’s wrong with you sankadevi?) Buaji shouts in utter shock keeping one hand on her forehead.

Payel comes running...

Both of them are surprised to see Khushi sitting with a mount of clothes washing and rubbing to clean, but which is annoying for buaji is, she is cleaning already cleaned and dried clothes, once. The dirty clothes are still there on bed.

With buaji’s sound she comes in her senses and gets shocked “ haww.. hai re Devi Mayiaa.. ye maine kya kiya?” (Haww... Hai re DM ... what did I do?) 

“Ohi to hum bhi puchat hai ee ka hai parmeshwari? Kahe sabun ka satyanash karat ho? Dhule hue kapre dhot ho?” She made a face in utter disgust. (That's what I am also asking Parmeshwari... Why are you cleaning the clean clothes? Why are you wasting detergent?)

Payel- ye kya kar rahi ho khushi? (What is this Khushi?)

Khushi makes a puppy face and stammers. “wo bu..bu ..buaji.. jiji .. hu hum jara pareshan the to ye sab..”(Actually Bu... Buaji I was little tensed so...) 

“To humari paresani kahe barawat ho?’”... Buaji said. (Why are you giving me tension?)

Khushi-“ maaf kijiye buaji...” she starts biting her nails... (I am Sorry Buaji)

Payel rescues her... “Buaji aap ke sar me dard hai na? aap jaayie hum chaye banake laate hai.”(Buaji you have headache right... You go, I am coming with tea)

“Lao Payeliya. Aab to sar dard aur bar gayi” Buaji leaves. (Great cause it is paining more now)

Payel-“ kya baat hai Khushi pareshaan keu hai?”(Why you are tensed Khushi?)

Khushi-“ O jiji hume aaj o Anjali Boutiqe me jaana haina baat karne.. jiji isse pahle itne bare jagha pe gaye nehi to thori ajeeb lag raha hai. Aur oha meri bolti bandh ho gayi to..” She starts biting her nail more hard with a mission to eat them all. (Today I have to go to the boutique to talk and there if I lose my voice then, I've never been in such big places)

Payel-“ kuch nhi hoga.”(Nothing will happen)

Khushi- “jiji aap bhi cholo na.” She holds her right hand with hope... (You come with me)

Payel-“ Main chalti lekin.. maine buaji se pahle hi kah diya hai main unke saath dusre jagha saree o ka order lene chalungi, par tu darr mat sab achha hoga.” She pressed on the hand, holding her. (I would have come but I have already promised Buaji that I will go with her to take new orders. But don’t get scared, everything will be fine.)

Payel leaves.)

Khushi mutters, “raksha karna devi maayia..(Help me DM)”


Place- Anjali Garments

Khushi is standing in front of the big gate of the office cum workshop.

Khushi again prays... “raksha karna devi maayia.. (Help me god)” and enters the building.

She saw the reception and walks towards it.

“Hum Khushi Gupta hai... Hume A... An…” Khushi gets a hard time remembering the name.

The Receptionist fills her... Anjali ji?

“Ha Ha... unhi ne bulaya tha..” Khushi feels relieved.(yes yes she is only called me)

“Just a minute” she takes the reciever and informs someone about her arrival. She keeps the phone and gives her direction of Anjali’s cabin.

Khushi enters into the main office or workshop. Around 30-40 people are working there. Few of them working in sewing-machine, few of them sewing with their hand. Most of them are girls. 2-3 people are guiding them. Though Khushi works for her father but that is a very small arrangement than this, so she is just watching and watching. So many materials, so many arrangements and moreover people are so busy, no one is gossiping. 

Khushi gets so engrossed in her surrounding that she almost forgets to move until someone bumps onto her. She falls hard on the ground.

"Hey Devi mayiaa…” Khushi puts one hand on her back and looks up to see the person who is responsible for her fall…

It is Shyam..

“Sorry Sorry, I wasn't looking...” Shyam says ina guilty voice and gives his hand to help her up... “Sorry my eyes were in these files”... he again clarifies.

Khushi takes his hand and stands up... “koi baat nehi humare saath hota rahta hai..”(Don’t worry it happens to me every time)

She says it in such a tone that shyam cannot control his little chuckle.

Khushi doesn’t notice that as she is busy straightening her dress. She looks up to see a smiling Shyam, in grey shirt and cream pant a nice looking guy.

“Who are you?” Syam asks in a lively tone. 

“Khushi”, she replies. 

“Ok so you are Khushi. Anjali is waiting for you”...

Hearing the name she realizes that she is standing here for long and this thought panics her, “hai re Devi maayia…” and she touches her forehead and runs towards the direction she’s been shown, and leaves Shyam, laughing on her antics.

Khushi knocks and enters the cabin. 

She sees Anjali… Wearing a red and blue sari which is making her complexion glow more with a sweetest smile on face... Khushi smiles back instantly little more than necessary...

“namaste, hum Khushi hai”..

Anjali with a smile- “I can see".

