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May 13, 2013

Who are you??????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 50 times)

Here goes my new SS.


I’ll start from the point when Arnav accuses Khushi for being trouble in his Di’s life. But something is changed here. That is..


1.       Arshi consummated their marriage in the cabin during the kidnapping.

2.       Akash believes Payal and is helping her to prove that Shayam is fraud.




Here goes the story.


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Arnav: Why you came to my life Khushi? Why I met with you? If you didn’t came into my life then Shayam would never dumped Di nor will she not try to kill her own baby today. You are the biggest mistake of my life Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.


Saying this he went out from the house for a long drive leaving a broken Khushi behind.


After sometime Arnav understood his mistake. He pressed the break in one go.


Arnav: oh. **** What have I done? No, no, no Khushi you are best thing that is happened to me. For you I am alive today. I have to say sorry to her. Yes i have to.


Saying this he U turned the car and went to RM again but to see his room empty. She was not there. A gust of fear occupied his mind. He started shaking. Did he lost her??????




Hey guys for some reason I can't continue the story ' Arshi- A story of love' due to some reason. I am sooo sorry. I know the readers of that story are very angry with me. But I can't. So, I am dedicating this story to all the readers of that story. 

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Jun 3, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 57 times)

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Arnav came down calling Khushi’s name. He was looking for Khushi here and there but couldn’t saw her.  He started screaming. Soon everyone gathered there to know what happened.


Nani: Chotte what happened? Why are you screaming with Khushi Bitiya’s name? She was in your room only. You were also there na?


Arnav: Nani that means you didn’t saw her?


Nani: No.


That’s when Arnav saw Anjali, Akash and Payal was not there.


Arnav: Nani where is Di?


Then he heard Anjali’s voice from back.


Anjali: Chote I am here.


Arnav looked at her.


Arnav: Di have you seen Khushi?


Anjali:( with a cold voice) No.


Now Arnav became impatience.


Arnav:( Angrily) You all people are here and don’t know where is Khushi? How careless you are?


Anjali: (angrily)  I can’t understand why you are behind that characterless girl. Chote she trapped your Jijaji and made me husbandless when I needed him the most. Who knows where she has gone at the darkness of the night? May be some call....


She was cut by Arnav’s screaming


Arnav: Diiiiii......Don’t you ever. She is my wife and I know very well how she is. Di I can’t believe that you are telling this about her when she endured so much pain just for your happiness. Di I married her forcefully just to save your marriage. I Know Jijaji is a fraud from the day of our marriage. Di I didn’t believe that jijaji is a **** by just hearing from Khushi. I saw that with my own eye. But to my bad luck that I didn’t hear Khushi that night. If I did then the condition would be better now. Di I am standing here just for her. I would have dead by now. But I am stading here with a life which Khushi gave me without caring about her life.


Everyone gasps hearing the new revelation.  Anjali was shocked.


Anjali: No Chotte you are wrong. You are wrong. I don’t believe it.


Just then they heard a door bell. Arnav thought it was Khushi ran to the door but to his disappointment it was Payal and Akash.


Arnav: Payal did you see Khushi?


Payal:( panicked) No Arnavji. But she was here only. I saw her last going to your room. Isn’t she here?


Arnav: No.


Now everyone started to panic except Anjali who was in a shock. She still was confused whom to believe her brother or her husband.


Arnav was now totally shuttered. He was feeling guilty for saying those words which was absolutely wrong.


Just then they heard another doorbell. Arnav ran towards the door like a mad. He opened the door and saw the watchman was there.


WM: Sir a little boy gave me this.


He handed over a paper to Arnav and went. Arnav opened the letter with shaking hand and saw


From today I, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is dead for the whole world. I wish I would die on the very day I fall from the cliff. Then I would’ve died with content that you all love me. But no. I am wrong. It was not love. It was illusion which went with a blink of eye. So good bye.




Evryone of the RM saw Arnav was shaking. The paper fall from his hand.


Arnav: No this can’t be. Nooo


Saying this he went out from the house.


And that was the last day the Raizada Pariver saw him as well as the whole world. ..............


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Jun 4, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 71 times)

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After 5 years


At Mumbai


A BMW stopped in front of a high rise building and the driver came out to open the door of the back seat.

 A lady of around 25 or26 came out in a formal official suit. As soon as she came out all the media public started to capture the pics in their camera.


Reportar: Good morning ladies and gentleman. We can all see that the owner of AK group Ms. Khushi Singh Rathod coming down from the car. Now she is one of the topmost industrialists of the country. After the great ASR she is considered as the young talent. She started this group 5 years back in London. She came to India After 5 years. About her personal life she never discloses anything to anyone. No official person is allowed to enter in her house. We just came to know that she has one son and one daughter of 5 years old. But we don’t know anything about her husband. Thank you.


