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VIRMAN FOREVER YOURS (By Flower_123) (Thanked: 5 times)

Not my story,read it on IF so though of sharing it with u guyz......:) The night was dark and calm, the stars sparkling as though everything was right with the world. But Manvi knew that everything was anything, but right in her world. She closed her eyes as she leaned her back against the window and let the tear drops fall. How would she do this? *Buzzz* *Buzzz* Her cell phone vibrated in the darkness of her room and she could see the display lit up with the one person she so desperately wanted to talk to, but couldn't. Not now that she had to live up to Beeji's promise. She walked towards her dresser, picking up her cellphone, watching Viraat's face smirk back at her. She shut her eyes tightly as she cut the call once more. The screen now read, "11 missed calls". All from Viraat. She decided to turn her cell phone off. She couldn't face him. Not today. Not now. *Flashback to this evening* She was sitting on the sofa, still frozen in shock at the fact that Rahul had decided to marry her. She'd done everything to appear the opposite of "Perfect Indian Wife", but he still said yes. She knew Beeji was talking to her, but couldn't concentrate. Everyone's words were a hum around her until she heard the distinct word which snapped her attention and broke her from her trance. "'ll be the day after tomorrow", Beeji was saying. She had to say something. She couldn't let this happen. She'd opened her mouth to say a simple no when Beeji turned to face her. One look at her told Manvi all she needed to know. Beeji didn't need to say the words that followed. Manvi knew she was using the promise she'd made to her. Her permission wasn't being taken. It had already been taken. Without her even knowing. *End of Flashback* By now, the entire Vadhera house probably knew about her roka. Beeji would have no doubt called Jeevika to give them the "good news". It would kill her to go through with this, but she'd do it. For her Di. She wiped away her tears and got up with a fresh new determination. After all, love isn't necessary...right? She looked at herself in the dresser mirror. Who the hell was she lying to? *Vadhera House* Viren couldn't believe it. Manvi was getting engaged in 2 days and his little brother was blissfully unaware on a business trip to Delhi. He'd tried Viraat's cell multiple times in the past hour, but it kept coming busy. Frustrated, he put his head down on the cool desk of his study. He couldn't even concentrate on this new case he'd gotten. What in the world was going on?! Virat and Manvi were in love...he'd seen them and then had Virat admit it. So, why would Manvi say yes to getting engaged to someone else?! He tried Virat's cell phone once more in the hope that he'd pick up. "Come on...Pick up the phone dammit!" But he only got the same message again. "The number you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please try again in..." Viren cut the call in frustration. What was he to do? If there was one thing he knew, he couldn't let this engagement happen. And he wouldn't. *Delhi* Virat punched the wall of his hotel room in frustration. He glanced at his was close to 1 am. He must have called 50 times by now. But she hadn't answered once. What the hell was going on?! The last time he'd talked to her she'd cut the phone abruptly because Beeji had called her to tell her the result of loser Rahul's proposal. Had that idiot said Yes? Was that why she wasn't answering any of his calls? Had Beeji fixed Manvi's marriage? He burned at the thought that someone else could possibly have a right on Manvi. No. He pushed that thought away. Only he had that right. Only him. He didn't know why Manvi wasn't answering the phone, but he knew that silence on Manvi's end meant trouble. She was never quiet. Something was wrong. Very wrong. He had to get to Rishikesh. And fast. He'd thrown possibly every article of clothing he could gather inside his bag and was zipping it shut when his Chachu came bursting into the room barely 5 minutes later. "Virat, did you see where I put my case file regarding the Malhotra's?", he asked. He was tense. That case hearing was tomorrow. But at that moment, Virat couldn't care less. He checked to make sure he had his wallet and cell phone on him, then proceeded to swing his bag onto his shoulder. "Virat, where are you going?" "Chachu, I don't have time to explain...Manvi's not answering the phone, something's wrong...I have to go!", he rambled. Unexpectedly his phone rang, causing him to drop his bag in his hurry to pick it up. "Manvi, I've been calling you since forever. Why aren't you picking up?" "Caller ID's were created for a reason, little brother. Use them", Viren chuckled, momentarily amused at his little brother's frustration. "Bhai, I'm really NOT in the mood. I'll talk to you later" "Wait, I need to tell you about Manvi..." Viren was unsure about how to start this convo. Virat hung on. What about Manvi? "Rahul and her... roka in 2 days. Just get home now", his voice was tight with anxiety. Viren waited for him to say something, but there was only silence on the other end. Chachu watched as Virat went completely still. "Listen Virat, DON'T DO ANYTHING",the phone went dead,"Stupid", Viren whispered the last word, knowing it was useless now. Virat cut the phone deliberately. He couldn't follow rules right now so he might as well be breaking all of them. 2 days...He exhaled then, not even aware that he'd been holding his breath. Chachu knew the look on Virat's face. He didn't know what Viren had said, but something was definitely wrong. He looked his nephew right in the eye and said in a tone which rang with finality,"Screw the Malhotra's. I'm coming with you." Virat raised his eyebrows. His chachu hardly give ultimatums unlike his grandfather, but that definitely sounded like one. Virat thought about what lay ahead. He might have to elope with Manvi...he'd definitely get thrown out of the house, but he couldn't risk his Chachu with him as well. This was his problem and he'd deal with it like the way he always had. Alone. "Look, I don't think Chachi's going to be all that fond of me anymore if she hears that you're getting kicked out of the house with me", Virat said in as controlled and emotionless a voice he could. "I can afford my own place. I'm coming with you", Chachu said, glaring at him now. "Fine then. But on one condition. You won't object to anything I'm about to do the minute we step out of this hotel room. Deal?" Virat smirked, knowing he'd stumped his chachu for once. "Deal", his chachu agreed readily, throwing him off. "Fine. Just hurry up and meet me in the hotel lobby within 10 minutes or I'm leaving without you", Virat said scowling as he left for the lobby. DO comment guyz then i will continue.....THANX

