Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

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Jun 6, 2013

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 22 times)

Character Sketch

The Raizadas:

Arnav Singh Raizada: Main Lead 

Anjali Singh Raizada: Arnav' Elder Sister

Amar Singh Raizada: Arnav's Papa

Additi Singh Raizada: Arnav's Mummy

Devyani Singh Raizada: Arnav's Nani

The Guptas:

Khushi Kumari Gupta: Main Lead

Shashi Gupta: Khushi's Papa

Garima Gupta: Khushi's Mummy

The Vyas:

Saraswatichandra Vyas: Main Lead

Laxminanda Vyas: Saras' Papa

Saraswati Vyas: Saras' Mummy

The Desais:

Kumud Sundari Desai: Main Lead

Vidyachatur Desai: Kumud's Papa

Guniyal Desai: Kumud's Mummy

Other Characters:

Rahul Mehta: Anjali Raizada's future fiancé 

Viren Vadhera: The Leads' Friend

Virat Vadhera: The Leads' Friend

Jeevika Chaudary: The Leads' Friend

Maanvi Chaudary: The Leads' Friend

Aditya Deewan: The Leads' Friend


This story is based and focused on the lives of the four childhood buddies. Will they understand that the bond amongst them is more than just friendship? Will their friendship stay strong despite the many things that they face? 

Jul 2, 2013

Chapter 1 The Beginning (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 20 times)

Chapter 1 The Beginning 

Year 1989

In the month of January, four very different families had built their houses and moved in to Lakshminagar. The Raizadas, The Guptas, The Desais and the Vyas. Although they were all new, they bonded with each other very quickly. The common thing was that all the four families were expecting a new arrival. Other than the Raizadas, for the rest of them it was going to be their first bundle of joy. Soon enough Arnav, Saraswatichandra, Khushi and Kumud were born. 

The children bridged the differences and as they grew, along with them grew the friendship and business partnership among their parents. 

Year 2013

At the Gupta's home:

Garima: Khushi Beta get dressed faster else you are gonna be late for university.

Khushi: I will Mum only if I can find what to wear 

Khushi walks around her room trying to decide on what to wear. Just then, she heard a voice from outside.

Arnav: Khushi hurry up.

Khushi: I can't decide what to wear

Saras: just wear something and get out of the house.

Kumud: Khushi wear something blue since we are all blue

Saras: Very Important Kumud

Kumud: Saras...

Khushi had by then managed to find a blue suit which she hurriedly wore and rushed down. After giving her mum a kiss, she rushed out.

Khushi: Good Morning

Arnav: Quick get in

Khushi quickly gets in to the back of Arnav's car. It was a usual thing that they go to classes in Arnav's Car. The four friends were studying in the same course in Delhi University. Bachelor of Arts Psychology.

They reach class on time and go towards their bench. Unlike anyone else in the class, these 4 did everything together. And somehow, Khushi and Arnav were slightly closer to each other just like Saras and Kumud. They await for their class to start. It was one of the subjects they loved but they were bored simply because of the lecture. Their teacher came in and lecture started. The four of the were struggling to pay attention and at the end of the lesson, their music appreciation teacher gave them a project. It was to perform a medley of songs and the winning team would be selected for the university culturals. 

Feb 10, 2014

Chapter 2 The Jamming Session :) (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 23 times)

Chapter 2 The Jamming Session 

Saras: What shall we do now?

Kumud: Let's think 

Arnav: Come on guys, we've done this many times

Khushi: Yes but in front of everyone, it's gonna be totally different Arnav

Kumud: Khushi is right. Just thinking about it gives me shudders.

Saras: But think about this Kumud, it's going be our break through

Arnav: Yeah, we will finally get a chance to display our work 

Saras and Arnav persuade Kumud and Khushi respectively. They then choose the medley and start preparing. Initially, everyone found it difficult despite the fact that they jammed their favorites every Sunday. The four of them had been doing that since they were 10. In fact they had their very own band " The Awesome Foursome". But performing outside the walls of the Kumud's room was never attempted before. They worked till late at night to make sure they were going to win it. Their parents were supportive of their children such that they encouraged them to try hard. 

Whenever they stayed up late, their parents were very supportive and took good care of them. In the two weeks, they frequented to Kumud's house, doing up their homework as well as rehearsing hard. Despite all the hard work, they still had fun. 

Soon it was the day of their performance in class. They reached the venue much earlier and sat down together.

Arnav: Khushi you look pale and tired. Are you okay?

