Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein Rehte Ho ... Rehte Ho ...

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Jul 3, 2013

Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein Rehte Ho ... Rehte Ho ... (By Sarunffan) (Thanked: 14 times)

Hii guys this is me again Sarunffann ...a Now i have my holidays ..summer holidays ..So i thought im now free no study ..This story will be about Qubool and Is pyar ko kya naam doon ...I love both serials ..And Arshi and Asya ....Here it starts


Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein Rehte Ho ..Rehte Ho..


Arnav Singh Raizada:A25Years Old , angry young Man ..Loves his family ..Only ... And his siblings,Bussinessman,


Asad Singh Raizada:23Yearsl old ,loves his older siblings , funny ,Handsome young man ,

Anjali Jha:27Years old ,Pregnant 3 months ,Loves her siblings,very sweet and kind (Husband Shyam Manohar Jha:Loves his family ,good person)

Humaira  Raizada:21years old,sweet bubbly ,cute loves her brothers and sister ..

Dilshaad Raizada:Mother of children ,loves her family ,husband has died in a car  accident many years before when children were little ,

Very sweet person

Nani;Nani of everyone in Raizada Mansion ,lovely sweet person

Faroqui Family

Khushi Faroqui:23years old ,Sweet lovely ,kind heart ,

Zoya Faroqui:23years old ,bubbly ,sweet ,loves everyone

Ayaan Faroqui:22years old ,Handsome ,funny ,young man 

Buaji:Funny ,loves her family

Storyline:Both familes are rich ,And live in mumbai ,Khushi and Zoya are Humaira's friends and today is Humaira's birthday party and faroqui family are going for party .

Faroqui House

Khushi:Zoyaaa ... !!!

Zoya: Im here Khushii ..

Khushi:Zoya we are getting late ..lets go na ..Humaira will be upset if we reach late ..To her bday party

Zoya:Yes khushi i know ..but yeh ayaan ...He is too much ..He hasnt even ever see humaira and now He is getting ready like he is going to meet his girlfriend ..lol

Khushi:Haha zoya ..You know na ..Its Ayaaan .. WHen its about girls ..Then Ayaan is hero ..


Ayaan came

Ayaan:Hey didi and didu ...are you two laughing at me ...

Zoya:are no no .. Why we laugh at you ...we are laughing at one boy ..who does take so much time to get ready ..and that too for going to a girl bday party  whom he even doesnt know ..

Ayaan:Really funny  ..

Zoya:Hain na ...

Khushi:Ayaan ...Are you ready ... Lets go

Ayaan:Ya di ... Lets go ...

Zoya:wait ..wait...

Khushi:now what happened ..

Zoya:Buajii ..

Ayan:Buaji ...Is she also going with us ..

Khushi,:yes of course ..why not ..

Ayaan:But di buaji doesnt know that girl na ..and the family ..she will get bored ..

Zoya and Khushi looked at each other and lau


Zoya:Ya ..ya...Ayaan You know na the girl right ... Its enough for buaji..

Ayan:Di .. Say na something to Zo di

Khushi:Zoya ..Ab bas bhi karo ..Buajii come fast ..

They waited some mins

Zoya and Ayaan were talking with each oth


Khushi:Hey I saw everywherr buaji is not at home ..


t ..

Ayaan:Wait ill call

Buaji answered

Ayaan:Buaji where you a

re ..

Buaji:i am in tahttp://myeduniya.com/Review/Add/?SCID=609xi going to that girl bday .Im on way

Ayaan:what ...Godd ..ok you go wie wil com



Khushi:what did buaji say ..

Ayaan:She is on way going to that party

khushi:god buaji bhi na..lets go ...


Humaira was with nani and dilshaan ..both hugged humaita and wished her

Humairs;Thank you so much nani and mamma ..where is arnav bhaii and asad bhaii

Dishaad:Asad is getting ready and arnav ..you know na he doesnt usually come to parties so ..

Humaira;No ..i want arnav bhaii to come ..wait I'll go and call him ....

Humaira went to arnav's room

Humaira:Arnav bhaii ...

Arnav came and hugged humaira

Arnav:Happy birthday my jaan .. Here your gift

Humaira opened it :

 Humaira:Braclet ..this is so beautifull ..Thank you soo much bhaii ..

