Madhubala: A Review - 01/02/2013

Feb 4, 2013

Madhubala: A Review - 01/02/2013 (By ShaliniRobinson) (Thanked: 3 times)

I've been wondering what has gone into Madhubala and RK.

Not only have they forgotten the escape from RK's fame and popularity, they've also forgotten that they were supposed to complete the 7-phera ritual of their wedding.

RK was keen to leave his fame, family, fans, and money, and lead a secluded life with only his biwi & bacche. Now, he's in a place where just two people do not acknowledge his identity as a star, and RK can hardly stand it. Does he realize how he would have managed to stay in seclusion? Actually, in Mumbai it wasn't possible, so spending a day or two in this village isn't a bad example of how life might be when he's unknown.

BTW, why was RK so bothersome about spouting dialogs? Usually he does that at the drop of a hat; even with the rocket pointed at him. Loved the kid's retort it isn't coz you spoke, it's to shut you up.

They're too busy cleaning a non-working AC, making jokes - actually, Madhu's were better than RK's, wife helping with dhoti, complimenting wife - NOT!, getting swindled!

I really LIKE kaka ji - super, the way he calls RK everything but Rishabh. And he's got a wife to match him. I really like the lady of the house! she's such a dear. And she likes Madhu. And she's right about Madhu - she's like water; takes the shape of the container she's kept in. And she's right about RK - he has issues!

Poor RK earned a rupee where he usually earns crores. And then, wasted that rupee on a one minute angry call, having passed on no useful information except that he and biwi were okay and the rest Bittu ji had to figure out.

Bittu ji is super efficient!


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