OS: Wrath of Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

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Jun 27, 2013

OS: Wrath of Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada (By Tainar) (Thanked: 81 times)

Khushi is in a wonderful mood, humming to the tune of her favorite song.  She leaves the kitchen to ask Arnav if he wants coffee.  Khushi enters her room and there SHE was sitting pretty as SHE pleases on her bed!  On Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada’s bed!  On the very bed that she shares with her husband. 

She stares at the object of her ire and something inside her snaps.  Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada has had enough!  She is tired of not being number one in Arnav’s life.  How dare SHE?!?  SHE is always catching her husband’s attention!  That man stealing…thing…is the bane of her existence.  SHE is ruining her marriage but Khushi decides no more!  She stealthily walks up to HER.  With a burning rage, she uses the rolling pin that she forgot to leave behind in the kitchen.

Khushi raises it high up in the air and crashes it down on her unsuspecting victim.  She smiles with satisfaction at the distinctive thud.

Khushi (raises her arms again):  That’s for always gaining my Laad Governor’s attention. 

She slams it down again and her smile grows bigger with satisfaction at the groan of HER being torn asunder.

Khushi (pushes HER to the floor):  Now how are you going to get my Arnav’s attention?  Huh? 

She kicks HER with glee several times.  After a while, Khushi puts her hands on her hips.

Khushi (smirks):  Should have tried your charm on another man, not Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada’s husband!  You can’t do anything now.

Arnav walks in to their room and stops in his track.  He looks down at his beloved and is utterly horrified at HER demolished state.

Arnav (cries):  What the…!  What did you do?!?  Why did you do it?

Khushi (glares):  What did I do?  (Voice getting louder) Why did I do it?!?  I did what any other self-respecting wife would do! All you do is think about HER!  How dare you Mr. Raizada?  I was sick and tired of you cheating on me!  So I took care of HER!

Arnav (shouts):  What the!  Cheating?  Khushi…you have seriously lost your mind!

Khushi (shouts back):  Yeah…well what was SHE doing sitting on our bed?  Obviously SHE was waiting for you.  What were you doing with HER?!?

Arnav:  Obviously I was using HER.  What the hell is your problem Khushi?  This is my house and my room!  I will do whatever I wish!

Khushi (opens her mouth wide and then closes it):  Well it’s my house and my room too!  And I can do whatever I wish as well.  (Looking at the floor)  And I did!

Arnav falls to the floor and reverently picks up the pieces of his beloved first wife. 

Khushi (taps her foot):  Your first wife is gone.  Maybe now you can pay attention to your second wife. 

Arnav (stands up and yells):  Dammit Khushi!  How could you be so bloody childish?  All of my important information was saved on the laptop and unfortunately I don’t have any back up!

Khushi (stomps her feet):  What the…!  Even after SHE is gone you still won’t stop talk about HER!  Mr. Raizada your first wife is gone…khatam…finished.  Now you have Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.  You don’t need anything else.

Arnav (sarcastic):  Wonderful.  Now you are going to claim that you can function as my laptop too.

Khushi glares at Arnav but then she gasps in outrage as she notices his Bluetooth. 

Khushi (hands on her hips):  Accha…so even in the presence of your dead first wife and second wife you are showing off your girlfriend.  Today I won’t spare HER either.

She takes a threatening step forward.  Bechara Bluetooth.  Both SHE and Arnav Singh Raizada better say a prayer.  Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is on a rampage.

Dear friends.  So this piece was inspired by my frustration with my laptop.  I was so pissed at it, I imagined throwing and breaking it. Then I remembered Khushi's jokes about Arnav and his laptop.  Aka, his first wife and voila!  Hope you all enjoy it! Please do comment and share your thoughts.  Thanks! 

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