love and love

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Apr 10, 2013

love and love (By Riade123) (Thanked: 17 times)

hi all of u this is my 2nd story

my 1st is ipkknd:p

i thik people didnt like it a lot

so i thougt to write a new one


kushi: lived with her brother and his kids

she use to take care of them but

2 years back her brother threw her out of the house for her safty

her father bump her mom when her mom was carrying her

then mom die after giving beath to her

her brother and masi bouth her up

think her father is dead

5 years back her sister in  law died because of canser

that time her sister in law and her bother

had a daughter of 5 and one of 6 month

after that the took care of them as her own kids

the kids started  calling her choti ma

she is now 23 years old

she is talktive,childess,sensetive but dose not show her emostion,sturbon has lot of ego

allway want conterbut to sosite and very brave and fight back

 she is morden and well educated

asr: same as shown in the show but also give time to himslef and yes his fatehr is aliva but ranway after know that asr's mom killed herslef

but her mom didnt kill herslef in angli marrige

raj metha:kushi brother

very nice guy jokes around and protak kushi

he get all informat on kushi very day as can protick her

before 5 moth he married anjil for his kid

but they dont have any relation

they stay in differn bed room

they are just like frinds

and he didnt told any one about kushi and also told his kid no to tell anythig about there chothi ma

he is very richand very consonted in his work

is a bissenman run kr industry named on kushi ans raj 

Apr 11, 2013

contenew (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

this is raj Karan Singh Grover

Rani: raj’s younger daughter

Very sweet and loving


Goes to play school


And mix around everyone easily

Look just like a doll

And she is our little kushi

Diti: raj’s elder daughter

Is in 5th grade

Very intelligent and smart

Allways tops in class

Is allrounder

Little shy

But very open   

Very careing towords rani

anjli is same as shown

but has a son of 1 year old

and is stell ready to go to sham if he changes

and is littel selfish

Sunny anjli son is some day got some attachment with raj

And call him papa and think him as papa        

nk: arnav cosin

just like shown but know hind

Apr 13, 2013

new story (By Riade123) (Thanked: 4 times)

guy i frogrt to introduse nk is same as shown

nani is allso as shown

{there is no payal,akash,mami and maamaa}

all age









thank u

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Apr 14, 2013

the story starts (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

(guy note kushi is an teacher at play school and i am chaging sunny age to 2 years

so the begans from raj tells his kid that he remarring

raj:kids lison u need mamaa

kids:no we need choti ma

raj;plz understand

diti:no u cant marry and chest my mom

raj:i am just going to marry as get mom not beause i get wife

diti:my mom is dead

raj:lison diti baby mabe u dont need but what about rani

diti:choti ma was there for but be4 1 and 6 months u thrue her

raj:plz understan

anjli will take care as her onw child

and u both love her son sunny

and u know he started calling me papa

diti:but mabe we cant give same repect as we give to mom and choti ma

and we will call her mrs anjli or aunty or mam anjli mam

r u ok with it


but u will not say anything about choti ma


diti and rani disust for some time

rani:i am ok

diti:mmmmmmmm ok

soon after a week raj and anjli married

raj had allredy toled veryone mabe his wife had died but for him she alive

and he maring to her for kids

he will not take anjli as wife but he will conseder sunny as his son

rani and diti got comfortable over there

all love them

after a week

anjli:rajg can i come(kock the door)


an:mmmm i wanted to say sunny is now 2 so he need to go playschool

raj:amm ok tomoro we will take admition


what happen with kushi in this 2 weeks

beep kushi got a masseg

98**** ***:do u want to know y did ur brother threw u out ur house

kushi messeg yes

after 5 min

caus u r the reson bihind ur mom's death

ur mom died cause u were born

docter tryed to u and ur mom died

then ur father didnt want u so ran away

and had an died in car crash on the same night

u made u brothe orfhan in just some min

u r the killer of ur mom and dad

he hates u

(she broke down she thought to not give her more pain so she stoped calling him are relpying any of is mail or massage)

she massage last time her brother

"i love you,rani and diti alot but now i am never going to talk to u

dont call me or mail me


presaent life

Apr 14, 2013

anjli and kushi meet (By Riade123) (Thanked: 11 times)

present day

anjli:rajg wat about sunny admition in play school

raj:we will go tomoro to "FUN KID" play school


next day

raj: anjli sorry urgetyl i need to go to london

so go to sunny play school alone or take nk or arnav na plz


raj: and i am takeing diti and rani also



at play school

the head teacher sorry we cant take him

anj:plzz try na

head tec: no we cant as he still cant talk or wack

anj:plzz try

i makeing u shure that he will learn

head the:no

u may go

anjli was going when some called her

lady:mam if u dont mind can i teach him


lady:mam, i teach in this play school


lady:i am hear for extra help

and i am child consler


lady:i would love to teach him

and he will learn every thing wat he needs to

and and i make shure he will not wast a year

beause of this

anj:ok u can

so from we can start


anj:can i know ur name


anj:lovely name

kushiji if u dont mind

can u stay at nigh also

to take care of him


anj:u ca tell me tomoro


guy wat do u think well kushi tell yes or no

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Apr 28, 2013

sorry guy (By Riade123) (Thanked: 8 times)

hi guy

sorry i didnt update from a long time

i started writing as my nani died

and to get some change

my nani was my everything

i use to stay with her

as when i was 2 my mom threw me out

after that i dint see her till my nani death

after 2 weeks of my nani death i had to go to my mom  house

and here i am not been treted good

my mom and dad hits me everyday

i am not allwoed to use loptop as

my younger brother wants to play games

and if i use it i dont get food as my brother cry a loud that i am stelling his things

soon i am going to go  to my uncle house so i think i will update then

May 10, 2013

love start and fight start (By Riade123) (Thanked: 10 times)

so here i go no with my story

anj:can i know ur name


anj:lovely name

kushiji if u dont mind

can u stay at nigh also

to take care of him


anj:u ca tell me tomoro

kushi:sorry i cant as i need to here also na

anj:then u can come frome my house


anj:can i get u nunber

khu:ya shure


anj:thank u

kushiji i will call u tomoro

just while going arnav came there

asr and kushi:you?

anj:boyh fo u know each other

asr:very well right miss

kushi;kushi kumari gupta

do u get that mr. laad groven

asr:what the?

kushi:lison i am here to teach small kids to speek

not laad gronven like you

anjli:both fo you stop it


before 2 weeks she hit my car and broke the name plate

and then she started shouting

evevr1 gether around

we had argument

than i give her 10000 rs

and do u know wat she did


asr:she tore the monye and give it to me

khu:i dont like people who have ego and show off there monye

and anjli ji i am sorry i can teach him

anjli:no i stay at my husbuns place


May 14, 2013

next update (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

at metha house

raj:anjli eemmm why dont u go to rm

as there need to some panting in this so

and u dont need to stay olone


when is ur fligh?


raj:anjli can u plz chek on those 2 if they done packing or not

anjli:ya shure

anjli gose to rani room and see every thing is mess  like this

she went to her asked

"do u need any help"

rani"yes" almos crying

after 1 hr they finshed packing

and then anjli went to diti

see sawthe roo was oppsite than rani

the room was neat and tidey and the were ready

anjli:so u r done packing or u dint start

diti:mrs anjli i am done

anjli:ok bye

soon the day ended and they left for landon

next day

anjli:nani today kushiji is coming to teach sunny

nani:oh that gr8

asr:what no she is not coming

anjli:plzzzz chota fpr sunny



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