My Perspective on Madhubala's Current Track

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May 1, 2013

My Perspective on Madhubala's Current Track (By Crazy4arshi) (Thanked: 1 times)

Firstly i want to make it clear that I do not hater this serial or hate Madhu because of this new track about revenge. I just want state what is in my mind and what my opinions are. 

Madhu's Black Gown 

-I agree that she looked really gorgeous in it,but why did she wear it? Remember when she had to wear that blue dress which was mostly the same as this one. She was feeling embarrassed wearing it and she even cried. But she wore the black gown without any problem.

Now about R.K: 

-First R.K insulted Madhu and then he realised he was madly in love with her. He then brought Madhu home, expecting her to forgive him and he didn't even say sorry. He could have said sorry but he is R.K after all.

-He then put handcuffs on her and treated her like an animal. Is that what he calls love?  

-When he sees her with Sultan he gets very jealous and feels insecure which I agree is fair enough and it looks like Sultan feels that way too when he sees R.K. 

-I am really happy that R.K loves Madhu but i don't like the way he treats her. I guess that's what the whole show is about.

-He knew that Madhu was up to something and asks her to prove her love for him by jumping of the terrace. so Madhu does and R.K saves her. As he was saving her I saw true love for Madhu in R.K's eyes and when he hugged her and that's when I felt really sorry for him as he is being cheated. I know he deserves it after what he did to Madhu but i love R.K too much. 

Now about Madhubala:

-Madhu has been through a lot. She fell in love with R.K. who broke her engagement, insulted her via media, nearly killed Malik, took 4 pheres with her, pretended to be in love with her, promised to take her away and live a simple life and then betrayed her by saying it was just revenge and that she is not  anything compared to him. 

-Her heart was completely shattered but she moved on which was the right thing to do.

-She then meets Aryan and Sultan and finds happiness being with Aryan.

-She truly loved R.K and we all know she still does but she's taking revenge. Why?. Love doesn't mean take revenge.

-I'm not saying that she has to accept R.K, but why revenge?

This new track has made me VERY curious about what is going to happen but I just think revenge is not a good idea. It's going to ruin the true love that exists between R.K and Madhu. 

I guess I just have to wait and watch. 

I just want say pls do not get offended by my opinions and everybody thinks different. 

Thank You for reading!


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