A dark love story *completed*

Dec 17, 2013

A new revelation (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 9 times)

The couples walk through the ways of forest not knowing there destination

"guys am tired where are we going to stay"said ridima

abhay thought something while others look at each othee in helplesly

"here is house no actully palace pandher palace we will go and stay there"said abhay

"superb"said khushi with a bright smile

"hey u both r vampires not we guys what about our food"said kiran

"we can get it from there now come"said abhay

they all followed abhay as he kept on walking until they stoped infront of huge palace "PANDHER PALACE" they enterd from in it from back door

"wow abhay its superb"said kiran

"so big and beautifull"said khushi

everyone start to adore it untill they stoped infront of big potray of MAITHLY

"abhi she is maithly na"said pia

abhay noded

"means its maithly palace right"asked kiran

abhay noded again

"who is this maithly and how her picture similar to pia irghhh am confused will some one explain me"asked ansh

"as u know abhi is vampire......abhi and maithly will lovers they love each other in past as abhi was there servant maithly father didnt accept him to stop the rumours aka truth of his daughter maithly in love with abhainder there servant son they prisoned abhi and when both were planing to run away her father locked maithly in a house in jungle and burned it when abhi reached there it was late he could not save maithly both died but chand uncle make abhi vampire"explained pia

everyone listend it quitely

sudenly some thing came in arman mind

"arnav ansh i want to ask something to u guys"

both noded

"yeah"said arnav

"arent u guys malik"said arman keenly looking at there expresion

both were shocked

"no we r raizadas"said arnav looking down

"u r saying lie arnav"

"how do u know"asked ansh politely

"do u guys really think that i will not be able to recognised u guys"said arman with tears

"armani"said arnav with a hope

arman noded both boys hugged him

"oh my armani i mised u so much"said ansh

"hey am not armani any more ok"

trio broke hug

"will some one explain us too"said ridima

"u guys remember once i told u about two twins who were very naughty and irritate me so much as i behave like girls they called me armani bt then they went away some where.....that two naughty boys are you lovers kiru and khush"told arman

"woah so finally u got them"said kiran

in all this abhay and khushi were silent. Khushi thoughts trailed back in the time when she embraced darkness


"u guys need to run away from here sidhart is on mission"said chand

the 4 couples noded sudenly 2 vampires came there

"chand we need u ther come"said one person it was female voice while her face was covered

"ok come"replied chand

khushi felt a pull towards the female voice she tried to see her face but could not

fb ended

"i need to talk to chand uncle"thought khushi


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Dec 19, 2013

Continuoes (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 14 times)

Khushi thought something deeply

"abhay how do u call chand uncle that time"asked khushi

abhay told her how he called chand and others that time

"but khushi why are you asking this"asked abhay

"uhmm that i want to call him"

"oh i see but why"asked abhay

"i want to know about that woman who came for calling uncle i think i know her"told khushi

"but she is vampire from the day i think u must be 3 or 2 year old"informed abhay

this make khushi more curious then maybe she know that woman maybe she is..... But still she want to know more and confirm about her

"then maybe i know her. Her voice seemed familiar dont u feel the same kiru"asked khushi

"dont know di i didnt hear i was thinking about u"said kiran

"hmmm dont wory about me m fine atleast not anymore"told khushi

kiran noded

khushi do the same as abhay told her and called chand soon chand appeared there

"you called me khushi"asked chand

"yes chand uncle actuly i want to ask you something.....sit na"said khushi

"yes asked"

"uncle i want to know about that woman who came there for calling you who is she"asked khushi

"why do u want to know about her"asked chand

"i think i know her uncle her voice.......her voice is familiar to me i want to meet her i want to know about her"said khushi

"she is maya khurana wife of the man who was with her abhigyan khurana......she was also bitten by a vampire and so does her husband"informed chand

hearing there name both khushi and kiran were shocked they knew them they are......

