Don' be Surprised Rishabala fans if U see

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May 15, 2013

Don' be Surprised Rishabala fans if U see (By Mosap) (Thanked: 6 times)

Seeing CVs obsession With Sultan , don't be surprised if he makes Sultan into some CBI FELLOW or Police seceret agent or NFS (National Security Force ) to catch underworld Don in Dubai or India so as to make Sultan's profession white as his character. But since CVs have not been able to force sultan and madhubala jodi on us with his  so white character so he won't be able to do so with his white profession too. He tried all his trick under his belt.He made RK character as negative as possible but still CVs have not been able to force Rishabala fans to hate Rishabala.

My reason for above is because everyone in the mumbai city from Madhubala , Padmaniji, Deepali, RK, Trishna  and so many others knows about this gangster and many of them knows about his cell phone number but there is no police to catch him.He is shown as very powerful gangster with base in Dubai and no one is looking for him. Plus he is roaming freely in open market, malls, attending party though when he was  injured he did not go to doctor in fear of being caught . Either CV thinks the viewers are fools or CV has some other plan to make his profession as white as his character. 

CVs is unable to understand the people obsession with Rishabala. It is not about white or black character but it is about sizzling onscreen chemistry between Rishabala which CV is trying his best to destroy through his storyline.

I am interested to know MEIEJ 's this week TRP.

May 24, 2013

This post of mine seems to become a truth-Don' be Surprised Rishabala fans if U see (By Mo (By Mosap) (Thanked: 1 times)

Remember my this post which I had posted few days ago. They will be trying to make Sultan's  profession white too since his so white character have not been accepted at all. Revelation about Sultan could mean nothing else. It means Sultan is here to stay for longer time with his dead mother becoming alive. As earlier I am telling u CVs , it is not about white or black or gray character but about sizzling chemistry b/w  Rishabala , though CVs has tried to show all negative about RK.Still people love RK and Rishabala and hate Sultan. All ur twist and negative character will be accepted as long storyline and the show remain positive and Rishabala remain together and in love at mental level . As long as track is positive, interesting  negative character will be accepted by fans

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