Khushi: Arnav, I couldn't sleep last night. Too nervous I guess

Saras: At least Khushi you were way much better unlike Kumud

Kumud: What did I do?

Saras: You called me when I was sleeping and mumbled on about your nervousness till you fell asleep and I could no longer sleep

Kumud: But you said call me if you are worried anytime right

Saras: But…

Just then their music appreciation teacher walked in. He then called the groups one by one. The last to perform were the 4 buddies. Arnav was on the drums, Kumud on Keyboard and Saras and Khushi were on the guitars. Each of them was hooked on to a wireless microphone. Their teacher told them that once they ere ready they could start. They performed and the whole room was applauding. Eventually their teacher selected their team to represent their university in the competition. The four buddies were very happy and were very much motivated. They juggled both their studies as well as their rehearsals.

Feb 14, 2014

Chapter 3 - The University Culturals (Valentine's Day Special Update) (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 16 times)

Chapter 3: The University Culturals

Finally the day of the culturals arrived. It was being held in their own university. The four friends were ready to show their talent. While waiting at the backstage, the boys realized that both the girls were unusually silent. Arnav and Saras go towards Khushi and Kumud respectively and touch their shoulders. As if preplanned, both Khushi and Kumud hug them saying that they are nervous. The boys return the hug back. Later the four of them do a group hug and they are called upon onto the stage. As they position themselves behind the curtains, they look at each other determined to win this.

The curtain opens and they begin to sing. (Use the following links to hear the songs they sang)

Song 1: Tumse Hi (Mix) (Click here to watch the video

Song 2: Sooraj Ki Bahon Mein (Original) (Click here to watch the video

Song 3: Pareshaan (Original) (Click here to watch the video

Song 4: Teri Meri (Original) (Click here to watch the video

Song 5: Tum Hi Ho (Mix and Original) (Click here to watch the video (Click here to watch the video

When they end, they get an overwhelming response from the crowd. After the performance, they head over to the cafeteria to take a break. There their fellow mates were praising them. 

Jeevika: Hey Khushi, your Tum Hi Ho was so sensational. How did you do that?

Khushi takes a look at Arnav and recalls the previous night. Late last night, Arnav had called Khushi to the balcony. Since their houses were next to each other, Arnav had managed to cross over to Khushi's Balcony.

Khushi: Arnav, are you mad? What if you had fell? 

Arnav: I won't. Besides I can't let you all down when it's just tomorrow.

Khushi: Never do this Arnav. Ever again.

Arnav: Nervous?

Khushi: No

Arnav: Really?

Khushi: Really because you will be there beside me

Arnav: Yes I will. Khushi I'm here to let you know that you already have a number one fan for your song

Khushi: Really? Who is it?

Arnav: Me of course. So here is something for you to stay calm and rock on

Arnav hands Khushi a box.

Khushi: What is it Arnav?

Arnav: Open it up Khushi

Khushi then opens the box up and takes out a cute teddy bear.

Khushi: Oh My God. Arnav it's so cute. Thank you 

Arnav: You're welcome. Now go and sleep well. Good Night

Khushi: Good night Arnav. See you tomorrow.

There was a tap on her shoulder and she was brought back to reality. 

Kumud: Kya Hua Khushi?

Khushi: Nothing


Maanvi: Kumud, your Pareshaan was too good.

Kumud: Thank you Maanvi

Maanvi: You sang as if you were really in love.


Kumud recalls the previous night where Saras had dropped by and picked her up to go to the nearest Mandir. She had been amazed at how Saras read her mind and had encouraged her.


Virat: The boys didn’t do any lesser.

Viren: Yes, overall as a team, you guys rocked it!

Just then, there was an announcement asking all participants to gather for prize giving. The four of them went to the auditorium. Slowly the prizes were announced. Eventually, it came to the music competition. The prizes were announced and sadly, they did not win anything. The friends were dejected and turned to leave. Just then, they heard another announcement.

"The Awesome Foursome" from Delhi University gets the special jury award. Can we have them to come up.

The four friends were surprised and ran to the stage. There, the guest of honor gave them a trophy as well as an opportunity to perform live on Star Plus since he was representing the Channel. The friends were really excited and rushed back to let their family know. 

Feb 17, 2014

Chapter 4 (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 14 times)

Chapter 4: The Vacation part 1

Weeks rolled by and the friends did their exams. Soon, it was their summer holidays.  On the last day of school the four of them came back to see all their parents gathered at Arnav's house. 