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VIRMAN FOREVER YOURS (By Flower_123) (Thanked: 3 times)

thanx 4 all those who commented...<3 He wasn't known for patience and he certainly wasn't trying now. Virat pressed the accelerator the minute his chachu was in the car. He'd filled his Chachu in on what had happened and then the two of them had drifted off into silence, both lost in their own thoughts. Driving was soothing and at 1 am in the morning he had more freedom on the road than if there was traffic. Well, at least one thing was in his favour. He fell into thought watching the roads fly away beneath the car's tires, only subconsciously aware of driving now. The roka was in 2 days...well it was a good thing he was in Delhi and not Chandigarh then. They hadn't stopped anywhere except once at a Equipment store because Chachu needed to use the washroom (yeah right) and then he came back with a couple bags of necessities he believed we'd need over the next couple days. So all done it'd take him approximately 45 mins to get to her house. If he kept within the speed limit. Creepo Rahul had said yes than...Stupid freak. If he got anywhere near Manvi, he'd have him in so many pieces it'd be impossible to count. But what about Manvi? She couldn't have said yes...would Beeji force her? He'd never thought of Beeji as a woman who'd forcibly marry off her granddaughters...or maybe she'd use emotional blackmail. She wasn't even returning any of his calls... "Virat, SLOW down! We're not even on the highway yet!" Virat glanced at the speedometer. 110 mph. He hadn't noticed the speed. In his frustration he hadn't lifted his foot off the accelerator. But he didn't slow down. Instead, he sped up, ignoring his Chachu's warnings. Chachu changed tactics. "Look, I don't think it'll be helpful to anyone if you're rotting in a Delhi Jail for speeding while Manvi gets engaged in Rhishikesh." "I don't plan on getting caught." "No one ever does." Reluctantly, Virat let the needle drop to 70 mph. His Chachu did have a point there. "This is slow enough. Don't ask me to lower the speed more", Virat cut in before his chachu could object again. "I wasn't talking about the speed", his chachu said, annoyance colouring his tone,"I wanted to exactly do you plan on getting in to her house at this time of night? I mean, you can't possibly be thinking you can walk in through the front door, right?" Virat slammed the break. Freaking ****. He was absolutely dumbfounded. How was he going to get into her house? He hadn't thought through the most important part. It was nearly 1:20 am. He turned to face his chachu, who had a satisfied smirk playing on his face. "If you have a solution, hint hint now's the time to mention it!" "I had a hunch you might need some climbing material. Rope et al. Taken care of", his chachu said with a smile. Virat couldn't help it. He bent across his seat and gripped his Chachu in a tight hug. "Hey, c'mon now, you want to get there before morning right? Get driving. We have an engagement to crash", his chachu grinned playfully. Virat smiled as he pressed the accelerator once more, watching Delhi slowly be replaced by the countryside. It had taken them approximately 30 mins in all to reach Rhishikesh. Another 10 mins to her street - he made sure to park a couple houses down. The lights were all off and it was quiet. An almost eerie quiet. Like the calm before the storm, Virat thought ironically. His Chachu had taken the climbing equipment out while he got out of the car. They walked towards the house in silence, stopping when they'd reached the fence in order to survey it. Virat remembered how his brother had told him how him and his bhabhi had actually met. She'd fallen from the right side of the house, trying to get up. "They have no security here. At all", his chachu said in shock. "Chachu, that's a good thing, remember?", he said pointing to the rope in his hands. "Right", he muttered. Almost as if he