Avantika Diwan Kumar - A Woman of Substance!

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Mar 23, 2013

Avantika Diwan Kumar - A Woman of Substance! (By Cool Cat) (Thanked: 5 times)

Here is a very interesting article on Avantika which I found a few days ago but could not post so I am posting it now! It is dated a few months ago (pretty old) but still I'd like everyone to read it and hence I am sharing it with all.

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Avantika Deewan Kumar: A Woman of Substance!

"We are each the authors of our own lives, Emma. We live in what we have created. There is no way to shift the blame and no one else to accept the accolades" - Barbara Bradford, A Woman of Substance.

Inspired by my famous protagonist, Emma, I decided to write about Avantika Deewan Kumar. She reminded me of Emma in her personality traits, strength of charcter and good business acumen, not to mention class. Like Emma, Avantika is also misunderstood, yet classy, strong independent and a loya lwoman, who is the first to accept her mistakes and the last to accept accolades for her accomplishments.

Unlike Emma, who was born to a poor family, Avantika is born into a wealthy Diwan family who enjoy power. She is proud of her family lineage but at the same time is a pragmatist, rather than a show off. In all her relationships and responsibilities, Avantika comes across as a sincere but opinionated woman. The viewers begin to empathize with her once they discover that under the garb of a tough exterior, she is soft hearted like any other woman and does get affected with everything that happens around her.

A dutiful daughter with a mind of her own, Avantika proved her good business sense by managing her father's business after being separated from her husband, Harish Kumar. Her fathe, Mr. Deewan had immense faith and relied on her competence more than he did on his son, Anuj.

Avantika also proved to be a loving wife to Harish, readily shunning the comforts of Deewan Mansion, to share her life with a struggling actor with modest means, until misunderstandings drifted them apart. It seems that for the past 20 years Avantika has been suffering from a misconception that Harish had cheated on her and as a self-respecting woman, she walked out of his house and life without a question or demand for clarification, taking her two year old son with her.

As a mother, I give Avantika full points for raising a kind-hearted and loving son, Aditya. As a single parent, Avantika's love for Adi borders on over protectiveness and possessiveness. She still thinks of him as an irresponsible little boy incapable of taking his own decisions. Unfortunately, her single parenting, bitterness and cynism made Adi lose faith in the institution of relationships.

As a sister, she's stern but generous wih Anuj and his family, proved by the parcel of land she gifted them from company profits. Even though there seems to be rivalry between her and Preeti, Avantika's sense of responsibility and love for her younger sister came to the fore when Preeti fainted due to a dizzy spell.

Last but not the least is her bitter sweet relationship with her daughter in law Pankhudi. She still seems to have unresolved issues and misgivings created by Sheela in regards to Pankhudi. Added to this is her uncertainity that she would make a good wife for Adi. Despite her unhappiness with Pankhudi as her daughter in law, I have never seen her being unjust or unfair with Pankhudi. In fact, she maintains a formal yet amaicable relationship based upon her reading of Pankhudi as a simple and honest girl.

Manasi Salvi's portrayal of the enigmatic Avantika, starting from her upright walk and her stern expression, down to her curt voice modulation, is so plausible that the reel and real character blur. Manasi essays the role of Avantika with suave elan that I could easily crown her as the ruling best dressed and stylish Mother/Mother in law of Indian television to date.

Avantika Diwan Kumar is truly a woman of substance!

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