a desire that make me alive

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Mar 25, 2013

a desire that make me alive (By powerfull love)

                    A DESIRE THAT MAKES ME ALIVE

 how love makes men to alive .


here goes the story...........................


it is a very big function hall decorated with most beautiful flower and mandap was decorated with one of most famous designer as one of the royal family get wedding yes, it is none other than our hero arnav singh raizada a most famous fashion designer, whole family is in excitement after all asr  getting marriage .he wore a traditional dress which is dazzling in the decorated lights. but in our hero face there is no indication of happiness at all, because he doesn't believe in relationship love and marriage. he forced into the married due to his di.

              priest chanting mantras and told to bring the bride groom our heroin khushi kumari guptha arrived there. her body is totally dipped in the perfum because when she came to mandap whole place filled with her fragrance her eye are like lotus flowers adding a out margin with kajal and eye lid end with maskara .her lip are so soft ended with a pink lipstick just looks like a gorgeous women in whole world .but eyebrows in her face indicates some worry  .she sat beside the bride now process of marriage began they took pheres and bride tied mangalsutra to bride groom ,took a pinch of sindhur and filled in her manng without seeing her face .now priest declared them as husband and wife they took blessings of all the elder in groom side as well as bride side .all blessed newly married couple to live happily together .now marriage ended all the family members took there vechical and reached raizada missionary .

now gruhapravesh event take place......


nani: khushi kick the rice blow with ur righth leg

khu: ji nani

couples r about 2 enter they were stopped by di

di: chotte left the groom and enter in 2 house its our tradition so plz do it

with the pleadings of his di he took khushi into his arms he feel some sort of feeling when he touched her .his heart started beating as fast as it could he saw a mesmerising beauty in his hands, the great asr is in love with her wife that to love at first sight his eyes fixed on her without knowing he started to walk .after that they played some games etc now sky is changing its colour saying good bye to sun .di decorated chottes room most romantically with the help of servants .

                 now khushi is made to sit at the centre of the king sized bed . arnav is about to enter his room he stopped in the way anjali

anjali(di);chotte i want something from u

arnav: yes, anything 4r u di

anjali: then make me a promise

arn: what!!! a promise

anjali; yes a promise that u keep khushi forever happy entire ur life because i forced u to marriage its my responsibility to keep her happy i promised khushis parenets that she will get a royal life and a loving husband who cares her a lot .i think my chotte will keep my promise .

arv: yes di i will keep her happy throughout my life

he entered his room and closed the door  drams tucked by seeing the most beautiful lady in his bed that 2 in this favourite colour without knowing his body started approached her there eyes meet without even blinking he started to claim her she started to bend and laid on bed when he about to catch her lubricant lips she moved her face to other side and placed her both hands on his chest .now he came to his sense he look at her face resembling fear with all sweat .now with all force she pushed him.  


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