remembered that they were here to break the law. "Chachu, you wait here...I'll go and get Manvi" "Bachu...I came with you for a reason. What makes you think you're going alone? That too in her bedroom at this time of's inappropriate." "Right, and it's appropriate for me to bring my chachu along with me, correct?", he said sarcastically. "On second thought, I'll stand outside the bedroom door..." "'s almost 2...can we get going now?" "How do we get over the fence?" "How do you think we get over the fence?", Virat raised his eyebrows. "I'm not exactly young anymore..." "It's not that high. Just follow my lead." They'd gotten to the right side of the house quickly enough thankfully. Virat threw the rope up, trying to get it to wrap around a pillar. He was successful on his third try and quickly climbed up, helping his chachu once he was up. He'd started walking towards her room, when his chachu stopped him, picked up the rope and said, "Never leave evidence lying around". He smiled, whispering a thanks as he continued. He went in, while chachu stood outside. The light was off and her room was entirely dark. The room was a mess. Her dupatta was near the floor of her bed and things were scattered here and there. She was on her bed, trying to sleep, but it didn't seem like she was able to. She was tossing and turning from one side to the other. He bent near her bed as he looked at her face. She was exhausted, her tear streaked face said more than enough about how she was coping. He gently wiped her tears away, unsure of waking her up. "Sorry...Beeji...Virat", she muttered. Virat got up quickly, knocking over her bed lamp in the process, but catching it before it crashed. Phew. She'd been sleeptalking, but his sudden movement now woke her up. Her eyes were wide, her mouth opened to scream. He covered her mouth with his hand, gently whispering,"It's me.Virat." She stopped struggling and instead hugged him with such force that knocked him over almost. She was breaking into sobs now, unable to hold herself any longer. Virat put his arms around her gently,"Shhh, its all ok. I'm here. We'll make it all ok. I'll take you away from here. Promise." He put her down on the bed. He'd never seen Manvi like this. Happy and laughing sure...but crying and heartbroken. It was against some law of nature. "I'm sorry. This is all my fault", her words stunned him. How could she be thinking that? It wasn't her fault, it especially wasn't her fault. "Mannu, don't you dare take this all on yourself!" She was breaking into tears again. "You don't know..I promised Beeji" She filled him in on the promise Beeji had taken from her with regards to Bhabhi. When she was done, she looked up at Virat to see him turn away, his back facing her. He was shaking slightly. The atmosphere had grown so tense, Manvi could physically feel it. "So, you're not coming?", he felt his voice break towards the end. "I can't. I promised...for di." "Bhabhi would only ever want to see you happy - you won't be happy with him." "Virat.." She went to turn him around so they could face each other, when the door opened suddenly. As Virat turned around abruptly, Manvi slipped on her dupatta, grabbing the nearest thing for balance - Virat. They both tumbled onto the bed, in to the tangled mess of sheets. Somebody flicked the light open. "Manvi...what's..."

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VIRMAN FOREVER YOURS (By Flower_123) (Thanked: 4 times)


It was Viren who had flicked on the light, following Jeevika into the room. 

"Jeevika, Owww!", Viren scream-whispered at bumping into her. 

But Jeevika wasn't hearing him. She'd stopped dead in her tracks at the sight in front of them. What were they doing?

Viren was squinting, trying to adjust his eyes to the light in comparison to the darkness outside when he saw his saali and little brother.Oh no. One look at his wife told him she might have just changed her opinion on her so called innocent devar. 

