Jealousy......a path to love??

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Jul 5, 2013

Jealousy......a path to love?? (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 38 times)

hi everyone!!!

i am new to myeD but have read all your fantastic stories so here is a little effort from my side

hope you like it . please do comment and feel free to share your suggestions.

constructive criticism is always welcome.



the only difference is that the diwali almost kiss occurs now on the marriage day

and Arnav announces his engagement to Lavanya and drops Kushi home as in the serial.



Arnav singh Raizada(28) : same as in serial

Anjali Ahuja(29) : Sweet and Kind. Sister of Arnav. Married to Rahul Ahuja.

Rahul Ahuja (30): Srong and intelligent man. Parents live in US.

 Lives with Anjali in the house next to Shantivan. Loves his family a lot.

 Married to Anjali for 2 years.

Aakash singh Raizada(27) : Sweet and kind as in serial. Married to Payal.

Lavanya Kashyap(26) : little egoistic but good at heart.

Arnav’s so called GF. But in her heart she also knows that ASR can never love her,

 so making schemes to get rid of the relationship

without hurting herself and even without ASR dumping her( egoistic eh!!!!)

Mami, Nani, Mama and others are the same as in the serial.

Khushi kumari Gupta(24) : same as in serial but strong willed and stubborn.

 Always wanted to do a love marriage.

Payal  singh Raizada(25)  : Khushi’s elder sister. Married to Aakash singh Raizada.

 Kind hearted and a full supporter of Khushi in all matters.

Shashi Gupta(57) : father of Khushi and Payal and loves them to bit. Always wants there wellbeing.

Garima Gupta(54) : mother of Khushi and Payal. Sweet but gullible and easily falls prey to buaji.

Buaji(60): She is a little strict and old fashioned and drags Garima along with her in her each decision.


Other characters will come in later…..




Khushi was sitting near the door, head on her knees and crying.

Maybe for the first time her heart had gone against her morals and

 developed feelings for her friends to be husband.

Khushi : what is happening to me? Why is the same image of Arnavji announcing his

 engagement coming to my mind and moreover why am I feeling sad?

This was my job, for this objective only I was called in shantivan and now………


What she was not able to figure out was that she had developed feeling for Arnav

 other than hate which wre bound to go a long way.




Arnav : why did I do this? I know I don’t have any feeling for Lavanya then why?

 What overcame me Dammit….. i am destroying my life…………………………………..  KHUSHI………

The mere thought of Khushi took him in rewind at the poolside.

 He looked at the corner where khushi stood as he advanced towards

 her totally not in control of himself.


Arnav (thinking) : what did I do? How can ASR fall for a stupid middle class girl.

This is not happening. I will not let anyone destroy me, my emotions are dead ,

 there is nothing left.

And again as always ASR took over Arnav. What he didn’t know was neither

 was Khushi nor Lavanya destroying him it was he himself,

his ego which was being the reason of his discomfort, his confusion.




La(thinking in bed) : holy GOD!!! What has gotten into ASR  now.

 When I am ready to leave and start a new life this confused soul has landed on my head.

Easily I could have ditched him and gone stating that I can not stay with him anymore as he is not marrying me still.

It would have been so cool.

 In the news ,LAVANYA KASHYAP DUMPS ASR. Hahahaha.

But he cannot not let me live in peace. Doesn’t he know that he is head over heels in love with that chamkili.

Good for me as well as I can no longer handle his tantrums,

but now have to think of something new…….



SO, in three different rooms three different souls residing, one sad , one angry,

and the last one calculating. Where will this confusion lead them? slowly all lay to sleep.

so that for today. hope you enjoyed it . did you like Lavanya's character.

i loved her in the serial at the end but then her potrayal at the beginning was totally

 different which confused me .anyways, do comment.


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GOOD GOING, liked it ,thank you
you better pull your socks up.....
Jul 6, 2013

problems?????????????? (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 58 times)

thankyou soooooooooooooo much. i am totally floored by the love i am receiving here.

 a special thanks to those who commented that is arshi_fan12 , sa_arshi , sarunfan , sophiaarshi,

and all those people who voted for me. here is the next part............................



Buaji in the kitchen : payaliya, oo payaliya jake khusi to utha to de zara….

(payal go and wake khusi up)

Graima : jij par payaliya to iha ha he nahi (jij payal is not here)becomes sad

Buaji : are haan NK, humto bhuye gaye ki uu ab hamare saath nahi

 rahvat hai.(yes, I forgot that she does not live here anymore)

Suddenly khushi comes there and hugs buaji from the side,

Khushi : par hum to hai na buaji (but I am there buaji)

Buaji : hat pagli, to payalia ki jagah kaise le sakat hai, tera to 

hume lagat hai ki koi var milna bhi mushkil hai, ajj he hum panditji se baat

 karat hai aur jo pehle rishta mili hai uhi tohro byah kar di hai, NK 

( leave me, u can never take payal’s place, for u I fear if we will ever find 

a groom for you, today only I will talk to panditji and the first groom I get 

I will marry you to him)

Khushi thinking buaji was joking : hum aapko **** ke nahi jayege,

 aur vaise bhi aap ko pata hai ki hum to vo pyaar vali shaadi karengena to

 phir kyun?  (I will not leave you and go, by the way you know that I will do a

 love marriage, then why?)

Buaji : han ,han bahut bat hui gayi ab jayeki mu haath dho lo.

