" True Love "

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Mar 29, 2013

" True Love " (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 93 times)

Hi guys dis is small story abt our ARSHI, it may be sad one but with full of love.


Arnav nd khushi r best friends in der college, dey used to share each nd every moments of der life, der is no any secrects between dem. Khushi has a beautiful voice, she was a great singer, many of the guys attracted towards her voice. Day by day der friendship turn into love but both not have courage to confess their feelings, having a fear of loosing each other. Arnav always used to love, to hear her song which is sweet nd melodious voice. He always say, Khushi I wanna hear ur song forever, till my last breath. Khushi just gave her cute smile at its comment, Oh so more than me, u like my singing talent. Arnav with a cute smile, ofcourse no doubt. Khushi hits him on his shoulder. Days going happily for dem by spending der time with eachother.


There college got over, all went for der vacation. Arnav nd khushi r missing each other, both r longing to see. Finally arnav decided to meet khushi, he called nd informed her to come at a particular place, she was happy to hear dis, der distance is killing dem.


Next day both r very happy nd eager to meet der love. Arnav went to that place early he cant wait to see his love, he was waiting impatiently but no sign of her, he called her many times but she is not taking her phone. Arnav getting anger nd also tensed if she may have any problem. He waited for more than 4 hrs but she din come. With a fallen face he came back to home.


Arnav collected her address from der college, went to her home. Her aunty opened d door, arnav asked her abt khushi, by hearing her name she was crying badly. Arnav cant understand anything, he asked again, Aunty please tell me y u crying wer is khushi.

She started to tell……




       That mrng khushi was more happy to meet arnav, she too started early to see him but while she going she met with an accident, she became unconscious. Few ppl helped her to admit in hospital, dey informed der family member. All r rushed to hospital, doc informed dem, she need to operated immediately. Family members agreed, operation was done to her. That nite she came to conscious she dono wer she is, she looked at the surrounding she tried to call a nurse, but she cant able to call, she tried many time but voice not coming. She pushed her medicine tray which is placed on the table. By hearing her sound nurse came to her. Khushi was trying to speak but she cant. Nurse called doc, doc came nd told, sorry khushi u met with an accident, ur brain was severely injuried v did operation, v saved u but due to severe injury in brain ur nerves got affected u lost ur voice. Khushi was shocked to hear, no dis cant happen… I itself want to die now by living wt I going to do, now I lost everything in my life, I lost my love who loves my voice more than  me, how I can able to meet him, if I meet also  wt I ll say him….. She crying her heart out. Der family members came nd consoled her.


She got discharged in hospital went to home, she recalling arnav word again nd again “Khushi I wanna hear ur song forever, till my last breath”. She know arnav ll surely come to see her so she decided to go somewer else. She informed her parents dey too agree with her. Next day dey went from dat home.

Flashback ends….


Arnav was shocked to hear he cant digest dis piece of information. He was standing like statue, that aunty gave him a letter which is written by khushi….


Dear arnav,


                   I m sorry arnav that day I cant fulfill my promise, I know u waited for more time but to my bad luck, my fate itself got changed. I know very well somehow u ll come to meet me with that feel only I wrote dis letter. Plz for my sake u don’t try to search me, I lost my courage to see u. I want u to live ur life happily with whom u like. I m sorry arnav, u said u wanna hear my song forever till ur last breath, I failed to fulfill ur wish. Plz don’t search me, u want to live happily ur happiness only my happiness. Take care… Be happy forever….





Tears rolling down on his cheeks, he wish if it cant to be a dream, how she can do dis to me, v shared each nd everything in our life but now she needed me most, dis time she went away from me. Y khushi…. Y ..... dis much days I thought she understands very well but no she never understand me, she telling to live me happily but u r my happiness khushi without u how I ll live happily….. I promise u surely I make u live with all d happiness nd joy, I ll take ur pain… soon v ll meet but v never cant separate.


Arnav asked her aunty abt khushi living place, she refusing to give, khushi made me to promise that I cant give address to anyone. Arnav was in full rage, Dammit… more than her happiness for u ur promise only more important na… Aft lot of difficulties she gave him her living address.


Khushi was lying on the bed she keeping arnav photo near her heart nd crying. Suddenly she hear a soft husky voice ”khushi”, she know whose voice was that she turned towards door, she saw her love who was standing. She rushed towards door, to close but he was quick to come inside, he was calling her name but she was not ready to look at his face. Arnav, khushi pls look at me. She was moving away, he suddenly pulled her by waist, her breathe became faster, tears r flowing on her cheek, arnav slowly caresses her cheek, moved her fringe of hair behind her ears, she looked at his eyes which were showing love, care,concern, pain nd hurt. Tears started to flow heavily. Arnav slowly bends his face started to drink her tears which is precious, she closed her eyes tears also stopped flowing. He saw her closed eyes nd trembling lips, he claimed on her lips he gave her gentle nd passionate kiss, she was shocked at first nd tried to protest but due to his passion, she gave in, she too responded equally to his passion forgetting all pain both r living in der heavenly moment by exploring each other nd marking lovebites on her neck. After der passionate moment, arnav saw her face wer her eyes r still closed. He gave kiss on her forehead. She slowly opened her eyes, looks at her love.


Arnav cupped her face, Khushi y u did dis to me, v shared everything in our life from the start but now u don’t need me na, u said me to live happily, do u know wer I ll get happiness… my happiness is with u khushi den without u how I ll live my life. Ya I told u I want to hear ur song till my last breath but more than that I wanna to hear ur heart song which is still alive nd beating for me. I wanna be happy but with u. U r my heart khushi u r my soul without my soul how I can live in dis world. Without u I m nothing khushi, with u only my life gets complete. I just wanna to feel ur heart song which ll always singing for me…… I love u khushi ….. I love u so much more than my life bz now my life is u………


Khushi hugged him tightly to feel his love towards her, she thanking god for sending her soulmate  who was in so much love. Arnav too hugged her tightly, making promise I ll give u every happiness in dis world till my last breathe......




Thank u for reading dis story. I dono good r not I just felt it nd I shared with u.


Positive comments r welcome nd negative comments r most most welcome.

Mar 30, 2013

" True Love " (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 27 times)

@Arshi lover someone: yes dear the main concept is not mine, i read it somewer else but it is one of heart touched concept...... so i just use dis concept to make up story of ARSHI.....

I m glad to know that i u too liked the concept which is suitable for ARSHI.

Thank u so much for ur comments guys..... I thought some negative comments ll come but till now din get, I hope u guys liked dis heart touching concept.

Mar 31, 2013

" True Love " (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 28 times)

@Mulkiy: Dear thank u for liking dis story, it is one of my most heart touched concept.... If i make it as a long story means u cant feel the deapth of this concept so oly make it as a short story. Thanks yaar....

@Ashna ali: Thanks dear for u comment, yes i made dis story as, kissing before confession bz in dis khushi was not ready to see him nd listen him, so by kissing arnav trying to take her pain nd den he confessing aft she come out of that pain she going through. Thanks dear for loving dis story.

Its my pleasure u guys liking dis story thank u so much for all readers

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