Asad and Zoya

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Jun 4, 2013

Asad and Zoya (By Faizakhan) (Thanked: 22 times)

In my world of Asad and Zoya……..(please comment and let me know what u think)



Zoya was feeling really low. Fights with Mr. Khan had that effect on her. She was feeling restless and missing her parents. She longed for the unconditional love only parents have for their children. What you wear, how you talk and how you eat never matters to them. They never stopped loving you. Tears welled up in her eyes. She went outside and lay down on the ground looking at the stars. At times like these her grief overwhelmed her and she could not make herself happy by telling herself that she had Aapi and Jiju. They loved her and cared for her but it just wasn’t the same…….. Afterwards she would always feel bad for being ungrateful and scold herself that if Aapi ever found out she would be so unhappy. Tonight she just couldn’t control her tears and questioned why this had happened to her. She knew what had brought this on or who. Mr. Khan! Who else had that much power over her feelings. It was her insecurity of not knowing what he actually felt for her that was making her long for that one love that was unconditional.  She raised her arms towards the sky as if like that she could hug her mother.

Asad was feeling restless and couldn’t sleep. He was worried about Zoya. She hadn’t been her usual self at dinner. She had hardly eaten anything. He sighed and knew he wouldn’t be able to relax till he made sure that she was ok and not feeling sick or whatever. So he left his room and walked towards her room and knocked. There was no light coming from inside so he gently opened the door. He just wanted to look at her that she was ok. He took a deep breath and went inside knowing that if she was awake she would give him hell for just walking in but…… he just stared at the empty and his heart just stopped but then he told himself to relax and said maybe she was with Ammi or Najma or…. And he knew she was outside. Taking another deep breath he literally ran outside and his heart stopped again when he saw the empty bench but then he saw her arms rise towards the sky. He walked towards her and heard her whisper in a broken voice, “Ammi aap kahan chali gayeen mujhe **** ker…. Allah mian please Ammi ko mere paas bhej de. Mujhe Ammi chahiye hain, main bilkul akeli hoon. Ammi kabhi kabhi mera dil kerta hai main bhi aap kay paas aa jaoon!”

Hearing this Asad thought his heart would break and without thinking he just scooped Zoya up in his arms and hugged her really tight. Zoya yelped and grabbed his shoulders. Scared out of her wits as she had been so involved in talking to her mother hadn’t realized anyone was around. Asad kissed her on her forehead and sat down on the bench with her on his lap. Hugging her still he said, “aisi baat ayenda mat kehna Zoya. Bhool gayeen Ammi hain, Najma hai aur main hoon.” He kissed her on the forehead again. “aapi aur jiju hain. Aur hum sab apni Zoya say bohat pyaar kertay hain.” He looked in her eyes. The mixture of sadness, hope and insecurity he saw in her eyes broke his heart again. So he smiled  and said, “Raabert hai aur vasudev (the dance instructor) hai.” Hearing this she actually giggled and sniffed and giggled and hugged him back tight. Put her head on his shoulder. They sat quietly like that for some time and when Zoya fell asleep Asad took her inside, tucked her in her bed. Rubbed his hand on her cheek sighed and then went to his own room.


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