(ignoring the topic)(yes, yes enough, now go and wash you hands and face)


Secretly buaji actually calls the panditji, :panditji, Namaste hum madhumati,

 haan uu hum baat kiye rahe na khushi bitiya ke bare ma………………… 

acha to aap aaj photo bejheva de jiye………………………… dhanyavad.(call ends)

(yes I talked about Khushi to you………………...ok can you send me the photos………..thankyou)

Buaji is relieved and smiles freely but all this is also heard by someone else with tears in their eyes.



Arnav: di, I am going to office see you in the evening, bye

Anjali: bye chote

Arnav : come on , Aakash

Aakash : bhai, you carryon I will come later, actually I have to drop Payal the

Gupta house for pag phere then I will join you.

Listening the this Arnav thoughts immediately goes to Khushi  

and last night but he quickly brushes those thoughts away and goes to office.



Buaji : Garima, Khusi sab tayariya hui gayi , payalia aati he hogi

Khushi : haan, buaji sab ho gaya aap chinta mat karo.


Just then somewhere near Gupta house, on phone

Unknown: hello, you have to come here immediately, thing are going out of hand

Man : what happened, is she fine

Unknown : till now but in some time something bad is going to happen

Man : I will come there right now just handle the situation for 2-3 hrs.

Unknown ; don’t worry, I will handle, you just come fast

Man : now to I have to come, it’s high time someone needs to be taught a lesson

Unknown shakes his head in sympathy: bye

Call ends


Payal and Aakash come after some time and after reciprocating 

the pleseantaries Aakash leaves for office and Payal and Khushi start 

gossiping and Khushi starts teasing Payal.


Just then there is a knock on the door……………………………..

not much of a part today, its just a buildup but i promise that the next part will be better,

and who is the unknown man ?????????????

and yes i forgot to mention that in my story although Arnav's past is the same but

 Khushi's later past is a bit different. hope you enjoy.

if you liked it then please press the thank you button and comments are always welcome.

 silent readers also i request if you could press the thankyou button so that i know you are present.

Arnav's part was a little less here but i promise that in the next update it will be adequate.......:)


Jul 7, 2013

groom at the doorstep???? (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 51 times)

thank you soooooooo much friends for the soo many thank yous that i have received . special thanks to  

 arshi_fan12 , ranis , mathu, and all the others who gave their beautiful suggestions and comments. 

and a big thankyou to all my silent readers as well................

here's the story........


IN AR DESIGNS…….......


ASR was having a bad day, but more than that

Aman and the rest of the office staff was suffering.

ASR was not able to concentrate on any work and all he

could think of all the time was khushi…khushi….khushi…aarrgggggg.

ASR : what is this, this is not supposed to happen, GOD that girl is a menace,

 I am not able to digest the fact that he was thinking of khushi and not lavanya,

not that he cared but it was better than going offtrack right,

as it is lavanya is hung around his neck like an albatross, anyways


Again trying to concentrate on his work then his eyes rested on the plants

 in his room which khushi had brought as a sorry from lavanya,

OH GOD AGAIN KHUSHI, stop it , stop it , stop it.

And ASR was doing nothing but stopping his heart from going in

 the directions of it’s beat all day.




Knock knock

Payal goes and opens the door, and we have our one and only

 Panditji standing there with a bright smile on his face.

Payal unaware of the bomb blast going to happen, welcome him inside.


Buaji : oh pandijti come, come, move khushi and let panditji sit do

 ( and she moves khushi from the sofa)

Khushi makes a face but then welcomes panditji.

 Panditji gives blessing to all and then drops the bomb.


Panditji : madhumatiji  as u had asked I have found a groom for khushi ,

he is from a good house, earns well, here is his photo see and tell how is it?

(panditji asks raising his eyebrows)

(the photo is of shyam in case it does not appear)

Realization dawns on khushi that her buaji was not joking but it is actually happening,

.e. her marriage to some UNKNOWN GUY.

KHUSHI  is near to tears and runs into her room, and other think that she is shying away,

except payal.

Payal(thinking) : how con buaji do this to khushi when she knows all her dreams,

does she not care, I will not let this marriage happen if khushi is a least bit uncomfortable ,

 but from what I see she is very disturbed, I must go and check.


Payal quietly enter the room and sees khushi sitting on the beg crying her eyes out.

Payal quickly runs to her…….


Payal : shh….shh….khushi calm down why are u crying now only panditji has come,

nothing has started u go now and tell everyone the truth


Khushi : no jiji it will not help, today morning only buaji raised this topic and

I refused then also she called panditji, what will happen now??????????

A determined payal then grabs khushi’s hand and takes her outside where all

are smiling and discussing….


Payal : buaji this marriage can not happen, khushi is not ready for such a marriage

 so we should not force her.


Buaji(sternly) : payaliya  you don’t fall into all this , all this is decided by elders,

you just make khushi understand that this marriage WILL happen and she should change her ideas


Babuji : enough jiji if she does not want to marry then there is no compulsion

and now only payal has gotten married  and give some time to khushi she will find

a very good groom for her herself. (said shahi who had just entered the house after

 his afternoon trip to their sweet shop, yes I forgot to tell they have a smoothly running

sweet shop in delhi as well with a fit and fine babuji running it.  So on seeing the commotion

 he decided to intervene.)  AND Garima nodded weakly from behind.


But an adamant buaji :  no sashi, children of today’s generation can not be given such a heavy

responsibility, that’s it there will be no more discussion, panditji you fix an earliest

meeting with the groom’s side.

