Love Destiny

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Apr 30, 2013

Love Destiny (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 52 times)

Hi Dear buddies, its just a very short nd simple 2S story abt our Arshi. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** There was a huge wedding hall with full decorations of fairy lights, flowers nd balloons, it is going to be a big wedding of our prince nd his princess, wedding hall settings of that lights giving look like a small city how it ll give look at nites with glowing lights. Flowers scent nd fragrance occupied the full wedding hall, balloons which is mixed of red nd white heartin shape giving a romantic atmosphere of that wedding hall. There was a huge banner at the entrance “ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA” weds “KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA”. Totally the hall was fabulous nd incrediable. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** In bridegroom room, Arnav was full of anger, rage nd frustration due to dis wedding. He was annoyed nd got irritated by his sister, bz of her stubborn decision nd blackmail he agreed for dis wedding. He already fell in love with a gal whose name was Carolin, other than her he cant think abt some other gal in his life. His heart beat only for her. Many times I told his family that he was not interested in dis wedding but dey din give him chance, dey felt khushi is a perfect gal for him, who can handle his temper nd stubbornness. Arnav was cursing his fate. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** In bride room, khushi was crying her heart out for dis marriage, which she never wanna do. Due to her family compulsion she agreed for dis marriage unwillingly. Her family thought Arnav is smart nd handsome, he was successful in his business good family background, he was good at heart other than that wt one family can expect for der daughter in her law’s house. Khushi cant do anything she was helpless, she thought to talk with arnav, that she don’t like him to marry but poor soul don’t have courage to face him, she heard abt him, he great business man nd he is short tempered, anger always sit on his nose, by thinking dis she dropped her idea to meet him. Her heart full of feelings 4 her Charles, she loving him more than her life. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Both r sailing on the same boat but unknown to each other feelings, atlast khushi thought to call arnav, she having his official mobile no, she dialed his number but he was not taking her call, she left voicesms “ Sorry arnavji…. I don’t like to do marriage with u, I cant make ur life to suffer. I already fell in love with someone without him I cant live in dis world, he was everything to me. Bz of my family compulsion I agreed for dis marriage, I m really sorry if I hurt u. Surely u ll get good gal better than me, All the best 4 ur future I m leaving dis wedding hall don’t search for me plz… “ aft she sent voice sms she went from der by covering her duppatta fully without knowing to anyone. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Aft khushi went, arnav came to meet khushi to talk abt his feelings but she was not der, so he finally decided to leave a note on her dressing table “ Khushi see u may got hurt by seeing dis but I cant marry u, i m not interested in dis marriage for my di only I agreed, If v got married also I cant give my love to u, so better v wanna drop dis wedding, u ll get good partner better than me. Now I going from here....... by ARNAV” Arnav too went somewer leaving dis hall. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Aft sometime, his family members came to see him but he was not der, dey searched for him but no wer to seen, anjali saw his mobile to check whether he got some important call, but der was voice sms from khushi, she ON ed it, dey heard khushi words all r shocked to hear dis, dey dono wt to do, Immediately dey rushed to bride room, already khushi family members wer sitting with shocking expression by seeing arnav’s letter. Dey showed letter to arnav family members, Anjali showed voice sms of khushi. Both the family r shocked by the dem. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Dey started to curse themselves for conducting dis wedding wer both bride nd bridegroom r not agreed for dis marriage. Now dey realizing what a blunder mistake dey did by compelling dem to do dis marriage which dey never cant do wholeheartedly.

Apr 30, 2013

Love Destiny (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 27 times)

Thank u for who ever reading dis story, i ll try to finish dis story tmr. I ll try to update " CHILDHOOD BUDDIES" aft 2 days, if u guys r interested to read ARSHI stories without any hardship means u can visit my dairy there r some short stories fully based on ARSHI nd der feelings "ALWAYS LOVE EACHOTHER FORVER", "LIVING LIFE WITH PLEASURE","FEAR OF LOVE" and "TRUE LOVE". These stories wont have any jealous r MU track, dese stories r posted a month back if u missed to read means u can read it in my dairy. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Thanks lot for ur love nd support for all of my stories. Hearty thanks for ur comments.

May 1, 2013

Love Destiny (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 83 times)

Aft arnav went from wedding hall he thought to call carolin, dat time only he came to know he forget his mobile on his room itself, he dialed her number from public telephone, informed her that he immediately wanna meet her, hearing dis she was soo happy to get his call on her difficult time. Finally dey decided to meet at der regular café, arnav went soon he was impatiently waiting for his lady love, she came aft 15 minutes both r happy to see each other, he hugged her with loads of love. He informed her that dey immediately need to do marriage, she also longing for dis only from long time but he only always say ll do it later. She itself surprised to hear dis from his mouth, now she felt relived, she got her love aft so much difficulties. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** With the help of der friends, dey did court marriage but poor souls din notice der signature. Now both r happy to get der love, both of dem remain silent only stealing glances at each other. Arnav made his way to RM, she just kept her head on his shoulder she felt peaceful on him, she remembered everything nd praying god that her family members wanna forgive dem. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Aft few minutes dey reached RM arnav paid to taxi driver nd both entered the hall by holding hand each other, both r shocked to see the family. Arnav was shocked to see khushi family in his house. She was shocked for der both family she was confused how arnav family nd her family came to her charles house. While dey wer in confusion, anjali saw dem, chotee….. by hearing her scream others too saw dem. All r shocked to see dem together nd also confused. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Total family was in confusion noone dono whats happening in that home, Khushi mom came nd stand in front of her, Arnav beta, khushi whats is dis y u both ran from wedding hall nd now u both standing here together, whats happening. By hearing dis both said at the same time, v love each other, anjali came nd asked u both love each other means den y u ran from der, v decided to do marriage for u both na. Now arnav nd khushi got confused, khushi mom words registerd in mind, Arnav came to know carolin is Khushi nd khushi too realized her love charles is none other than arnav. Now both r dumbfounded for der foolishness. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Der family members still in confusion, y dey left wedding hall if dey r in love with eachother. Anjali again asked arnav, y u both went from hall. Arnav with hesitation, Di actually while v studying in London we met eachother in college nd fell in love, Noone dono our real identity, I introduced myself as charles, nd she introduced herself as carolin. So due dis confusion only all happened now only I came know she only khuhsi. Anjali told him, but chote I send khushi phote in ur mail na as ur future bride, arnav replied, sorry di without seeing itself I deleted it I dont like to see any other gal other than carolin , I thought khushi is some other gal. Khushi mom asked her, khushi I gave arnav photo na, Khushi with lot of struggling, Mom.. i.. actually.. I throw it in dustbin without seeing. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Arnav, What the…. How dare u to throw my photo on dustbin. Khushi with same anger, how u deleted my photo without seeing like that only. Arnav was furious, its just mail…. Khushi said with loud voice, its just a photo. Arnav, its my photo dammit… Khushi, so wt I din see, der fight going on…. Family member looking at dem awwwww… Dey dono whether laugh or to angry for dem. Finally all shouted by seeing der fight, Enoughhhhh…. Arshi said at same time, he/she only started first, again both said, not me its u…. Der fight again started. Family member thought what a love destiny…. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** It is just a fun story of our arshi foolishness. Post ur comments both good nd bad comments r welcome…… ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** @Arshi_fan123, Lucky_arshi:Dont worry dears I ll try to update “CHILDHOOD BUDDIES” asap

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