"uncle they are husbnd wife na then what about ther other family"asked kiran

"dont know after bitten by vampire and embracing darkness they left everything and live with vampires"told chand

"uncle i want to meet them"said khushi

"hmmm ok i will call them"

chand called them and they appeared like tornado

"what hapend chand why did u called us only"asked men

"actully she want to meet you her name is khushi just embraced the darkness"inform chand

"uhm uncle aunty can i see your face"asked khushi hesitantly

"why"asked woman

"please"plead khushi

feeling a pull towards each other they agreed and as soon they unveiled themself khushi and kiran were shocked they were there......

"mom dad"whispered khushi and kiran

both man(abhigyan) and woman(maya) shocked and confused with there gesture

khushi came forwad and introduced herself

"mom me khushi khushi khurana your daughter and she my sister your twin daughter kiran kiran khurana remember"said khushi with blood tears

"khushi"said maya

khushi noded and they huged each other kiran also joined them


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Dec 21, 2013

A dark love story (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 9 times)

Everyone were happy seeing the reunion of this family

maya break hug

maya : kiran you here and where is karan

kiran was speechless she didnt have answers or she has bt didnt want to gv answrs

khushi : mom bhai is at home

abhigyan : then wht r u guys doing here kiran

feeling kiran uneasiness on this topic khushi interfer

khushi : dad we are hiding from ware wolves bt truly from some vampires

maya : werewolves and vampire wait does it mean

khushi noded she make maya and abhigyan sit and then narrated whole incident till khushi end everyone were in pain

khushi : but mom no need to wory i will find out that portion and promise i will not let any harm came on kiran u also dont be sad ok m happy in this life because it temperory and am having fun in it

maya huged khushi

maya : but khushi what if u didnt find that portion we vampires are trying to get this from years but didnt succeed then how come you

khushi : dont wory mom i can find it out and will give you your life back too

everyone were happy for khushi she was realy a sweet girl she can handle every situation and they believe that she will find out that portion too and reason too why ridima was also kidnaped when she was ot needed they can let her be in that forest part or away from there why did they take risk it was strange weird and fishy too

khushi : mom dad you guys will help me na

maya and abhigyan noded

khushi : come mom dad i will introduce you my friends and......(blush)

"and"asked maya raising her eyebrow smelling something fishy

"and kiran boyfriend"said khushi immediatly

"not only mine mom her too"said kiran takinng revenge from khushi for opening her mouth

"haa you guys found your boyfriends yourself very bad"said abhigyan making weird face

"cm on dad its not old world its new world 22nd century it hapens even bhai also found her and got maried too"finaly khushi let the cat out of bag

"unbeliveble"whispered maya

then khushi introduced everyone chand went away and they have very fun together khushi and kiran were most happiest person tonight even arman ansh and arnav too after all they find there long lost friend too


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Dec 31, 2013

A dark love story (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 9 times)

It was night everyone were sitting around the bonfire in pandher palace

kiran : di am thirsty

"me too"said ridima looking at Arman

"yahn se kuch door ek nadi h pr wahn jana khatre se khali nhy hoga wahn wear wolf rehte hain(little far from here there is a river but going there will be danger wear wolf live there"inform Abhay

"but we can go there we are humans na"said Arnav

"nope because Shyam and that 2 jokers can come there smelling your scent right abhay"asked Khushi

Abhay noded

"then who will go there"asked pia

"i will go there as am new born vampire it will be not that much trouble"said Khushi

"no khushi you are not going there"said Arnav strictly

"yes khushi you will not go there"said abhigyan

"dont wory papa nothing will hapen to me i will keep my eyes open and if something fishy will be seen then i will inform you after all am vampire and can talk with you vampires"said Khushi cheerfully

Maya shook her head hopelessly she is not changed not a bit she is the same cheerfull stubborn girl just like many years before

"ok you can go"said Maya

Khushi stood up smilingly and went away while others look at Maya with open mouth

"what"asked maya

others looked down except from abhay and abhigyan as they are vampire and can know what trouble it make going at wear wolf place

"i know her she can go any limit to make us accept her wish in last we have to say yes then why to waste energy"said maya knowing there question

Abhay and Abhigyan now look at the direction wher Khushi went and prayed for her well being

Khushi collected water in a bottle and was going when she heared some voices. She wnt in the direction of voice and hide behind a tree then peeping a little she saw that some vampires were talking as she was also vampire now so they didnt smell her precense

