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Mar 8, 2013

Living life with pleasure (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 99 times)

Hi Guys dis my second short love story of our ARSHI, I hope u ll enjoy dis story like my first story "ALWAYS LOVE EACHOTHER FOREVER". Thanks u so much for ur lovely comments for my first story. Here enjoy my second story........

Arnav who is the only son of Raizada family, he having one elder sister as his sibling. Arnav doing his studies in London, his family was living in India. His sister got married, she moved to London wit her husband.

Khushi is the only daughter of gupta family. Her dad running small business. She is living with her family in London, doing her studies in London university.

Arnav nd khushi are classmates. Arnav is different from other guys, he always used to stick to his book. Mostly he spent his time in classroom or library. He always thinks that he stand on his own leg, during his holidays he ll go for part time job. Arnav always like to be independent. Khushi knows arnav character nd his nature very well. She likes his thoughts very much so she likes to be friend of arnav.

Khushi is a soft bubbly chirpy in nature. She always follow her moral valves nd traditions, even though she lives in London, she follows Indian culture only. She is innocent nd pure at her heart, which makes arnav to attract to be her friend.

Soon they became close friends, they both help each other in their needs nd problems. Khushi family know arnav very well so they not having any issues if he came to her home. They treat him like der son.

They both r studious person in der college, der studies went well nd good. They completed der degree with high percentage marks. In der university finally they conducted farewell party for the graduated students, all enjoyed d party very well by sharing der memories nd some emotional moments. Before party ending dey played music for the couple dance. Many of the couples went to the dance floor even arnav nd khushi too went. It was slow music, dey dancing according to rhythmically der wer very close, dey wer lost by seeing eachother eyes. Their heartbeat started to beat faster nd it synchronized with eachother heartbeats. In their college life dis is the first time that dey have been close to eachother dis much, feeling each other breathe. The thought of being last day is haunting for both, in their eyes der r lot of emotions running, both din realize wen their lips met, this is new feeling for dem, dey enjoying each nd every moment like der is no tmr. They started to kiss gently, the thought of last day making dem to do passionately as much as dey can, his hand making his grip on her waist, sending shivers to her spine, she was playing with his hairs nd pulling his head more to her lips. They explored each other, dey shared their inner feelings through their kiss like who is having more feelings. This makes dem to feel complete their life, dey don't wanna separate der lips but dey had to. Slowly dey parted due to lack of oxygen both r breathing heavily nd seeing each other. Khushi was full pink in color she was shy nd nervous, arnav sensed that he just gave her smile, hugged nd kissed on her forehead. Der was dim light on d hall so noone cant see dem clearly nd all d couple engaged on der own world.

Aft some time arnav got a call, due to music he excused nd went outside to attend a call. Khushi was waiting for him but he din come aft the call.

After 5 years........

Arnav was running AR designs successfully, which is one of the top most industries in the world. He achieved dis in his young age within five years. He built Raizada mansion on his own skills. Now he living alone der, sometime if his sister came to India, she ll stay with him.

Khushi was working in Rk industries in London, which has headquarters in delhi. She got transfer to her headquarters office. Her dad business also not going well so she came to delhi with her family.

One month went normally for arnav nd khushi. They both dono abt each other. After the farewell dey both had no contacts. One day Rk industries got contract from AR designs. For der company presentation, Rk industries managing director, head of the designing dept, head of the quality control dept nd khushi who prepared that presentation, dey all went AR designs. Khushi was amazed nd stunned to see that building architecture. She heard abt AR but she dono who is d CEO of dis company. Dey went to conference room khushi was getting ready to give presentation. Some other important staffs in AR also came to review the presentation. Atlast arnav came to the conference room as usual (not for khushi) with his three piece coat who is looking handsome nd smart.

Khushi was frozed to see him in dis attire, She forgot her surrounding just staring at him. Arnav sensed a pair of eyes staring at him so he watched in that direction, he became like statue by seeing her. First time he seeing her in salwar kameez with open hair, bindi on her forehead, long earings nd bangles, She was beautiful goddess. Both came to reality by their staff members. Arnav introduced himself to dem, khushi was shocked to hear that he is the CEO of this company. She was speechless, she dono whether it is real or she living in her dream. Aft introducing dey started their presentation. During her presentation he was just staring at her, khushi also knew it. Each nd every time dey stealing their glance eachother. Finally presentation came to an end, dey signed the deal.

