Madhubala 5/22/13 Episode: Cougar Alert!

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May 23, 2013

Madhubala 5/22/13 Episode: Cougar Alert! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 3 times)

Mothers of young, handsome men, hide thee progeny.  A cougar is on the loose and she has a predilection for these demi gods.  Once she had her wicked ways, they are discarded with utter care so she ends up blameless and free to roam as she pleases.  She is currently on her third known victim.  It our advice that this particular young man skip town to save his handsome hide.  But he is well and truly ensnared and can’t free himself from her.  Such is the power of this particular cougar.  Beware citizens.  She is very vicious and will not hesitate to attack.


Paddo has set a most interesting trend.  She is going for men younger than her previous lovers.  Malik was considerably younger than Ballu.  Yes…was…I am afraid he has been put to “sleep”.  Now she is employing her wiles on the new kid on the block.  Fake tears and touchy feely, she has the boy well ensnared in her clutches. 


This cougarefic mother dangles her youngs to attract the men.  She employed this trick on the erstwhile missing Malik, the new kid on the block Sultan, and her new victim will be none other then Superstar RK.  Indeed after she has used Sultan for her pleasurable pursuits, she has put him to the task to separate her clueless daughter from her even more clueless husband.  DO NOT mistake this act as a concern of a mother.  She has set her eyes on the gorgeous Superstar.  She will have him even if it’s going to destroy her young.  But it’s fine if Madhu breaks, because she would have served her purpose.


Hmm…this makes me wonder about the lack of suitors for Trishna.  She is pleasant looking and has modicum of wit.  Methinks the cougar has done away with the suitors.  We must form a coalition against this dangerous creature and prevent her from hunting. 


Happy Hunting!

May 23, 2013

Crazy in Love (By Tainar) (Thanked: 3 times)

Who ishq hai kya jisme pagalpan na ho.  Ahaan.  I am all for a bit of craziness in love.  Adds more spice to the romance.  But these two are certifiably crazy.  Then again that’s why we love them because we are just as certifiable!  LOL!


My heart wants to believe RK as he so eloquently speaks of love, pain, betrayal, etc.  But I can’t help but think it sounds way too much like a dialogue.  It would have been so much easier if the CVs had shown his change in attitude and behavior incrementally.  And also show us what he’s thinking as they do with Madhu. 


But must say the hug was fabulous!  It was all raw passion so it just cannot be acting.  Now if only Madhu would send a memo about her change of heart to her mommy dearest.  On the other hand, won’t make one whit of difference.  Mommy Dearest needs Daughter Dearest gone so she can sink her claws on the fine specimen that’s our Superstar.  

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