Now the TV camera shows the gorgeous Khushi Singh Rathod entering her office.


Seeing the new A guys sitting in a roadside tea stall in Goa was so shocked that he slipped the tea cup from his hand. Now he has to pay for that cup. If he does that then he won’t able to have his lunch today.



I know it is short. But I want to give a regular update for this story. But I don’t have that much time. So short one. 

Jun 5, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 74 times)

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Khushi entered into her cabin and sat on her chair. Thou she was in a formal attire if anyone see her properly they can see a trace on red mark on her forehead and a mangalsutra around her neck under the collar of her dress which represents her husband. She opened the business channel and heard the news. When she heard the line “After the great ASR she is considered as the young talent” she became very emotional.


Khushi:( to herself) Of course. After all he is my idle. My everything. Had I done mistake by leaving him? I know he was angry at that time. He was tensed about Di and put out the frustration on me. Then why I left? Of course I should leave. I also have some self respect. He will constantly taunt me and I’ll always accept that. No It’s better that I came out. But What about now. I came to India. Sooner or later I have to meet him. He is also a businessman.


She came out of thought after hearing the  knock of the door.


Khushi: come in


Soon her manager came in.


Khushi: Mr. Kiplani can you plz give me the condition of AR designs from the last 5 years.


 Mr. Kiplani: (Surprised) Why Maam. Do youwant any deal with them?


Khushi: Do As I say. You have only 1 hour.


Mr. Kiplani: No need of 1 hour. Everyone know the condition of AR. After ASR gone....


Khushi was shocked. She started shivering.


Khushi: What do you mean by after ASR was gone?


Mr. Kiplani: Oh. Maam actually no one has seen him in this 5 years. Not even his family. We all know that he got out from his house in one night and never came back. There is also rumour that his wife also lost that day. Actually no one seen then on these years. There are many rumours about this in the market. Someone says that they both were murdered. Someone says that his wife dumped hi thats why he became ‘Ashiqui’ and left the house. But no one has seen him for years. After him Akash Singh Raizada has taken care of AR. But he is not like his brother. So the condition of AR is becoming bad day by day. Also his sister is in a state of shock after ASR’s departure. Above all the condition of Raizada is worse.


Khsuhi was listening all this and shaking. She didn’t cry in last 5 years after the birth of her twin. Arshi and Khusav. Her tears were about to come out any moment. She needs  sometime alone.


Khushi: You can go Mr. Kiplani.


Mr. Kiplani: But Maam...


Khushi:( Shouting) I said go. Means go. And yeah cancel all my appointments and meeting for today and don’t you dear to come to my office.


Mr. Kiplani was hell shocked.  There is very less person who saw her anger. He came out of the cabin hurriedly.


As soon as Mr, Kiplani came out from the cabin Khushi run to the door of the cabin looked it came to her drawer take out a photo frame and burst into tears.


Khushi: What have I done......I should.....I should not have left him that time. I did a ...great mistake....Devi Mayia.....  Arnavji....Arnavji...Plz Plz come back..see your ...alive. Only Only with your ...sign...Our...sign ....of Arnavji...see....I still wear sindoor and...Mangalsutra...... Arnavji ...we have....a son...just you and a ..Daughter who loves her Papa very much. Plz Plz Arnavji...I am sorry. Plz .......I promise I’ll never go away this time. I don’t care...whether you yell at me or beat me. Arnavji just come back. Arnavji I need you, our children need you....Di needs you....Jijaji needs you.....Arnavji we all need you.Plz.



Jun 8, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 86 times)

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That evening Khushi went home with a gloomy heart. She is blaming herself for the condition of Arnav, of AR, of all the Raizadas. She decided herself that she will do everything for AR to regain its position. If that costs the loss of AK she was ready to do it.


As soon as she entered into the house she was welcomed with two pairs of hand around her waist. She smiled after the whole day. Yes she has the reason to live. Her no their children. Khushi bent down and give a peak on both if their cheeks. Khusav got irritated by this.


Khusav: Maa I am a big boy now. Plz don’t do this again.


With his comment Both Khushi and Arshi laughed. But Khusav noticed that Khushi smile didn’t reach to her eyes and also her eyes are puffy.


Khusav: Maa why you cried?


Khushi understood that she was caught by her son.


Khushi: No.... why? Did you ever saw me cried?


Khusav: No That’s why I am asking that why you cried? What made you cry just after reaching in India?


