Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte...

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May 1, 2013

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte... (By Sim777) (Thanked: 9 times)

Aaj ka episode.. watched on tv and got so irritated when they showed the repeat of yesterday's episode.!! But thankfully got to watch it online.. But still had to go through written update cuz even online thing was missing that asad-zoya segment before tanveer comes and starts to help zoya remove the ring!!

God !! Asad looked irritated at the way tanveer was trying to remove that ring... And he was feeling really bad when she was trying soo hard to remove the ring.. it was like he wanted to scream.. " I put it on so it could stay forever..don't you get it woman..please don't remove it" !! :P

And dilshad.. Well played..Bechari tano rani...I felt bad for her so eager so happy thinking her words have deceived dilshad.. even extends her hand out to accept the ring... But...

And the way the whole scene built up to the point zoya is chosen as the bride to be.. If it weren't for the spoilers and if i didn't already know zoya is gonna be the choice .. My heart would've literally been in my throat..Like asad's was.. cause he and zoya both were thinking its gonna be tanveer.. and the look on asad's face..he was like so irritated just thinking about how his mother could choose tanveer.

And i think he felt a lot more relieved when dilshad takes zoya's name. And tano rani's expressions..

Now coming to Razia-daadi scene....

I wonder what's with everyone proclaiming challenges to be completed within 10 days... So these are my 10 questions regarding what can/might occur ...

1) Engagement is toh seen.. But will the marriage happen..they may end up confessing their love and all..But..

2) Will there be ayaan-asad-zoya ajmer track..

3)During this track... Is ayaan gonna develop feelings for zoya..Don't see how that's possible as asad-zoya should be engaged by then..judging from precap..

4) Will daadi and zoya team up?

5)OR..don't know why had this feeling after today..when daadi says "in 10 dino main kuch bhi ho sakta hian"... Will she temporarily join hands withtano to destroy razia..?

6) When and how will tanveer's pregnancy be revealed...?

7) and... will she use this to her advantage..Break nikhats marriage and humiliate razia in front of everyone...

8) Will humaira be the one to figure out her father's truth with daadi jaan's help and then team up with zoya..?? ( I love these 2 together)

9) Will daadi-jaan live up to the challenge.. will humeira actually kick her mother out..or will she just come to know the truth but act on it later...use it to her advantage somehow...

10)And last question...'s not really an important one...but my curiosity is just increasing day by day..Who will be new ayaan? I'm thinking they might end up with kinshuk...let's see...

So i know..its kind of confusing.. sorry abut that.. But these 10 gonna be one crazy roller coaster ride..

And the precap... I loveeeeeeeeeeeee that song..That's why its also the title ... "Tum hi Ho...meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho" Suits AsYa so perfectly!!! Cannot wait for it!!

And also I don't get what tanveer is trying to do in that new spoiler where she is screaming like crazy and hugs asad.. I mean is she trying to make zoya jealous..because if this scene is after their engagement its really lame...and if its before I don't see how that would change anyone's mind...And i wonder is she gonna play crazy so everyone starts worrying about her and postpones the marriage.. and well.. asad would love that.. But it's veryy less likely to happen!

At one point I was all praises for this villain's sophisticated games..But now she has really got big sadma (shock) i think hearing dilshad choose zoya!!

Anyways tell me what you all think!

Thanks for reading!

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