Understatement of the century. She looked like the most dangerous women on the planet right now. Viren took a subconscious step backwards. His little brother was so getting it. He'd never seen Jeevika so angry. And his little brother and saali were definitely not helping matters. They seemed to be so...lost within each other. Like they hadn't even registered the presence of their respective older siblings yet. Jeevika seemed more than happy to help them out with that though.

She'd snapped her fingers between their faces, making them come back to reality from whatever trance had been so untimely inflicted on them.

"Mr. Virat Singh Vadhera...Get off of my sister NOW!", she whispered, but the quietness only added a deadly quality to her tone.

Virat practically jumped up, alarmed at the sight of his bhabhi and bhai. Manvi struggled to get up as well, entangled in the sheets.

"It's nothing like what you're thinking...Mannu grabbed ME, I swear!"

"Only cause I slipped!"

"Shut up!", Chachu suddenly cut in from the doorway,"Do you want to wake up everyone in this town?!"

Everyone took a breath to calm themselves down. 

Virat took a look at his bhabhi. Okay, breathe in and breathe out. You've only been caught by bhai and bhabhi, besides it's not like we were actually doing anything, he thought, wickedly amused by the idea.

"Mannu?", Jeevika repeated Virat's words.

Why o why did she have to pick up on that

"Mannu?", Viren repeated, glaring at him now. Guarantee his lil bro to get himself into more **** than he already was.

"Okay, so major Freudian slip, but everyone knows you can't help that", Virat tried redeeming himself. 

"By the way, Bhai and Bhabi, what are you guys doing here? Hitler's bedtime started a long time ago", Virat said trying to diffuse the tension in the atmosphere with a change in topic.

Jeevika grabbed her devar by the ear.

"Owww! Bhabhi stop!"

Viren decided to interrupt the lil devar bhabhi session before it got out of hand.

"First off, he's your dadaji. Do you have any respect? And second, well we were going to elope with your girlfriend for you..but it seems like you don't need our help", Viren smiled at his brother who's jaw had just dropped open.

No, wait, did bhai just say...

"Yeah, I did just say that", Viren said reading his mind,"...but before someone else changes their mind", he indicated towards Jeevika,"I think an apology is in order."

Before Virat could say anything though, Manvi cut in.

"Di...I was slipping and I grabbed Virat to balance myself, but then we both ended up falling onto the bed! We seriously weren't doing anything...don't you trust us that much?", Manvi spoke up for the both of them.

"Not about that duffers, she's upset you didn't tell her that you love each other", Viren said, shaking his head at their naivety.

Manvi and Virat looked at each other, then looked down, unsure of what to say now.

"Sorry Di! I really wanted to"

"Sorry Bhabhi! I just wasn't sure how to tell you"

They both blurted out at the same time. Jeevika just looked at them both and laughed.


They were all laughing by then, the atmosphere amazingly lightheaded when Viren said, "Just when do you two plan on eloping? It's almost 3 am...Get a move on!"

And just like that Manvi and Virat's smiles disappeared.

"Ask her. Chachu and I miss the Malhotra's case hearing tomorrow, I drive like an absolute maniac to get to Rishikesh, we break about god knows how many laws to get into her house, we risk getting kicked out by Dadaji and she says ...No", Virat rattled off, his voice growing surprisingly bitter towards the end, like a child who'd had his favourite toy snatched away.

Manvi faced Virat head on this time.

"So what do you expect me to do, Virat? Break Beeji's trust and run away with you? Forget my promise?"

Jeevika was surprised. Manvi...and responsibility? What else had happened that she wasn't aware of?

"Wait a minute...", Jeevika cut in before the two of them could go at it again,"What promise?"

Virat's hand balled up into a fist at the mention of the so called promise while Manvi explained. Yeah right. Who made promises with unknown consequences?! Wouldn't a better term for it be coercion in the form of innocent familial emotional blackmail? Virat was angry, but no amount of anger could ever make him indifferent to Manvi. 

"I'm Sorry", Manvi said again, her voice soft this time as she looked at him innocently, melting him instantly.

It's so not fair, Virat thought, helplessly smiling back. Viren caught the look on his face, giving him a 'Bachu, you haven't seen anything yet' look back.

