Written Update 4th july

Jul 5, 2013

Written Update 4th july (By Flower_123) (Thanked: 3 times)

Scene 1


viren,jeevika and vidhi are at cafe and viren shows his trust in jeevika for taking care of vidhi. Vidhi is impressed with their understanding and jeevika praises viren. Jeevika goes outside to attend the phone. Waiter comes to get the bill, vidhi doesnt have the money waiter insults vidhi ,viren comes and support vidhi pays the bill, jeevika says sorry to vidhi and she is totally impressed with viren jeevika’s attitude.

Scene 2

vadhera’s house

Virman come to home and virat is upset with what manvi , they come to hall where everybody is sitting virat indirectly blames manvi for whatever have happend and manvi ask was it my fault. Virat is upset that he lost opportunity because of manvi and accuses her .manvi is in tears as virat leaves and swamini,vanshika pacifies and consoles her.

Scene 3


viren sitting waiting for procedure to get started. Nurse comes and places baby’s sperm , viren sits and talks with it that he is his dad. Jeevika comes and becomes emotional seeing viren so excited. Jeevika says he has also right to get excited. Doctor comes vidhi and vidhi ask jeevika to be with her , she obliges.

Scene 4

at road

virat is remembering what happened in studio and his fight with manvi . He opens the music and mourns that everybody want to become singer when they have zero knowledge about music notes. He is contend to do something in carrier .

Break 1

scene 5

at studio

virat come to meet mr. Malik(producer) where manvi is there asking for forgiveness virat sees her and is sad. Manvi tells producer she is pregnant. She explain that she can’t see anyone insulting his husband and there was no fault of virat and he comes in producer laughs and tell why didn’t you tell me that she pregnant and offers him album and say they will start soon. He leaves manvi sorry to virat and virat says that he is sorry for shouting at her and they hug happily.

Scene 5


doctor informs that process was successfull and they soon will be father virika is emotionally happy and jeevika thanks vidhi and ask her to come with them to home she is reluctant but jeevika insists

break 2

Scene 6

at home

virat manvi at home and vanshika congratulates virat for album. Jeevika viren enter everybody starts questioning about the girl they chose. Jeevika brings vidhi in and introduces her to the family. Manvi in her bubbly way introduces herself and says she want to know about her so jeevika tells that vidhi will stay here everybody is little stunned viren explains that they want her for 9 months. Manvi tells jeevika that baby will be with her soon. Jeevika shows her happiness to family member and virat congratulates viren. Everybody leaves and vidhi says sorry to hide that she is indeed married.

Precap-vanshika shows her concern that vidhi will remain infront of viren’s eyes 247 and he might develop soft corner for her. Jeevika is denial.

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