FF: Clean House

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Dec 11, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 42 times)

Subtitle: Get rid of the Bandars!

It is a dark, cloudy evening quite suited to Madhu's mood. She slowly walks into RK mansion with a broken heart, tears in her eyes.

Madhu (thinking): How can you do this to me RK? You promised! You promised that you will come to my parent's house for lunch! RK you'll never change. Patthar ka dil hain tumhara. Tum insaan nehi ho.

Madhu walks by Radhaji, in a trance. Radhaji looks towards the door expecting to see RK. She doesn't see him and in a worried voice, calls out to Madhu.

Radhaji: Madhu, kaha hain Rishu?

Madhu stops and turns to look at Radhaji.

Madhu: I don't know Ma. Probably in his room.

Radhaji: I thought he was with you at your parent's place for lunch.

Madhu (in anger): He didn't show up.

Radhaji: Where can he be? He's not home! Meri toh bahoth chinta ho rehi hain.

Madhu: Ma I am very tired. I am going to my room.

Saying this, Madhu walks away and rushes up the stairs.

Madhu (thinking): RK, what drama is this? First you don't show up for lunch. And now you're not home. RK if I find you...I am going to...uggh! I am going to make you sorry Mr. Rishab Kundra. Mujhe Biwi Biwi kare chillate ho na. Well get ready Patidev. I will also keep yelling at you and call you Patidev. Going to irritate you till you're sorry or my name won't be Mrs. Madhubala Rishab Kundra!

Madhu walks by slightly open door of Bandar Senior, err... Kukkuji's room. And what she accidentally overhears stops her in dead in her track.

Sikky: Daddyji let's start Sultan's extortion calls again. Our creditors are breathing down our necks!

Kukkuji: Arre Lale! Lower your voice. No brain in that head of yours. But I also thought same thing. We'll have that bandar start the phone calls again. If anything does happen to RK, we can always put the blame on Malik (bursts out laughing).

Sikky (laughing): Arre waah daddyji! What plan! We make the money and the blame will be put on Malik. Aap brilliant ho daddyji.

Kukkuji: Lale...baap ho teri. Now go get two glasses and the bottle of whiskey.

Madhu is in complete shock. She walks away and goes to her and RK's room.

Madhu(thinking): I cannot believe these Bandars. How dare they betray their OWN family for money. Chi! So they were behind those extortion calls RK was receiving before the shooting. And if they get caught, they will set Malik up to take the fall. Never! I will not let this happen. They will pay for their sins. RK, where are you? I need to talk to you!

Scene change to the Farmhouse:

RK is in a foul mood. Whiskey in hand but unable to drink, Dipali's words are haunting him.

RK (thinking): Is Madhu only with me for my fame and fortune? No this can't be, Madhu is not like that...she's not like Dipali. But I don't know how she feels about me. What do I feel for her? Is it love? No! It can't be. So damn confused! Where the hell is Bittuji when I need him?

Bittuji heard his Chief's call and magically appears, ahem, pulls up to the Farmhouse. Our Bittuji is quite attuned to his Chief. The Chief calls and he is at our RK's beck and call! Bittuji walks in to see his Chief furiously pacing up and down the mantle.

Bittuji: Chief you've been here all this time? Bhabiji was looking for you. Do you know how sad and hurt she was when you didn't show up at her parent's for lunch?

RK: Bittuji...aap please dialogue na maare. I am in a dilemma and don't need you to lecture me.

Bittuji: Do you know how much Bhabiji loves you?

RK (stops in his track): You think she loves me?

Bittuji: Yes you big idiot!

RK: Bittuji!

Bittuji: Sorry Chief. Yes of course she loves you. It's obvious.

RK: Well it's not obvious to me.

Bittuji: Chief you're not the smartest chip on the block.

RK: Bittuji!

Bittuji: Sorry Chief. She gave you blood when you were shot. Walked barefoot to the temple for your speedy recovery. Didn't give up on you when the doctors already declared that your heart has stopped beating. Nursed you back to health. Was willing to GET justice for YOU even though it meant HER Malik would be sent to jail. She secretly kept Karva Chauth for you even though you don't believe in all this and that you won't break her vrath. You need any more proof Chief that Bhabiji loves you?