Jeevika made a face after Manvi had finished explaining.

"That's it? And you're this worried?! Consider the problem solved."

"That's it?", Manvi repeated,"Di, what are you talking about? Here I'm going to get engaged to Rahul and you're..."

Jeevika brushed her off.

"Of course, you're not getting engaged to Rahul. You're marrying Virat. Precisely 5 am, Bhaghat Mandir, Delhi. And that's an order."

Virat's jaw dropped open. Did his bhabhi just give him the get go? Yeah, she did, Viren nodded. They'd had it all planned out.

"You're going against Beeji?", Manvi asked, astonished her Di had said that, even after she'd told her about the promise.

"Against Family?", Virat couldn't help adding. 

Viren gave him a look that said, Don't Push your luck. 

Just making sure big brother,Virat shot back.

Jeevika held her by the shoulders, hugging her as she said, "My sister always came before my family and she always will".

Before Manvi knew it, she was hugging her back. How did Jeevika Di always right her wrongs? But one thing was still bothering her.

"But...But what about Beeji's promise?", Manvi asked, her eyes wide with fear. It was her responsibility. How could she just turn her back on it? Even if..even if it meant separating from Virat. Merely the thought seared her heart with such pain, she felt her knees waiting to buckle beneath her.

"I have that jewellery. I'll talk to Beeji and sort it out. So that way you won't be breaking Beeji's promise. The two of you on the other hand..", she took Virat's hand and placed it in Manvi's, "better be married by the time I call you this morning".

Somebody pinch me and tell me this isn't a dream. Bhabhi, you're an absolute geniu..aaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virat screamed when Viren pinched him, putting his hand over his mouth so as to muffle his screaming.

"What?! I couldn't help it...besides he totally asked for it", Viren justified. Manvi and Jeevika tried to muffle their laughter at Virat's face, who started muttering under his breath at his brother. Trust my brother to be funny at the most inopportune times.

Just then, Chachu popped his head in. 

"We've been here for a little over an hour if the sibling good bye session is over, can we get going?"

Virat rolled his eyes at his Chachu. Trust lawyers to keep track of time for you.

"10 more mins Chachu, we just need to pack for Manvi"

"Not needed", Jeevika cut in, "My sister's getting married. She's getting an entire new wardrobe as a gift. Viren..", she asked turning to her husband,"Where's our gift?"


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VIRMAN FOREVER YOURS (By Flower_123) (Thanked: 5 times)

THANKS A LOT-Ishu, Zee, Tina1 n mona for commenting

Here is the continuation....

"****...I forgot the bag in the car", Viren replied. He'd totally forgotten about the surprise they'd planned out for his saali. They hadn't done much, but considering the time limit they were under...

"Gift?", Manvi repeated...exactly when had they been planning this since? Had her sister always known she'd run away and get married?


"If you could really call it a gift...", Jeevika said frowning - she'd always wanted to give her sister the best and here..."You remember all those fancy saari's and shalwars we bought at my wedding that had to be either still properly fitted or sewed? And the tailor mixed up our measurements and made them all yours instead? You tried them on and they all looked really pretty on you, so even though you told me to get them fixed for myself...I kept them thinking that one day I'd convince you to take them. Please, Mannu...its the least we could do! Besides, you know you look completely awesome in them! Please Mannu...", she pleaded.


"Di...Jiju..I can't.."


"Come on Manvi, don't I have even that much of a right? You kept this", Jeevika indicated at Virat,"a secret so I at least get to give you anything I want and you can't stop me!"


This...Virat thought. Oh well, at least she was still acknowledging his presence.


"Alright Di", Manvi agreed, seeing her sister happy,"Just tell me what you want me to wear for the wedding from those clothes and I will...I haven't got that great choice so...", She broke off at the horrified look on Jeevika's face.


"What did I say?"

"What makes you think you're wearing anything from that - no matter how pretty it is - for your wedding day? You're lucky I'm not more angry about you not telling me. Lucky that Viren decided to open his mouth about the truth an hour before shops closed. I managed to get the perfect lehenga for you!", Jeevika exclaimed, her face lit up like a kid on deewali.


Manvi's mouth opened in an O. 


"Di, you seriously didn't have to.."


