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Jul 17, 2013

*IMP POST* OS : Last Letter ( Awareness on Suicide in the form of a story ) (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 68 times)


 One Shot : Last Letter


 Cast : Arnav ( Main character ) 

          Khushi ( Wife of Arnav ) 


Dear Arnav,

               Finally, I am letting out my deepest secrets knowing very well that I wouldn't be there to look into your questioning eyes. Those eyes into which I drown myself day and night; those which hold my entire attention. By the time you find this lest know I am past gone into that void where the non-existence resides and in there I shall breathe with the hope that you would get back to your normal happy self that you always claim you were, without me in the picture.

             Please wipe off those tears. It hurts and twists my stopping heart to know I am causing you pain even in my death... in my absence. All the trouble, all the difficulties I plan to carry away with me and leave you free of them and obviously me. Please don't let your precious pearls wasted for a person as me, someone never valuable in your life. 

          Though my heart wants otherwise and has other intentions I know 'we' would never be, what with you hating me and what with me completely head over heels over you ?

         Yeah, sadly yes, I couldn't help falling for you. Your childish behaviour pulled me back to my innocence time. Your fatherly advices which were always right and your motherly affection which kept me sane away from loneliness, only fuelled my feelings for you. I could go on and on, and this list would never end, but alas I don't have enough time in my hands. I can feel the strength slowly leaving my body muscles and it is with great strain I am writing on as there is something more I want to tell you before it is too late...before it becomes "never".

      I LOVE YOU.

      I love you so much. I had loved you since our first meet and have continued to do so. My love for you shall always stay eternal and no one can change it. So pathetic of me! But, its true, I picked fights with you only to hear your voice for a longer time. Every time you talked to me I felt elated and special. You made my world and became my world. If only you knew...If only I could mash up the courage to tell you though knowing you inevitably wanted nothing of me. 

     I wanted nothing from life. All I wanted was my love...you and it turned out that was the only thing I couldn't hold on to. I was totally fed up and vexed with my life knowing well I was giving pain to both of us. But, once I realised this could be changed I had it decided, had it decided I would give peace to both of us. You needed freedom from me and I needed your happiness. So, this is me fulfilling that wish. 

     I tried really hard not to put all these into words but my heart denied my mind. It wanted you to know that all this while I had put up the false face of not caring when in reality it was the other way round. I tried reasoning with my heart and ultimately accepted failure. If there was a time I would have told you all this, this would be the best, at the time of my death. 

    Never do you take this upon your shoulders. I know you are too good for your own goodness and I pray you forget I was ever part of your life and it wouldn't be difficult knowing how much you despised me. From that void I shall wish and always look upon you. I can only hope you find your person...your penguin and mine would always be you. 

   And if you don't mind, would you kiss me for at least once before cremating? Think it as my last wish in my last letter to you. I want to take your essence along with me though my heart will always stay behind on this earth yearning for you. 


Tears rolled down his eyes and flowed continuously as he read each and every word his wife had written for him. His lips quivered and eyes blinded with tears when he looked at his wife, who now lay lifeless on the bed. His heart clenched at seeing her in that state. He never anticipated her to commit "Suicide" and never in his dreams put her in that category. He always thought her to be meek, but the scene that lay before him portrayed a different story. She was brave, very brave to cut her own vein and write down the letter with her blood. His eyes hurt to see her blood spilled over her body and the white satin cloth. The murderer was still laying on the ground covered in his wife's blood. 

He clutched the letter to his chest and cried unconditionally. He did love her... if not more. But, he had never expressed it nor considered it good enough to be told. How he wished he told she was his penguin. He had suppressed his emotions within him and that was what led to this. He could have avoided this if only he paid a little more attention to his wife, if only he saw her nervousness around him, if only he was more observant. Hell yes, he made the point he hadn't wanted to stay any near to her and she was a hindrance to him, but little did he know few words would lead to such a disaster. 

He couldn't take this any more. The more time his eyes stared at her body the more clear his future became. Without any further ado he took the knife laying on the ground and plunged himself with it, falling right next to his wife, his beloved. 

Even in his last breaths he remembered her wish and he slightly brushed his lips on hers holding on to her for the last time. 

"You are my first love and last, and no distance can ever separate us ever." 

He dropped down next to his wife his hands still around her waist and her face close to his. Except that there was blood all over, their faces held the smile of satisfaction and they were finally united in death.

And that was how the police and neighbours found their body, completely resting in peace, though their deaths were always discussed as "wasted loss".

There was only one proof that their deaths was not a murder.

The last letter.






Life is not what it always seems like and people are not what you understand as. There is always a reason to live and there is always a reason for hope. Never commit the greatest mistake of your life and snatch away the beautiful gift. There is no cause that can explain itself for suicide. 

We get very less time and very few occasions to tell people what they really mean to us. Don't let silence come between your relations. It is necessary to let others know what you truly feel about them... they are not gods and never can they read our minds. Telling them and showing them is the only way.

If you ever LOVE someone ... don't ever conceal it . Express it !

"Live,Love and tell" 


Support this story and let many others know to spread the awareness. 


Jul 21, 2013

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