RK: Oh shit! You're right Bittuji. (Smacks his own head) Why did I pay attention to that stupid Dipali? She's a damned witch.

Bittuji: As I said Chief, not the smart chip on the block.

RK: Bittuji!

Bittuji: Sorry Chief.

RK: Bittuji go bring Madhu to the farmhouse now. Abhi jaiye.

Bittuji: Yes Chief. But should I bring a helmet for you first?

RK: Helmet?

Bittuji: Yes helmet Chief. Bhabiji is very angry now and she may try to break things on your head.

RK (smiled): No need for that. I know how to handle my Biwi.

Bittuji (mutters): Yeah right.

RK: Bittuji! I heard that.

Bittuji: Sorry Chief. Going now to get Bhabiji.

Dec 12, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 33 times)

The little wizard, ahem, Bittuji gets in his Bittumobile and races towards RK mansion. There he runs up to his Chief's and Bhabiji's room.

Bittuji (panting): Bhabiji! Bhabiji! Chief is asking for you.

Madhu: Bittuji where's your Chief hiding? He wants to speak to ME, see ME but wants me to go to him?

Bittuji: Woh...Chief is at the farmhouse. Bhabiji please come with me, Chief is asking for you.

Madhu(sarcastically): Of course. His Majesty has summoned, so the subject must follow.

Bittuji: Please come Bhabiji. We are leaving now.

Madhu (with a sweet smile): The sooner I meet RK, I can start implementing my list of 100 hundred ways to irritate RK. What do you think Bittuji?

Bittuji (murmured): Seems I will have to get a helmet for Chief.

Madhu (cheerfully): No need Bittuji. No need. Your Chief needs to be knocked over the head a few times. Good for him, you know, because of that thick-skull.

Bittuji just shakes his head and sends up a prayer above to not do too much damage to his Chief's thick-skull. Bittuji and Madhu walk down the stairs and are about to leave when they are stopped by the most annoying voice that ever existed on this planet.

Dipali: Where are you going Madhu-bala? To go see RK? Awww...he didn't go to your parent's house for lunch, did he? Tsk...tsk... I did try to warn you.

Madhu: Dear Bhabi, such concerns for your Devar and Devrani. Don't worry about ME and RK. Bittuji and I are leaving. We have some work.

Dipali: No doubt to go deal with RK. I told him that you are only with him for his fame and fortune. You don't love him. (With a nasty laugh) Such faith he has in his Biwi. He believed me. Tsk...Tsk...Poor Madhu-bala, your husband doesn't trust you and thinks you're a gold digger. (Laughs again).

Madhu (keeping her anger in check): Dear Bhabi, I am sure nothing of that sort happens. RK just walked away from you, because YOU KNOW he doesn't like it when OTHERS interfere in his life.

Sikky (calling from upstairs, slightly drunk): BABY, where are you jannu?

Madhu: Bhabi jaiye. YOUR husband is calling you and leave me alone to deal with MY husband.

Dipali fumes and leaves the hall.

Madhu (mutters): I should practice some from my list that I have thought of for RK on that damned, interfering Witch!

Bittuji: Bhabiji I'll help you. Just tell me when, where and how and I will make the arrangements.

Madhu: Bittuji you're a gem! When I am ready to teach that one a lesson you will have front row seat to the drama. Let's go. His Highness is waiting. WE must not disobey HIS orders.

They leave the mansion and jump into the Bittumobile and speed away to the farmhouse. Madhu walks to find RK sitting in his papa's rocking chair. He sees her and stands up.

RK: Biwi...good you're here. I...

Madhu: Last chance for you to wear your helmet.

RK (confused): What?!?

Madhu: I did warn you...

RK (shakes his head): Biwi...I am... I am...I am very...

Madhu: I hope you're trying to say sorry. You do know how to say to sorry, don't you? Let me spell it out for you. S-O-R-R-Y. So easy, PATIDEV. But you can't say it. After all, you're Superstar RK.

