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Mar 12, 2013

ipkknd:P (By Riade123) (Thanked: 26 times)

hi guy i am soon going to start a sory on ippknd

it is going to be some wat like this

kkg is from the rich family but act tell very one she is poor as 3 year ago her father and mother were killed and now the killer is bhend her so she and her family thought to hide her identity she goes to her house every firday sat and sun and other day she stay in a hostell. she has been lieing that her mom and dad live in lucknow she lived in mumbai after fishing her 10 her family came to dhile and soon afer that her mom and dad died.now she is in collage

she had a brother who is 10 year elder to her

a sister in law

a nani

a cousin 9 year elder to her

and his wife

asr is same as the show but studing in college and anjle has a 3 year old son

kkg will do a partime job in rm as care taker as ever one dute for to be poor

sham is the one who killed kkg mom and dad kkg has not seen his face

Mar 12, 2013

new story (By Riade123) (Thanked: 10 times)


kushi deasai

17 years just finesh 12 very intellgent and creative is littel spoiled and pampered as she is the youngest

she is she want every thin to go on the way. joly nacher and has big ego

the clothing

arjun desai

kushi big brother same as asr but bileves in love as is married has 4 industries and 3 malls  years 27

ria desai

arjun wife same as anjli but bit senebel and she pray to god but dose not pray to god all the time years 27 and prenet 6 month

raj desai

kushi and arjun aunt son is funny and tease kushi 26 years

neha desai

raj wife is pegent for 3 month

nani (bhavana desai)

like nani in ipkknd but joke around with kushi


same as shown but 17 years and 4 year bake his mom and dad susied same as shown

aksha and paily are married and they are 20 years

other all are same





and geet

are best frinds of arnav the think kushi is wired as she is poor but they dout and they will adore her.when they come to her truth they will be angry with her





are khushi bff they know her from kg all of them live in mumbai

Mar 12, 2013

1 epsot (By Riade123) (Thanked: 10 times)

kushi just got her 12 bord reselt so she went to show arjun she got 93% and was very exited

kushi: bhai bhai bhai

arjun:i am deaf i can hear so stop shouting

kushi: oo ho mr, anger stop geting anger and have a look at my reselts

arjun saw it and angry

arjun:whats thiese only 93% i had expected 98% i am not happy

(and he went away kushi got sad but then ria came and console her)

at evening at diner

neha:so bady in wich coolage u want to go

ku:i wanted to go to mumbai university but (got sad ) anway i will got to hr colage

arj:wht no way u will not go there


arj case i sade

ku:no i will go to hr and thas done

in rm

nani:2day arnav was soppese to get his reselt

mami: he got 91% isnt it good

nani:yes it is

nani call arnav and he down stare



asr:thank u

mami:so which collage

asr:hr for bm

mami:ohh that gret even aksha over there

asr:i no

hope u like it and comment

Mar 13, 2013

2nd episot (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

next day in desai house

khusi:plzzz bhai i want to go to H.R collage plzzzzz

arj:no means no

khu:i have decided that i will go to H.R collage and i will go there only,and till u dont agree i want eat

arj:princese lisson dont act like child ok

khu;no i want to go to H.R

arj;y r u so stburn

ria; what happen y u bouth r shouting

khu:bhabi tell him that i will go to H,R

ria:let her do what ever she wants



arj:no ifs no buts

i am going to office ok kushu baby u figger out by that time we will talk later ok bye

khu:ok bye

at eveningafter thing a lot arjun argeed to send kushi to H.R

khushi was very happy seing even he was happy for her smile he could do any thing

next some day went peparation

kushi stared saying i an appartment and ever friday, saterday and sunday she goes to desai house

the collage day

kushi got ready like this

and took her two wheeler and went

as she reached she banged into someone

plzzzzzzzzz coment

Mar 15, 2013

1st day of colage (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

kushi bump into joyta heta and geet

 and when she dash into them joyta's fell down and broke

joyta:who dare u

khu:what did i do?i wasn't my mistake

heta:no,i was ur's


joyta:u cheap low class people will never understand anything

geet:god know from where they come from

heat;u dont sute our class

joyta:do u even know how much this cost i am shure u dont

khu(she had enogh of it so she ans back) i do know,more than all 3 of u but less than trash bin