Panditji : ok(and leaves)


Babuji : jiji what are you doing ? (in total disbelief and disagreement)

buaji : shashi I said no more discussion and now I am going to rest ( and walks away)

 hope you enjoyed it . don't forget to press the thankyou  button.

Jul 8, 2013

bye !!bye !! (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 54 times)

hi everyone, thankyou sooo much for your thankyousssssss, i am overwhelmed,

 never expected such a response for my maiden performance,

but a sincere heart felt thankyou...

special thanks to all those who commented and thanks to all those who read it and liked it.

 i will always try my best to make each part interesting. 

here's for today....................

Babuji : jiji what are you doing ? (in total disbelief and disagreement)

buaji : shashi I said no more discussion and now I am going to rest ( and walks away)


khushi rushes to her room with tears all washed away and running her sankadevi 

brain to tackle the situation.


babuji : payalia come to the room. I have discuss something important then aakash 

wii be coming to pick u up.

Payal : yes, I am coming.


And there in the hall stood the gullible soul of Garima with not knowing whom to support.

 Then she dragged herself to the kitchen to prepare for aakash’s welcome.






Lavanya : I think this will do, and moreover why will ASR question me ,

after all I will be the one sadly affected. Said lavanya looking at a photo and wiping her fake tears

 and then giving a small laugh before moving towards ASR’s cabin.




ASR was deep in thought when lavanya entered with a so-called crying face, 

and then anger took over her and her threshed the photo on ASR’s table and started her act.






If it would have been any regular day by now the whole office would have been burned and reduced 

to ashes, as lavanya was expecting, i.e. 

ASR would be like .............WHAT THE HELL LAVANYA, HAVE YOU LOST IT , 





BUT all her dreams drowned in the ocean when she saw ASR look at the photo and then at her

 with a confused expression and all he gave was a eehh!!!!!!!!!!


Lavanya trying to build up : what is this eehh ASR are u cheating behind my back??????????

The using her brahmastra which she saves for the last but never mind as it is her plan was failing….

Lavanya : and moreover I am noticing that now-a-days u are looking a lot at KHUSHI……….         Waiting for his response with a mischievous smile and as expected

 Arnav’s head raises with a WHAT THE……..

Lavanya : don’t what the me, is something going, is that chit of a trying to lay her hands on 

my ASR (then purposely speaking loudly ), STUPID MIDDLECLASS GOLD DIGGER HAS BEEN AFTER




 HER GET THAT IN THIS TINY BRAIN OF YOURS. And for this photo if you say u love me then 

you should have faith in me and not go around believing all the titter-tatter that you see and hear.


Lavanya (on her last leg of the plan , smiling brightly inside as if won a jackpot continues) : ASR

 if u can shout at me for an EMPLOYEE of shantivan then I think there is no position for me in 

your life , so it is better if I END THIS.


ASR : SHE IS NOT JUST AN EMPLOYEE , and for your position in my life u already know 

where you stand, so I think it is prudent if you forget everything that happened and move 

on in life.


Lavanya : I wish the same to u too ASR. (thinking that everything is lost why not give 

him a taste of his own medicine **smirk**) I hope that u limit this ego of your and look at 

the reality may be you will get to know what a CREEPNIG ARROGANT ASR u are. And no need 

to fire and what the me cause I am leaving. Have a good life ASR. (then thinking of khushi ) and

 learn to lose sometimes may be u will loose to u love, BYE.


ASR was all angry and ready to burst out on this useless girl but on hearing her last words he 

got lost in old memories


On how he deliberately lost to khushi in payash sangeet……


On how he lost the challenge where he had asked khushi to kiss him, which he now fells how

 eagerly he was waiting to loose…..


And then lost himself in the recent memories of their almost kiss and did not even notice when 

Lavanya left………………


Lavanya , there doing her celebration dance. Though her dream of dumping ASR 

was down the drain she had managed to entangle him in a large number of problems…………

  1. most important KHUSHI
  2. reasoning to the Raizada clan on her sudden departure
  3. explanation to the media on how his to be fiancée left him on the next day of him 
  4.  announcing his engagement.
  5. Di’s uncontrollable emotional blackmail to bring lavanya back. (these are in my preference order not lavanya’s)
Though Lavanya gave importance to the middle two points little did she know that ASR

 gave a damn abouT them and his full mind was occupied by khushi. With these thought she

headed to the Airport with her luggage which she had sneaked out of Shantivan in the morning

itself ………….

 Toooooo sure of her plan you see but in the end all’s well that end well right thought Lavanya

as she headed of to paris for a much deserver vacation so to say and find a new man for herself………  

hope you enjoyed it , i could no longer waste my time thinking about lavanya so i chucked her out

 as my story center's around arnav , khushi and jealousy. in precap i can say that there

will be a dhamakedar new entry with a little bit of past being revealed. 

if you liked it then don't forget to press the thankyou button and if you enjoyed it then

do comment.

Jul 9, 2013

burst out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 50 times)

thank you sooooooo much for your thankyous and comments , it just swells my heart to receive so much  love here. a special thanks to ranis, sophiaarshi, and arshi_fan12. thank you to all my silent readers who thankyou-ed me. i will try to always entertain you .

arshi_fan 12 : dear, i can not promise that there will be no misunderstandings anymore because my story's main element is jealousy, so it is bound to make an effect, but yeah it will be minimum, as i can manage. but yes Arnav was always Khushi's and that fact can not be changed.....

for me buaji is not that evil( but evil yes ) but more like............ uummmmmm....... orthodox u may say, but its really hard to differentiate with how her character is unfolding because she allowed payal for a love marriage????????????????????

hope you will enjoy today as well,  here goes the story.................

