Tough times for Suraj and Sandhya in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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Jan 14, 2013

Tough times for Suraj and Sandhya in Diya Aur Baati Hum (By Ayesha)

It has been shown that Bhabho sent Suraj and Sandhya to Mount Abu for honeymoon.

However, Suraj went to Ajmer so that Sandhya's studies does not get disturbed.

During their visit, Swamiji got Shivling from Sandhya's college. People from nearby places were coming to Ajmer to see the idol and take God's blessing.

Bhabho will also come to Sandhya's college with Mohit.

In the upcoming episodes Suraj will decide that he will tell Bhabho about Sandhya's studies after returning from Ajmer.

However, Bhabho will come to know in Ajmer that Sandhya is studying in the night college. She will be upset with Suraj as he is supporting Sandhya against her wishes.

Bhabho will ask Suraj to move out of the house since he does not want to honour family's traditions.

Will Emily help Sandhya in uniting Suraj and Bhabho? Emily is Mohit's girlfriend. Mohit always instigate Bhabho to take tough actions Suraj and Sandhya.

Jan 16, 2013

Bahbho will be shocked in Diya Aur Baati Hum (future episodes) (By Meena12) (Thanked: 3 times)

Very true Ayesha..... I just wrote below update and found you have already shared a very good review on this topic:

Excitement is set to begin on DABH which has the highest TRP on Star plus serials. High Voltage Drama rock Diya Aur Baati Hum. As seen in the earlier episodes of DABH Bhabho is on her way to Ajmer to meet Babaji (Surendra Pal) and also see the idol that has been unearthed from the place where Sandhya’s night school is situated.

As we all know that Bhabho is not aware of the truth but now time has come that she will come to know that Sandhya has been attending night classes to pursue her dreams. As we all know she and Suraj took permission from Bhabho to study to fullfill Sandhya’s father dream but that time also Bhabho rigidly declined and now when she will find out Sandhya (and Suraj) are attending the night college then this will be a huge set back for Bhabho who potrays the old society mother in law (from Rajasthan)!.

The promo highlighs how Suraj and Sandhya were gearing up to tell the truth to Bhabho but before then can say anything Bhabho will find out on her own which we ROCK everyone’s life….. The fact that her laadla pyarra Suraj BETA will lie to her will shaken Bhabho a lot…. Suraj is a good son and he never hids anything from her when she will come to know all this story not only she will blame Sandhya but also Suraj…. She will blame Sandhya that he spoiled the obedient Suraj and he now hides things from Bhabho…..,She will end up creating huge hue and cry about this and also will take some schocoking and drastic measures will stun viewers!! Bhabho will ask Suraj to move out of the house since he does not want to honour family's traditions.... I am guessing that Emily n Mohit will play a critical role in coming 20 odd episodes to recover lost trust of SURYA!!

Tune into Diya Aur Baati Hum, the number one show on Star Plus every Mon-Fri 9:00 PM (IST) to know how this high voltage drama unfolds and we will see some fascinating actins of top actors here …. Please share your comments below on what is your take …. What will Bhabho do to punish SURYA?

Jan 17, 2013

*Two Different Ways* (By Simmi)

Everyone is shown in AJMER for worship etc... Episode starts with usual nok-jhok between Bhabho - Meena. Bhabho is doing so much taang-pulling of her.(Be careful Bhabho b'coz once your chhora -bindani leaves you, she will show you her true colors n make you suffer big time.).

Symbolic Scene:-

One side Bhabho's footwear is broken n another side Sooraj purchased new footwear for her. He's explaining Sandy how he's aware about Bhabho's foot size from childhood. During this conversation SurYa and Bhabho's vehicles are moving simultaneously. N then all of sudden it's taking different turn at four lane. Bhabho's vehicle move straight while SurYa's vehicle turn left.(A sign of separation..)

At night college, Sooraj is eagerly waiting outside of class to announce Sandy's result. Sandhya couldn't able to resist herself from going outside to meet her lubly hubby. Both exchanged few sentences on lie n don't like to hide it from Bhabho anymore. When result is announced My sandy baby topped in class along with lucky..(Bechara lucky - was stunned and everyone teased him esp loved how Papppu did it..). Sooraj is all jumping in joy with pride in his eyes - as his wifey topped in the class. SurYa's eye-lock worth watchable..

Finally, All rathi members reached night college to do darshan of "magic shivlink". Emily was smart enough to drop SMS mohit n asked him whether they arrived here or not.. Bhabho - Daisa nok-jhok.. Everyone is praying to fulfill their desires esp Meena and Bhabho.

Emily is asking Sandy to give her saree as she's eager to meet Mohit's parents..Sandy explaining her:- True to remain herself n not to start any important relationship on the basis of lie because end of the day it leaves bitter scratches in your loved ones heart n then difficult to recover..

After Emily left, Sooraj promises Sandy:- He won't allow her to bear lie anymore n will inform Bhabho as quickly as possible

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