Khushi: My big boy. Now tell me how was your school? It was your first day.


Arshi: Maa you go and fresh up. After dinner we will discuss.


Khushi: O.k.


Khushi went and freshen up. After dinner Khushi went to the twin’s room.


Khushi: Now tell me how was your school?


Khusav: Nice.


Khushi: Only nice. And Arshi?


Arshi: Very nice. I had many friends. But my Khadoos brother didn’t have any?


Khushi: Why beta?


Khusav: Why Maa everyone here ask about my Papa.  Don’t like that. Maa  where is papa?


Arshi: Yes Maa. Where is papa? When we were in London you said that he is in India and for some reason he can’t come London. But now we are in India. Where is he?


Khushi was dumbstruck. She didn’t know what to answer the question what she didn’t know. Actually no one knows. She suddenly burst into tears and hugged both of them.


Khushi: I don’t know beta. No one knows. He is lost.


Arshi amd Khusav felt guilty for making their mom cry.


Arshi and Khusav: We are sorry Maa. We promise we will never ask about Papa again. But can you show us his photo so that if we saw him we can recognise.


Khushi nodded and went to her room to bring the only photo of Arnav she have.


The twins were amused seeing their handsome father.


On the other hand the guy was on the roof of a bus to come to Mumbai. He has to reach as fast as possible. After all his life is there.

Jun 13, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 80 times)

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Khushi tucked Arshi and Khusav in their respective beds which are in the same room.


Khusav: Ma one last question?


Khushi: What?


Khusav: What is my Papa’s name?


Khushi: (Sigh) Lets play a puzzle word. His name is from both of your names. Both of your names are the combination of my and his name. And the meaning of the name is Ocean.So now you guess.


Saying this she got up and went to her room. She needs to have some time alone. And she can’t cry in front of the twins. On the other hand twins started to assume their father’s name.


Arshi: What can be his name?


Khusav: First lets make Maa’s name.


Arshi: Yes.  See ‘Khush’ of you and ‘Shi’ of me. ‘Khushi.’


Khusav: Yes. The remaining are ‘Ar’ of you and ‘Av’ of me.


Arshi: The Arav. Our father’s name is Arav.


Khusav: Buddhu Maa said the meaning of the name is Ocean. Let’s check the internet.


He went to their PC and opened the Google. After searching for some time he decleared...


Khusav: Our father’s name is Arnav.


That night the children went to bed with a content heart that they found something about their father.


On the other hand Khushi was feeling that she did the right thing by telling them about their father. Till now she didn’t tell them because she feared that as Arnav is a tycoon if Arshi and Khusav saw him in TV they will go to him and Arnav will hurt them. She thought that when she is a mistake to him then they were also mistake to him. But now she is regretting her decision. She shouldn’t leave RM that day. She shouldn’t leave the country. If she was there at least Arnav was well also. God know where he is now? Is he taking food properly? Is he taking his medicine? She sighs. At that time she got a call from her PA Kriya.


Khushi: Yes Kriya...


Kriya: Maam a bad news. Woh Mr. Kiplani met a little accident and his leg fractured. So he applied for one month leave.


Khushi: Of course his leave should be granted. And also see that his company bears all the cost.


Kriya: O.k. Maam. One thing more.


Khushi: What?


Kriya: Maam the assistant manager’s post is already vacant. Tomorrow there is a interview for candidates which was to be taken by Mr. Kiplani.


Khushi: O.k. Tomorrow do I have any meetings.


Kriya: Yes. You have two at morning.


Khushi: Then postponed the interview till afternoon. I’ll take the interviews.


Kriya: O.k. Maam.


Khushi: And one more thing. I want all the financial reports of AR including their deals, clients they are having from the last five years by tomorrow afternoon.


Kriya: O.k. Maam


Khushi cut the call and went to her bed.

Jul 24, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 82 times)

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Next morning Khushi went to office after dropping Arshi and Khusav at their respective school. She entered inside her cabin and sat on her chair. After sometime Kriya entered into the room with a file in her hand.


Kriya: Maam here is the annual financial report of AR designs from the last 5 years.


Khushi: Thank you. Keep it on the table and when is my next meening?


Kriya: Maam in next half an hour.


Khushi: O.k. You can go.


Next three hour was a bust schedule for Khushi. She had two back to back meeting. After that She came to her cabin. After 5 minutes Kriya informed her that all the candidate are present there for the post of Assistant manager. Khushi nodded and told Kriya to send them one by one.


Khushi took the interview for next 2 hours. In middle she ordered her driver to pick up Arshi and Khusav from school as she can’t go today. At last she lean on her chair with a sigh of frustration. All the candidate has the certificate but none has the capabilities. She was thinking who was better among them as no one was the best. At that time there was a knock on her door.


