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May 15, 2013

MeD and the Social Media (By Jasquerade_X) (Thanked: 13 times)

The Social Media has become an integral part of our lives - what would one do without it? For some it has become an addiction and for others a need to the extent of successful businesses brewing at the click of a button.

Word spreads at the speed of light!

But where does our MeD fit into this Social World?

This is where YOU come in!

1) Please join our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Current FB pages:





~Qubool Hai~


So join and like!

Spread the word!

What next?

We only have a few pages right now as you can see, why not expand?

How about other serials?

We are looking for volunteers who can manage our FB and Twitter pages etc


- Explore the pages above to get an idea.

- You would also use your accounts to promote your post as done successfully by other people! Blending great contents with social media, results in great views and great myDiary!!

Examples: (look at the views and FB likes)

Another example:

New Additions:

The Tweet button at the end of each myview. True Medians should do atleast 10 tweets of the post they like ... this will help us in growing MED to leaps and bounds  InshaAllah!

Are you ready to take your MeD to great heights?!

Leave your thoughts below!

May 15, 2013

Help Needed from TRUE MEDians (By MED Dev Team )


Dear All,

Only becoz of your love MED today has attained No 2 Entertainment Forum India Wide... if you truly love MED then help us grow this eFamily to the next level.... This is only possible with your support, love and affection....

There are so many great writers on MED... you love them, read their updates and write comments then why shying from:

1) TweeTing from your individual accounts – press TWEET button for each post you like… let the world know your choice

2) Press LIKE or SHARE buttons for Face Book – let your friends know what about it and benefit from it!

3) Comment in FB Section (very advanced and interactive!) you always wanted better comment section

4) FB pages – Join MED FB pages and interact there – it is so much fun as we post so many quizzes etc …

5) Volunteers - we need so many volunteers to grow this platform and eFamily …. We are not just a Forum …there is lifestyle we flourish here on MED…safety, security and noise free helpful healthy community…. This is only possible due to your efforts …. We need your support to GROW further….

USE MED Features Generously:

1)      Please do not make a new “myView” if you wish to request your beloved story writer or you wish to appreciate them … there is Private message (PM) Function for this or APPRECIATE them in dedicated “Appreciations” section on their dairy – we will delete your request or myViews it used for this stuff….Follow RULES

2)      Follow your writers by adding them as FAVORITEs or add myView to FAVORITEs and navigate them any time by pressing Dairy or myView from the bottom permanent tray…

3)      Many Diaries have no Xpress updated.. it is so cool to update one Xpress a month atleast… some savvy Diary holders update once is a day!!

MED is your and our family ….. So lets make it FUN… please help MED GROW….

May 20, 2013

MED NEEDS VOLUNTEERS!! (By Angelina) (Thanked: 7 times)

Hi MeDians,

From fun to friends and from time-pass to business, Social Media is the new TREND. We'd want to see what opportunities it can create for MeD.

We request you to share MeD myViews and posts on the social networking sites. Twitter & Facebook.


10 Tweets and 10 FB comments a DAY!!- is it a big thing to ask from you MEDians?

Please read above post for more information on how to promote your myViews.

And we're searching for volunteers from our e-family who are already on Facebook and Twitter. And if you're interested to volunteer or assist, please leave a message in the comments, and we shall send you a message about what you need to do.

It would just take a few seconds. Thank you so much everyone for being a part of our growing e-family.  Loads of new features cooking .... so please help us grow and make this e-nest bigger ... this can only happen if you e-help us ...


Use TWEET button and FB comments and LIKEs... we need all this and if you are a MeDian then we know you will help us .... so please be a VOLUNTEER and help us....

Aug 31, 2015

Imp post............. (By Hihi1)

Imp post...........

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