Arnav smiled to her

Humaira;Bhai come na ..lets to party ..

Arnav:Humaira i have some work ..

Humaira:Bhaii come na ...its my birthday pleasee


Humaira;Plzzz for me ....

Arnav:ok ..only for you

Humaira:yayyy thank youu bhaiii . S

She hugged Arnav and then ran to Asad room

Asad's room

Humaira:Asad bhai ... Where are you ???

Suddenly Asad came from behind and scared humaira

Asad:Booh ...

Humaira scared:Bhaii you scared me ...

Asad:Haha im sorry princess ..Happy birthdayy ..

Humaira:Thank you bhaii ..

Asad:So u want gift ..Or i give it to someone else

Humaira;bhaii ...

Asad:Ok ..ok...here take your gift

Humaira opened it ;

Humaira:Aww this is soo beautifull thank youuuu bhaiii .

Asd:your welcome

Humaira:bhai come na lets go to party

Asad:ok lets go

They went

Humaira:Where is di now?

Anjali;your di is here

Humaira ran and hugged Anjali

Anjalia:Happy birthday jaan ..

Humaira:thank you so much di ..di wherw is jiju ..

Anjali:hE has some work so he will come later

Humaira;ok ..hows baby ..a

Anjali laughed:fine ... "to her baby:Look baby ... Wish yoir masi ..."

Humaira laughed:Thank you babby ...i cant wait any more ..come out soon ...

Asd:How are you di ..

Anjali:im good chotu  ..where is chote .. 

Arnav came :im here

Humaira:Thank you bhaii for coming

All smiled

Dilshad:humaira your friend have came ..lets cut the cake

Humaira:no mamma ... Friends have come ..but two my most special friend are not here yet .. whEn they come then we will cut the cake ..

Dilshaad:ok ..

At the time Buaji came

Buaji:Namaste ..is here Humaira bday party ..

Humaira:yes ...im humaira ...

Buaji:Happy birthday ..

Humaira;Thank you ... Hm you???

Buaji:im khushi and zoya's bua

Humaira;ohh ..namaste buaji ... How are you

Buaji:im good bitya ...

Humaira:buaji where is khushi and zoya ..

Buaji:they are on way

Humaira:ok ..

Buaji;look there they come





Khushi and Zoya ran

Khushi hugged humaira

Khushi:happy birthdayyy humairraaaaa ..

Humaira:thank youuu khuushi ...Where have you been ..i was waiting for you two

Zoya hugged humaira:Happy birthday ...Ok so how old are you ..haha

Humaira:better than me you know it ..

Zoya:hah ya you are right ..Ourhumaira is 22 years now ..wow ....

Khushi:now we have to find a boy for humaira ...Right auntyji (to dilshaad)

Dilshaad:haha ..How are you khushi and zoya

Zoya:we are fine thank u

Khushi:humaira this is my little brother Ayaan

Ayaan:Hi happy birthday

Humaira:Thank you ayaan ..

Ayaan smiled to her

zoya winked at khushi ..

humaira:ok come meet my brothers ..This is my Asad bhai

Asad:Hii ..

Khushi zoya and ayaan said hi

Humaira:this is my arnav bhai ..

Zoya and ayaan said hi

Khushi shocked to see arnav ..as well arnav shocked

Humaira:This is my anjali di ..

zoya:hi anjaliji  ...

Anjali:Hi ...

Khushi was damn shocked ..and was staring at arnav ..

Arnav:I have some work ..I'll come later

And he went

Humaira:but bhaii ....

Arnav was already gone

Arnav went to his room ...

He had some flashbacks

"Arnav:i love you khushi"

He was angry

Precap:In party

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Dont continue
Jul 8, 2013

tum dil ki dhadkan mein rehte ho (By Sarunffan) (Thanked: 7 times)


Aisha:thank you so much dear ..

i waited for more comments.. but seems no on really like it ... but im trying my best ...




Khushi;Humaira we are really sorry

Zoya:Ya ..im sorry

Anjali:why are you two saying sorry ..

Zoya:woh anjali we came little late to party na

Humaira:little ..yea yea little late ..

Anjali laughed

Khushi:ok humi sorry ..

Humaira:hmm....ill think about it ..

Zoya:about what ..

Humaira:that will i forgive you two ..or ..