Here ASR sat in his car taking an early break and went for a ride in his SUV with the thought on how messed up his life has become after the strike of the meteor named khushi but then he could not deny the fact that everything inside him was on fire, his emotions , his heart was on fire ,there was brilliance and everything looked and felt new………………





Unknown man : where are u?  the matters are getting out of hand.

Man :just and the way, I have landed in Delhi, may take 10-15 min not more.

Unknown man : ok, I will bring her to the café then u take her from there.

Man : NO!!!! I said there is someone who needs to be taught a lesson, I am coming ,just pack her bags.

Unknown man : fine, come soon, take care.



Payal enters after leaving babuji’s room.


Payal : are, what are u doing,  seeing all the clothes scattered on the bed and khushi removing a suitcase from the top of the shelf.

Khushi : oh ho jiji, (then coming down ) I am running away , I can no longer tolerate buaji’s tantrums, eventhough I love her I will not sacrifice my life for her. (then winking) as it is this is not the first time I am leaving ,hai na jiji *raising her eyebrows*


Payal : stop it khushi ,don’t do this, we will find a way, *then backplaying in a sad tone* and even if you have to marry then also it is not so difficult, you will start loving him oneday.

Hearing this Khushi starts packing with a greater speed and enthusiasm. And payal looks on at her feeling satisfied and praying to god “just keep her safe and fulfill all her wishes”

15 min later , khushi has completed packing and is giving jiji her final goodbye when there is a knock at the main door.


Khushi : who could be now, may be jijaji, but this early?

Payal : it is not aakash

Khushi(confused) : then who

Payal (smiling ear to ear ) : surprise. Come lets check. And drags khushi out of the room.




ASR enter and all are shocked to see him home so early. Coming to the hall he is stopped by Anjali.

Anjali : chote, u here, are u alright, where are aakash and lavanya.

Arnav : ves di I am totally fine, and aakash is in a meeting which will end in an hour then he will pick payal and come home. And about lavanya…………….. WE BROKE UP AND SHE LEFT THE COUNTRY MAYBE………………….

 Anjali : U BROKE UP……………… LEFT THE COUNTRY…………………… MAYBE……….. SERIOUSLY CHOTE, MAYBE……… and sat with a thud on the sofa, totally shocked. No one else was in a better state either……..


Arnav : di she was doubting me of cheating by seeing a photo of me hugging some random girl. The thing had no head and tail and she was blowing it out of proportion

 And then she targeted k…..(and he stopped in between) eh ya and then she started talking nonsense and I chucked her out. (Arnav dare not admit to himself and to others that the actual reason was Lavanya’s targeted insults directly at khushi. He being in a confused state did not hear the next question that was hurled at him by his di…….)



Thinking about Lavanya all he could recall was, CREEPING ARROGANT ASR…………. And yes the ASR was back….


Arnav : di, stop it , Lavanya’s chapter is over, forget it.


Mami : are you surewa Arnav bitwa that miss India is not coming to this housewa anymore???????? ( smiling in glee and then thinking “this means I am still the most beautifoool here “ )

Arnav : yes mami

Nani : ok, bye the way it is good na, anyways I did not like miss. Kashyap from the start, good that realization dawned on you, before anything went wrong.


A sad and worried Anjali said “ Chote do u have any further plans of marriage, any new girl in your life????????????” asked an expectant Anjali.

Arnav ( immediately thinking of khushi but then controlling his emotions) : DI!!!!!!!!!!

Anjali : no I was just thinking if I will ever be able to see you get married?????????

Nani : I feel bad for Khushi bitiya, she worked sooo hard on miss. Kashyap. When she will get to know that the marriage is called off she will feel sooo sad………….

Arnav thinking : will she really feel sad ? will she feel pity for Lavanya that I left her? Will she be angry with me ? will she doubt me toooo? does yesterday night have any significance for her? Will she be able to take me in despite knowing my relationship with Lavanya???............WHAT THE……… TAKE ME IN ……. What the hell does that mean? ASR does not care about it, she can do whatever she feels like, ASR does not care then loudly…. I DO NOT CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arnav : di this topic ends here, I am going to my room, pls tell hp to send a black coffee and pls don’t let anyone disturb me ,an important deal is coming up, I have to work on that…….. and proceeds towards the stairs but then remembers……. Ha di, if Aakash come tell him to met me ASAP. And walks to his room.

Anjali : ok, chote……….

All the RMians are happy that Lavanya left though they may be having their own reasons (even me ehh!!!) 





hope u liked it, the precap is much the same, sorry could not bring it today, but yes he has arrived and lets see what new dhamaka is going to unfold................. SO GUYS WHO IS THE NEW GUY?

if you liked it pleaseeeee press the thankyou button and do comment, suggestions are always welcome.


Jul 9, 2013

COME ON LETS VOTE........................... (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 11 times)

guys this is a vote on who the new guy is, lets see how many of you con get it right???????????

