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May 12, 2013

*Important post* -Wave your Magic Wand ! (By Karmachameleon) (Thanked: 13 times)

Improve Your Writing and Take some Tips From here !

Hi Everyone !

First of all i would like to say that my intention of making this post isn't that you are a bad writer , its simply that how to make your writing attractive and how to improve them if you think you dont need it then kindly refrain from reading it !

Thank you !

# How to Make your Story Attractive ?

Some tips For Attraction !

  • Story Title :

Remember always that your story title plays a big role in attraction , if its Simply 'Love story' , 'True Love story' -'My first Story' then it wont attract much readers , you can still change your story title choice is yours to make .

  • Header Image / Story Banner :

The Second Big role is played by your header image and Story Banner . It makes your story attractive

It makes the reader crave to know what your story holds ! So do put a header let it be a Gif or a simple image and do Put a Story banner , the more effort you'll put in your story . the more readers and attraction it will hold !

Don't know how to edit a story banner ?

Check out : The Creative Factory :


Have questions ? Check out Help Desk :


  • Author's Notes :
If you have notes to write for the readers then kindly put them in the end , start the story first :)

# How to Improve My writing ?

If you're new to this site or writing - Read some tips and Create your magic !

  • Phone Language :

Please for goodness sake avoid phone language in any sense , let me repeat any SENSE ! you will always lose tons of readers because of it !

For Example : she tld me dat i luv her but becoz of d mistrust she dnt wnt 2 cum bck !

Instead of this please use proper english :

She told me that i love her but because of the mistrust in her she dont want to come back

Its simple and easy to read !

  • Hindi Dialogues or Tamil ones :

As everyone knows that some people dont understand hindi or tamil so if you intend to add these dialogues kindly put a translation in the bracket down near the sentence some how like this :

Example : Main tumhare bina nahi jee sakta

              (I cant live without you ! )

  • Grammar :

There is so much to say about it please kindly check out this :

  • Plagiarism/Copy/Inspiration

    Any plagiarism OR coping of fan fiction from any sources are STRICTLY prohibited on Myeduniya.com. It highly violates the copyrights of the original work and could lead to legal issues.

Actions taken on the Plagiarized Content :

  1. The Content would be removed immediately ! 
  2. Temporarily blocked Account 
  3. Permanently blocked Account

  4. Permanent block for unregistered Members ! 
  • Flow of Writing a scene :

Its definitely important to know how to flow a scene properly or creatively ...

If you consider yourself as a writer then you must know this , some how like this :

Example : He brushed his lips with her and she kissed him back with equal fevor ...

Flow of Scene : he bent his head and his mouth met hers, she gave a little sigh, her lips parting slightly in expectation. He kissed her with the same sure decisiveness with which he did everything else, his mouth trailing to her cheek and chin and ear, returning again and again to her mouth and lingering there, his breath mingling with her own. Tenderly... firmly... repeatedly…

  • Vulgar and Mature Content -A Big difference !

Ok now this seems to be a sensitive topic but anyways go ahead , lets start with 'Rape' in Fan Fictions

Dont describe any body parts ! kindly i request ! if you intend to add something like this then put forward their feelings and the actions in a emotional way in some way that the reader understands that its a rape not Love making ! Simply write a POV (Point of view ) of the victim or of the criminal if he is repenting his actions of past

Lets begin without Point of views ...

Example : He forces her to bed and grabbed her arms and pinned her down , he forces her legs apart and entered making her moan in pain . (Vulgar it seems a bit )

Correct Way : He forces her to bed in such force that it took a little time to register what is happening to her in that little era he forces her yet again in such a way she whimpers helpless and screamed in pain as she felt him brutally tearing her apart and she screamed once again , helpless in this torture of the beast and his heinous actions . (Mature but not Vulgar )

If anyone here promotes vulgar content , the thread would be reported and removed immediately !

Now with point of views ...

Victim : There is blood. There is a lot of blood and he is grunting, repeatedly tumbling into me. I am numb and I feel like I'm not anything. Is that because he is just filling me with emptiness?