"Look, if you protest even a little bit more, I'll actually get mad. First, you didn't tell me...though you told your jiju. Second, you go out with my devar. And third, you dare to protest now that I can actually do something for you two? It's not fair", Jeevika pouted accusingly, crossing her arms and turning away.


Devar...Virat thought. He'd definitely made progress, especially if he'd managed to impress his bhabi.


Manvi stopped her quickly.


"Sorry, Di! Real sorry? Sachi sorry? Please forgive your lil sister?", Manvi pleaded, holding her ears.


Jeevika smiled. She could never be angry with Manvi for long. 


"Viren, let's go get the gift. Devarji, would you be so kind so as to give my sister company for the next say..20 mins?", Jeevika asked.


Virat was confused...what? Why would she...?


"Make me proud, lil brother", Viren said while winking at him, glancing meaningfully at the band on his finger on the way out.

Virat grinned, understanding what his brother meant. Definitely will, he promised silently to himself, beginning to get nervous.


Manvi watched the exchange in confusion and was just about to ask when Jeevika spoke to her from the doorway, "Oh... and Manvi...He's a keeper."


"Di..what?", the words were barely out of her mouth, but Jeevika and Viren had already closed the door behind them. Her Di's words rang in her ears as she looked at Virat. He's a keeper.


Virat turned off the light in the room, hearing the fading footsteps of his bhai, bhabhi and uncle while his uncle muttered a quick "Good Luck" from the window going with his Bhai and Bhabhi to give them some privacy. 


They waited in silence for a couple moments, each wanting the other to speak first. Virat then took the candle she'd given up on lighting hours ago from the window ledge. She'd been talking to him on the phone then, when Beeji had called her. The candle had frustrated her to no end and the empty matchbox lying next to it was evidence of that.


Virat chuckled in the silence, reminiscing about how she was ranting about it just a couple hours ago. He rummaged in his pocket for a lighter, flicked it and then watched as it came to life, the flame flickering in the darkness as he held it near the candle, slowly and furiously then licking the wax stick, bathing the room in a warm glow. He walked towards her bed, putting the candle on the bedside table.


Manvi sat on the bed then, not knowing where this was headed. After all, it wasn't like this was the first time Virat was in her room - at night and alone yes...but still. It was Virat and she could always be herself around him. Virat sat next to her and Manvi saw mischief twinkling in his eyes. What was he up to now? Before she could say anything though, Virat started to speak.


"So...I noticed you weren't all that surprised when I woke you up a little bit earlier. In fact, you didn't even ask me why I was here...whereas you asked bhai and bhabhi that. In contrast, I received quite a warm welcome. Expecting me?"


Manvi felt herself go red in the darkness as she thought about the hug. How could she have expected that he wouldn't catch that? She couldn't confess she'd been dreaming that he'd come to get her...


"Saleem Javed Miyan, if you're going to blush so much then we won't need to look for an actress to play the role of Anarkali", Virat teased,"If I have to say the truth think I could get a welcome like that everyday?"


"You're never gonna change, are you? Mr. CHEP!" Calling her Saleem Javed. Then asking for...Who did he think he was? Manvi thought, falling into their nok-jhok routine easier than ever now.


Virat looked at Manvi's face. Her face was filled with that familiar smile and her eyes had that twinkle he loved seeing. Mission Successful. Rahul, Roka and all bad thoughts were out of the window. Not that it needed mentioning, but they were alone, he thought grinning. She was still speaking, but Virat just tuned her out as he lied down on the bed, gazing at her in the faint light of the flickering flame. She was exquisite, not to mention probably the only one that could keep up with him.

It's now or never, he thought, as he looked at the metal band on his finger. He wished he could have gotten her a proper ring...but looks like destiny had something else in mind.  It might have looked like just any other band, but for him, it was priceless. Manvi knew this and maybe this was part of the reason why it felt so right. It was the only precious memory of his father that belonged to him and as he slipped it off and held it tightly in his palm, he had a feeling that what he was about to do, was as right as things get. He was giving her a piece of him, which no one else in the world could possibly even dream to equal. He took a deep breath then as he got off the bed and stood on one knee in front of her.


"Just who do you think you..."