Khushi din’t understand.. “Ha..??”

Anjali- "nothing, I thought Sashi Gupta is coming.."

Khushi- Ha lekin akhri waqt pe unhe kuch kaam aa gaya to hume aana para. Wo hamare babooji hai. Hum unke saath hi kaam karte hai.(yes but he got occupied with some work at last moment so I came. I am his daughter and also work with him)

Anjali- ok, take a seat.

Khushi sits and thanks her.

Anjali- let me get tea for you…

Khushi- nehi hum thik hai. (No thank you)

Anjali- I saw a few handmade designs of yours and I loved them. So I want to make a deal with you... ( khushi is listening quietly).. and deal is, you will design 20 saris for us in a week and if we like them as before then we will sign a contract of 100 saris with your boutique.

Anjali pauses for an answer...

Khushi- “Anjaliji hume bohot accha laga k aapko humara kaam pasand aaya, lekin hum ye order nehi le sakte.”(I am glad that you liked our work but we can't take this order)

Anjali frowns but waits for her to speak further..

“Dekhiye humara dukan bohot chota hai aur unme jitne bhi kapro me haton se kaam kiya gaya hai o humne , humari amma aur humari jiji ne ki hai to aap samajh saakte hai ke itna bara kaam hum itne kum samay me nehi kar sakte..” (actually those hand crafts have been done by my mother, sister and me and we can't finish these big order in such short period as we don’t  have the man power. It is a very small shop we run)

Anjali, a little surprised, says- “I thought your shop is a boutique..”

Khushi- “nehi.. o ek sadharan dukan hai baas... ye to humari amma shaukiya kuch kaam ki thi... jab unki karigari logo ko achhi lagi to order pe o kapro pe kaam karti thi baad me unki aakhe kamjor par gayi to hum aur jiji kaam karne lage lekin hum itna kaam ek saath nehi kar sakte..”(no it is a simple shop and my mother started this hand crafting as an hobby and then when it became popular she used to take orders but with time her eyes became weak so we do it now )

Anjali notices that she is replying only in Hindi but able to understand every word she speaks.

Anjali- “oh then I have another offer for you...”

Khushi is looking at her, still this far she spoke naturally though she is really uncomfortable in this big office but now she is fidgeting...

Anjali continued... “As I told you your work has impressed me a lot and I don’t have anybody in this workshop till now who knows this handcraft of my hometown so well. So I offer you and your sister a job to work here with me...”

Khushi unknowingly swallows hard... two things her mind notes that she is also from Lucknow and she is offering a job to her and jiji together.

Anjali is speaking... “Your wok will be designing and also teaching and supervising others. Your starting salary will be 30,000 each and with time it will increase.”

Khushi cannot speak a word… it is beyond her imagination. Their shop is now in not a good condition and it hardly gain money and here she is offering 30000 salaries each for her and jiji.

As Khushi didn’t say anything Anjali thinks she is not happy with the offer..., “if you are not happy with the offer then we can negotiate...”

“Nehi... nehi, o bas hum soch rahe the... hum kar lenge bas jiji se baat karni hogi”, Khushi says in a hurry and almost in one breath. (No... no I was thinking I will do it but I have to ask jiji) 

“Anjali says with a smile “then you go and talk to her and let me know by tomorrow... here is my personal number” she gives her a card.

Khushi takes the card and thanks her before storming out of the room.

Once outside she is about to scream but looking around she whispers “Jai Devi maaiya ki”. 

Jul 20, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 53 times)

Place- Buaji’s house

Payel opens the door hearing the crazy knock...

Khushi jumps onto her like a happy pup. Even before Payel can manage to say a word she starts with a speed which can put Rajdhani Express to shame.

Payel merely manages to understand that Khushi and her have been offered jobs in Anjali’s boutique... that’s it...

Payel, “naukri hum” (job and me) she sounds nervous

Khushi chirps, “ jiji bohot acche hai Anjali ji aap ko koi pareshani nehi hogi”.

Payel can manage to relax a bit with the assurance.

Buaji is really happy and doesn’t waste a moment to call their parents.

All are more than happy not because the money but the respect their daughter will get.

Everyone rejoices.

Next morning both girls leave for their new workplace with hopes in their heart. 

Place- Anjali’s cabin

Anjali- I am very happy that you are here to work with me.. Shyam will take you for a tour of the workshop and then will explain your work.

Both Khushi and Payel nod in understanding and go with Shyam

Payel and Khushi start as teachers and supervisors.

Normally designs used to come along with the clothes but sometimes Khushi used to modify only to make them unique and Anjali used to wonder who will know that this girl doesn’t have any designer degree. In no time she becomes one of her favorites. 

She starts helping her in official works when Shyam is not around. With time Anjali comes to know many things about her which only impressed her about the person named Khushi.

Payel also gets mixed well in the workshop and with Anjali.

Shyam becomes their friendly help.

The office which used to look dull before now glow like autumn morning. Well with Khushi around happiness cannot be far away, can it!.