They came out of the conference room both r nervous, dey dono wt to speak nd wer to start both r happy to see aft long time, dey just giving smile

Arnav: Hi... How r u

Khushi: I m good, wt abt u.

Arnav: ya fine. How u came here.

Khushi: I working RK industries in London but I got transfer last month so came here with my family.

Arnav: Oh that's good. Shall v go for dinner if u r free

Khushi: ya sure.

Arnav: k den eve I ll come nd pick up u

Then dey both went for their work. Aft office time arnav went to khushi office, nd dey went for dinner, they just talked abt der current life. After dinner arnav went to drop khushi at her home but her home was locked she tried to call her parents but d call is unreachable due to bad weather. Arnav called khushi to his home, with out any other way she went with him. They reached RM, by seeing that her jaw dropped down it was just amazing. Arnav showed her guest room to get fresh nd gave her , his sis nite clothes, he too went to his room to get fresh. Khushi took bath nd came, at that time arnav got ready nd came to see her. Due to slippery of her leg she fell on arnav, due to that der lips gently brushed both of their inner feelings awaking, dey just staring at their eyes nd taking their breathe of each other. Water drops on her hair falling on his face, he slowly moved her hair backside nd gently caress her cheek which is changing to red in colour. Due to his touch she shivered, her lips starts to trembling he just touched her lips with his thumb,electric shocks passed through her body, she closed her eyes tightly nd enjoying his every touch. They heard the thunder sound which makes dem to come to reality, she scared nd buried her head on his chest, she felt safe nd secure in his arms, she wished always to stay der. Finally arnav whispered in her ear Khushi relax. That whisper makes her to stand up. He wished her good nit nd went to his room. Khushi tried to sleep but sleep is for away, she was scared due to thunder nd lightning, she never slept alone.

Mar 8, 2013

Living life with pleasure (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 75 times)

She went to arnav room, he was standing on his pool side nd watching rain, he was lost in some thoughts. Khushi went to near him nd placed her hand on his shoulder, he turned to see her, he asked her y din sleep still. She replied u know na I never slept alone nd also scared of dis thunder. Arnav just smiled nd said still u din change. Khushi asked him, wt he thinking. He said nothing. Atlast khushi asked him, y din u come back aft farewell party, wer u went nd how u came to India.

Arnav face changed eyes fully welled up due to tears. Slowly by controlling his emotions he said, khushi that time I got call from my sis, She was sobbing that time nd told me to come fast to her home. I m worried nd panicked that time so immediately I went to her home. I was scared to see her like that nd asked her y she was crying, She said that our parents r died due to accident. I was completely brokebown so that I cant able to inform u. Den we came back to India, aft that I started business here itself. My life itself fully changed khushi. No one is der for me to share my happiness, noone is der to take my pain, noone is der to slove my prob, noone is der to wipe my tears. I m alone, just completely alone by saying dis he completely brokedown into tears. She hugged him tightly, Arnav plz don't think like that I m der For u to share ur happiness, to take ur pain, to slove ur prob, to wipe ur tear, till my last breathe I never make u to feel alone, I promise u plz don't cry I cant see u like dis, by saying dis she came out of his hug nd wiped his tears, placed a kiss on his head, he buried his face near her neck. Aft some time dey went to his room, he told her to sleep in bed, he ll take couch to sleep. She said, no arnav u too sleep in dis bed its large enough for us so no problem for me. He asked her, r u sure nd she said yes to him. Den both slept on same bed.

Next mrng arnav waked first, he felt heaviness in his body, he looked down, khushi keeping her head on his chest nd wrapping her hand on his neck, he just smiled at their position, he wished if I can get dis moment every mrng I m d luckiest person in this world. Khushi stirred in her sleep so he again closed his eyes. She felt some warness around her body which is new to her, she realized her position she jerked off, due to her jerk he too opened his eyes. She cant able to meet his eyes, by looking away she mumbled arnav sorry I dono how... actually, he said khushi relax I can understand, den with his naughty mood he added actually I enjoyed dis, I wish daily....... Khushi saw him with her open mouth, arnav started to laugh for her expression. She hit his chest nd ran from der to guest room. Aft she went, arnav went to take his bath, aft 15 minutes he came out without shirt by wiping his head. Khushi came to his room she stopped on that spot by seeing his masculine manly body with messy hair with wetness he is too hot nd sexy. Arnav saw her he know wt she is staring, he just smiled nd called her, Khushi with his husky voice, by hearing her name she came to sense nd lowered her gaze, arnav I don't have any dress to wear wt to do now. Arnav wore his shirt, with her he went to his sister room. He took saree from cupboard nd gave it to her, she just blinking her eyes. He asked khushi wt happened. She asked him to give some other dress, he told saress only having here, with out any option she went taking that saree. Arnav went to his room to get ready.