joyta:youuuuu(went to slap her but kushi hold her hand

khu:dont u dare touch me miss:mony

sid was passing by when he saw this so came in front and aksed what happen heta told everything

sid got angry

sid:i want leave u

but than the beel rang

sid:i am going now but next time

khu:(cutting him of) that we see next time

in beak

geet:i wont leave that gril

joyta:same hear

asr:grils just tell me who is she than just see how i will make her cry

joan:but i must say she has some guts

sid:stop praising

next day

arnav and kushi face each other

Mar 15, 2013

arnav and kushi meets for 1st time (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

after collage she went to desai house for diner there she told everone what happen with her

raj:i wont leve them

arjun:they are dead

rai:2moro we will talk to those guy

neha:caml down what u people are doing do u even no


nani:there kushi is not kushi desai but kushi kumare gupta 



nani;if they ask u who r u to her what will u ans them

raj: ok we wont go but they missbehaved whit her

kuh:my bodygurds i will take care of myslef dont worry

arjun:ok if u say so i wont come

kuh:i am felling sleepy i'll go home

ria:bye take care if any thing need just call

neha:and u r stell small dont act big and handel all by yorslef

kuh:ok now can i go

ria and neha:bye

next day kushi got ready for collage

like this


when she reach

heta,geet,and joyta srund her

heta:today ur day well be like hell

and they went away

after there class kus was alone in the class takeing note

their asr and his gang came

httpstatic1jassetscompAmerican-Swan-Green-Full-Sleeve-Polo-T-Shirt-Mksp-5029-189271-1-gallery2jpg asr wore this

geet:lison miss poover

kushi dint responce

geet aning a bit louder:miss poover


asr:yes u who else do u think is poor over

kuh:u alll

asr;what the

kuh:u all are poor by hear,branis, and more thig i willl make u count later

and saying this she left

asr:what the hell she think of her slef

sid:she has no mony in her poket but look at her attude as if she is princess

joyta:i know

heta;we have to teach her leson

asr:hey what her name

heta :dont know

asr:ok i will find out

meet u later bye

next day asr takes kushi lokeate and she crys

guys plzzzzzzz do comment

Mar 15, 2013

some important people photos (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

in rm all are same as the show

anjli and sham's baby girl (guys instud of a boy i am chaingind into a girl 


asr and his frinds






kushi family



raj and neha

guy i am chaing kushi nani to dadi

so her dadi

kushi frinds





Mar 17, 2013

kushi crys (By Riade123) (Thanked: 9 times)

next day



today was basket ball team selaction so every1 had to play

whil playing sid perpousely made kushi fall

she feal down and hurt herslef badly

her eyes had become watery


asr saw this and felt bad

kushi went way

asr went bhind her he saw her crying


kuh;now what do u want

arnav saw blood on her hand

asr:give me i will clean and dress it

kuh;i can do it by myslef

asr:i said give me

kuh:i wold not like hurt myslef more

asr;so u think i am hear to hurt u miss;


asr:i give ur hand to me  i will cean it its bleeding heavly

and took her hand and started dressing it

after he was he was about leav when kushi call him

kuh:lison mr:

asr:arnav sing riazada

kuh: y u&ur frind so rude to me

asr:ur atidudde

kuh:what wrong in it its the same as urs

asr:without ansing went away

at rm

when asr reach home anjli was witing for him

anjli:choat come let have dinner i and yeashve were waiting for u

asr:di i dont want to have if u want to have u can have

yeashve;mama dinner with us

asr;i said no cant u understand

yeashve started crying

nani:what is this

asr:plz dont start it againg

and went to his room he colud not forget her

at dinging area

angli: what happen to i have find out



next day

asr,kushi,& sid

working togeather


Mar 17, 2013

work 2gether (By Riade123) (Thanked: 13 times)