Two weeks pass like a wind.


Place – Anjali Garments


Khushi like every day is chirping and jumping around while working.

A peon is been taking a grease can to use in some machines but as usual Khushi, who is been walking her eyes up in the sky, bump into each other and next moment both fall flat on the ground.

“Hai” Khushi winces in pain, but no one can hold their laughter as the sight of flying can following by a fat peon and a funny Khushi is hard to resist.

She rolls her eyes and fake a sad face saying “Hey devi mayiaa aagli bar hasne ki bari humari ho ni chahiye”(oh god next time it should be my turn to laugh)

Everyone laughs more. Payel helps her up and then she notices that big black mark on her back near her hip, owed to the grease. She looks at everyone and slowly drags herself in a Chaplin move to the store room. In the whole journey to the store room she keeps her back glued to the wall making herself look funniest ever. Even Payel cannot control.

Khushi searches for something to wear and finds one plain blue sari which has got discarded because of black visible printing mark on its pallu area. She thinks this is better than what she is wearing now. She searches more and finds some glitters, fabric color and glue. What more needs. She creats beautiful patch work around the mark. It becomes a beautiful design. She smiles proudly to herself and pats her own back mentally before coming out wearing her creation. 

Every one looks amused at the sight of Khushi in a sari  first time but Khushi is Khushi to notice the remarkable change in her friends’ eyes. She keeps her dress on her desk and Shyam comes to inform that Anjali is calling her for some time now.

She runs towards her cabin. 

“Anjali ji hum andar aajaye”(may I come in)?

Anjali- come in

Khushi comes in. Anjali looks up only to get amused.

“Wow you are looking very gorgeous.”

Khushi blushes, “wo humare kapre kharab ho gaye the to ye hum store room se leke pahen liye”(I got in store room and wore it as my cloths became dirty)”

“Store Room, how far I remember only discarded dresses and clothes are there how did you find this designer saree” Anjali sounds surprised.

“Ji, ye kapra kharab hi tha. ye dekhiye kala nishan maine iske upar thora kaam kiya to daag chup gaya.”(yes it was discarded, see the mark. I did some patch work to hide the mark.)

“Amazing Khushiji, well done” she cannot stop herself to prais her, “now this idea we can apply in other clothes too”

“Keu nehi, isse jo kharab kapre se nuksaan hota hai wo bhi ghat jayega”..Khushi is excited instantly (Why not, this will minimum our loss on discarded cloths)

Anjali smiles seeing her excitement “ok we will have a meeting after office time with Shyam and will start working on it from tomorrow

Khushi nods in agreement.

“Khushi this box has some bridal dresses with designs take this down and ask your girls to start working on it” 

Ji Anjali ji, 

Khushi takes the box and walks out of the room.

The big box blocks her view to see what is before her but she is working here from 2 weeks and aware of every hook and corner so she proceeds confidently.

But in stairs she gets hit to something or someone and rolls down 2 stairs. The dresses come out  of the box and cover her completely. Only visible parts remain are her eyes.

Khushi tries to see the obstacle of her path and when she clears her vision after a few blinks then her eyes are ready to pop out... She recognizes in one look, the man from the car, the man from the road block, the man from the TV, the man himself... The great ASR.. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.

She cannot move from her place. Well of course the view before her is enough to make hr numb but as it is the 2nd fall of the day for her, her back is aching badly.

Arnav is in no mood to give a damn about the person who falls hitting him rather he is angry.  But when He sees those eyes... He stops, takes a pause to look at them with time.

If you have seen deer form a very close range you know how beautiful its eyes are, big, black, and restless and curved in the end. These eyes are just similar to them. Arnav comes closer or the magnetic pull of the eyes brings him closer, closer to her.  He removes the dress from her head, her long straight black hair flows in the breeze coming through a nearby window, then he removes the dupatta from her face and an angel comes out in all her glory. An angel, who is cursed till now to be veiled for him to rescue, for him discover her ethereal beauty. 

He sees the long nose and the nose pin on it, glowing to make it more beautiful and those curved cherry lips... are hard to resist the desire to touch them onece.

Arnav takes out all other clothes from her body.

Yes she is an Angel alright. So pure and charming that any man will come on his knees before her, head bowed down.

As she moves Arnav believes it is no dream. 

She is there, the beauty wearing sky to hide her shame.

Arnav keeps standing while Khushi hardly moves.

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Jul 21, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 67 times)

Arnav could have passed his whole life looking at this fallen angel but the trance breaks as Khushi tries to move and winces in pain..

Arnav unknowingly spreads his right hand to help her to rise.

Khushi first hesitates but takes his hand to stand up.

Arnav has no plan to leave the softest hand he ever touched but Khushi gives a little jerk which brings him in back to earth and he reluctantly leaves her hand. He turns his back to her on that very moment and tries to walk away. He knows, he has just acted against ASR would in this situation, so he wants to go away this place or from her as soon possible

As he is climbing the stairs he hears a sweet sound “Shukriya”(thank you)

Though he knows he had no wish to help her just.... those eyes... he walks fast to Di’s cabin.