Shashi: Children, we've planned to go for a short trip. 

Arnav: Uncle, where is it?

Garima: Kashmir Beta

Khushi: But Ma, why Kashmir

Vidyachatur: Beta, we have our guest house in Kashmir

Saras: The one the four of you built is it Uncle? 

Laxminandhan: Yes that is the one Saras

Kumud: But Uncle, how long is the trip?

Amar: Its Slightly Longer than two weeks Beta

Arnav: Dad, we have to do our performance on star plus soon!

Additi: Kids, hold on. We are going Kashmir for two weeks and a few days more, to take a break at our Guesthouse. And we will be leaving two days from now.We’ll be back before your performance. It will be cold so please pack well. And yes you can help each other to speed things up Khushi, if that was what you were going to ask. I hope that all your questions have been answered.

The four friends get extra excited and get involved in packing. They help each other to pack their things, Saras and Arnav and Kumud, Anjali and Khushi. Soon, it was the day for them to leave. The bags were loaded into the Mini bus. Everyone got into the bus except the four friends. 

The previous day, everyone had gathered to fix the time to leave. 

Arnav: Dad, can we drive there?

Khushi: Please can we?

Amar: Arnav, we all agreed on the mini bus, besides it’s a holiday. 

Saras: But Uncle, all of us including the bags fitting into the mini bus is going to be really cramped. Besides, by driving, it will be so much of fun.

Saraswati: But Beta, you will be tired driving

Kumud: Aunty, all four of us can drive, we will take turns, don't worry

Vidyachatur: Okay Kumud, the four of you can drive there. 

Additi: Vidya Bhai, but the trip is nearly 15 hours. Is it safe for the to drive there?

Laxminandhan: Don't worry Bhabi, Vidyachatur knows what he is doing. Besides, unless the children get the experience, they will not understand what we say. Let them experience it first hand.

The four friends had packed spare clothes as well as food and drinks to accompany them for the drive. Anjali was to accompany the parents in the minibus and had instructed the four of them to call every few hours. As usual, Arnav drove first with Saras to accompany him in front, while the two girls were at the back. Arnav had plugged in his iPod to the audio system and it was playing. The windows were wound down and the cold breeze caressed the faces of the four friends. 

Feb 20, 2014

Chapter 5 (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 22 times)

Chapter 5: The Vacation part 2

The first few hours passed rather quietly. They had the decided to pull aside so that Saras could takeover. Just as Saras was about to get out, Khushi offered to drive first. Saras got in to the back while Khushi took to the steering wheel.Arnav sat at the front to accompany her. Arnav had always been impressed with Khushi's driving. According to him, she was the best female driver who was fast as well as safe. He knew he could trust Khushi to drive safely. Just as they were driving, the car suddenly stopped.

Khushi: Arnav, I don't know what happened?

Arnav: Let's check it out

The two of them get out and open the bonnet only to release a lot of smoke. It was then that they realized that the car must have overheated. The nearest service centre was 5km away. By then, Saras and Kumud had also come out.

Saras: So how now Arnav?

Arnav: I don't know Saras

Khushi: What if we call the service centre?

Kumud: But we have never come by this side ever

Arnav: How about we call Anjali Di and see if they are nearby to help us out.

Kumud: But they left way before us, they would have gone far ahead.

Khushi: We'll be stuck here then!

Arnav: Khushi Relax! Kumud, call up Anjali Di and let her know the situation first

Saras: Arnav, I'll try to call up the service center. Khushi, do you see that small street shop? Go and ask them the directions! 

Arnav: Okay Saras, I'll go with Khushi!

15 mins later, 

Kumud: I've informed Anjali Di. They are too far to help us! But Di has promised to manage the situation there! 

Saras: I've called up the service center and they asked us to make our way there since they do not have transport!

Arnav: We just have to find a way there then! 

Khushi: Let's just push the car there

Khushi begins to push the car but it doesn't move!

Kumud: What are you people looking at? Come on, let's help Khushi

The four of them begin pushing the car slowly when it begins to drizzle. The four of them get into the car and sit there waiting for it to stop. 

Kumud: Aditi Aunty and Amar Uncle were right! We should have not driven!

Arnav: Come on Kumud, it’s of no point regretting now.

Saras: Arnav is right. In fact, now that we are already in this, let’s think of what to do.

Khushi: The rain doesn’t seem to stop.

Saras: Let’s just push the car. If we don’t move now, it will be night soon.

