Zoya to know Rashid and Dilshad's relation in Qubool Hai - Promo

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Feb 3, 2013

Zoya to know Rashid and Dilshad's relation in Qubool Hai - Promo (By TiaKapoor)

Zee TV's serial Qubool Hai is at a very interesting turn.

It was last seen in Qubool Hai that Asad has finally found that Zoya has hidden Marriyam at his house.

Asad asked Zoya to send Marriyam to some other relative's house as he does not to risk his sister and mother's life.

When Marriyam was leaving, Dilshad found out about Marriyam and brought her home.

However, Marriyam's father came to know that she is at Asad's house. He sent a shooter to kill Marriyam. However, Dilshad got shot while trying to save Marriyam.

In the upcoming episodes of Qubool Hai, doctor will tell Asad that Dilshad's life is in danger.

Will Asad blame Zoya for risking his mother's life?

The promo shows Rashid sitting next to Dilshad in the hospital. Zoya enters the room and is shocked to see Rashid sitting next to Dilshad.

The promo has brought an interesting turn in the serial. It was last shown that Razia has blackmailed Rashid to get separated from Dilshad. The proof was recorded in the doll. Knowing Zoya's nature he will question Rashid why he left Dilshad and Asad. Probably Rashid will tell the truth to Zoya. Zoya will find the recording and prove Rashid's innocence.

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