“Ajeeb hai” she says in a low voice but when she looks up, finds Arnav giving her a fiery stare, (who eventually has stopped to steal a glance of her) she runs away like a kitten.

Arnav looks at the box and clothes lying there on dirt, which he has sent this morning to Di.

He again gives a glare on the way she vanished and walks in the cabin.

Khushi who is been hiding behind a pillar and waiting for him to go, comes running back to collect the scattered clothes. This also doesn’t get missed from ASR’s hawk eyes.


Place- work shop area

Khushi is looking engrossed in those designs which Anjali handed her sometime back.

Something struck her mind and she sketches something on a paper and goes straight to Anjali’s cabin.

She knocks and enters.

“Yes Khushi,” Anjali asks smiling

“Ji Anjali ji hume aapse in designs ke bare me kuch baat karni hai(I want to talk about this designs), She tells.”

“Yes tell me”

“JI, een designs me agar hum thora naksha aju baju se hatake ye bich me jo kam hai sirf ohi rakkhe to kapro me ek sadgi aayegi jo jyda sundar lagenge, kuch aaise (These designs if we make it little simple then it will look more beautiful like this...)”she shows a design she has sketched before coming up.


Anjali is about to see the... but...

“How dare you?”

It feels like, a sound of a thunder strike which shocks the ladies out of their wits. Anjali who is familiar to this sound becomes fine next moment but Khushi almost is in verge of a cardiac attack. She takes a step backward and her right leg gets stuck in a chair behind and... and what else ?!!!...Third fall of the day.

Anjali almost shouts “Khushiii!!”

But Khushi is stuck on those eyes.. She never has thought to see them again. But when she sees, the heated glare those eyes are giving, she comes in her senses and stands on her feet holding the chair. Anjali comes running to help her up while ASR stands still. 

He has come back to say something to Anjali and heard her.

The look in his eyes is enough to tell Anjali that what is coming. She tries to send Khushi from there.. 

“Khushi you go, we will discuss later...” 

“What discuss?” another strike “these designs are made by my best designers. How dare you to even think of changing them?”

Khushi feels as if her heart has dropped into her stomach. No one has ever shouted on her like this before. She doesn’t find her voice to react.

Anjali close opens her eyes after seeing khushi’s white face... This is exactly a lion and lamb encounter…..  (Not to mention who is who?)

Khsuhi tries to open her mouth but again he yells...

“You should know that you do not have the position or dignity to even speak here in front of ASR... Don’t try to put your useless middle class ideas in here... you are not worth it. How come your short brain dares to even think of changing ASR’s designs? You are a worker here. Don’t you forget that and dare not to...”

Seeing Khushi in tears Anjali cannot bear anymore as she calls her brother in a ice cold tone to let him know it is enough... “Chotey”.

Arnav controls his rage and before anyone can say anything Khushi runs out of the room.

While going Khushi collides with Shyam. His eyes don’t miss her tears. But before he can ask the reason she leaves limping.

Inside cabin,

Anjali- ye kya tha chotey(what was it chotey?)

Arnav-How dare she?

Anjali- How dare you?

Arnav cannot believe his ears… “Dii!!”... he sounds surprised.

Anjali who is hurt, in his behavior says again, “How dare you talk like this with one of my employee in my office?”

Arnav comes out of his shock and the rage again takes over him “how dare she even think of changing any of ASR creation?”

Anjali-“She didn’t know that, and she has all rights to share her view.”

Arnav- “who cares about her right?”

Anjali-“ I care”

Arnav is fuming now... for a random girl his Di is talking rudely with him..

Anjali-I can’t ask you to say sorry to her as you are ASR but I will approve whatever she has thought to change... Arnav frowns and Anjali continues ... if you don’t like then you take your order back.

Arnav- What? (Arnav cannot believe his ears)

Anjali doesn’t speak anymore and Arnav leaves the place in anger.

Shyam who is a silent listener of this conversation behind the door now comes in. He puts a consoling hand on Anjali’s shoulder “We should go a and talk to her.”

Anjali nods and both leave to check on Khushi.


Jul 21, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 66 times)

Arnav is speeding his car with recent happenings in Di’s office racing in his mind. He stops his car in a screeching halt waking the security guard from his slumber. He walks past the guard and enters his office shouting Aman’s name.

Anjali’s workshop:

Payel – Ye chot kaise lagi Khushi?(How did you get hurt?)

Arnav’s voice still echoes in her ears as she sits with a blank gaze fixed on nothing particularly… her stance breaks with Payel’s question who is tending her bleeding toe.

Khushi who doesn't want to hurt her soft hearten sister with the news of her insult says in her normal cheerful voice, “aap hume jaante hue bhi ye sawal puch rahe hai?”(Knowing me you are asking this?)”