RK (angrily): Biwi!

Madhu: RK!

RK: I am sorry Biwi. Very sorry for not keeping my word to you.

Madhu: Wow... Superstar RK actually said sorry. This should be recorded and put down on history book.

RK: Biwi?

Madhu: Hmm...well before I accept your apology, you will have to agree to some terms and conditions I am going to set for you.

RK: What nonsense is this Biwi?!?

Madhu: PATIDEV...I am not done. First condition: You cannot scream for me, BIWI...BIWI... and expect me to be at your beck and call all the time. I am not your servant, but your wife. So I demand RESPECT. Second condition: You can continue to show superstar attitude to the rest of the world. But none to ME, Bittuji and Ma.

RK: But Biwi...

Madhu: Yes...your Ma. Poor woman had to give birth to a son like you, just for that you need to show some RESPECT. She is Ma, not just janam dene wali aurath. She gave birth to you, raised you and has been there for you whether you believe it or not. Now on to my third condition: I DO NOT have to check in with you at all times. I can go and do as I please but YOU have to check in with me. It's for your own good, Patidev. So I can protect you from your crazy fans and enemies.

RK: What the...!

Fourth and last condition: You don't get to walk away especially when we are in the middle of OUR MOMENT. I can, well, because I am a girl. But I want you to man up! If you want me, show me and act on it. So PATIDEV do you agree to these terms?

Dec 12, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 31 times)

RK (clapped his hands thrice): Biwi...biwi...biwi... Pehli jesi Madhubala ka yaad kara diya. Uff... I am glad to see my Sherni is back.

Madhu: Yes or no?

RK: Now you're starting to sound like me, Superstar RK. Kya dialogue tha.

Madhu: YES OR NO?!?

RK: Biwi...biwi...biwi...first condition. Seeing you all the time gives me GREAT pleasure. Ok... fine... I won't scream for you. I will call out to you bahoth pyaar seh. Biwi, meri pyari biwi, kaha hain tum jaanu?

Madhu: RK this is not a joke!

RK: I am serious biwi. I will call out to you with love and won't even expect you to respond. Of course, you won't be able to resist me (with a smirk).

Madhu (trying to hide her smile): Fine. What about the other conditions?

RK: Ahh...yes. Show respect to you, Bittuji and meri janam dene wali aurath. Bittuji, yeah I respect him. Hmmm...lekin tum biwi...?

Madhu (threatening stance): Patidev remember you don't have helmet on to protect your thick-skull.

RK: Uff...phirse Sherni. I like it! Ok...fine, I can respect you too. Just to protect myself from bodily harm. Now my janam dene wali aurath...??

Madhu: She's your Ma, RK. That alone itself she deserves respect. (Dramatic sigh) To give birth to a son like you...she deserves an award for putting up with your tantrums.

RK: Very funny Biwi. Ok...I agree to the second condition.

Madhu: And the third condition PATIDEV?

RK: Aha...you don't check in with me but I must check in with you. Biwi...biwi...biwi... that's not very equitable.

Madhu: Take it or leave it.

RK: Biwi... let's make a deal. I will give you updates about my daily routine as long as you give me yours. For your protection biwi. Pati hoon tumhari, my enemies are now your enemies.

Madhu: Uggh...! Fine but I am not going to check in with you when I do small things like... going to the washroom, kitchen, temple... you get the point.

RK (amused): Of course Biwi.

Madhu: Is that all Patidev?

RK: Ahh...yes, the final condition. (His voice deepens) My favorite. (He slowly starts approaching Madhu) I am in utter, complete agreement with you. We MUST make more MOMENTS (with a smirk) and I will be happy to start that NOW.

Dec 12, 2012

The Confession (By Tainar) (Thanked: 25 times)

Madhu (stuttering): What are you doing?!?

RK (smirking): What do you think Biwi?

Madhu: Well...I haven't accepted your apology yet!

RK: I agreed to all your conditions. You've accepted my apology. Superstar RK does not say sorry to anyone. But for you, I've made exception. Biwi ho meri.

Madhu: Ok...but we need to establish some ground rules.