Arnav came to living hall nd waiting for her, he thought y she is taking long time den he thought to go nd check, he went to near stairs. Khushi came that time to come down, he was mesmerized by beauty he cant able to take his eyes from her, she was wearing red saree with open hair, she continuously adjusting her hair fringe nd her saree fleet near her shoulder, she was shy nd nervous due to his hard gaze which is fixed on her. She slipped one step while coming down due to her saree, before she falling he pulled her close to him, his hand touching her bare waist, another hand at her back of her neck. She tightly clutched his neck, she breathing heavily due to their closeness. He was proud to have such effect on her due to his touch, he slowly whispered near her ear khushi r u k... She opened her eyes, their eyes met both r immersed in the pool of their eyes. Suddenly her face changed to worry nd came out of his hold. Arnav asked her Khushi any problem y u tensed. She said pouting her face, Arnav I m not used to saree, I feel uncomfortable wt if I fall in my office, all ll laugh na.... she stopped saying by hearing laugh of arnav. He was laughing hardly nd saying Khushi really u r unbelievable. Khushi got angry, stop it arnav I m serious. Arnav controlled his laugh nd asked her k tell wt I can do. Khushi asked cutely arnav shall I take leave tdy. He pinched her cheek, k as ur wish, I wanna go office so bye u take care saying dis he went.

Khushi did call to her parents, dey told dey r in her dad friend home to attend his daughter marriage, nd said dey gave home key to der neighbor home, tmr mrng dey ll come back. Khushi told dem she staying with arnav, they r happy to hear abt him aft long time. Her parents told her to take care of her nd disconnected the call.

At eve arnav came dey spend some time together, dey went out for dinner aft finishing dinner dey came back home. They changed to their nite clothes nd went to bed, dis time she put pillow between dem, arnav asked d reason, she said if I put pillow I wont come ur side nd I wont disturb u. Arnav thought wt a crazy gal she is nd dey slept. Next mrng khushi woke first she saw dey r in d same position like yesterday, she thought I put pillows but now wer is it. She waked arnav, Khushi plz let me sleep for some time. She pleadingly, Arnav plz wake up. He lazily opened his eyes, wt khushi y u waking me early, she asked abt the pillow. Arnav told, khushi sdy nite u fully pushed d pillow to my side I have no space to sleep so I took that pillow nd kept it on the couch, bz of u I din sleep properly. She said sorry with sad face. Arnav said huskily, I think ur idea got flop u better get used to sleep like dis (by cuddling him), I loved it. She smiled with shy nd without saying anything she went from der. Khushi parents came from marriage so aft getting ready arnav dropped her home, he met her parents aft long time dey r very happy to see arnav nd his success, wen dey heard abt his parents death dey too became sad. They shared some moments den arnav went to his office aft dropping khushi to her office.

Mar 8, 2013

Living life with pleasure (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 79 times)

Days went like dis, arnav ll go to her home frequently, khushi too ll come to his home, now they r happy with der life. Arnav went to Mumbai for one deal, aft two days he came back. He was busy with his meetings so he din talk to khushi for two days. So aft came from Mumbai he got ready nd went to her home, he saw some crowd der all wearing white dress, he cant understand anything, Slowly he moved inside the home nd saw the body which is covered with white cloth, khushi was sitting near the body without life, her mom was crying badly. Arnav cant able to digest the scene wt he is seeing now, he felt like again his dad died. He went near khushi, he called her name, She hugged him nd started to cry on his chest. He just caressing her back, din say anything just let her to cry. He know the pain, which he went through before five years. While taking body dey cried badly, he consoled both khushi nd her mom. Aft some time situation became little bit normal, he asked khushi, wt happened to her dad, she replied already he is heart patient mrng suddenly he got heart attack, saying dis she started to cry again nd slept on his lap.

That eve her mom told to arnav, that dey going to move lucknow to der own house which is the only memory of her dad. On hearing dis arnav felt like, his life going away from him, he cant say anything for dis he was helpless, he understood der situation so he simply nodded. Khushi is not in the state to think anything, she too just nodding her head.