Payel couldn't hold her little chuckle, “Ha humari hi galti hai. Girna parna to teri kundli hi me likkha hai. Devi mayiaa ne tujhe aakhe to di hai lekin unka istemal sikhana bhul gayi” (My fault, when I know this is common for you, God has given you eyes but forgot to teach you there use)”

Both break in fits of laughter.

Two more pair of eyes witnesses their conversation smiling along.

Anjali who is impressed about her selflessness says in a soft tone, "not her fault Payel"

Khushi and Payel both turn towards the sound find Anjali and Shyam smiling at them.

Anjali was planning to tell what happened stops at Khushi’s signal.

Shyam sees it too and make up for the sudde silence “Khushi got hurt in Anjali’s cabin.”

Payel said, “Aap khud ko doshi mat maniye, iske saath hota rahta hai isi liye buaji ise Uth bulate hai.(Don’t blame yourself Anjali ji it happens to her every time that is why Buaji calls her camel).” [Camel doesn't look down while walking]

Khushi shouts “JIJIII”... Just like a grumpy kid and all start laughing again.

Khushi huffs and puffs when Payel narrates the incident from earlier this morning to Anjali and Shym who aren’t a witness of that million dollar show. This Kicks their laughter more.

Khushi who is no more sad but embarrassed thinks of escaping but the sorry state of her leg doesn’t help much.

Anjal asks Khushi to come to her cabin with the sketch but Khushi hesitates.

“It’s a request Khushi” says Anjali when Shyam winks.

Now how can she deny.

Arnav’s Office:

Arnav is pacing the length of this cabin while trying Anjali’s number. Every time it is going in  voice mail after every 2-3 rings.

“Damn” He growls.

“For that girl” he mutters grinding his teeth. 

But the mention of Khushi also brings a picture in his mind when he removes the dupatta from her face, her angelic face...

AMAAN, he shouts and kicks open the door before storming out.

Anjali’s office,

“Khushi I am sorry for my brother’s behavior, may I see your sketch?” Anjali tries to apolozize,                    

“Apke bhai?” Khushi gulps in surprise.

“Yes” Anjali answers with a loving smile.

“Lagte nehi hai” Khushi mutters in a low voice but audible enough for Anjali, “Hard to believe right?” she smiles.

Khushi’s tongue comes between her teeth.

Anjali who is amused with her antics asks for the sketch.

Khushi fumbles, Ji ye .. ye li.. li jiye.

Anjali looks at it with care but before saying her opinion she asks Khushi “why you thought of it?”

Khushi speaks her mind with smile in her face, “keuke ye shadi ka jora hai to dulhan isse bohot ummedo ke saath pahnegi, sochigi sundar lagegi, log ussehi dekhenge. Ye Kapre dulhan ki khoobsurti ko nikhar ne ke liye hai unhe chupane ke liye nehi. Ek shadi ka jora jo dulhan ki khoobsurti aur sadgi ko nikhare to kya baat hai... the last part she says with excited clap (As this is a bridal costume, a bride will wear it with a hope to look beautiful. These costumes are meant to enhance their beauty rather shading it under the extra fashy work. But if she wears something which adds to her beauty rather than hiding it then it will be out of the world.)

Anjali who is impressed with already asks her to design half the clothes in her way. 

Raizada house at night at dinner table:

“Akash bitwa take the Halwaz” Mamiji in her well known tone offers while passing the bowl to Akash who takes it gladly and serves Anjali too.

He offers to Arnav too, “Bhai aap loge?”(will you have?) 

Note: Here Arnav Doesn’t have diabetes but doesn't like sweet too.

When he says he doesn’t want Anjali interferes, “thora khalo Chotey, shayed thori karwahat kam ho...” (Have some; it may lessen your bitterness)

Arnav prefers to concentrate on food.

Hearing the sarcastic comment other members on the table who is oblivious to the incident in office looks at each other in astonishment.

Nani- ka hua Anjali bitiya aap chotey se aaise kahe baat karat ho? (Anjali bitiya why are you talking to Chotey like that?)

Mami- ka hua? Fightingwa? 

Akash and mama both looks at her at the same time for her stupid question.. Fight in between them is next to impossible. Arnav never raise his voice before Anjali, let alone fight.

Anjali- Kuch nehi nani, mami aaisehi.. (Nothing just like that)

Nani who is experienced enough to understood that is anything but ‘just like that’ tries to change the topic and unknowingly makes it worse.. “anjali bitiya tum kahat rahi tumahare office  ma lucknow se koi larkiyaa aayi hai..”(You said some girls from Lucknow have joined your office)

“Ji nanaiji..Khushi aur Payel... dono bahen hai.. bohothi achhi hain dono. Kuchhi dino me office me aaise ghul milgayi hai jaise kitne dino se sobko janti hai. Khas kar Khushi (she eyes Arnav who is is tossing the rice on his plate since the conversation started), naam ki jaisi hi logo ke beech rahti hai. Aur nani ji (quite excitedly she is speaking) kaafi talented bhi hai. Itne acche ideas hote hai uske pas ke kya bole (she shares what she said about the bridal costumes).[ yes naani –Khushi and Payel,sisters, nice girls, in a few day they mixed so well that it doesn't seem that they have come  few days back. Specially Khushi.. she is just like her name. So talented, she sometimes amuses me with her ideas]”

All look quite impressed.