"damn it i want her"screamed a girl

"we also want revenge from that three"said shyam

"you want revenge haa hell with your revenge i want her blood i want to be powerfull with her blood she is my look-a-like and drinking her blood will make me the most powerfull then i can rule this world if u want then u can take revenge too....easily"

"look-a-like"thought Khushi

"who is look-a-like from we 4........is it pia? Oh my yess she can be the one as no one want a revenge from her but then it can be ridz too......but ridz also bad mouthed and slap that shyam then might be he want revenge from her yeah means pia..... And this vamp maithly as if abhay can be saved as a vamp on that day then why not she"Thought Khushi with horor

Then trying to see the girl face she moved little and finally see her face horor stricken her it was actully looking as if she saw a ghost

Khushi turned and ran in full speed and reached palace. Everyone looked at her as she was pale she came and sit with them offering water to kiran she find courage to speak

Jan 3, 2014

Truth and fun....!!! (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 7 times)

Khushi finally find courage and told them everything. Everyone were shocked especially vampires

"who was she"asked Abhay

"yeah Khushi tell us whom look-a-like was she from you four girls as in this way we can save her and also world"said Maya


"she was ridz look-a-like"added Khushi

"what means ridz life is in danger"said Arman

Khushi noded

ridima hugged arman from side way feeling affraid Arman too hugged her back and sooth her down

"dont worry nothing will hapened we all are with you hmm?"said Arman

Ridima noded while Arnav looked at them with many emotions thoughtfully

"if i also get the same chance as arman i may also save my love from living a dead life but am happy for arman too atleast he got his chance"thought Arnav

Khushi listened his thoughts and sigh when will he stop regreting even am not sad

Khushi put her head on his shoulder and whisper

"am happy being vampire its sooo fun and also when i will be tired i will be human back....and dont be sad if u didnt save me then what i always wanted to live some day vampire life and look i got its not my whole life dont think if u didnt save me now you are free.....now you have to find portion for me......n after it you have to talk with your family about us"whispered Khushi in his ears

Arnav smiled she is right somehow

"pagal"thought Arnav

"i heared it"whispered Khushi smilingly

Arnav frowned and murmered


"heared it too"

"ok love you"whispered Arnav making Khushi blush little

"love you too"

"we heared it"

said everyone making Khushi blush. She hide her face in arnav csh

"ok ok kiru dont you think some times before you was also saying same and you are also in same position"

Kiran face turned red as she also said i love you and her head was also on Ansh shoulder. Ansh hold Kiran from waist and close with her saying confidently making Kiran blush more

"so what she is my fiancee

Maya and Abhigyan were happy seeing there children happy

pia also put her head on Abhay shoulder

"i love you Abhay.....and i miss the beautifull time with you before it we got traped in this situation"said pia in mind knowing abhay will read it

Abhay can sense her sadness she was right they didnt get time for beautifull times as on the very second day they got trapped

Abhay looked at her and she too both eyes met

Background music : Dil ibadat kr rha hai

Abhay give her reassuring smile which completely reflect as in his eyes glint "everything will be fine". Pia also give a smile with eyes language and thinking(actully talking with Abhay)"i have full faith in you"

"oi hoi look here some one is talking with eyes"said Armaan teasingly

everyone looked at blushing Pia and embarresed Abhay

with this everyone strat to tease each other while Maya abhigyan looked at them happily

Finally when everyone were quite Abhay broke the silence

"we need to start our mission finding portion and saving ridima from tomorrow only as we already waste two days"

"you are right"said Maya

"but Abhay you told that its with wear wolf then how will we get it when they are our i mean vampires enemies"asked Khushi

"i know some one a wear wolf who will help us"said Abhay confusing everyone

"what a wear wolf but how?"asked Abhigyan

"she loves me but i never yet we become good friends as once when i was trapped in wear wolf conspiracy she help me out. She is the powerfull and daughter of leader of wear wolf dipanita khurana however she will be the leader of wear wolf after dipanita and she only she has the power to led us to the portion. She is very unwanted among dipanita and her son not allowded to come out. I didnt ask her for help before as that time i didnt have interest in living human life but now i will ask her and i know she will help me"inform Abhay