Manvi didn't finish though, as Virat's sudden change in position threw her off. He was near the bottom of her bed, on one knee, gazing at her intently now. He looked up through his eyelashes at her and she could see his eyes darkening, brimming with passion. Whatever it was that she was saying, she no longer remembered.


"Mannu", he began, his voice was soft, yet husky at the same time.


Her mind flicked back to the exchange she'd seen take place between the three of them. Wait...was Virat going to...? He's a Keeper, her sister's words reverberated in her head. She'd barely finished her thought when he took her hand in his.


"Mannu...I love you. I always have and I always will. You're the only one that's ever touched my heart and yours is the only impression engraved on it. Manvi, for the rest of eternity, will you be mine?...Forever mine?"


"Forever Yours?", Manvi asked, dazed by what was happening. Her thoughts were an incoherent mess.


Virat nodded. "Will you marry me?", his eyes were still burning into her, like they could see deep inside her soul.


For a moment, Virat was nervous. What if she said no?


"Yes!", Manvi exclaimed. Her eyes were bright and excited with the smile he'd been dying to see.


Virat slipped the metal band on to her left hand. He pulled her up against him, hugging her tightly, absolutely euphoric. She was standing, a head shorter than him as he placed his forehead against hers, admiring the ring that sat perfectly on her finger. Both grinning like absolute idiots who'd found the greatest treasure in the world.

Manvi's breathing hitched audibly as she realized just how close they were. She started turning away, when he slid his arm around her waist, hugging her from the back.

"Virat...", Manvi began in protest.

"Shhh..", he cut her off.

At this moment, he didn't want to think he let emotions take control.

He put his head between her neck and shoulder, gently kissing her soft skin. She shivered at the sensation that his touch created. Her senses were in complete chaos.

Sudden quiet applause had them jumping apart though, as the smirking faces of his Bhai, bhabhi and uncle came into view.

Way to ruin the perfect moment, Virat thought, frowning at his older brother.

"Couldn't you wait another 2 mins?", he asked, frustrated. Seriously.



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VIRMAN FOREVER YOURS (By Flower_123) (Thanked: 4 times)

So friends...presenting you all the last part of this story.....

Thanx to all those who commented....

Manvi shot Virat a look that said 'Shut up NOW'. Virat shut up alright, but didn't give up his pouting while Viren teased him.

"Getting romantic are we, lil brother?"

"If anybody'd let me", Virat muttered under his breath.

Jeevika decided to ignore her devar's momentarily kiddish behaviour and instead walked over to Manvi with the bags in her hand.

"I did say 20 mins - no more, no less. Besides, it's almost 3:40...I have to get Manvi ready..", her tone became serious then,"and you have to pack her medicines. Don't forget"

Virat give up his pouting, nodding seriously then. Her medicines. He'd forget his own things before he forgot that. His memory shortly visited a time that had past - when he'd had to rush Manvi to the hospital on the day of the wedding - the lonely wait, the doctors cryptic answers, the test reports, the beeping machines, the cold blanched hospital walls staring back at him as the hours passed was a nightmare he hated reliving.

Manvi watched Virat in silence then as he packed her medicines and then didn't even protest when Di proceeded to kick him out as 'the bride needs to change'. She knew he still wasn't over that incident. It worried him to no end, not knowing where tomorrow might just possibly lead them...

 He could fool the world with his poker face, but not her. She always knew what was stirring beneath the surface. Just like how he always knew that about her, she thought with a smile.

"Mannu!", Jeevika hugged her once the two sisters had privacy.

"So, how'd my devar do?", she knew Virat was perfect for Manvi.

Manvi raised her left hand to show her sister the ring.

"How do you think he did?"

"Quite well, if I do say so myself", Jeevika said, unable to conceal the grin on her face now.

"Okay, let's get to work", Jeevika placed most of the bags on the side except for one. It was quite heavy and Manvi was sure this one was the one with the lehenga in it. She couldn't help, but be a little excited now. Come on, which girl doesn't love getting new clothes?

Her sister placed her in front of the dresser table, ordering her to close her eyes first. Then slowly and carefully, Jeevika took out the material, holding it behind her in the mirror.

"Look now"

Manvi's breath stopped as she took in the Lehenga. Pretty was an understatement. It didn't do the lehenga any justice at all. It was every bride's .

"It's perfect", Manvi whispered.