Anjali tries to figure out Arnav’s expression but it is nevertheless his regular plastic one.

Nani- bohothi accha laga jaanke koi aaisa bhi soche hai...(Nice to know someone thinks this way)

Mami- hello hai bye bye bohothi bariya..

Akash and mama nod in support. 

Akash- di hum he bhi unse milwaiye shayed unka kuch idea humbhi use kar sake... (Introduce her with us. maybe we can use her ideas)

Arnav shoots daggers to Akash, which he misses to notice but Anjali does and takes the full advantage of annoying him, “why not Akash anytime but you have to come to my office to meet her. She is too good and innocent to go to ASR office”, she says playfully.

Akash smiles and agrees “OK di.

Now Arnav cannot control anymore. Anyways the name Khushi is not giving him any khushi this moment rather his temper shooting every minute “Akash have you gone mad? We have the best designers of India to design for us and you want a worker to design for ASR.”

All are shocked except Anjali hearing the harsh comment...

Anjali says in a very light but firm tone, “She is not worker in my office. She is a supervisor and my assistant (this post she has given to Khushi when Juhi left her job for some personal reason). She has a degree in fine arts. She has done certified course in computer graphics and she has professional training of embroidery. “

Arnav- So what she doesn’t know anything about fashion designing.

Anjali- May be but she is talented enough for me.

Arnav has had enough so he excuses himself to leave.

Nani- ye Chotey ko ka hua aaise keu chale gaye? (why he left like this?)

Anjali shrugs avoiding answering.

Everyone concentrates on food.

Back in his bedroom Arnav paces back and forth fisting his hands.

His own Di is impressed by a middle class worker in her office, (which is not so bad for a thought) and she supporting that Khushi over her own brother doesn’t go well with ASR. 

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Jul 22, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 67 times)

After dinner everyone retire for their respective rooms.

Anjali is helping HP in cleaning the table when Arnav comes. Anjali sees him and asks if he needs anything?

HP already has left from the scene seeing him.

 “Sorry Di” Arnav says looking at her face.

Anjali- for what?

Arnav- for what happened today in your office.

Anjali- I am not the person to ask for forgiveness, you know that.

Arnav- I don’t care for anybody else than you and my family. 

Anjali- You should. 

Arnav- why should I? 

Anjali- because the way you hurt people, have u ever thought if it’s come back the same way to you...

Arnav- no one can hurt me. people say I have heart of stone. So I need not to care for anyone.

Anjali- That’s a wrong idea Chotey. Everyone gets hurt for their misgiving and you will too, someday. I just hope and pray that God gives you the strength to bear it.

Arnav- You know I don’t believe in your God but if there is one then you are his reflection so only thing matters to me is your word. Did you forgive me?

Anjali- I did long back for your every mistake, what you did or will do in future.. But now on you should care for others too, otherwise, by the time you realize that the person whom you have hurt is important to you, it will be too late

Arnav gives a sarcastic smile on her comment and turns to go.

Anjali sighs.

Arnav turns again and says, “That won’t happen ever” and leaves.

Anjali watches his retreating figure with a lost look.

After few days, Anjali’s office:

Anjali feels dizzy while working on her pc.

She shakes her head to get out of the spell and concentrate again but in a few minutes she darkness engulfs her and her head lands on the keyboard.

Khushi comes to show her some designs and finds Anjali that way. She panics but then relaxes herself to think properly. She sprinkles water on her face. No response. She finds her  turning cold and breathing shallow. Pondering upon her next moves in next few seconds she calls Arnav.

Arnav sends an ambulance in no time and asks Khushi to stay with her. Payel and Shyam join her too.


Anjali is lying in emergency.

Arnav almost has reached there in the same time with them.

While Arnav is talking to a doctor, Khushi hears them and comes to know, Anjali is anemic. In extreme times like this she needs blood transfusion.

Arnav- how is Di now?

Doc- She needs blood but at this moment we don’t have her group in store.

Arnav (panicked) - then get it from somewhere, from anywhere...

Doc- we are trying but it will take some time.

Arnav- then?

Doc- Do you have any donor, I mean anybody in your family whose blood group is AB+.

Arnav- only Akash.. but he is out of town..

Doc- Relax... Relax, we will arrange it on time... Doc tries his best to pacify him.

Khushi goes near them and gathers all her courage to speak Arnav, who is already is staring her hard.

Khushi- My blood group is AB+. May I...

Before Arnav can manage to speak the doctor says in excitement “why not?”

Arnav reluctantly agrees for his Di’s sake.

Payel who is present there, is not looking happy with the idea of her giving blood but before she can stop Khushi, she leaves with the Doc.

