OS:Feel of Love

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May 5, 2013

OS:Feel of Love (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 30 times)

Feelings of love when d soulmates r meet…… Arnav nd khushi who r the two souls, wen dey met eachother dey realized that dey wer soulmates dey became as one soul “ARSHI”. Lets feel der love……. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Arnav nd khushi, wen they came near to eachother the gust of wind alarmed dem, that dey soulmate wer somewer near to dem which make dem to search for der mate by feeling der presence. When there eyes met dey went to different world wer only dis two souls r existing, der heart beat started to beat fast nd synchronized with eachother heartbeats due to der closeness, dey both reached the der soul through the key hole of der chocolate brown eyes nd hazelnut eyes, ray of der eyes vision reflected at each other heart to meet der soulmate. When she landed on his arm dey got the meaning of der life. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ARNAV SOUL: When she landed in my arms my life became complete with her soul, I got the reason of my birth which is to meet dis pure nd innocent soul. I just wanna protect her from dis world with out any harm nd pain, she waked my inner feelings which i never identified myself, aft she came I realized my own feelings which is buried in my heart, love, passion, concern, desire, lust nd especially my soul, due to her presence I identified my own soul which I failed to spot till now. I wanna destroy her pain, worries, sorrows, I just wanna shower my inner feelings towards her which ll make her to feel her life too completes with me. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** KHUSHI’S SOUL: When I landed on his arms my life became complete with his soul, I felt safe nd secure in his arm from dis cruel world. I forget my pain, worries, sorrows due to his love, passion, concern, desire, lust nd especially with his soul. I just wanna to grow old in his arms itself. I wanna return his every happiness whose showering intense love on me. I realized my inner pleasure due to his presence nd closeness, I m d luckiest person to reach dis pure soul with good heart, I got the real meaning of dis life, I just wanna leave my soul in his arms itself, my soul ll reach the heaven happily……. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ARSHI SOUL: Thanks for coming into my life to make me special in dis world nd for making me to realize my inner pleaure which was sleeping in me for long time. I just wanna melt as a candle wit ur soul which ll give brightness of love, to lighten our life till eternity. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************Thanks for reading my OS, Lv u all.... NAKSHATHRA

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