RK (almost near Madhu): Too late Biwi...you already set your conditions and I agreed to them. Case closed. Deal with it Madhu. Now don't you want to know what I am thinking about?

Madhu (secretly happy since she knew what he was thinking but pretended ignorance): No. I don't want to know.

RK (now near her, raises his hand slowly to cup her cheeks): You sure Biwi?

Madhu: Err...Nnnoooo....

RK (gently caressing her left cheek): You don't want to know how I feel about you?

Madhu: Err...Ok...onnnllyy if youuu wanttt to tellll me. (Lifts her nose in the air) Makes no difference to me!

RK: Ahhaa...so you don't want to know that I am crazy about you?

Madhu (with abated breath): Hey you can't blame me if you're going crazy! I didn't do anything. It must be defect in you from birth.

RK (now raises other hand and slides it behind Madhu's neck): Aahh... Biwi. You have a way with words. No wonder I couldn't fight it.

Madhu (in a bare whisper): Couldn't fight what?

RK: YOU. My feelings for you. I love you Madhu. (He leans down and brushes his lips softly on her pink, luscious lips.)

RK: Don't you have something to say back to me Biwi?

Madhu just keeps staring at RK and wondering if she is dreaming.

RK: Biwi?

Madhu (still dazed): I am still thinking about it....

RK: Biwi!!!

Madhu (snaps back to reality): Of course I love you, you big lout! I swear RK...I should knock you over the head now so your brain matter moves and you can think properly. I've loved you for quite some time and you're figuring things out now?!? How can you be so dense and slow? Seems like I will have to ask Ma if she dropped you on your head when you were a child or if it's a birth def..

Madhu didn't get a chance to continue further. RK's lips swooped down to capture hers once again. It started out slowly and gently. RK gently licked her lips and when she didn't open her mouth. He gently bit her. And at her soft gasp, he immediately invaded her mouth. The kiss became ravenous, their tongues twisting and straining against each other. Just as they were beginning to really enjoy themselves and fully give in to the pleasure. Dear Madhu broke off the kiss and pushed RK away.

Dec 13, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 29 times)

RK: What the hell...Biwi!

Madhu: Uffo RK. I have something important to tell you. (Hits her head) Can’t believe I forgot. Pagal!

RK (still upset): More important than what we were doing (with raised eyebrows)?

Madhu (blushing): Patidev…tum bhi na. I have something very important to share with you, so listen up.

She tells RK what she overheard outside the Bandar Bhattia Sr.’s room. How they planned the extortion before the shooting and they will do it again. And if they get caught, plans to distort evidence to blame Malik.

RK (showing no reaction): Aahaa…

Madhu (angrily): What aahaa?!? Is that all you can say? Those Bandars are making such a ghattia plan and all you can say is aahaa! What the hell RK?!?

RK (grinning): Bandars, biwi? I like it!

Madhu (hands on hips): Are you going to take this seriously?

RK: Biwi…biwi…biwi…Ghattia insaans toh ghattia kam toh karega. No need to be surprised about it… Don’t worry your pretty head about it. I’ll take care of it.

Madhu (outraged): Excuse me Mr. Rishab Kundra. Are you saying I don’t have a brain and am just a pretty face? How dare you Mr. Kundra! I am very smart…smarter than you, thank you. You taking care of it (scoffing) please…! If you knew how to take care of things, then it would have been done a long time back. Take care indeed…please Patidev. And speaking of taking care, why haven’t you dealt with the damned witch, Dipali, yet? (Smiling sweetly) She and I had a lovely chat before I came here (sarcastically).

RK: Ouch…Biwi…you wound me…

Madhu: Drama band karo. This is not your film set. I know you came here because of the crap Dipali said… (sigh)…shouldn’t have forgiven you for that…

RK (smiling): Too late Biwi.

Madhu: Oye…don’t make me angry. I know karate. Black belt. Will go Jackie Chan on you. (This is for the Khushi lovers out there. ;) )

RK: Uff…dara gaya…

Madhu: You should be… I am tired of these troublemakers…!!!

RK: And what do you have in mind in that pretty little, excuse me, in that INTELLIGENT little head of yours?