2day as friday

and kushi was very happy as after colage she will be spending her hole day at desai house (DH)

and next 2 day she will be over there

she got ready for collage

 like this

at rm

asr could noy sleep hole night as he was thinking about kushi

some how he got ready

and wiyhout say aying anything he went away anjil was very uset with his behavyer

at colage last class

mam: os stundent noe i will be giving u weekend HW as it will be done in groups

the groups are of 3

and hear gose the group

roll no 1,2,3



and so on

kushi's roll no was 15

asr was 16

and sid was 17

kushi was finding her group member

there one of the class member asked her roll nummer

she ans:15

cm:ohh so u r with sid


from bhind sid came

sid:it's me miss poor

khu:lison rude man i am called kushi

and i am not happy working with u

sid: so am i but we have to.

asr:lison early we start early we fish and less we deal with eachother so shutup and come to his pacle star working

khu;his place?

ars:so u want us to come us to ur place thas not happening

khu:ok but i have make some call and i'll be bavk i 30 min

she went and called arjun and infrom him that she will be late

she came back

kuh:i have pick something

asr;ok came we'll go 2grther as u dont know his place


at her house


asr:now what t r u not opening the door


sid;come open

khu:mmm i froget my house key in loker


sid:now how will u open the door

khu:i dont know(laughinfly)

ars:who can u be so relax when u can enter ur house (in tenson almost shouting)

khu:ooohhh y u r shouting

sid;then what do u expect us to do

1st of all u froget u house key

and on top of that u r laughing

kuh;lison i am humben i tend to froget it not a gig deal.................................blabla and ket an going

asr;ok calm down

dose wach man has extra key

khu;my extra kyes are in

sid;u know u r very irresponsible

khu:i dont think so

i think we will go to ur house now i will think about this latter

come (and started walking)

sid and asr:wired

thank u

Mar 19, 2013

working at sid home (By Riade123) (Thanked: 21 times)

they reahed at sid home

sid's mom:beta where were u was wateing

sid:mon wo

khu(cut off)aunty we had went to my house to pik up something

sid mom: ok ,btw who r u

sid:mom she

khu(agin cuting him of)wait i will interduce myslef,i am Kushi I study with him

sid mom:so u all work i will get for u to eat and drink

what will u all eat

sid:meat or egg

asr:i am ok with egg

khu:mmmmmmmmm aunty i am veg

sid:u r punjabe right

khu:thinking i am desai so guju and guju are veg but gupta are non veg and they punjabi so what shoud i say mmmm i'll make up some story hm yes i will say i taken mant that if my mom get well i will stop eating non veg and become veg and say the same

sid and his mom:soo seewt

sid mom :beta the cook is not ther today and i dont know how to ook veg food

khu:aunty is ok i will go home and eat and i have some fruits

sid mom:u can use my keychen and make something for ur slef


khushi went with her and made some sandwich

khu:will u have some  (to asr and sid)

asr:no thanks

khu:trust me its good

sid:ok i'll tast

khu:the frist one is with chees and other vege

2nd one had tomato

and the 3rd one all vege wich i found

sid:they look cute

khu:i know

sid:i will have the star one

(eating)arnav try its really good

asr:(took one bite)

they aer good

so u like sandwich

khu:not really

asr:they why this

khu:they take less thime make

sid:what less thim i dont think so


asr:to cut  them in these shap and draw smilys it take longggggggggg time

kuh:u bouth r smart hnnnnnn i didnt relise hahahahahaha


sid:but y smilys and all

khu:i dont like smilpe sanwich they booring

asr:ok ok ok enough talking now star working

they started working with that they cheat chat a lot they became frinds

khushi did all drawing work asr and sid did writhig work

they fu=inshed by 9:30

asr:ok now i will be going

khu:even i bye


outtsid the house

asr:how will u go

khu:by my legs


khu;walking stupid

asr:i mean ur keys

khu:ohhhh (i was going to desai house but know what shoud i ans him ok i got it sorry god am agian going to lia) i will jump from my mu naber balcknoy to my balcknoy and go in nice na hahahahah

asr:ok take care bye

khu :bye mr:A.S,R TATATA

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