About the mini skirt fiasco

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Jun 6, 2013

About the mini skirt fiasco (By Stereohearts200) (Thanked: 4 times)

After watching yesterday's episode I got a little put iff with the mini skirt thing. Before you guys start bashing me, let me explain myself. I know I'm not gonna be agreed with, but even then give this a thought. Until the miniskirt fiasco came up, we'd all liked that Zoya was always covered, even if she wasn't traditional, considering the fact that she lived in NYC. I know that the message they were trying to put through is that clothes don't define character and I agree with that, but not completely. Clothes do matter to an extent. You might think I'm old fashioned and I'm always running around in salwars, but as a matter of fact, I can't remember the last time I wore traditional clothes. I always wear jeans and t-shirts, that's my primary thing and I'd always hated that Asad was judging Zoya from her clothes. Probably coz I am forced to wear traditional stuff when realtives come around, as they are VERY traditional and i'm actually to turn a teener only this month and i have so many restrictions and I hate that. I'm live in south India and over here, the older generation are very backward in their thinking and are very traditional. Since I've said that don't give me a name plate saying old-fashioned, as I said I don't care abt traditional clothes and I've lived in England for several years, where I'm used to seeing girls dress that way. In fact all my frnds there were like that, even my Indian frnds. And seriously, I don't care even if I stood out of the whole group. Now that I've defended myself let me come back to Zoya's skirt. I know half of us must have liked the fact that Zoya wore a mini skirt, but I also know that u used to hold a picture in ur mind abt the way Zoy dressed in NYC. Most of u are gonna kill me already and say that Zoya only wore it coz Najma told her to and I agree with that. She was not flaunting it, to let everyone see her, but she did say she wore it in NY. I know in NY, almost all  girls dress that way and ppl don't care coz that's the way it is and seriously I don't care. Until yesterday, or when the sbs/sbb segment was aired, all of us had liked the fact that zoya was a new yorker, always dressed in modern clothes but always covered. I know u guys are gonna disagree but I have read many FFs/SSs/OSs which showcased the fact that Zoya was always dressed decently, even if if she was from new york. Basically those story are the writers imagination, so to be clearer, that's u guys, so i've got some proof there. Now all of us writers cannot really show that as a fact anymore, coz the show has removed that part of Zoya. I wudnt have cared if they'd shown Zoya in a little longer skirt, i wud have jumped to Zoya's side. Considering that she was in NYC, she is bound to have qualities of a new yorker, but seriously that ruined the image we'd built of Zoya up to now. I'm not saying I hate Zoya now, I'm just irritated at the fact that I can't use that point in any of my stories anymore. If they'd shown Zoya as a girl who dresses like a normal nyc girl wud from the beginning, i wudnt have cared abt the mini skirt, coz that wud have been the picture from the beginning. Also a question for the CVs, they'd mentioned several times in the show that Zoya was always covered and dressed decently. Like the time Dilshaad had held a prayer in her house[sorry, dont know what its called], after Asad saved Zoya from akram, there was a conversation between Asad and Zoya, it'd been mentioned there as well and even in yesterday's episode, before Zoya came out in that skirt. So after all of that, CVs decided to remove that image. I know its just a show, but the younger generation does pick up stuff from shows and movies. I know that coz I'm one myself. Also, I dint think that a short skirt was appropriate to be exposed on national tv. I know at the end of the day, the ppl who wore it are celebs who are only acting, but still, they sud have shown at least a skirt which was close to knee length. That way, there wudnt have been so much arguement either. Now I'm not gonna say anymore. I'm not gonna stand upside down and scream that I'm right, I was just expressing my opinion. And let me make a fact clear that I was not bashing Surbhi, or Zoya here as some of u might call it. I solely blame the CVs for their dumbness. At the end of the day, I always love Zoya, no matter what. Now please don't bash me, it was just my view. I'm not saying that u guys have to agree, it was just what I thought about the mini skirt fiasco. I don't mind if u diagree with me, I was not trying to change anyone else's point of view. And I'm begging u, pz plz plz dont bash me. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone, that was not my intention. So peace everyone!

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