Madhu (smilingly): I have a plan to get them out of our lives. Are you with me in this 100%?

Dec 14, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 31 times)

RK: Do I have a choice?

Madhu (cheerfully): None whatsoever!

RK: Then let’s hear your plan madam wife.

Madhu: Wow…from Biwi to madam wife. (Wiggles her eyebrows) You’re trying to get into Hollywood?

RK: Madhu…

Madhu was about to speak. But dear little wizard, Bittuji, interrupts and joins them in the farmhouse.

Bittuji: Chief and Bhabiji is it safe to come in? Any bloodshed I need to clean up?

RK: Bittuji…! Go home…

Madhu (interrupts RK): Ohh Bittuji there’s still time for that. Join us please; want you part of the plan.

Bittuji (with a straight face): So we are going to now implement your 100 ways to irritate Chief plan?

RK: What the…!!

Madhu: Ohhh Bittuji. That’s our little secret. We don’t want RK to know about it (with a wink).

Bittuji: So is it the 100 ways to irritate the damned witch, I mean, Dipali? I am ready bhabji. Tell me when, where and how!

Madhu: Bittuji…I love you! Where have you been all my life? RK…I am leaving you and running away with Bittuji.

Bittuji (blushing): Bhabiji…

RK (angry): Are you two done? Biwi…the REAL plan now please…!

Madhu: Uffo…always trying to be the BIG BOSS.

Madhu tells Bittuji about the Bhattia Bandars’ extortion plans.

Bittuji (angry): Bhabiji tell what needs to be done. I’ll make sure these Bandars pay for their sins.

Madhu: You know the Bhattias caller is pretending to be Sultan’s man. Well…I say let’s get Sultan involved. I am SURE he would not appreciate ANYONE using his name for their own gain. Let him teach the Bhattias a lesson.

RK: Biwi…I think you have really lost your mind. Come… we are going to the doctor NOW. You WANT to get a crime lord involved?!?

Bittuji: Bhabiji that’s a brilliant idea! I can easily make inquiries and get in touch with someone in Sultan’s organization.

Madhu (ignoring RK): Bittuji I knew I could count on you. Unlike Mr. Superstar here, all fluff and no brain.

Bittuji: Bhabiji we should also gather evidence for the police so they are prosecuted.

Madhu: Bittuji. How did you read my mind? RK…learn from Bittuji. He’s so smart.

Bittuji (blushing): Bhabiji…

RK (heavy-lidded stare): Biwi… biwi…biwi… I could teach you a few things now. Shall we start the lesson now?

Madhu: Patidev…behave…!

Poor Bittuji, pretended ignorance and cleared his throat.

Bittuji: Ahem…

Madhu (broke eye contact with RK): Mmm…right. Ok…so we need to keep tabs on these two. Spy on them, wire tap their phones, etc.

RK: Alright James Bond and how do you plan to accomplish this?

Madhu: Uffo…RK… you’re so negative and have no imagination. (Mocking tone) How did you end up becoming an actor?

Bittuji did his best to stifle his laugh. Alas the little wizard could not hold it in.

RK: Bittuji!

Bittuji: Sorry Chief. Bhabiji it’s an excellent plan. I’ll make all the arrangements. Don’t worry.

Madhu: I know Bittuji…I can count on you. Bittuji…I want to clean our house of ALL the pollutants that are in resident.

Bittuji: Of course bhabiji. So what do you have in mind for the damned witch, I mean, Dipali?

RK: Yes…Biwi…you’re on a role. Go on…please share more BRILLIANT ideas with us.

Madhu: RK…RK…RK…I have a plan, but you’re not going to like it.

Hi all,

How am I doing with the story so far? Should I continue? Please feel free to comment. Criticisms are welcome as long as they are constructive. Hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far. I am not a writer so my creative skills are not on par with other brilliant writers on this forum. But I try… ;0 I am just writing off the current storyline and how I would like it to proceed.

Thanks to those who have commented and supported the story.


Dec 15, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 32 times)

RK: Madhu…what are you thinking?