After a while other members of Raizada family arrive except Akash. Mean time blood transfusion starts.

After an hour or so when whole process is done everyone thanks Khushi for her help except Arnav who never hasn’t left the side of his Di this whole time.

Anjali comes back to her senses in a while. She wants to thank Khushi and asks Arnav to call her as she is in the other room taking rest. Arnav goes without any argument much to Anjali’s amu****t.

Though Arnav won’t acknowledge the fact but he is thankful to her and also concerned to see her .

He reaches the room where Khushi is resting and hears Payel is scolding her for some reason. Before Arnav can hear anything Payel walks out from the room. He hears a faint ‘Jiji’ and then a thud.

He rushes inside and finds Khushi on the floor.  

He helps her to sit back on bed and goes to press the call button for a nurse. She holds his hand to stop him... Arnav feels shockwaves with her touch and looks at her... He checks her top to bottom. She is wearing an ordinary light green suit and most simple ear rings matching to her dress. She has tied her hair in a choti from which a few strands have come and resting freely on her face. Her stare is little blank for the dizziness. Her head is still resting on his left arm. He gently places her head on the pillow. She is breathing little heavily. She touches her forehead and blinks a few times to clear her vision.  She now looks at him properly and Arnav again gets lost in those hazel depths.

Khushi tries to get up. Arnav helps her.

Khushi who is feeling a little better, gives a thankful look.

“Tum thik ho?”

Khushi cannot believe her ears. ASR can speak so softly!!

Khushi nods and comes down from the bed. She is still feeling little short of breath but she doesn’t show. She needs to go after jiji to pacify her but Arnav stops her on her track.

Arnav- Take some more rest.

Khushi- hum thik hai. (I’m OK)

Arnav- ya right. 

Khushi notices concern in his expression and says, “ aap fikar mat kariye hum thik hai, chaliye Anjali ji se millke aate hai(Don’t worry I am fine. Let’s go to meet Anjali ji)”

Arnav who doesn't look convinced yet takes her to Anjali.

Till they reach to Anjali’s room Arnav keeps an eye on her without her notice.

Khushi enters and Anjali welcomes her with a smile.

She signals her to come and sit beside her. Khushi does.

Anjali speaks in delight, “Hume aap apni si to pahlehi lagti thi aab khoon ka rishta ban gaya (You felt like my own before now we have blood relation)

Khushi who is over whelmed by the statement hugs Anjali.

All members of family smile affectionately where Arnav doesn’t like the comment. After all she doesn’t belong to their class and such statements can make her dream high.

Payel who is present there asks Khushi to go back to office with her.

Khushi doesn’t need to look at her to know that she is showering glares at her and starts  thinking of an escape to not to go with her.

Anjali- Shyam can you take them with you? 

Shyam who is least interest to leave nods in agreement.

Khushi is more than happy as Jiji will not say anything before others.

They leave after sharing another round of hugs and well wishes.

Arnav watches them going specially that one person who can annoy and appease him at the same time.

Jul 22, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Moumitasghose) (Thanked: 73 times)

Anjali is at home now. She has been asked to take rest for a few days. 

One fine day Anjali rings Khushi from RM

Khushi can yo please come home today?

Khushi- Aapke ghar(your place)..She cannot complete the sentence as she remembers Arnav’s face and mutters ‘Devi mayiaa’.

Anjli unable to hear what she said asks- Did you say something?

Khushi- n.. nehi kuch nehi(nothing)

Anjali- then come home before going to office I have few things to discuss.

Khushi- Ji.

Khushi keeps the phone and prays, “raksha karna Devi mayiaa, gusse ki dukan ke samne na aajaye. Galti se pichli bar bhowkna bhul gaye the, es bar kahi agla pichla sari kasar pura kar de. Hey devi mayiaa..(Help me DM, don't let me come in front of the anger shop. Last time he forgot to bark but this time if I meet him, I am sure he will see to it that he pays me with interest)” she closes her eyes and again gets a vision of an angry Arnav. She starts hiccupping and opens her eyes in hurry. Sending another small prayer to DM she runs to get ready.  

Raizada Mansion:

Door bail rings...

Arnav who is talking in his Bluetooth in living room, sees no one around and proceeds to open the door.

He opens the door and guess what?! Who is on the door?! Ta da... KHUSHI

Where Arnav is surprised, she looks terrified.

Khushi- A..An..An… (She feels she has never learnt how to speak)

Arnav who is watching her in amu****t finally signs off the call and asks, “I don’t have whole day.”But his voice makes her dumber and she again repeats the same.

Arnav (irked) - What the...

Anjali comes in there much to Khushi’s relief. Khushi feels like give her bear hug for saving her form another ‘what the’, because she has doubts that she could have uttered asingle word before him, any time soon. She sighs out loud.

Khushi almost jumps and sys pointing Anjali, “Hum Anjali ji se milne hai, unhone bulaya tha (I came to meet Anjali ji. She called me.).