She began to laugh

Khushi:Humi tu bhi na  ..

Dilshaad:humaira dear ..lets cut the cake

Humaira;ok mummy ... No..no..

Nani:what happened now dear ..

Humaira:i want Arnav bhai to come

Asad:Bhai wont come ..im damn sure ..

Zoya:why he wont ..arey ..its his sis birthday ..hows brother is that

Asad:you dont know him ..when bhai says something ..then he will also do that ..now bhai said he will do work ..so he will do that ..and nothing else ..

Zoya:What..strange human ..


Zoya:haha..im sorry baba..i was just kidding

Asad:humaira cut the cake jan ..bhai wont come ..right di

Anjali:yes humaira ..let him be  ..

Humaira:but di ..

Anjali:you know na ..he wont listen to us ..

Dilshaad:Arnav ..i asked him ..he said he has work ..important ..

Zoya:arey whats more important than sister .

Ayaan:So much things ..

Zoya:Ayaan ..

AyAn:haha just kidding di ..huma ...you cut the cake im hungry ..

Khushi:Ayaan ...

Humaira:excuse me ..first thing ..im not huma ..im humaira ..second i will wait till bhai comes ..

Ayaan:ok ms .humaira ..your wish

Humaira made face

Humaira:Khushi ..you go na ...call bhai ..

Khushi:what ..me ..??!!

Humaira:ya ..you know na how to always call him ..i mean you are very great at these things ..

Khushi;but ..

Humaira:plz .. Khushii .


Zoya:go na ...its her bday yaar ..

Khushi:ok ..I'll go ..

Anjali:great ..thank you khushi ..his room is upstairs first room ..there

Khushi went

Near Arnav's room

Khushi having flashbacks :

Khushi:Arnav you wont leave me na ..

Arnav:never .. You are my life ..if i leave you means i kill myself

Khushi hugged Arnav

Khushi;i love you so much ..

Arnav:i love you too ..

Khushi:but arnav when you will tell about us to your family 

Arnav:when right time comes okay ...

Flashback ends

Khushi had tears

In her mind :how can i go in ..

Khushi knocked

Arnav:come in

Khushi came in ...

Arnav saw her and got angry

Arnav:what are you doing here ..

Khushi:i ..i just came to call you ..

Arnav:go from here ..

Khushi:listen arnav ..please humaira is waiting for you ..she said she wont cut the cake till you come

Arnav:i have work

Khushi;pls ...dont spoil humaira's birthday ..because of me ..(she had tears)

Arnav:what you think i m not coming bcoz of you

Khushi:i dont think its anything else na ..its bcoz of me na..arnav look

.im sorry i didnt know you are here ..otherwise i wouldnt come here ever ..after my life is spoiled ..I ..

Arnav looked at her

"Kyun dard hai itna ..tere ishq mein..rabba ve ...rabba ve ..."

Khushi went from there

Arnav closed his eyes


Zoya saw That asad is going somewhere ..She followed

Asad:why are you following me


Asad:why you are  following me ...

zoya:look mr .

Asad:asad ,..

zoya:whatever ..mr.asad..humaira is already so sad that her brother went from party ...and now you are also going somewhere ...umaira will get again sad  ...and i dont want that ..u get it ..

Asad:i was just going to bathroom

zoya.ya but you cant.. ..what ....bathroom ...

asad:yes bathroom ...

zoya:oh ..toh go ..what are you waiting for ..(and she went)

asad:huh ..strange girl


zoya:oh god zoya ...what you just did ...


khushi came down

anjali:what he said ..


humaira got sad

anjali:humaira dear ...let him be ..you just enjoy ...

humaira:ok...where is asad bhai

asad:im her humaira ...

he came

humaira smiled

humaira was just about to cut the cake when

arnav:wai ...wont you wait for me

everyone got happy


arnav came to her:im sorry humaira

anjali:ok ok arnav ..say sorry later ..now cut the cake humaira

zoya:yes humaira come on ...happy birthday to you

everyone sang it


anjali:khushi ji its all bcoz of you ..thnk iu so much

khushi<.are no anjaliji ....

humaira:khushi is the best

ayaan:after all whos sister

khushi laughed

humaira.zoya`s sister


she hugged humaira

Arnav:khushi didnt your husband came

everyone shocked

humaira:husband ..??????

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