Kumud: But we’ll be drenched

Arnav: Kumud, Saras is right. Besides, we have extra clothes right.

Khushi: But

Saras: No buts. Let’s move!


Khushi and Kumud hesitantly get out. As the boys began pushing, a car passes by. It stops and the window is wound down.


Goon 1: Hey, look at this. These girls are dripping wet.

Goon 2: Let’s call them to join us here where they can be dry.

Goon 1: That too they look so hot in this white top.


Arnav and Saras look at Khushi and Kumud and realize that the rain had made their white tops transparent. The girls were feeling awkward and move closer to each other. The boys turn and give the girls their jackets. As they turn to give the goons their piece of mind, something whizz past them.


Goon 1: Ouch!


Saras and Arnav notice his forehead bleeding and turn to see Khushi throwing stones at the goons.


Khushi: Take that! How dare you mess with me! Did you think I was a shy girl! You ****y!


The goons drive off and Saras starts applauding.


Saras: Wow Khushi, Awesome!

Arnav: Stop joking Saras!

Khushi: Arnav, calm down! Nothing would have happened to Kumud and I when you both are here! I just didn’t want you both to get into a fight

Saras: And we’re sorry for making you push the car without realizing your awkward situation

Kumud: It’s okay guys. Now let’s move from here.

Feb 24, 2014

Chapter 6 (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 12 times)

Chapter 6:


The four friends reach the workshop.


Mechanic: Sir, this will take some time. You can collect it the day after next.

Saras: We need it urgently. I’m willing to pay extra.

Mechanic: Sir, the fastest I fix will be by tomorrow morning

Khushi: Where will we be till then?

Arnav: Besides, Anjali Di can’t handle the situation there for long. We need to reach by tomorrow morning.

Kumud: Bhaiyya, is there any nearby place that we can stay for tonight?

Mechanic: You can stay at the roadside inn, that building with the huts. You can get your food there too.

Kumud: Thank you Bhaiyaa. Please fix this by tomorrow morning.

Saras: Kumud, are you mad?

Kumud: Let’s go out of the shop first.


Kumud: Saras, we have no way out of here now! Let’s just stay here for tonight and move off tomorrow. We can let our parents know that we were tired so stopped halfway.

Khushi: Kumud is right. Guys, lets get accomadation first.


The four friends walk over to the inn and Saras and Arnav approach the receptionist.


Saras: Hi, we need two rooms for tonight.

Receptionist: We have two cottages available.

Arnav: We’ll take that

Receptionist: We provide a blanket for each cottage, big enough to share between you and your wife

Saras: Wife?

Receptionist: Yes, aren’t you both married to those ladies? We only give cottages to married couples or singles of the same ****.

Arnav: Yes, we’re married!

Receptionist: You both look like you’ve just married.Here’s the key

Saras: Thanks


As the two leave, the receptionist stops them.


Receptionist: Enjoy your stay with your wives. We’ll give our wakeup call by knocking on your door to serve the breakfast.


The four friends walk towards the cottages when Saras and Arnav stop.


Khushi: What happened?

Saras: We are in deep trouble now!

Kumud: What happened Saras


Saras and Arnav explain what had happened at the reception and the girls are shocked


Khushi: We have no choice now, do we?

Arnav: Khushi, you come with me. Saras goes with Kumud. We’ll have to adjust. Don’t worry too much

Saras: Yes, let’s go


At Arnav and Khushi’s cottage,


Arnav: Khushi, you are so not going to share the bed with me!

Khushi: But you promised to adjust

Arnav: You promised as well

Khushi: Whatever Arnav! Thankfully, this arrangement is only for tonight and the couch is comfy enough.


Khushi: Anyways, I’m so hungry! I’m gonna call up the room service to get food. What do you want?

Arnav: Just get something for me

Khushi: Okay


At Saras and Kumud’s cottage,


Saras: I’ll take the couch. You take the bed

Kumud: The bed is big enough for the two of us. We’ll be fine

Saras: Kumud, what if…

Kumud: I know you won’t cross your limits

Saras: I’ll get some food for us. Let me call the room service.

Kumud: Aren’t you going to ask me what I want?

Saras: I know. The usual right

Kumud: Yes


After Dinner,


At Arnav and Khushi’s cottage,


Khushi: Good Night Arnav

Arnav: Good Night!


As Khushi falls into a deep slumber, Arnav notices the limited space the couch offered. He walks up to Khushi, picks her up quietly and puts her to sleep on the bed. He covers Khushi with a blanket, mutters goodnight and goes to take his place on the couch.