Khushi: Come in.


Kriya entered.


Khushi: Yes Kriya..


Kriya: Maam there is a candidate for the post. But....


Khushi: But what?

Kriya: Maamhe didn't apply for the post before. He came today morning and was insisting to give him a chance for the interview.


Khushi: O.k. send him.


Kriya: But there is a problem. He has no educational certificate.


Khushi: What!!  He came here for the interview without any educational certificate. O.k. send him.


Kriya  went out. Suddenly Khushi felt a known feeling. She stood up and looked here and there. She could felt that he was here. But where?????? She became restless. Then she heard a knock on her cabin door. She took a deep breath to keep herself calm.


Khushi:  Come in.....


Aug 7, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 78 times)

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Khushi: Come in.....


Then a man of early thirties entered into the cabin. She was shocked to see him. His face was full with beard. 

He looked almost like Arnav. For sometime she missed thinking that he was her Arnavji. But the nerdy specs with high power on his eyes 

gave her the surety that he was not her Arnavji. She looked at him with the intense eye. She came back from her thought hearing his voice.


Man: Good evening madam.


Now she was sure that he was not Arnav as Arnav’s voice was a commanding voice and a husky one. But the person in front of her had a broad voice.


Khushi: Good evening. Sit down.


Man: Thank you Madam.


The man sat there.


Khushi: So you are the one who didn’t apply for the post and doesn’t have any certificate.


Man: yes madam.


Khushi: O.k. first tell me what is your name?


Man: Araav Malik.


Khushi: So now tell me that why didn’t you apply for the post but you came for the interview?


Aarav: Actually Mam I reached in Mumbai at today morning itself from Goa. So I didn’t get chance for the application.


Khushi: But what about your academic certificates.


Aarav: (Sigh) Actually 5 years back in an accident I lost everything.


Khushi: Sorry.


Aarav: No need to be. I deserve this.


Khushi: what about your qualification?


Aarav: I completed my MBA from Hydrabad.


Hearing this Khushi got the flashback when she and Arnav was in GH her neighbours came to see Arnav.




Old Lady: What about you study?


Arnav: I did MBA from Havard.


Old Lady: What from Hydrabad? What a nice talk. You must know many religious things


********end of the flashback*******


Khushi suddenly laughed memorising the incidence. She came out hearing Aaravs sound.


Aarav: Excuse me Mam.


Khushi: Oh. Sorry. Now what about your experience?


Aarav: Before 5 years I was in a multinational company. But In last 5 years I didn’t get ant such job due to the lack of the sufficient papers.


Khushi: So what you did in last 5 years?


Aarav: I didn everything except staling, robbing and killing.


Khushi was amused seeing him laughing here itself.


Khushi; What is the fun here. This is a formal interview. I thing you are supposed to answer formally.


Aarav: Sorry Mam. I know I won’t get the job as I don’t have anything which the others have. So .......


Khushi: O.k. Now As you don’t have anything that is needed for the post so only one task.


She handed over the file of AR to him.


Khushi: This the file of one of the multinational company AR designs. Before 5 years it was the topmost company. But for some reason their share price is going very low. The condition of the company is becoming day by day. No one is interested in investing AR anymore. But I want to help them to regain their condition. Here in the file there is their history before 5 years and after that. Now you read that and within half an hour give me the solution by which both the company will get the profit but AR will get more profit. If the solution is acceptable then you are fired. If not then the way is open.....


Aarav :( Thinking) She is from which world? All the company wants to get the greater profit but she wants to get lesser profit.

Aug 13, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 86 times)

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Khushi saw Aarav was flipping the page one by one. She looked at him very intently. The way of seeing the file was very familiar to her. But she couldn’t understand where she saw them. After 20 minutes Aarav looked up. Khushi composed herself.


Aarav: Actually Madam the main problem was the departure of ASR. After him the clients lost their confidence. Though Akash I mean Akash Singh Raizada is fully capable of handling of company they are not getting any client. On the other hand the former employees are leaving the company and new comers are not experienced.


Khushi: Cut short of the description. I know that.


Aarav: Madam there is someone who is leaking some information.


Now Khushi became serious.


Khushi: What?


Aarav leaned on the table. Khushi also saw that. Aarav pointed out some place.


Aarav: These information are very confidential. No one should know them except some peoples. But see the information is here. That means there is someone who is leaking the information.


Khushi: So what should we do now?


Aarav: At first we have to find out who the person is.


Khushi: Then?