Voting: (Total Votes: 89)

Jul 9, 2013

NEW ENTRY DHAMAKA!!!!!!!!!!! (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 54 times)

HI EVERYONE,....... 

i am sooo overwhelmed by the response, i had tears of joy in my eyes when i read arshi_fan12 and Sophiaarshi's comments, it touched my heart to see friend take soo much interest in my story..

thank you to everyone who thankyou-ed me and voted for the character. i can see that most of u feel that he is khushi's friend but today the mystry will unfold, for all my lovely readers this is a special long update as we have special mahaepisodes on entry of new characters, mine is the some..............SO ENJOY, I AM A LITTLE EARLY TODAY AS I HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE AFTER THIS BUT SURELY WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR THANKYOUS AND COMMENTS THAT U MAY LEAVE AND READ UR STORIES. SILENT READERS PLS DO PUT A THANKYOU IF U LIKED THE UPDATE.........

arshi_fan 12 the new character is indeed imraan abbass, as he is SOOOO HOT, my perfect fit (but not more than our Sobti ofcourse), thank you for the suggestion...... :)

hope u like the new character and pls can anyone tell me how do we change the page..........





Man : yes me, were u expecting someone else, Madhumati Malik, or should is say STEP-MOTHER……..

Buaji : get lost, ther is no place for u in this house…

Man : I know. There was no place for me in this house 18 yrs ago but then also I stayed for someone and now u have crossed your limits stepmother so here I am as always to beat the hell out of u but then baby wouldn’t like it ,would she? And……..


Then Khushi and payal come out of their room and the sight in front of them shocked them to the core, and then what was needed, Khushi runs and jumps straight into the mans waiting arms who stopped talking the minute he saw her….


Khushi : Saaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Man : baby, how are u darling?? I know this stupid stepmother of mine is making your life hell, but not to worry now your sammy is here……


Khushi : ofcourse sammy, seeing your face is like the stars have again started shining in my life, what is there to worry now, hai na?


Khushi always used to call him his moon, as it brightens the night, but from the time someone else claimed her nights and days, her sleeps and stays, poor sammy was reduced to stars and our ASR had now become her moon, what do, though she may not be thinking about her feeling for Arnav ( so to say I may not be writing,lol ), it does not mean she is immune the difference is that she is not that confused but knows that her evey decision is incomplete without her Sammy’s approval, and moreover how can She trust her laad governer when all he has been doing is loving then hurting, insulting, making her cry, so for now she is concentrating on her Sammy whom she is meeting after two years.

She knows laad governer will come over on his own, just needs time u see……….


It did not escape Sammy’s aka Sameer Malik’s(28) notice that now he was the star. He had to dig about the moon soon enough…………..

Sammy : ofcourse baby……………… won’t u invite me inside…….


Khushi (thinking) : thank you devi maiyya, only u can do this, when I was about to run to my savior u send the savior to me to take me out of my problems………. The saying : oh ho sammy do u need an invitation, came on in………


Buaji : u are not entering this house, that’s it.


Sammy : oh ho stepmother, I think I have to remind your tiny brain once again THIS IS KHUSHI’S HOUSE TOOO AND I AM HER GUEST NOT YOURS, GOT IT……


Khushi : sammy u are never my guest but family, now come meet jiji, u already know her but u see now she is married, come, come


During childhood, payal and sameer were not the best of friends but were cordial with eachother. Payal was the perfect daughter and was in the good books of buaji and naturally to was impossible to be in the good books of both buaji and sameer at the same time. Now now as sameer neared her her moved to him and shockingly hugged him


Payal : while hugging , I know u can take the best care of khushi, thank you so much for being in our lives, take khushi with u away for all the drama then only there will be peace. It was only audible to sameer and no one else.


Sameer : (in shock but then understanding) : don’t worry, after all I am sameer malik, khushi’s bodyguard………( now he knew that the situation was actually grave here, his stupid arrogant stepmother was not concerned about khushi’s khushi and was hell bent on bashing her life, so payal had to intervene, else this chit of a girl had no courage to stand against the bulldozer( buaji) in full form and hug me in front of her blasting her to flames. Tut tut tut ……………… stepmother………


Then coming out of the hug he moves to babuji to see him standing in the corner with tears of joy in his eyes. Moving ahead, he comes to him and hugs him fiercely.


Sameer : thankyou babuji for calling me else I would have been unaware of my baby’s problems.


Babuji : no need to thanks beta, u are the one who is truly khushi’s own, just take care of her..


Sameer : baby pack your bags, we are leaving for Mumbai right now, and when I mean pack ur bag I mean take all your stuff.


Buaji : HRNK,  stop it this is not happening…….

Sameer : chill stepmother, last time also I took her from under ur nose and u were not able to do anything, then why even try , do u like being insulted all the time.


Meanwhile khushi ran to him gave him a tight hug and zoomed to her room to finish her packing.


Sameer to Garima : aunty can I have a glass of water, by talking soo much my throat has dried up….


Garima : y…….y….yaaaaa.    and leaves theroom


Buaji : she is not going anywhere, she is the daughter of this house, if she runs away what will the people say, moreover payal iwas married yesterday, and her in-laws if they come to know then…


Sameer : stepmother u talk A LOT  and by that I mean A LOT , then a bit loudly  AUNTY GET 2 GLASSES OF WATER FOR STEPMOTHER ALSO……..

And then angrily, She is not the daughter of this house, she is mine, U TO EVEN REFUSED TO TAKE HER IN 18 YEARS AGO, it was me who pleaded to let her in, then babuji’s support helped me ,if it was in your hands then I don’t know what would have happened to my baby. You did not care for me then also, even when DAD had recently expired, and u do not care for me now,, U DID NOT CARE FOR KHUSHI THEN THEN WHY THIS ACT AS IF U CARE FOR HER NOW……

And for what people will say, a don’t give a damn stepmother, I seriously don’t….