At Saras and Kumud’s cottage,


Saras: Good Night Kumud

Kumud: Good Night Saras



Saras feels restless and turns around to see Kumud sleeping. Her fridge covers her face. Saras pushes back Kumud’s fringe, covers her with the blanket, mutters goodnight and falls asleep.

Apr 1, 2014

Chapter 7 (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 14 times)

Hey Everyone, I'm finally back! Here's an update to kickstart April! Do take note that i will no longer be able to update regularly till i'm perfectly fine so please bear with me!

Chapter 7


The next morning,


The four friends head back to the repair shop, collect the car and move off. Saras drives with Arnav beside him and Kumud and Khushi are seated at the back.


Arnav: I'm so tired

Kumud: Didn't you sleep?

Khushi: He did

Kumud: Then what happened Arnav?

Arnav: The couch looked comfy but trust me it wasn't. Right Saras?

Saras: Erm...

Khushi: Really Saras, wasn't it comfy?

Saras: I don't know

Arnav: How could you not feel it Saras?

Kumud: Actually, Saras was sleeping on the bed

Khushi: Saras sleeping on the bed? That's strange considering Arnav who isn't nice to me actually gave up the bed

Arnav: I am not nice to you!?

Khushi: Nice but not as nice as Saras

Kumud: I told Saras that we could share the bed since it was relatively large


Arnav: Wah, Kumud! I didn't expect that to come from you so quickly

Khushi: Oh Shut up Arnav! Stop teasing Kumud!


Kumud and Saras turn red!


Arnav: Look at them Khushi, they are blushing!

Saras: Arnav... Stop it!

Arnav: Okay Okay! But let me tell you all something, this upcoming semester is our last one. After this we will all be pursuing our careers, taking over the business from our parents. In fact we took this course so as to understand people better so that we can get better clients and take the business to greater heights. Once we settle with the job, our parents are likely to get us hitched. So (cough cough), all those who are in love, please take the opportunity this holidays to propose and get into a relationship. Otherwise, I can't guarantee anything


The four friends spent the remaining time silently, stopping for toilet breaks and change of drivers. After a long drive, they finally reach Kashmir.


Kumud: Khushi, reach behind and get out the winter coats and boots.


Khushi passes the coats to Saras and Kumud who were seated in front and then to Arnav. After wearing the winter coats and boots, the four friends get out of the car and go into their guesthouse, the Shantivan.


In Shantivan,


Devyani was drinking her evening tea alone at the living room, occasionally glancing at the wall clock


Arnav: Nani...

Devyani: Arnav, Saras, Khushi, Kumud... Additi, Garima, Saraswati, Guniyal, the children are here.


The four mothers come down from their rooms.


Additi: Arnav, you made us all worry so much

Saraswati: Didi is right!

Guniyal: Did you all have food?

Garima: Bhabhi, let's go make something for the children to eat. Khushi beta, the four of you go to your rooms, change and go to the study room! Your papas are waiting there!


The four friends head up in the lift to level 3, where their rooms were located. After changing and freshening up, they head to the study.


Amar: How was the drive, Saras?

Saras: Uncle, the drive was okay

Laxminanda: Okay as in?

Khushi: Uncle, it was enjoyable. Saras is just hungry.

Shashi: Just hungry?

Arnav: Haan Uncle, just hungry

Vidyachatur: Aren't you all tired?

Kumud: No Papa, we're fine

Amar: Then Khushi, what caused the delay?

Khushi: We were tired so we decided to take a break

Shashi: Khushi, we know everything. Anjali has told us.


The four friends were nervous and ready to be chided.


Laxminanda: We're proud of you all for managing the problem yourselves. But please call us and let us know the situation as well.

Shashi: Yes, now go and eat

Apr 21, 2014

Chapter 8 (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 11 times)

Chapter 8


The four friends head to the dining table and were served tea along with snacks. After eating, Arnav signals to the rest to meet him. When everyone gathers,


Arnav: Let’s go and start exploring! It’s been ages since we came here.

Kumud: Arnav, let’s not rush! Besides its almost evening!

Saras: Kumud, let’s go to one place today.

Khushi: Yes, let’s go to Shalimar Bagh!


The four friends inform Nani and head to Shalimar Bagh


Background info:


Shalimar Bagh is a Mughal garden located near Srinagar city in Jammu and Kashmir. Mughal Emperor Jahangir, built the Bagh for his wife Nur Jahan, in 1619.