Madhu: It’s simple. We’ll LET Dipali THINK that she succeeded in her plan to create a wedge between us.

RK: What the hell Biwi?!? What do you mean that we are going to LET her THINK that she succeeded in her plans?

Madhu: Uffo Mr. Rishab Kundra, you have a better plan?

RK: Yes…just kick her and the Bhattias out of the house. Clean and simple!

Madhu: You’re soooo uncreative. I think you use all your brain cells on making movies. Uffo…no that will not work. Patidev let me do the thinking. Your pretty head can’t handle all that brain activity.

RK (smirk): You think I am pretty?

Madhu (rolls her eyes): Here I am insulting you and you pick up on pretty? You’re not pretty hubby dearest. Maybe handsome…only when you’re spiffied up (laughing).

Bittuji again tries to stifle his laughter but alas he was not successful.

RK: Bittuji!

Bittuji: Sorry Chief.

RK: Very funny Biwi… now how are you going to make Dipali THINK they she succeeded in her plan?

Madhu: She wants you to test my love for you right? (raised eyebrows)

RK: Aaahaa.

Madhu: Well…we are going to do some acting. Might as well put your skill to use (wink). You’re going to pretend that I failed. And I of course will shed big tears and say, Ohhh RK…please listen to me, blah…blah… I am sure I can put on a much better performance than you (wink).

RK: Biwi how in hell is that supposed to help?

Madhu: Not done yet Patidev. She’ll try to create more misunderstanding between us. She’ll do things to completely separate us. Just like the sargi incident. We know she put poison in it.

RK: Biwi…did you eat anything today? Are you getting enough oxygen to your brain? You’re spouting nonsense. Why are you going to bait her? So she can finish her job unlike last time?

Bittuji and Madhu ignored RK.

Bittuji: Bhabiji that’s a brilliant idea! And in doing this we can discredit her in front of Auntyji.

Madhu: Ohh…Bittuji…please pass your brain cells to your Chief so he understands too!

RK: And why does my janam de ne…

Madhu glares at RK.

RK: I mean Ma. Why does she need to be discredited in front of Ma?

Madhu: Because when the Bhattia Bandars are gone she will insist that damned witch stay with us. Are you going to be able to deny your Ma that request?

RK: Do you not know me? Obviously I can because I am RK.

Madhu: Rishab!!

Bittuji: Bhabiji. I also think we should install hidden cameras in the house. Will help us with both the Bandars and Dipali.

Madhu: Ohh…Bittuji. Brilliant idea. (Angry) We can capture her trying to cozy up to RK.

RK (smirk): Jealous much biwi?

Madhu: Of that ugly witch? No way! Oye…Patidev…you’re not THAT desirable.

RK: 10 crore ladkis my age will say otherwise.

Madhu: Well…dearest hubby you’re not going to test that. You’re eyes are going to be only on me. Understand?

RK (smirk): Yes…my sherni.

Bittuji (clearing his throat): Bhabiji and Chief I will make all the arrangements. You don’t worry. We should get going now as it’s quite late.

RK: Bittuji you can go home. Madhu and I will leave in a bit. Right biwi?

Madhu: But RK…it’s already quite late. We should leave now.

RK (deep stare): We have some unfinished business.

Wise little Bittuji understood his Chief’s intention and quietly spirited away. He jumps into the Bittumobile and speeds away to Bittucrib.


Author’s Note:

Hi all!

Sorry this is actually rushed update. I am babysitting my niece. The little sprite demands I give her undivided attention. So I had to sneak and write something down. Ahh…I hope the post isn’t too disappointing.

Thanks for reading.


Dec 16, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 23 times)

RK slowly walked up to Madhu as she slowly backed away.

Madhu: RK…we really should go now. It’s quite…late.

RK backs Madhu up against the wall. Puts both arms up on the wall and leans in…

RK (huskily): Biwi…biwi…biwi…I think you need to be punished.

Madhu (staring at his lips): For…what…RK?

RK (leans in more): For making fun of me love. That comes with consequences. So you need to be punished.

Madhu (in a whisper): And what is my punishment Patidev?

