Arshi OS: Our Family

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Feb 24, 2013

Arshi OS: Our Family (By Mona246) (Thanked: 95 times)

I am writing this os for the competition and the OS is on honeymoon

Arshi go to America for thier honeymoon

They have now reached the hotel that they are staying in, they have also reached the room

Khushi - WOW what a beautiful room

Arnav hugged her from behind

Arnav - If you want we can stay here all day for 2 weeks

Khushi - Won't you be bored staying in one room all day

Arnav - Who has a wife like you can never be bored

Khushi blushed

Arnav - You know when you blush you look like a ...

Khushi - a

Arnav - a

Khushi was eager to hear what he's going to say as she thaught he will give her a compliment

Arnav - A tomato

Khushi - WHAT!!!!!!!!!

Arnav - Yeah whenever I romance with you, you always blush

Khushi - Then don't romance with me

Khushi pushed him and turned to go but just then Arnav held her hand and pulled her towards him

Arnav - That can NEVER happen

Khushi smiled trying not to blush

Khushi - Arnavji can we look around the market

Arnav - Fine for you anything

Khushi - Yeah

They went to a person who makes portraits abd then they had dinner, after dinner Arnav baught khushi flowers abd at the end they had a walk in a beautiful beach then they camr home

Khushi came out of the bathroom wearing her night dress suddenly arnav came and started placing kisses on her neck and left a love bite there

Arnav - (wispering in her ear) I want us to be complete

Khushi blushed and nodded

Arnav carried her to the bed and made love all night

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Feb 25, 2013

Arshi OS: Our Family (By Mona246) (Thanked: 46 times)

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After 2 weeks they both came home

Arshi Bedroom

Khushi was feeling abit dizzy and was about to fall but Arnav caught her

Arnav - Khushi what happened are you OK

Khushi - Yes Arnavji i'm fine maybe it happened because of tiredness

Arnav - Are you sure your OK

Khushi - Yes i'm su ...

Suddenly khushi felt like vomiting so she quickly came out of Arnav's hold and went to the bathroom, arnav was shocked so he came behind her

Khushi cleaned her face

Arnav - Khushi now we have to go to the doctor

Khushi - Arnavji i'm fine

Arnav - I can see that

Khushi - But ...

Arnav - No buts or ifs

Khushi - fine

Arnav - Good

They went to the doctor and the doctor did her tests

Arnav - Doctor is everything fine, with a worried look

Doctor - Yes and congratulation, she's pregnant

ArShi - WHAT

Doctor - Yes

Arnav was really happy today and same with khushi

They came home and told everyone, everyone had already started doing the preperations

After 1 month

Arnav was about to go to work but looked at khushi first

Arnav - Khushi don't come out of be and take your medicines, and take care of my baby

Khushi - MY BABY

Arnav - Sorry OUR BABY

Khushi - Better

After 3 months

Khushi was infront of the mirror measurring her belly

Khushi - now I am 6 inches fat( she wrote in her diary)

After 5 months

Arshi went for Ultra sound ( I think it's when you see the baby in the womb)

Khushi - Doctor why are there 2 babies in there

Doctor - That's a good thing that means you will get twins

Arnav - WOW

Doctor - 1 boy and 1 girl

Arshi - Awesome

7 months

Arnav and Khushi were fussing on the names

Anjili - When the baby is born we will decide then

NK - Yes why are fussing now

Arshi - Oh, good point

Everyone laughed at thier little fights

9 months


? - waah waah

Doctor came out

Doctor - Congrats thier twins

Everyone - Yeah, shouting

Nurse - Ssshhh

Everyone came in and were awwing the babies

Nani - So what have you decided to name them

Arshi - For the girl RIYA

Khushi - And for the boy RIHAN

Everyone - what beautiful names

Arnav - Now Our Family is complete

Khushi smiled

The End

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