Jeevika grinned at the look on Manvi's face. Virat was going to be absolutely blown away when he saw his Mannu in this, she thought with a smug satisfaction.

The next 15 mins slipped away quickly, while Jeevika went to work on her lil sister.


Meanwhile, the three guys had gotten into Viren's car and were listening to music to while away their time when Viren suddenly remembered what he had to do.

"Ouch!", Virat pretended to be hurt, when Viren chucked a box at him from the driver's seat.

"Change", Viren commanded with a smile.


"You didn't actually believe I didn't get anything for you on your wedding day, did you?"

Though I did almost forget about, Viren thought to himself silently. Idiot. Jeevika would have killed him.

Virat stared at his brother, then at the box, which had now landed on the empty seat beside him.

"C'mon, Open it!"

Virat carefully slid open the cover to reveal a http://. Nice, he couldn't help thinking.

"Thanx, bro!"

"No problem. Now, hurry up and change!", Viren exclaimed, catching sight of the time. It was almost 4 am.


Manvi's hair was down, parted through the middle for the mang tikka. She had minimum jewellery on, but it suited her perfectly.

"There", Jeevika exhaled, looking on in satisfaction. Manvi was literally glowing with happiness and Jeevika couldn't wish for more. Manvi hugged her sister on impulse, crying suddenly.

"I'm going to miss you, Di"

"Me too", Jeevika tried saying through her sobs, forbidding Manvi to cry though in case she wrecked herself.

They stayed like that, hugging for a while when there was a knock on the door and Virat's desperate voice could be heard saying,"Aren't you guys done yet? How come they're not saying anything? Do we have to break the door? It's almost 4!"

Jeevika smiled, shaking her head at her devar's impatience.

"C'mon, let's go before they decide to break the door!", Jeevika said helping Manvi up, laughing at Virat's antics.

"How long does it take to chan", Virat stopped in mid-sentence as the door opened.

His jaw dropped open at the vision walking toward him. Was that Mannu? Woah.

Manvi tried to stiffle her giggling at the sight of Virat's open mouth. As she took in the sight of Virat though, she couldn't help but appreciate her jiju's choice. Her Mr. Chep was looking...****y, she thought naughtily.

Viren stepped on his lil bro's toe so as to break his trance.

"As much as we know you'd love to stand here staring at her, you have to marry her let's go", Viren chipped in, unable to help teasing his brother.

That brought Virat back to earth. Marriage, right. Well, he was definitely ready.

"Uhhh, Jeevika, we have to go back home", Viren started off nervously. He knew this was important, but they had to get back to the house in order to maintain some appearances so that the marriage could be done successfully. Otherwise the two households might put two and two together and...

Jeevika nodded placing Manvi's hand in Virat's.

"I'm trusting you, Virat. Don't ever break my trust", she said, a serious edge to her tone.

Virat nodded.

Jeevika ran inside to get the clothes bags and handing them to their uncle she said, "These are her clothes. Put them away with everything else. Please take care of them", she said, her eyes betraying her cheerful face as a couple tears streaked down.

"Their my children as well", chachu said with a smile,"Don't worry. I'll take care of everything."

Jeevika and Viren hugged their siblings one last time as they departed for home. Whatever was to happen now, would happen.

Only chachu was left with them now.

"Could you give us a minute, Chachu?", Virat asked, studying Manvi's apprehensive face.

Chachu took a look at Virat and then said,"I'll meet the two of you at the bottom, just hurry." Dawn was threatening to break within a couple mins.

Virat waited until his chachu had climbed down and then turned to face Manvi.

"Are you ready?", he asked.

Manvi looked up at him and as she did, she smiled, all signs of her hesitation gone as she held his hand tightly.


Virat smiled, knowing everything was alright then. They walked towards the edge, him helping her down then as he remembered his chachu's words of leaving no evidence. He didn't have to worry though, as his chachu had his back. They'd no sooner reached the ground then that Chachu took it out and walked ahead of them to the car. He'd taken his place in the driver's seat as Virat opened the back door for Manvi. The first streak of sunlight danced across the sky just then, causing dawn to break. Virat and Manvi turned to look at the sky then. It was in hues of reddish orange and birds were chirping as everything seemed to magically come to life.

It was a new beginning of love in the lives of our VIRMAN.

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-Apoorva (Flower_123)

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