Sultan deserves Madhu and the new trio - Madhu, Sultan and Aryan would be awesome!

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Mar 13, 2013

Sultan deserves Madhu and the new trio - Madhu, Sultan and Aryan would be awesome! (By A.R.T)

Madhu is doing the right thing and the so-called love-hate relationship is flop for there is no relationship. How would there be after the kind of things Rk has done? He deserves hell and hell-fire in this show and indeed he is just beginning to get it, hot and furious.

The fact that some are still supporting the couple to come together is because for them a woman's self-respect hardly matters. Honestly tell me would you go back if someone ill-treated you that way? Sometimes I think viewers like these flow away in the looks and oh the agony of a man, what a joke!

How would Madhu have felt when he was torturing her on the sets and would pour all those acidic insults on her? And now that Rk is getting a bit suddenly viewers are very supportive of him and say that if the two were to separate the TRP would go low? Such an atrocious thing to say! What message does it convey if the two indeed get together? Bear humiliation dear women, no matter what your husband does to you go back to him crying??

The fact that Madhu is fighting back is that she knows that it is the right thing to do and that Rk does not deserve a relationship with her and nor does he deserve her love. He is plain stupid and in this episode she is perfectly right in every aspect. Rk deserves to be left to feel jealous all his life. 

Sultan on the other hand was strict, but he was not the kind of animal that Rk portrays. He did not hurt her in any way at all and in fact he has saved her and because of meeting Aryan we have seen her smile after a really long time.. isn't that great?!

The writers are doing a swell job and there is no way Rk should ever come in the 10 km radius of Madhu. Sultan darling save madhu from the monster if you can. I still vote for Sultan and his strength and straightforwardness! Cheers to the new duo - Madhu and Sultan!

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