Madhubala Rishab Kundra

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Feb 22, 2013

Madhubala Rishab Kundra (By SAS)

Good day to all, each one of us wud be thinking what could be the reason for the sudden change. As the creatives have explained the reason to be revenge, I don't go with this after seeing RK's behaviour. My observation, RK would have understood that there is someone behind his life, it wasn't Mallick alone who tried to kill him . He wud have appointed some agency for this. He wants to save Madhu from all this. Initial thoughts were to run away with Madhu, later after understanding that she is so much attached with her family, he deliberately decides to keep her away from all these hurdles by keeping her away reasoning out "Revenge". He is on the mission to find the culprit who is behind his life, if he discloses it to Madhu she wud be surely frightened and wud not let him out thinking of danger. On the other hand if he keeps her away for the time on the pretext of "Revenge"atleast her life wud be safe and if nothing happens to him he can make her understand the reason later becoz she was the person who understood him.

But Madhu's presence weakens him from underdgoing the new mission. Madhu is a keen observer and if she makes out that there is someone behind him she wud leap ahead of him to save his life, and RK doesn't want it. However he tries to keep her away she wud be near him, now he will provoke her to take up the task of acting thinking that she wud run away. But there too luck will be on her side, Madhu will become a famous actress.

Later on he wud think by maintaining such a distance with her wud make others feel that they are apart, and her life wud be safe. Might be something wud happen during Holi, i.e they may move one step further in their relationship. On the reel life during the course of movie they wud again take 7 phereas, again lot more to write.......

.........but i wud like to know is there anyone who wud support this take.

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