Why Muni/pundit came?

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Apr 10, 2013

Why Muni/pundit came? (By Ncc)

As we have seen the show has been going well - with good chemistry between various actors. I just do not understand why the team wants to bring a completely unnecessary scene like yesterday's (Monday) muni (or pundit or rishi whatever) scene. The guy just came, spoke some dialogues and left immediately without any meaning. Actually, Shipra, Neha, Natasha and Ayesha were doing well. It was like last week fighting scene between RK and ST which had no meaning at all. 

Looks like, these writers get itches in their body when they can not screw up for a couple of days in a row. So, when they see that the scenes are actually making some sense, they immediately bring some nonsense. Can they please give some rest to screw up and let the show continues with the current tempo? 

Comments welcome if I did not understand the necessity of that scene!

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