RK (in a bare whisper): Call me Rishab.

Madhu: Rishab…

RK (lightly brushing Madhu’s lips): Say it again.

Madhu: Rishab…

RK captures Madhu’s lips. His mouth hungrily slanting over hers, hungrily, over and over again. After a few minutes, they break off the kiss. RK rests his forehead on Madhu’s and gently kisses her nose.

RK: Remember…every time you tease me, make fun of me…this will be your punishment.

Madhu: A daunting thought…Patidev.

RK: Remember that love… You know what… we have a bedroom here. (Wicked smile on his lips) We can resume your PUNISHMENT upstairs.

Madhu: RK…!! Not so easily. (Blushing) Now behave yourself and let’s go home.

RK: As you wish madam but I am going to keep on trying (wink).

RK grabs his father’s rocking chair and they move out of the farmhouse. They approach RK’s…white SUV. Sadly it’s nothing like our dear little wizard’s Bittumobile. They jump in and spirit away to RK Mansion.

Outside RK Mansion

RK: Come on Biwi. Let’s go inside.

Madhu: I hope you’re ready Patidev. Part I of our drama is about to commence. (Smiling) Lights! Camera! Action!

Author's Note:

Hi all.

Sorry for the short update. But hope you're ready for the next update. Operation Clean House aka Get rid of the Bandars and Witchwa is about to start! Stay tuned. And thanks again for reading this and your support.



Dec 17, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 27 times)

RK: Biwi…follow my lead…Superstar RK…!

Madhu: Excuse me? No…YOU follow my lead. My plan…!

RK: Biwi…Biwi…Biwi…Superstar RK doesn’t follow. He leads…!

Madhu (smiling sweetly): Yes…Superstar RK may not follow…but HUSBAND

Rishab doesn’t have a choice. Come on…let’s go inside. I am sure Ma and Dipali

are waiting for us.

RK: Biwi…looks like we’ll have to work on your acting skills. You’re supposed to

pacify me with big tears in your eyes. Nehi meri jaan mujseh naraz maath ho…!

Madhu: No thank you. I can and will do just fine. Now let’s go! Shot is ready.

Take 2. Lights, camera and action!

Now all set for their playact, RK angrily walks into main hall followed by Madhu.

Madhu, out of the corner of her eyes, spots Dipali hiding behind the pillar. She

hints at RK with her eyes that Dipali is present.

Madhu (big, fat, fake tears in her eyes): RK…please meri baath toh sunno.

RK: Biwi. ENOUGH! Band karo tumhari nautanki. I don’t want to hear anything.

Your silence was more than enough and I GOT my answer. I am going to MY

room. Since you are still legally my wife, you can come if you want. I just DON’T


Madhu: RK…please listen to me. Give me a chance to expl..

But RK doesn’t listen to anything further and furiously stomps up the stairs to go

their room. Madhu stands at the bottom of the stairs, silently shedding her tears.

Dipali comes out from hiding behind the pillar. And Madhu quickly wipes away

her tears.

Dipali: Tsk…tsk…poor Madhu-bala. Kitna naraz hain RK tumhari upar. Bechari..

Madhu: Dipali…I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dipali (evil cackle): No need to pretend, RK is very angry with you. Just saw

drama between you and RK.

Madhu: Wohh…he’s just a little angry at me. We had a little misunderstanding.

Everything will be fine in the morning.

Dipali: Poor Madhu-bala. How long will you have false hope? Adhi biwi ho tum.

Chaar phere wali biwi. RK can never love you. I told RK to test you. (Evil cackle)

It seems you failed, miserably!

Madhu: What nonsense? What test?!?

Dipali: Of your love of course. (Evil Smile) I told RK that you love the Superstar RK

and not Rishab. You love his wealth, fame and power. He of course thought that his SWEET, PYAAR Madhu is NOT like that. So told him ok…prove me wrong! Go test this PYAARI biwi’s love and ask her to leave behind all the wealth and go as far away from stardom and live life as a regular man and wife. Far, far…far away! Tsk…tsk…lagta hain you failed the test (evil cackle).