Kumud: Isn’t this place lovely? Despite being here before, it looks so beautiful.

Khushi: Yes Kumud!

Saras: Let’s take a picture


The four friends take a selfie.


After exploring, they head back home where Arnav gets a call.


Khushi: Arnav is everything okay?

Arnav: Star Plus is pushing forward the shoot date to next week

Kumud: What? It’s less than 4 days that we have here in that case.

Saras: Why the sudden change?

Arnav: The track for which we will be in has been shifted forward hence the sudden notice

Khushi: What about our families? They had planned this trip especially for us.

Arnav: Yes, if we don’t go, we lose the contract. If we go, we’ll miss out the fun here. Besides, our next semester would be internships and unless we showcase our talents, it would be difficult to get good internship placements.




Laxminandhan: Arnav is right. We could come back to Kashmir for vacations but your band might not get such a prestigious chance again.

Saras: Dad but…

Sarawati: Saras, don’t think so much. Go ahead. We’ll let the rest know.


The four friends decide to go ahead but they manage to persuade their family not to compromise their trip because of them. The next day, they visit the Vaishno Devi Temple, before heading home with heavy hearts. The drive home was a rather silent one, everyone was feeling upset since each one had various things planned.


At Arnav’s home,


Arnav: Saras, Khushi, Kumud, you three can stay with me here

Kumud: But why Arnav?

Saras: It’s safer this way Kumud. We can help each other out till our parents come back and also have our practices without interuptions.

Khushi: We should inform our parents

Arnav: I’ve already asked them last night and they are fine with it.

Saras: Let’s head home and pack the necessary things


Khushi, Kumud and Saras head home to pack their things for their stay over at Arnav’s place. Over the next two days, the four friends practice hard and finally the day for their show arrived.

Jun 12, 2014

Chapter 9 (By Jezmine) (Thanked: 9 times)

Chapter 9:


At the shoot venue,


Arnav: This is it! We’ll be performing in 5 minutes. I know we are all nervous but this performance means a lot to us. It can make or break everything.

Saras: Just keep calm. I know we’ll be fine.


Arnav, Khushi, Saras and Kumud hug as a group and head towards the stage when Saras and Arnav pull Kumud and Khushi back.


Arnav: Saras and I have a confession to make.

Khushi: Arnav, we need to be there in a minute.

Saras: Khushi, just hear us out.

Kumud: Fine, say it quickly.

Arnav: All our lives, we’ve always been together.

Saras: Arnav and I wish for the same for the rest of our lives.

Arnav: We’ve thought very hard about this

Saras: Yes, I don’t know how you are going to react but there is no better time to say this.


Arnav and Saras go close to Khushi and Kumud and hold thir hands.


Arnav: I love you Khushi

Saras: I love you Kumud


Khushi and Kumud are surprised but they harbor the same feelings.


Khushi: It took you so long to realize? Still, I love you too Arnav


Kumud begins to tear.


Kumud: I love you Saras.


Organizer:  The Awesome Foursome, you are up next.

The four of them nod. Arnav and Khushi hug while Saras squeezes Kumud’s hand to give her encouragement. They go up to the stage and perform wonderfully. At the end of it all,


Star Plus Manager: Wonderful performance. Best Wishes for your future.

All four: Thank you Sir.


A while later, at the restaurant,


Arnav: Today, lunch is on me. We were just amazing.

Saras: Yes, even I was amazed.

Kumud: Come on Saras, we weren’t that bad to begin with.

Khushi: True but we were very nervous and on stage, we seemed so confident.

Arnav: I guess love changes us all.


As the couples look at each other with love, Saras’ phone rings.


Saras: It’s Papa.

Kumud: Pick it up.


Saras picks the call up.


Saras: Hello, Papa?

Laxminandhan: Saras, you guys were awesome. The whole family was excited to listen to you guys and we are impressed.

Saras: Thanks Papa

Laxminandhan: So are you guys coming back?

Saras: We’ve yet to decide Papa. We are out for lunch now. Is it okay if I call you back later?

Laxminandhan: Okay Saras, take care.


Saras ends the call.


Arnav: What did uncle say?

Saras: The family loved our performance and they were impressed. He also asked if we would be going to Kashmir now that the show is over.

Khushi: Sounds like a good plan.

Arnav: Khushi, before that, we have to think of how to tell the family about our love.

Kumud: I’m scared. What if?

Saras: Whatever happens, the four of us will face it together.









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