BIG Announcement - *Wacky Weekly” Competition*

Apr 30, 2013

BIG Announcement - *Wacky Weekly” Competition* (By Med_Development_Team) (Thanked: 25 times)

BIG Announcement - * Wacky Weekly” Competition*


Hola MEDians:


We are all excited about MyeDuniya Weekend- 4th and 5th May 2013… are you Ready?


In line with our commitment to make your MED experience great we are here to present you the ROCK STAR – “Wacky Weekly” Competition (WWC) for our Top MED Serial Forums. As you know QH has really picked up well and we would now like to have WWC concept rolled out in

SaraswatiChandra, Madhu Bala, ChanChan,

PKDH  and EHMMBH sections.


So what is “Wacky Weekly” Competition??


You will be awarded points for your posts in serial sections. The more you write the more you rank higher… the points are accumulated over time and top 10 Point holders of each Forum will be displayed on right hand side of the page… just like how it is in QH as of now!!


There are five categories which are:


- Analysis/Reviews - It is essential part of the e-world relating to TV series that we get an insight into the minds of the viewers. The audience of a show plays a major role in the serial's life. Putting forward your thoughts about an episode, what you liked, what you didn't like etc can be very effective.


- Fanfiction - This also includes one-shots, short stories (SS) along with fan fictions (FF). Let the pen do its trick! Let your imagination run wild!


- Picture Edits - How's the creative side coming along? Creativity comes in all different forms and editing pictures is one of them!


- VMs - Who doesn't love listening to their favourite tracks based upon their favourite show? When you make a VM related to Serial you will be in the chance of getting points.


-Creative Writing- All the above categories have to do with creativity. This category is for the piece of writings that are of course creative but do not fit directly under the above categories.

So what do you get?


Each week under each category a Member gains 5 points - this depends upon their contribution in that week. In the past, Members have gained more than 5 points because they have contributed to more than one category (you don't have to write which category you have chosen because that's an automatic procedure).


How can you gain points and see your name in the Top Members List?


The comments made, the amount of views and thank you's, the FB and G Likes on the myview will help to determine who receives the points. This is also a message to the Readers out there, if you like what you read and/or see, do make that evident! Have your say and make a difference to your favorite post writers!!



What next?



Once a Member reaches 50 points, their Admin will post their Certificate in their Appreciation Wall with their ranking of a "Star" and when a Member hits a century they will be ranked as a "Champion”. If you don't have an Appreciation Wall (this is only available to those whom have a “myDiary”) then not to worry, we will award you a myDiary (complimentary)!!.


The competition will run from Mondays to Sundays and those who have managed to gain points for that week will be able to see their names along with points in the Top Members List.


Admins will not be participating in any of the categories mentioned as that will be unfair but they will continue posting and will look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts.


You have to be a registered member to participate as it will avoid cheating. It is easy to notice who is registered or unregistered as a registered member's post always has a thank you button at the end.


Wacky Weekly Competition starts from today, the wonderful posts posted today will be taken into consideration! Our first results will be declared on MED WEEKEND…. So here we ask again?



So get writing, get creative, get sharing and of course let your imagination go wild!

Get your voice heard and get yourself noticed! Motto of MED is “Express Freely”


Hope you all have fun! :)




MED Admin Team


PS – Special thanks to Jasquerade_x who conceptualise this “Kreative Koncept” of * * “WackyWeekly” Competition!* *

...Well DONE.... She has also kindly accepted “MED CO Admin Role - Global”. Please join MED Development Team in congratulating for her new post on MED....  

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Will you join WackyWeekly” Competition?
You Need Global Points and not for serial?
May 6, 2013

Weekly "WWC" Results!! (By MED Dev TEAM)

Weekly "WWC" Results will be out today on each Serial .... ARE YOU READY for FUN and excitement?

Your respective Serial Admins will post the results on each Serial forum by COB today...

Hope you all enjoyed.... WWC will be a now a permanent features of MED Serials ....

Voting time for IPKKND Section? Please do VOTE!!

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We need IPKKND Stories index, voted and ranked?
We need exciting OS, FF and SS Writing Competition with awards and prizes?
I have put suggestion in myView or Comment Box!?
May 20, 2013

WWC invades the IPKKND Section (By Angelina) (Thanked: 12 times)

Hi MEDians

Hope you're all doing well. We are so happy to see our forum growing. Please continue to shower your love on MED and express your thoughts freely!

Here comes the much-awaited news.

Wacky Weekly Competition invades the IPKKND section.

Yes, you read that right! You will now be able to see the top 10 contributors of the IPKKND section mentioned on the right hand side of the page. I'm excited too.

It will be implemented from tomorrow. **Three CHEERS** 

So pals, write more Fan Fictions, Short Stories & One Shots. Post Picture Edits, VM's and SHARE (new category).  Because every post counts. Now, on your marks, get set, go!!!


Get your voice heard and get yourself noticed! Motto of MED is “Express Freely”


Hope you will all have fun! :)



IPKKND Admin Team,

Angelina, Yelhsa & Karmachameleon

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MED RockstarZ .... BE ready to ROCK!!