Pia was jealous on hearing about this girl but calm down knowing that Abahy loves her and only her

"whats her name"asked Khushi



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Jan 15, 2014

M back with update (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 9 times)

Next day

Abhay went to Alina and come back to palace with her

she was the beautifull girl with long height, hairs till shoulder and white skin

"can you help us"asked Khushi straightly

Alina noded and replied much to there pleasure

"yes i will help you guys"

So mission "finding portion" start and they start to find it from that day only

Days rolled with mission going on and couples romance. Now they were near the portion. It was in a grave yard. They have to find every grave for it but before they start they got stopped by bunch of wear wolf. Alina hide so that she can help them while Abhigyan called vampires quickly and Khushi make sure that none of human i.e Kirsh , pia and arman ridz are hiden with Alina so that not any harm came on them

"what did you thought Abhay that you will snatch the portion away from us US we WE wear wolves not any chance Mr Abhay Raichand"said one of male wear wolf

Abhay smirk and Replied

"you can't stop me jay you can't not your's these partners and also your mother your leader Dipanita died with my hands only yesterday rememeber.....then how can you win from us WE VAMPIRES huh"

Jay fumed in anger


Jay came and was about to punch but was stopped by Abhay himself

"you forget Abhay. your weakness i know her your pia and khushi right one love second sister huhh i will harm them you just wait and watch"blurted out the truth Jay

Abhay fumed how can he say something about the most important people in his life he will harm them he who is he

Abhay pushed Jay away and punch him so hard that he fell he kept on punching him while other's ww*wear wolf* fight with Abhigyan and Maya.

Khushi also came there as Maya was getting weak Khushi fight by her side while Jay went in shock he didnt knew Khushi being vampire and taking this advantage Abhay knock him to dead

Chand and Hansina also came there with a bunch of vampires and fight with them while hasina was about to kill Abhay came for her rescue without bothering about Jay

the fight goes on ww were getting less when Jay again stood up taking a stake he saw Pia and took her in middle

"Abhay if you want her save then give me yourself"screamed Jay

Abhay looked at Pia and then Jay he was shocked and was in dilemma he doesnt care about himself if it was just him and her then he would have surender himself for her but what about the promise he makes with Khushi he cant break them

"pia"whispered Abhay

Khushi and others were also shocked with this sudden change of game. Khushi was behind the Jay so she signalled Abhay not to surrender himself and slowly move towards him

Khushi stabbed him a stake from his back piercing his dead heart. Stake fell from Jay hand and his grip loosend on Pia. Pia taking the advantage pushed him away and ran towards Abhay and hugged him

"abhay"whispered Pia

Precap : Ridima look-a-like Ria

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Jan 20, 2014

A dark love story*completed* (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 15 times)

Everyone sigh in relief as all ww fell down died but it was not the end suddenly ria(ridz look like) sidharth shyam and raj came there when abhay was about to search for portion again. Khushi was the first one to see her

"abhay"called Khushi

"yeah what hapened"asked abhay

khushi pointed towards her everyone looked at her

"who are you and what do you want"asked armaan

she smiled dangerously and replied

"your fiancee"

"stop dreaming okay"said khushi angrily

she looked at khushi than at vampires she knew vampires will never let her bite ridz as vampires already there enemies now

"sidharth raj shyam start it"said she

they also start to fight but they also failled by abhay and khushi who killed all of them easily

Ria screamed

"i will kill her for sure"

she start to go towards ridz while rid was hiding

before ria reached towards ridz khushi killed her and almost every vampire was dead till now

they again start to find portion and finally find it

The war was end they won

3 months later

Arnav khushi , kiran ansh , armaan ridima , pia abhay and anjly arjun get married kavya and karan got there parents while Khushi abhay chand hasina maya and abhigyan got there life there human life back . And today they become totally completely humans


okay guys sorry for finishing the story in haste but as you guys know am starting new story and i am not free too plus network problem and moreover i lost the interest in this story due to no coments or only one coment i can't continue my story with such things and i can't even discontinued so i finished it here with a haste

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