Madhu (teary eyes): Kya bakwas bhabi? Nothing of that sort happened. RK didn’t ask any of that…he’s just a little upset with me. Slight misunderstanding due to an argument we had, which had NOTHING to do with this nonsense test. It will clear up in the morning.

Dipali: Ohh…Madhu-bala. (Evil smile) I am simply looking out for you. Kher…if you want to live in your dream world with false hope, it’s your life.

Madhu: Bhabi it seems like you have a lot of time to focus on MY and RK’s life. Aap jaiye, please take care of YOUR PATI, my jethji. Bechara…do you EVER pay any attention to him?

Dipali: Bakwas band karo. At least mein puri, saath phere ka biwi hoon. Anway…I was just looking out for you Madhu-bala. It looks like I am wasting my time. Stay in your dream world, when it finally busts. You’ll think of me.

Madhu (extremely sweet voice): Ohh…Bhabi… thank you! But please don’t worry. I am a big girl and can take care of myself and MY husband. Thank you very much for your concern.

Dipali: Whatever…. (Leaves from the hall).

Madhu starts walking up the stairs and out of the corner of her eyes watches Dipali slithers away to her hole, ahem, room.

Madhu (slight smile on her face): Part I – Fool Dipali…Success!

Dec 18, 2012

FF: Clean House (By Tainar) (Thanked: 23 times)

walks into her room (yes hers, because what’s RK’s is now hers). She closes the door and then gleefully claps her hands and laughs.

RK: Biwi…why are you laughing?

Madhu: Because I AM brilliant!

RK: Aahaan. Like a MAD scientist.

Madhu: RK! Meri mazak maath uthao. Now ask me…how did it go.

RK: Biwi…Biwi…Biwi…accha thik hain. For the sake of MY safety, I should humor the mad. Toh batao. How did it go Biwi?

Madhu: Ohh Patidev…look in the mirror and see who’s really crazy.

RK: Hamesha. I always look biwi. The man staring back…uff! Too hot to handle.

Madhu: Pagal would say that… Anyway, forget your madness. Dipali bought my act. Mein kitna brilliant aur acchi acting karti hoon. I can give the heroines in your movies a run for their money!

RK: Aahaan… We’ll have to test that out sometime.

Madhu: Pakka? We should have a bet…Patidev. What do you think?

RK: No need Biwi. You won’t be able to handle it.

Madhu (falsely sweet): Ohh… Patidev now I must insist!

RK: Biwi…what else happened downstairs?

Madhu: Coward…anway…Dipali believed the little drama I enacted. (Laughing) Dipali thinks she has been successful in creating a misunderstanding between us. Aab maza ayega. I am sure she will now do more to create more drama and create a wedge between us. RK...you will also have to do the same. Pretend that you didn’t give me the test because you trust me and…

RK: Biwi…you don’t have to teach ME how to act. I am RK the Superstar. Whatever I say or do become hits.

Madhu (murmured): Don’t know how with your faltu lines.

RK: Biwi! I heard that!

Madhu: Sorry. (Batting lashes) Patidev…

RK: Now turn off the lights in your head before you become even more nuts and let’s go to bed.

Madhu: Uggh…RK…tum aur tumhari faltu jokes.

Madhu was walking past RK when like the perfect heroine she slips. RK, like the perfect hero, saves and holds his biwi. Eye lock…eye lock…eye lock…music in the background.

RK (still holding biwi and smirking): Biwi…if you wanted to be in my arms all you had to do was ask. There was no need for THIS act.

Madhu: RK…maza band karo aur let me up.

RK: No…no…no…Biwi. (Pulls Madhu closer) Now that you’re in my arms. Can’t let you go that easily.

Madhu (breathlessly): Really… (batting her lashes) meri jaan.

Madhu kisses RK on his cheeks and pulls away from him laughing.

RK: Ohhh come on Biwi! (Upset that he didn’t get a chance to kiss biwi).

Madhu sashays over to her side of the bed and turns back around to look at RK.

Madhu: THAT my dearest husband is YOUR punishment for making fun of me.

Madhu laughs again and lay down to go to sleep.

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