He is demanding me to open my mouth, then my pleads are no longer pouring out like water from a broken faucet. He is sliding down my throat and burning my skin where he touches it.

I don't cry, not even when I am sure it will never end.

Criminal : *Repenting*

It was a rainy night when the beast in me woke up seeing her in red , red my favorite color but when i saw her getting touched by other men -The woken beast came in action . I pulled her in one of the rooms

and brutally tortured her soul , tainting her body with my marks . Her Screams only promote me further but if only i knew they were out of pain not pleasure . Her screams echoed around the four walls as she begged me to stop but the damage was done . Red was spread all over making me hate it and want to kill myself but it was just too late ...

Now there you go , see it looks mature rather than vulgar and if you're not able to write like this , kindly refrain from writing them !

Now to love making parts in Fan Fictions (FFs)

Ok now it seems difficult to explain it but never mind ! Hmmm the first thing is dont mold your words that it look like its just a mere s*x between two people than loving making between two lovers .. See the difference ! include emotions rather than actions Hope you got that !

But never write them if you're not comfortable or too young !

Please add warning tags or post them on your blog -this is a serious issue

  • Abusive Language :

Dont put abusive words in your FF , one or two which is needed is ok but continually using them is being abusive . Kindly report if you see an abusive content .

  • Avoid Caplocks !

Are you screaming your head off to the readers ? if no then please avoid using caplock even if you want someone to shout in your FF , simply put a exclamation mark as simple as that .

  • Punctuation Marks : 
Its important to know when and how to use them , kindly check the grammar link for more details .

  • Capitalize the beginnings of sentences.


    It's not even that hard, just press Shift with the letter and wola!


    I just find this ridiculous and so I'm writing it out for the people who need it for future reference.

    Shift + A (Can be subsituted with any letter on the keyboard.)


    "i miss you ASR."




    "I miss you ASR."

  • Feelings : 
When you're penning down your character's feelings , make it italic so that it looks obvious hmm some how like this ? 

I can't wait to disclose about the truth , A single minute with him is like decades ..I hate Him to the core , I hate Shyam !

  • Avoid Spaces and Unnecessary Marks : 
Now for God's Sake dont put spaces and marks unnecessarily

Example : (1)

 I love her .... !!

With all i have and all i ever have !!

Our Love is filled with trust and Care ....!! 

Example : (2)

I love her .....with all i have ...and ...all i ever have ...our love is ...filled with ...trust and ...Care .

Example : (3)

I lover her , with all i have and all i ever have , our love is filled with Trust and Care ,

Correction :

I love her with all I've and all I ever had .Our Love is filled with Trust and Care .

You see ? Its as simple as that !

  • Arrangement of your Story / Organization : 
Let's clear some facts before we comprehend

FF - Fan Fictions (You long story)

SS- Short Stories

OS-One shot (Which ends with one go and one post)

Before your story title kindly put ArHi or Arshi FF/SS/OS whatever it might be to make it look professional in-case you're not writing about Arshi put whatever name of the character's you're writing about .

Now for the book effect arrange your story into chapters / Parts / Episodes before you start your story write a prologue and at the ending write a Epilogue . Its makes it look organized and neat and not to mention for Christ's Sake Do not add smileys in between your story it looks immature and promotes a childish look at your work .

If you're Dairy is a complete mess , make a separate index so that it would be easier to locate your work something like examples: Tinaarun's Index , Potter's Library , Spoon's Cutlery etc etc

Make it creative !

Another thing if you're story has been completed or Discontinued let us know by simply putting *Completed* , *Discontinued* at the end of your story title

  • For Arshi picture Edits :

If you're one of the brilliant people from med who are posting their edits here then kindly name it something like this which will give you sort of credit ? and will look beautiful and creative !

Examples : Lizard's Gallery , Alien's Creation , Sun's Edited Pictures etc etc

  • Collabs :

 If you're writing a story with your partner then do name it Arshi Collab : 'Story Title'

Give credits to your partner later in the author's Note .

