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Feb 7, 2013

Qubool Hai Today (By AMrocks21)

Abuse.....Abuse on the whole in unacceptable and it should not be shown on the whole. In today's episode Asad has so much mistaken anger and hatered towards Zoya that he basically doesn't care what he does to her, to him she is the cause of his mother's near to death experience and he is so afraid of losing one of the 2 women in his life that he finds it okay to mistreat Zoya (as he holds her responsible) and basically use her to take his anger out. I was literally laughing at his expression after he realised that Zoya was actually for once not at fault. But I honeslty don't believe that Zoya would just mearly accept his apologly for he has not only slapped her but he has verbally abused her. I am a fan of Qubool Hai and I do not wish to have offended any reader and therefore I would like to say that the views are are mine and only what I believe .

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