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Jan 26, 2013


Oh My God! Again leap..tht too Pihu wil be an adult and our most beloved couple of RAYA wil be an old..i really can't bare this news..

Guys read below breaking news of future's BALH..This news is from RKR site...

Hello Everybody Who Loves RKR....

Hold your breath everyone....sit down and then read....keep water close by...

RKR has confirmed that a generation leap is coming in one to two month, Pihu will be an adult (per my source they have started looking for an adult Pihu). It will be shown that an old Ram and Priya are together post leap with an adult Pihu. (The living together is as of now may change - but timeline stays). The story will have Ram and Priya but will also have Pihu's love story.

Based on the above it is unsure if we are getting a happy pregnancy track or not, RKR is in the process of finding out the same and will share the information with you as soon as we know.

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