Twist in Punar vivah

May 31, 2013

Twist in Punar vivah (By Tiakapoor)

31st May Punar vivah SBB Segment.

According to current track Sarita threatens Sheila showing a knife to tell the truth about Raj's first love.

Divya told Gaurav that the guy whom she got out through bail was her ex lover Raj.

The segment shows divya in her haldi ceremony.

off,divya says sarita gives her bad wish,as raj didnt accept her after her marriage.

Saritha asks divya to make sarita and raj's remarriage and later divya and gaurav's marriage.

In mean time sarita falls in love with gaurav and later divya and raj marriage will be performed.

The segment starts at 07:22(SBB)

Click here to watch the video

SBS segment at 04:30

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