Anjali smiles at her and turns towards Arnav, “Ha chotey, Khushi ko maine bulaya hai.” (Yes chotey, I called her)” she again turns to Khushi and asks her to come in.

Khushi comes in Arnav shuts the door behind.

Khushi is impressed by the look of Raizada Mansion, nothing less than a palace. 

Anjali and Khushi settle in living room, where Anjali already has her laptop and some files lying on the center table.

Arnav comes and speals to Anjali ignoring Khushi, “Di don’t stress yourself?”

Anjali smiles assuring and start talking to Khushi about a project. 

Arnav starts to leave when Khushi looks up muttering, phir aaisa mat karna Devi Mayiaaa(Don’t do it again DM)”

Anjali looks up from her laptop and asks if she is saying something, Khushi shakes her head and both starts talking about work.

Arnav who is walking towards his room looks back unable to ignore the urge and stares Khushi for a while...

Same kind white suit, matching ear ring, same choti, same sandal... Nothing unique but what is so different about this girl what attracts h…

He shakes his head on his own chain of thought, what the hell he was about to conclude...

He leaves the place as soon as possible.

Sometime later,

Arnav hears the sound of the door of his room while shaving inside bathroom. Thinking it is HP he comes out to give his laundry.

To his very shock he sees Khushi in the room.

Khushi who is looking here and there in search of something suddenly hears a sound “What the ****”

She tumbles on her feet and shivering follows the sound. Next moment she makes a sound (*hic!*) and gurds her eyes with her palms before turning around.

Arnav then realizes that he is not wearing a shirt. With suddenness of her act he holds the towel which he had in his hand on his upper body, as if, he wants to hide his shame and next moment he gets disgusted with stupidity. He mutters gritting his teeth “What the” again.

“What are you doing here?” he barks while wearing a t-shirt.

Khushi stands in same posture and says in one breath, “O anjali ji ne aapne kamre se file lane ko boli thi aur main galti se yeha aagyi.(Anjali ji sent me to get a  file from her room and by mistake I came here)”

Arnav barks, “ di ka room turning ke baad left me hai.(it is left from the turn)”

Khushi mumbles a thank you and runs away from the room. Arnav hears a banging sound of and then a voice, Haaiin!!!

He runs to check and finds Khushi is rubbing her forehead which she has banged on a pillar in her hurry. 

She looks up and sees a disgusted Arnav. She takes two steps back and Arnav shouts “watch out”

She turns and sees a big cactus in a pot, on which, she was about to fall. 

Khushi looks at the cactus and then Arnav again back to cactus again Arnav an repeating the action few more times she merely says a thank you and runs from there as if running for her dear life towards Anjali’s room.

Arnav is totally taken aback!! 

After a sec or so Arnav shakes his head in disbelief and murmurs “unbelievable” and goes back to his room.

Khushi comes down with the file in such speed as if she has participated in a 100mt race and decided to break some records.   

Anjali who is surprised to see her rushing down asks, “Kya hua Khushi?”(What happened?)

Khushi looks back to see if he is behind and mutters “ jaan bachi” and then says in an audible voice, “Kuch nehi Anjali ji, ye aapki file”(nothing Anjaliji, here is your file)

Both turns towards the door hearing Shaym’s voice.

Shyam says has come to get Anjali’s sign in some papers. He asks about her health in concern evident in hisvoice. Khushi doubts there is more between them than just business partners.

When Arnav comes with his laptop and files to go to office he hears Khushi, bidding bye and leaving with Shyam.

He watches them till they go out of that door.

He too leaves for office after bidding bye to Anjali.


Being Anjali’s assistance Khushi now starts coming almost every day in the mansion to discuss work until she is fit to attain office. Though it is not for long, a few discussion and updates, and then she leaves.

Though Anjali is better now, but In Arnav’s insistence she is working from home for some more days. As Arnav knows that Diwali is near. If Anjali goes to office then it will be hectic for her to take care of office and diwali preparation at home together and she will be stressed.

Khusi who was not comfortable coming in the mansion now is comes without any hesitation because of Anjali and other family member’s cordial behavior. They adore Khushi. Not just because of she has given blood to Anjali, but also for her lovable nature and joyous mood. She is now also an inevitable part of Diwali preparation.

Diwali is always big in Raizada house as Nani and Anjali will call all friends and family, Business partners and clients, office stuffs and workers as well. Arnav who doesn't like the idea of so much noise in the house, keeps his mouth shut because of Di and Nani. 

Today Arnav is working from home in Anjali’s request. Akash is also long back. Both brothers are helping Anjali.

Khushi who is helping Anjali throughout, is running here and there in between she also manages to get sometime out to talk to nani, mami. She already has made friendship with Akash. Both of them now are talking like old very old mates. No doubt Arnav is getting irritated with this growing friendship (May be because she has only kept a distance with him in the whole RH). He also tries to ignore her presence as much possible. He doesn’t know how this girl manages to get so much attraction (his too). Irritating... Humph!

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