OS: Triple Trouble

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Apr 10, 2013

OS: Triple Trouble (By Tainar) (Thanked: 114 times)

Khushi places her hand on her swollen stomach and grimaces in discomfort. 

Hai Devi Maiyya!  Raksha karna!

Uncomfortable and irritable she waits impatiently by the staircase for Arnav to help her up the stairs.  It irks her to no end that she has been forbidden from doing any tasks, even the mundane, like taking the steps.  She is tired of being treated like a fragile, porcelain doll! 

Arnav is finishing his discussion with Akash when Khushi screams and bends over in pain.  He runs to her and almost slips on the wet floor.  Khushi’s water broke.

Arnav (frantically):  Khushi…Khushi…are you ok?

Khushi (snaps):  What do you think?  I am just standing here and pretending to be in pain?  I am in LABOR!  Get me to the damn hospital NOW!

Arnav tells Akash to inform the rest of the family that Khushi is in labor and they are going to the hospital. 

Due to some political event, many of the roads maybe congested.  Akash and Arnav start debating the best route to take to the hospital.  Deep in discussion, they fail to notice a furious Khushi.  She grabs the overnight hospital bag that has been prepared for weeks and kept in a closet in the family room.  Grabbing Arnav’s keys, she waddles out of the house.

Hai Devi Maiyya!  By the time they finish the discussion, the kids would be born and already walking!  I am NOT giving birth without a doctor.

Khushi holds on to the side of the car and doubles over in pain.  Once the contraction subsides, she throws the bag in the trunk.  Sending up another quick prayer, she hobbles up into the driver’s seat and starts the car.  On registering the noise, Arnav and Akash realize that Khushi is no longer with them.  They run outside just as she drives away.

Arnav (furious):  What the…!  Akash… (Hands on his hair) she just drove away?  What the…!  Damn it!  She’s in labor and she is DRIVING?!? 

Akash (getting his keys): Bhai calm down.  Have faith that Khushi will make it safely to the hospital. (Mutters to himself) I hope she knows the way.  (To Arnav) Come on bhai.  Let’s go to the hospital now.

Arnav (snatches Akash’s keys and runs to his car, Akash follows suit): Have you ever seen her drive?  She’s a disaster!  Her driving is an accident bound to happen.

Akash:  Bhai calm down.  We were taking too much time in discussing routes.  She’s in labor and not in her right mind.  Just stay calm and have faith.  Everything will be fine.

They jump in the car and Arnav speeds out of the driveway.  He takes the shortest route to the hospital.  He silently prays for the first time to keep his crazy wife safe. 

They arrive at the entrance of the hospital to see Khushi beside the car, doubled over in pain.  Arnav runs up to her, sending up a silent prayer of thank you that she is safe.

Khushi (sarcastic):  So you finally remembered me?  I thought at the rate you were having the damn discussion I would have already given birth and the kids would be grown!

Arnav bites his tongue to keep his temper in check.  Like a mantra, he keeps repeating that she is in labor and so not in her right mind.  He ushers her into the hospital and gets her checked in.  The nurses get Khushi ready for delivery as the attending doctor comes in to check on her.  Arnav is standing beside Khushi, holding her hands during each contraction.  At the rate that she is squeezing his hand, it will be bruised and sore.  A few hours go by and Khushi is finally fully dilated for the final push. 

The doctor encourages her to keep pushing as she heaves and shouts all sorts of profanity at her Laad Governor.  Poor Arnav.  His face is white as snow watching his wife struggle and scream in pain.  She lets out another blood-curling scream as the doctor exclaims that he has the head of one of the babies.  It was too much for Arnav.  He blacks out.  Khushi heaps more curses at his head for fainting at such an inopportune time.  Two male nurses carry him out of the room.

After the long labor, she gave birth to three beautiful babies, 2 boys and a girl.  Cleaned and wrapped in soft, organic cotton blankets, the babies are placed in Khushi’s arms.  Tears of joy stream down her face as she looks down at her little miracles.  After she spends a good while with her bundles of joy, the nurses take the babies and place them in the bassinet. 

One of the administrator of the hospital approaches Khushi to inquire what she will be naming the babies.  However, Khushi is in a different world thinking about all the dishes she will eat once she gets out of the hospital.  She scrunches up her face in excitement that now no one can restrict her from eating what she loves.  Khushi (in a trance, loudly chants):  Aloo gobi, biriyani…(licking her lips) jilebis.

She sighs…how she has missed eating her favorite food. 

Khushi (mutters angrily): Laad Governor wouldn’t even let me touch them because too much oily food was not good for the babies.  And stupid doctor supported him. 

The administrator shakes her head and walks away.  Thinking Khushi is one strange woman.

Within an hour, Arnav rushes through the door with the rest of his family in tow.  They surround the babies, oohing and aahing at just how precious they are.

Arnav lays eyes on his beautiful babies and it is love at first sight.  With shaking hands, he gently picks up each and cradles in his arms.  He is going to love them all equally but his baby girl is his favorite.

The administrator comes back to get Khushi’s signature on the birth certificates for the babies. 

Arnav (surprised):  We haven’t picked names yet for the babies.

Admin:  Mrs. Raizada did when I asked her for names.

Arnav looks at Khushi inquiringly.  No way would she name their kids without consulting him.

Khushi (confused):  But I didn’t give you any names.

Admin:  Sure you did.  When I asked you for names you gave to me.  For your first son you said Aloo Gobi.  Your second son is Biriyani and you named your daughter Jilebi.

Looking at Arnav’s furious visage, Khushi bites her fingernails.  She’s in big trouble now!

Hai Devi Maiyya!  Raksha karna!


HI all! Hope you enjoy this little blurb. I was imagining the kirgeri our Khushi could have pulled on Arnav if had gotten pregnant in the show and given birth.  Remember the driving scene with Aarav?  She's a menace on the road!  Anyway...just wrote this piece for fun.  Enjoy! I am off to bed.

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