25thJune2013: Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi

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Jun 27, 2013

25thJune2013: Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi (By Jasquerade_X) (Thanked: 9 times)

Firstly, a quick note to everyone the uploading of episodes on this website is an automatic procedure even when the videos are unaccessable the links will appear. It is beyond our control that it seems as if though Zee TV is banning nearly all of their serial's videos on the internet - it is a headache for us viewers who rely on the net to watch our favourite shows but we're helpless. Trust me, it was a pain in the neck trying to locate working videos for the episodes that I had missed!

Ayaan needs to stay firm on his decision and stick to it - he cannot possibly be on two boats and play with Humaira's heart. Unintentionally he is breaking her heart - at least this part was made clear today.

It hurts me so much to see Asad and Zoya in such a state - heart aches to see their condition and especially Asad's state who does not even believe in himself and believes that he is in the wrong when he is not, his own mother does not even like to look him in the eye anymore - only he knows what he is going through - that feeling of hatred and despise you're empowered with for yourself is one hell of a killer.

"Mujh jaisa ghatiyah kamzor insaan jo khud pe kaaboo nehi rakhsakta woh unke layak nahi hai." I disagree those who are weak are people like Tanveer and Razia whom to get what they want can stoop to the lowest levels of all levels because they know that they are not strong enough to speak for themselves.

"Zoya se? Naam liya tou kab jab naam leneka haq hi khodiya." It feels good to see Dilshaad standing up for Zoya but Zoya does not want people standing up for her, sympathising with her because it makes no difference as she just only wanted one person, Asad. Zoya may have angrily turned away from Asad but their destiny has other plans, her dupatta stuck with Asad's watch - a sign that they belong together, no matter what.

"Lekin afsos ke kissi ajnaabi ne uske saath aisa kuch nehi kiya, aisa usne kiya jisse woh apna maanti thi. Meri Zoya ka dil toda, yaqeen toda." Ouch. Asad had understood straightaway seeing the Tahveez lying away on Zoya's dressing table that the trust and faith between himself and Zoya has detoriated.

"Itni ghiri hui harqat karne ke bawajood tumhaare chehre pe koi afsos nehi hai." Dilshaad saw Tanveer smiling and smirking away! "Asad ne akele kuch nehi kiya hai. Tum usme barabar ki shareeq ho aur shayad ussi bhi barri ghunegaar." Thankfully we are not having the man being blamed for the entire incident - if Tanveer had been really hurt by the entire scenario, for a girl whose been raped as so she technically claims that Asad was out of control she cannot calmly stand in front of everyone and reassure them that everything will be fine - a false strategy by Tanveer!

"Tum samajhdaar ho mera ishaara samjho warna mujhe khulke batana parega." Shukar hai! I was beginning to think that how can these people possibly stand being around Tanveer anymore, I have to give to Dilshaad she is trying her very best to maintain her cool and asked Tanveer to leave in an appropriate manner.

Tanveer trying to keep her hand on Asad's shoulder - of course he is going to brush it away! I wish somebody questions Tanveer as to how comes she is taking this sensitive issue so lightly and calmly? I wish it could be Najma - would love to see an angry Najma threatening Tanveer.

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