  • Appropriate Words :

For making your writing look mature and professional use some appropriate words hmm like

Ordered = Demanded

Shouted = Exclaimed etc etc the list will go on forever

# How to start Fan Fictions ?

Ten Steps For it :

  1. Think of the book, movie, TV show, cartoon, or other source you would like to write fanfiction for. It can be anything- from your current favorite paperback novel to the old TV cartoons you used to watch as a child.
  2. Brush up on your subject knowledge. If you haven't watched/read the original work recently, do so. Get a feel for how the characters think and act; refresh your memory how the setting looks; understand how the key ideas work.
  3. Remember- Fanfiction often appeals to people when it is "canon". Canon means that it follows on from the plot that the creator/author originally set. People generally will like your story a lot more if it follows on from what the author wrote.
  4. Choose the characters you'd like to write about. You can have as many or as few as you'd like. Make the characters similar to their true identities- or explore the possibilities of a different persona. For example: "What if ___ wasn't kind, but cruel instead?"- how would the story have turned out? This kind of character is called an "out of character" character. You can do that, or you can add your own characters! Be warned, however, that if you decide to create your own character- known as an "original character"- creating a "Mary Sue" character (a character that is completely perfect) can draw criticism to your work. Make your original characters just that- original!
  5. If you are using characters from the original story, remember to continue with the characters set personality. People often forget what a character's persona is like when they are trying to merge them with their idea. But if the persons actions seem to out of character, then people won't want to continue reading the story.
  6. Think of what you'd like to write about. Fanfiction is the best way to explore the "what if"'s of the original work. A good way to get an idea is to ask a question: "What if ___ hadn't died?", "Why did ___ feel that way about ___?", "What would have happened if ___ and ___ got married?" It can be set in the past- a prequel to the story; the present- what is currently happening in the story; the future- what could happen to the story. Or it can be somewhere completely different, in an entirely unique setting or time period- (for example, writing a story about Harry Potter that takes place in 1950's Alabama.) This latter method is called "alternate universe" fanfiction, and is very popular.
  7. Capture the mood. It doesn't matter what you're writing about- from a Disney princess movie to a slasher flick to a contemporary thriller film, there has to be a mood- and you can choose any. Will it be dark and mysterious, unraveling the complexities of each character? Or will it be lighthearted writing- known fondly as "fluff"? It's all up to you.
  8. Start writing! Now that you've got the hard stuff out of the way, get writing. Add descriptions or scribble down action scenes; go in-depth with the character's emotions, or tell the tale from someone else's point of view. It's all up to you, and what your fanfiction is about!
  9. Revise and proofread. Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors. You might want to search for a "beta reader"- or someone who will look over your work for you to help improve it. Make your writing the best that it can be.
  10. Publish your work! Fanfiction is just that- fiction from fans. If you wrote it, you can bet that there are people out there somewhere who want to read it- mostly fans of the same original work!
# How to Avoid Mistakes in My Writing ?

Always remember to type and save your Work on Ms.Word before you update or publish it so this gives you myriad of advantages and one of it is 'Spell Checker'

# How to keep my work safe ?

Well the first option goes to Ms.Word even though your story hasn't been posted or something , always remember to write it in Ms.Word ok now coming towards Protection . Update a copyright pic in your My Xpression and keep it up as much as possible . It will always promote the sense of protection .

Remember one is allowed to make illusions right ?

Copyright Pictures like :


Concluding Message :

Before I conclude, I would like to repeat this post was not to make anyone feel bad as some people just might be at the disadvantage of not being aware of these things. So think of it as a guide and write some awesome work!


In conclusion, I would like to say that although the story may be the hero of a piece of work, no hero would be able to do its job without its sidekicks which all these pointers are. This is just a basic overview, if you guys want I will later on sometime write up another guide which goes in depth into points like Character Development, Choosing a Storyline, etc.


I hope this really helps, tell me if it made any difference because I am dying to read some new stories on Arshi ! And of course, I'm not some perfect god writer so let me know by your comments

Thank you for Reading !

Signing off

__ KC

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