And yes the last topic that u raised, as for payal, MY HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU DEAR, BUT IF PAYAL HERSELF IS SUPPORTING KHUSHI THEN U DON’T NEED TO SPEAK ON HER BEHAF , AND FRO THE LOOK OF HER FACE it seems that she is very happy there so there should be no concern whatsoever. Got it stepmother.


Buaji stood there tongue tied thinking of what to say next, how to counteract him when suddenly babuji spoke : jiji, he is right, khushi is his daughter more than our and he has every right to make decisions for her life be it her studies or her marriage, u never gave her the love she deserved then how can u thing u have the right same as sameer .



During the whole time Sameer had stayed strong but on hearing babuji’s words he teared up, indeed khushi was his child, from eleviating her from her sadness when she entered his life, to growing her, teaching her till class12 sacrificing himself( though he did good tooo) , to wiping her tears , taking her to the park , putting her to bed and the bedtimestory, everything was done by him and never did he feel it a burden, she was his so it was his right to choose the best man for her………..and then he spoke


Sameer : stepmother end it na, you have lost the case, now go and do preparations for ur son-in-law, as I know payal was married yesterday so her husband might be coming to take her na……..


With this a huffed and puffed buaji left the room and then khushi  entered to see only sameer , payal and babuji in the room..


Khushi to babuji : babuji u are happy na, I am going with sammy but when u want to meet me just call, I will come running back in your arms and gives him a hug.


Babuji caressing her hair: I know bitiya, go and enjay ur life with ur sammy.


Then turning to payal she gave her a tight hug and a thank you and left with her sammy to Mumbai to return to where she thought she truly belonged……..


Half an hour later aakash come, till then it was decided by all (mostly buaji ) to tell everyone that khushi had gone out of station to a friend’s place the look for a job and others had agreed with no other choice remaining, so when aakash came there was a short conversation, no enquiry about khushi as he was busy oogling at payal and then a quick return to shantivan.



ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 11, 2013

TO A NEW PLACE....... (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 53 times)


sorry could not update yesterday, kinda tied up but anyways today i am up and ready to shoot, look like many did not like the previous update as the number of thankyous were less but neverthless, your suggestions are always welcome and i will always continue for those who liked it.

a big thankyou to all those who thankyou-ed me and thanks to sophiaarshi, ranis, happiness_arshi, and Arshi_fan12 for commenting. your thankyous and comments keep me motivated.

not taking much time, here's todays update.........




Payal and Aakash arrive and Aakash goes to arnav’s room for some work that Arnav had called him for……………

Aakash : bhai, u called.

Arnav : yeah aakash come on in , I just wanted u to give me the file of the new Mumbai branch that we are opening and the details about the contracter for  the project. I was thinking that since u are newly married u and stay here with payal and handle the delhi branch whereas I will go to Mumbai as there is a lot of work there and will require day and night input, after the initial startup within 3-4 months I will came back and u take it over , meanwhile u can go for your honeymoon also…………..

Aakash : thanks bhai, I wanted to say this to u but……….. anyways thanks I will get the SK constructions file to u . we have to finalise the contract by the end of the weak so I was thinking of going tomorrow but now…….. I think u should leave tomorrow.


Arnav : yeah, I have called Aman for the ticket and am leaving tomorrow afternoon, just don’t tell di now for how long I am going ,I  will talk to her later.

Aakash : right bhai. Good night.

Arnav : night aakash.


Arnav starts packing his belongings for the trip not knowing that this trip will be like a hurricane to shake him off his wits…………..




Khushi was sitting in the plane thinking how her life turned 180 degrees in a span of few hours. Not that she was not planning to run but then running away to sammy and sammy coming to take her are two different things right……

Ofcourse sammy loved her, it was written on each cell of her body as he practically raised her then why the excitement to that top noch level not there which she always felt when she met him? Why was there sadness in her heart at the thought of leaving Delhi and going to Mumbai.


Though her family lived here but Mumbai was her home where people who genuinely loved her lived but then………….


Khushi : is it because of that Laad Governer, always dominating me and my thought or is it some other kind of disease, hey DM what is it?????????????


Then as if Devi Miayya was answering her question, Arnav face flashed before her eyes followed by their poolside moments.

Khushi being a strong girl that she was did not shy away from her feelings, she knew something was there, but was is only from her side or was it mutual she did not know……..

Nor was she intending to find out becoz she could not spoil Lavanyaji’s life that way colud she?????????

So suppressing her feeling she looked at sammy who sat beside her with his eyes closed. She knew he was not sleeping but not wanting to disturb him she sat quietly and thought…………….. sammy had always lived his life for her, always fulfilled her demand first how ever erratic they may be, and yes they were quite erratic (smiled khushi)

So,, as babuji had said which she had also heard, it was his right to choose a guy for her.she may not marry him immediately but atleast give him a chance for sammy’s sake for sammy would never harm her and what he would choose for her would be far better than what she could choose for herself. So, after an emotionally tiring day she drifted to sleep with these thoughts thinking about her Laad Governer.

Sammy did not want to weaken emotionally so instead of thinking of 5heir past, their struggle, he started planning for the next day. He had an important project lined up and he knew with khushi in town the workers were bound to strike wanting to spend some time with their BIBIJI as khushi was called, listening to her talks, her encouraging words so this was bound to make things tough but nevertheless he would not stop them because after khushi and babuji they were his family, been with him through thick and thin.

Indeed SK Industries was a big family as it was a big industry like AR Designs and they were growing so this deal was important.

After seeing that khushi had slept, he opened his laptop to work on the details of the project as this would take them to the international level after claiming the title of the best in the country.



