Hum Saath Saath Hain !

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Mar 21, 2013

Hum Saath Saath Hain ! (By Tanthya) (Thanked: 3 times)

A episode that showed what family is all about ..A episode that demonstrated that it is nnot laps of luxury but laps of unconditional love ad acceptance that is actually richer ...A episode which in my opinion belonged to the actor Yatin..

A concerned father, A caring father, A genial father , A protective father, A exasperated brother in law , A intuitive father who understands that his children are battling some intense emotions but has enough respect not to intrude yet be the support .. A moral compass who shows the right way without preaching about it … A father that Saras never had , A father that Saras longed for, A father that Kumud has!

A weary, dispirited Saras returns from the field, lost in his own world ..A automaton who has gone through the motions of living .. He walks to the well, when his dirt ridden appearance is noticed and the whole family hastens to Saraswatichandra, the lonely boy.. Yash fetches the water from the well and pours it over Saraswati, ridding him of the grime and bringing the life back into lifeless Saras.

A bittersweet moment for Saras when he sees the tangible love and affection that courses through the family as his memories conjures up images of bleak past. The little boy who was longing for love is now awash with it ..The love slowly diluting the bitterness he holds within himself..

Escorted by the family he goes in only to be checkmated by Kumud ..A alert Bapu realizes that there is friction between the future couple , decides to nip it in the bud … A beautiful moment and quite a telling moment too when Bapu cajoles Kumud into seeking Apology from SaraswatiChandra .

While in the room, Saraswatichandra is just getting acquainted to the reason as to the seemingly unreasonable anger of Kumud ..Remorse courses thru him and he realizes the enormity of her feelings and the hurt he had inflicted on her … Casting his ego aside, He decides to apologize but is stalled by the first rush of embarrassment on seeing her , He hides behind the door not realizing that there has been a switch and Kumud has gone and Bhabhi is standing now..Ohh the embarrassment on Saras's face    .. A cute moment when we get a glimpse of the bashful boy hidden inside Saras …

The apology goes unsaid as Kumud has left but will it remain forever silent ..Will the two hearts which has begun to communicate pave the way for the two individuals to come together or will their impetuous attitude play a spoilsport again.

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