Aarav: As AR is not still in debt so we are in a better position. At first we have to sit in a meeting with their CEO and GM only as we know someone is betraying them. The company started from nowhere and reached to its pick within few years. When the company started all the employees were not experienced. So we have to select new employee. But they should be monitored by someone who is experienced. Then we should launch a grand fashion show which will show the India that AR is not weak. After that only we can start dealing with the clients.


Khushi: But they can do that by themselves.


Aarav: Yes they can. But now the condition of AK is much better than AR. If people know that AK is with them people will be more interested.


Khushi: I think you are right. Thank you.


Aarav: It was my task Madam.


That time only Khushi remembered that yes he was a candidate. And he proved that he was capable of getting the job. She picked up the phone and called Kriya.


Khushi: Kriya arrange a appointment letter in the name of Aarav Malik in five minutes.


She kept the phone.


Aarav: Thank you madam.


Khushi: Welcome. You can start from tomorrow as you reached today morning itself. By the way where are you staying?


Aarav: I some hostel I will manage.


Khushi: O.k. You go.


Aarav was about to leave when Khusav and Aarshi entered the room and ran towards Khushi. They hugged their Ma and Khushi also hugged them. Aarav was rooted at the place and saw the trio lovingly with tears in his eyes. He so wished....................


Sep 5, 2013

SS: Who Are you??????????? (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 97 times)

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From the next day Aarav started his working in AK. He was very happy that he got the work of his wish. On the other hand Khushi was happy with his work. He was very eligible for the work. One week have passed. It was the day when the meeting with AR was about to held. Khushi was very tensed and guilty. She was tensed that she is going to meet his past and she was guilty that for her Arnav is not with them. She was sure that Akash is coming with them. She so wished not to go there. But she has to. For AR. For her Arnavji. AR is like a baby to Arnav which he build up with his hard working. That’s when she heard a knock on the door.


Khushi: Come in.


Aarav entered into the room with a file in his hand. And placed that on the desk.


Aarav: Madam the meetings with AR will be started after two hours. Here is the file of terms and conditions. Please go through it and if required them make some changes.


Khushi looked at his face and suddenly she saw her Arnavji is there. She closed her eyes. She didn’t know what but she felt her Arnavji is there when Aarav is near her.  His way of walk, his way of work everything resemble Arnav. She came back from her thought hearing Aarav’s voice.


Aarav: Madam are you O.k.?


Again the caring.  She sighed and nodded.  She took a deep breath.


Khushi: Mr. Malik, tell Kriya to arrange the comference room and I want all the employee to be present in the conference room within 15 minutes.


Aarav: O.k. Madam.


Aarav went from there. She didn’t know what but her heart was telling to believe him in this deal. Her heart was telling only he can help both AR and AK. Only her devi Maya Knows why? Suddenly an idea pooped in her (Crazy) brain.


After 15 minutes


All are present in the conference room and Khushi was in the corner.


Khushi: I called you here that you all know that we are going to lunch a joint venture with AR. The meeting is after 2 hours with AR. I am not wishing to take part in this actively. So I am wishing to give the full responsibility to Mr. Aarav Malik. I think you already know him. He will be the head of the project. Even every meeting will be held by him in place of me. He will select whom to assign. And Mr. Malik I want the every day’a report at the end of the day at my table.  O.k. Anyone has any question?


One employee raised his hand. She was the head of the fashion designing department Sonia.


Sonia: but Madam AR is now a looser company. Why you are willing to work with them?


Khushi: Miss Sonia sometimes we should work not on the basis of profit or loss. I just wanted.


Sonia: But Mr. Malik is new in this company. Will he able to......


Khushi: Are you challenging my decision. Then let me tell you once you are also new in this company. And now you are Head designer. Everyone was new in some aspect. And I am sure that the project is going to be super hit.   Any question?


Now no one raised any question.


Khushi: No question. Hah. Then go to your work.


Everyone left the room. Khushi was sitting there and checking the file which was given by Aarav.  The file the perfect. Even she couldn’t do better.


After finishing the file she looked up to see that Aarav was still in the room and looking at her.


Khushi: Excuse me Mr. Malik. You are still here. But....


Aarav: Madam what Sonia said is right.


Khushi: Mr. Malik I said all this because I know that you are capable of this. My heart says that.


Aarav: But madam it is business. Here we have to listen our mind not heart.


Khushi: I know. But in some cases we should also believe heart.  And that’s why I believe you. I think you will not let me down.


Aarav: Of course. How can I let you down. I am alive only for you.


I know I am late but I don't know what happened to me. I wrote this in one week. I don't know why I can't proceed more that 4/5 lines in a day. Sorry. 

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