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Jul 14, 2013

almost face to face.......... (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 54 times)


hi everyone, the previous response overwhelmed me and i am happy to see the response, once again a heartfelt thank you to all those who Thankyou-ed me. special thanks to Arshi_fan12, sophiaarshi and Aadhya for commenting, love you guys.

Arshi_fan12 : dear, Sameer is sammy only, its just that khushi likes calling him by that name.  hope is clear.

i would always love to clear your doubts and answer your queries. your ideas are always welcome.

here goes the story...................




Arnav was got ready for office and was coming down. He was supposed to go to Mumbai directly from office so a risky task lay ahead of him i.e. to convince di. Suddenly  on the stairs he saw payal talking in a hushed tone to someone, and thought to listen….

 Payal : did u reach safety? are u in the car or at home? is he with u ? is he taking care of u, are u fine? why didn’t u call????????

On the other side  khushi : jiji relax I am fine, no need to stress. Yes I have reached home and have unpacked, by the way we reached late last night so I did not call u, yes he is with me, we are going to office now, I am so excited. And yes he is taking care of me better than anyone, and u know that jiji, so just relax.

Payal : yeah! Yeah! I know. Just take care. B…..

Khushi interrupted : jiji don’t tell anyone I am with sammy, u know buaji how she gets, then they will ask questions about sammy which u will not be able to answer, so just tell them that I have gone out of station in search of a job, or a friends wedding ,etc. okay . bye jiji.

Payal : bye, just aaa………mm….. khushi take care of him also he has been without u for sooo long na, enjoy, bye

Khushi : I will jiji. Bye.

Both hung up. Payal goes to kitchen with a relieved expression.

There Arnav is damn confused. Was payal talking to khushi ? has she gone somewhere? Who is this he? DID SHE LEAVE ME????????? THEN consoling himself, arnav there is nothing like that, how can she go? But then who is that bloody him? As far as I know khushi and payal do not have a brother. A frustrated arnav descended the stairs and took a seat for breakfast where everyone was already present.

Anjali : payal how was your trip and how are family members?

Payal : everyone is fine di.

Anjali : has khushi gone somewhere? She did not come to mandir today, usually she never missed it at any cost?????????

Payal : aammmmmm………di actually, khushi has gone out station for search of a job.

Anjali : job?????????

Payal : ya uuummmmmmmm she wanted to go with her friends for looking for a job.

Nani : par bitiya she can work in chote’s company, yes na chote??????

Arnav : ofcourse nani, why not.

Payal : no naniji, uuuummmmmmm  buaji does not want her to work in Arnavji’s company after my marriage, uumm……… yes, that is it.

Anjali : but payal we don’t mind. But anyways who can convince buaji, so where has she gone.

Payal : Mum…. Actually I don’t know. (thinking of the conversation with khushi……..

Khushi : jiji u are not going to tell anyone even amma and buaji where I have gone, babuji knows and he is fine with it , so please…….)

Arnav was now 110% sure that something was fishy, payal talking to khushi about some guy, then payal lying about khushi’s job, there was no scarcity of jobs in delhi, payal asking khushi to take care of the man, payal fumbling, payal not knowing where khushi has gone, nothing seemed to set the image of payal as the protective sister she was but everything matched khushi pagalpan ( madness) of hiding things. He had to find out but right now there was a big task in hand………

Arnav : uumm………. Di  I am going to Mumbai for a couple of days, the new office has to be setup in Mumbai so I am leaving after lunch.

Anjali : AFTER LUNCH !!!!!!!!!! and u are telling me now chote???

Arnav : di pls don’t overreact the plan was sudden and did not get a chance to inform you. I will be back soon, take care di. Bye.

And Arnav ran to protect himself from further interrogations. After a trip to office he went to the airport and boarded the flight for Mumbai. But he felt strange, he did not feel as if he was going away from khushi bet felt like he was going closer to her….



After a quick refresh sameer and khushi went to the office. Khushi had become a bundle of nerves by the time she reached there as she was going to meet all of them after 2 years.

When khushi entered the office the guards looked shocked as if they had seen a ghost but then on coming to senses they shouted on top of their voice…….BIBIJI……….

Sameer : and here we go again………..he sighed.

Opne of the guards came forward and shook hands with her while the other one ran through the office to inform everyone that there bibiji was back, and then as if some movie star had arrived all rushed to the entrance to see khushi looking exactly the same with the same huge smile she always had. All the female employees hugged her, the male enployees shook hands with her and the elderly dept. heads hugged her in a fatherly manner but there was one of them who came to her and said : madamji, welcome our heart have warmed to see you here.

Khushi looked behind as if some one had joined them just now and said : Mehtaji who came I did not see, were u talking to someone on the phone.

Confused Mehta said : I was talking to u madamji.

Khushi : who u ? mehtaji I am khushi, u can either call me bibiji as everybody does or just call me khushi but I would prefer khushi. Then turning to sameer : sammy did u not tell them the rules and regulations of the office before?

Sameer : yeah right (he rolled his eves ) mehtaji there is a cluse put by khushi in the contract that everyone will call them by her and me both by our name and no madam, got it ?

Mehtaji : yes sir ( then getting a glare from khushi ) I mean yes sameer.

Khushi : good, now that the introductions are over lets all go to the canteen and eat, I am very hungry, COME ON GUYS IT’S A BREAK………

Sameer : shut up khushi, we have a very important meeting in 4 hours and u will turn the office into a madhouse so no party now, we can have it in the evening na………

Khushi was a sad face : but sammy, please…………..she pleaded desperately..