Next day arnav helped dem to shifting d house to lucknow, he stayed der for 2 days arranging all the facilities which dey required, once dey settled well he came back to his home. Days going by just talking in phone, aft 5 years dey met but soon again dey got separated. They both r missing eachother day by day.

One day her mom asked khushi to put promise, to do wt she gonna ask now. Khushi just said, k mom I promise, tell me wt I wanna do. Her mom told, khushi ur dad also died, now I having fear thinking abt ur life. One good alliance came for u dey r very good family, dey ll treat u like as their own daughter. And she gave boy photo to khushi to see him. Khushi just looked d photo blankly. Her mom told, his name s Rishi, he working in a good company nd getting good salary, all r nice in their family if u go u ll live happily der, so plz accept for dis marriage. Khushi said pleadingly plz mom I can do anything but plz don't tell to do dis marriage. I don't wanna marry now. Her mom told her to understand the situation but khushi refusing for marriage. Atlast her mom told if u cant marry den forget that I m ur mom nd don't come in front of me, like ur father that day itself I too wanna go away from dis world by saying she started to cry. Khushi cant see her mom in dis state so she said k mom do as u like, saying dis she ran to her room by hugging her pillow she cried with her heartaches. That eve asusual arnav called her aft he came from office but she din attend his call, she was feeling guilty nd thinking she is cheating him, arnav thought may be she ll be busy so only din attend d call nd he left trying to call her. Four days went like dis still she is not taking his call, he got tensed if anything problem for dem, she never did like dis but now wt happened to her, by thinking so many things he decided to go lucknow.

Next day he went to her home, he was shocked nd stunned wt he was seeing, Khushi putting ring to some other boy nd that boy slided d ring to her ring finger but it was not going inside due to small size, so he put on her little finger. Arnav saw her face der is no glow, she looks pale, her head hung down just being like statue, he can read her pain through her face, he cant see her with some other men, his heart rending to see his life going away from him, he cant take dis so he went from there.

During every function khushi was thinking abt arnav only, she is physically present in her function, but her mind, heart nd her soul longing to be with arnav. She is dying to meet him, but hereaft she cant face him. Finally wedding day arrived, it was grand hall full of lights nd flowers it just look like a marriage of prince nd princess going to be held der. Time came for wedding ritual bride nd bridegroom came to mandap. Bride was lifeless with her head looking down. But bridegroom was happy full of life, he just feeling he is the luckiest man in this world to get most precious gift (khushi) in his life. He put mangalsutra on her neck, she just closed her eyes nd thinking abt arnav, her heart aching to see him, to be in his warmness. Den he kept sindoor on her head, again she closed her eyes, arnav face coming in front of her, she felt happy that moment but wen she opened her eyes again her happiness vanished became lifeless. Pandit announced as der husband nd wife. By hearing husband word she thought abt arnav, nd thinking to kill herself for cheating him, tears started to flow on her cheek. She is not looking anyone even her husband, full time just looking down nd thinking abt arnav. Aft that dey went to khushi home only becz her husband home s not in lucknow, so decided to go tmr, to her husband home. Dey did some ritual khushi was just doing wt dey saying by looking down. Aft d rituals, dey arranged for the first night, dis was the khushi's worst day in her life but for him dis was the best day in his life. Aft arranging the room, dey make khushi to sit on d bed, aft some time her husband came inside she heard the sound of door closing. Her face was covered with her veil. She wanna run from der, she felt like she was arrested in jail. Her husband came near to her, she realized that suddenly she got down from bed, I wanna change my dress by saying she went to washroom taking one simple saree. Aft she came out, her husband also went to change his clothes before he came out, Khushi started to pretend like sleep. Her husband came out he saw her, he know very well she is pretending only, he wanna laugh hardly but controlling his laugh he slept peacefully, thinking his life complete with her.

Mar 8, 2013

Living life with pleasure (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 113 times)

Next morning khushi waked first, she cant move her body, she realized her husband arms hugging her bare waist, she too keeping her hand on his neck. She came out of his embrace by struggling, she was shocked she was blinking many time whether it is dream or not, she rubbing her eyes wen she confirmed it is real, She hugged him tightly nd gave him passionate kiss on his lips, she was kissing him wilder, she giving him pain by biting his lips. Her husband was shocked due to her sudden action he try to push her but she not leaving him, she kissing him like she wont get another chance. Atlast he too gave in to kiss her passionately. Both r living their most beautiful moment. Aft a long kiss, dey parted eachother looking der eyes which has happiness, love, concern, desire, both breathing heavily..