Sameer in a athorotative voice though he knew what would follow next : NO!!!!!!

Khushi the stomping her foot : FINE!  U have given me no choice, I therefore as the owner of company over rule the MD’s order and we are going for a party. That is it. I use my veto power. With this khushi smirked at sameer.

Sameer ( trying to control his smile) : sure, what can I say then, if u cheat………..

And the hall erupted with cheer for khushi as they knew that however shrewd Sameer may be in business but when it comes to khushi his brain flows in the drain and he behaves like a zombie……….

All moved to the canteen and Sameer moved to his cabin and completed the remaining work, thank goodness he completed the rest in the plane other wise the contract would also have flows down the drain with his brain…….

In the canteen, khushi sat on the counter and chatted with everyone merrily, pulling someone’s leg, then someone pulling her’s in return, some complaining about Sameer which she listened to very keenly, some just admiring her skill to get everyone under one roof and behave as a family eventhough they were ready to pull eachother’s hairs off in her absence. The reason was that everyone loved khushi from the heart and respected her.

After the complaints was the time for gossip, everyone openly admitting ther crushes and their development I their relationships, some girls blushing at one end and some boys smirking at the other, khushi giving suggestions to both boys and girls on how to woo there partners. Last time when she came here she had become the reason of two marriages in the employee body. She just loved making pairs.

3 hours passed in a blur and it was the time for the clients to arrive but the party was no where near its end. Sameer was chewing his nail in worry as he was alone standing on the entrance to welcome the clients, the whole office was empty except the canteen part which was a little too overcrowded and even the guards were not there on the gates.

Sameer just stood there thinking of excuses to make when the client entered the gates and stopped on the entrance and looked around………………

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Jul 15, 2013

meeting!!!!!!!!! (By Starshinelight) (Thanked: 60 times)

hi guys, 

today's update is an important one as it lets u into their heart. hope u enjoy it.

thank you th all who thankyou-ed me, love you. special thank you to Arshi_fan12, satyavegi, happiness_arshi, Arshi000, ranis for your valuable comments, they are always appreciated.

here goes today's update.....

Arnav after landing took the car for the SK industries office and reached there, on entering he saw the whole office was empty and there was a man standing on the door looking nervous.

Arnav : am I at a wrong place?  

  Then asking the man at the door   : is this the head office of SK industries????

Sameer : yes it is and you???????  Then in realization : Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?????

ASR : yes, that me, anndddddd…..

Sameer : hi, I am Sameer Mallik, MD of SK industries..

ASR :   oohhh………hello……..

Then a wind blew( as in the serial) and arnav felt khushi’s prescence as if she was there.

Is she here? Is it possible????? Then sidelining the thoughts…..

ASR : it is soo empty, is it usually like this??

Sameer in defense : no no no no   , its just that today baby…. I mean the company’s owner is back after 2 years so a session is going on in the canteen……then in a low voice or should I say more of a tamasha, uuffffff……….

ASR : oh, so the presentation?

Sameer : not to worry, I am there na, anyways the work is already done, come lets move to the conference hall.


As they were moving towards the conference hall, they crossed the gate to the canteen area, and immediately a wind blew….raabbbaa veeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………….and both stopped in their tracks, Arnav stopped walking and Khushi stopped talking……..



Is is is ………..Arnavji here? But why do I feel it like that?? Kushi wats happening, have u lost it. Come on why would he be here, and u know he hates u then why do u keep giving fire to your feelings when you know that this fire will burn u one day. ASR cannot love and that too some one like u. why do u keep dreaming in broad daylight????????

Stop it , stop it ,STOP IT!!!!! SHE SAID LOUDLY and mehtaji who was speaking about how to impress his wife stopped midtrack……..

Mehtaji : ji bibiji, what happened?

Khushi : hhhh…..uuuu……mmm nothing mehtaji please continue. Then not to spoil others day she buried her feeling and again started in ful flow, what she did not know was, may be ASR could not love, But ARNAV had the capacity to love , all he wanted was someone to love him back with the same intensity……………



As I was walking I could not grasp the fact that the owner’s arrival could have such an impact on the employees that they stop working, usually the arrival of the owner motivates them to work hard, pass a good impression, get a promotion and achieve recognition among the other but this office was upside down , but never  the less he was bothered about his own deal as the company had fulfilled the previous contracts quite responsibly so…….

ASR : don’t mind me asking but is it good that the owner brushes work off like this?

Sameer : oh no no no, u see ASR baby has come back today and is having a relaxing session, because I usually keep them tight u see, but when u come back tomorrow then u see the energy in this office. The work of a month will be completed in 2 weaks.


Then the heard a loud STOP IT……..

Sameer: looks like beautiful is having one of her episodes, never mind, come.


And ARNAV felt the wind blowing and felt her presence. HER? BUT HOW CAN SHE BE HERE?  What the hell is this?  I have to find out soon where this girl has run away, she needs a piece of my mind , how can she bloody leave like that, I will find out soon enough…………….


Then both move to the conference hall, and the meeting starts.

After the meeting both ASR and Sameer come down and by the time the crowd has dispersed as the office time is over and looks like Khushi has also gone back home.


Sameer : I think baby has gone back home, nice meeting u ASR we will start the project tomorrow. Meet u at 9, now it’s time for my date *winking*

ASR : sure see u tomorrow.


Both shake hand and leave for the day, and ASR goes to the hotel and Sameer to his home.

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