Khushi: Arnav....

Arnav: Good mrng my love

Khushi: you... here... how..

Arnav : (he just smiling) den who else want to be here

Khushi: Rishi

Arnav: To ur husband, u talking abt some other man that too on our first day.

Khushi: What

Arnav: I m ur legally wedded husband khushi.

Khushi: But I got married with Rishi

Arnav: Shut up Khushi, I never heard in my life that bride din know to whom she got married aft firstnight also, of course v din do our first night but still u seeing me now only.

Khushi: (confusion) Arnav plz tell me clearly I cant understand anything.

Arnav: Khushi u din attend my calls for many days so I came to see u but wen I came here, ur engagement was going so I went from der. I cant see u as some others wife, I know u forced to do dis marriage, I saw the pain in ur face on ur engagement. One day before our wedding I met ur mom nd told her my feelings towards u. She was happy hearing that but problem is wt we ll say to Rishi family. I called Rishi, told him that I wanna meet him, he agreed to meet. That eve v met in hotel, I told him everything but to my surprise he said he too don't want to do dis marriage bcz he loving some other gal. Finally v talked to his parents, aft lot of arguments dey agreed. And I told ur mom, not to tell that I m only going to marry u, to give surprise for u. But atlast u gave me surprise, during marriage I was waiting to see ur reaction but u was just looking down without seeing ur husband also.

Aft hearing dis, khushi hugged him tightly, sorry arnav I thought it was rishi only who I m marrying but at every ritual I just thought abt u only, I don't like to see any other face so only I din turn to look at u. How much fool I m, I wanna be happy on my wedding but I was sad due to my foolishness, thinking that my marriage with Rishi. Suddenly arnav came out of her hug, he took one small box which is covered with red wrapper, he took ruby diamond ring which is heart shaped from that box, slowly he kneeled in front of her

Arnav: Will u be my wife forever Mrs.khushi raizada

Khushi: She was happy with a huge smile, Yes Mr Raizada I ll be wife of urs not only dis life even for my seven lives.

He removed her ring which is on her little finger (engagement ring), nd slowly he slided his diamond ring on her ring finger, placed a gentle kiss on that. He got up nd hugged her,

Khushi: I m very happy arnav

Arnav: But I m not

Khushi: she came out his hug, Why arnav, u not happy with our marriage.

Arnav: I m happy with our marriage, but I m not happy with our first nite

She was blushing very hard, arnav was enjoying her blush nd changing color.

Arnav: with sad face, khushi u spoiled our first nite, I waited for dis day long time before itself but all went in vain.

Khushi: She put her arms around on his neck, saying romantically so what v can make our love on our first morning, by saying dis she placed her lips on his, she started to suck his lips, arnav surprised on her act but enjoyed it. He too started to respond her. Both kissing passionately sharing der feeling each other, arnav slowly came out of lips nd came near to her neck to give trail of wet kisses she just enjoying his love of kisses nd moaning his name, he gave her love bite which is their first mark of love, again started to kiss on lips by exploring each other till der is a need of air, slowly he lifts her nd placed her on bed dey started to make love through their heart body nd soul. Tdy they r complete with each other just like two bodies one soul.

They living their life with pleasure of eachother forever.

Guys I hoped u enjoyed dis short story abt ARSHI, thanks for reading nd plz post ur comment. I would like to know whether it is good or not to write my another story.

Plz post ur comment aft reading, one word also enough. Depends on ur comments only I can make another story.

Mar 23, 2013

Living life with pleasure (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 35 times)

Guys i m happy to received ur comments. Thank u so much for reading my stories nd posting ur comments which is making to write further stories. I m writing d stories which is fully based on ARSHI der wont be misunderstanding r jealous, its fully based on our ARSHI feelings only.

Few of u posted as update soon, actually it is short story i m just ending that story aft our ARSHI got united by realising der feelings.

Today i completed my third story FEAR OF LOVE which is also fully based on our ARSHI der ll be no MU r jealous track. And plz post ur comment for my third story "Fear of love".

Thank u so much for u support. soon i ll come up with another story.

Dec 13, 2013

Making alive... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 41 times)

Hey guys this story i wrote on long time back, my journey started with these stories as writer and you guys supported me well to write more Fan fiction and Short stories. Today again i would like to give life for this story by presenting to you which were buried somewhere inside my diary. For new readers I m posting it again. Thanks to everyone..

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