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Nov 21, 2011

TUM ‘MERI’ KHUSHI HO! (By Observer) (Thanked: 1 times)

Khushi, I am the high & mighty ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA, feeling nothing like it right now, feeling empty, seething like never before, maybe with jealousy if not with desire for you, Khushi! I still have this reticence that stops me from telling you all, as it is, but I have always marvelled at your ability to pre-empt me & look into my very soul, or why should you be so kind to me when I have abused you in the basest of terms & tried to point out to you your station in life one too many times?

Isn't that enough, has everything to be told in words still? Do you think I really care about wealth & status anymore? Who can, after having met you! But having abused you repeatedly, if you are not willing to believe me and need justifications that I think are so superfluous between the two of us, here's my heart reeling out to you as to why I am drawn towards you all the time...

Khushi, you never agree with me without a good fight, when it does not appeal to your sense of justice. You do not hesitate to speak your mind if you disagree or have an idea, even when you know I will turn it into a fighting match.

Everyone else takes my orders, however absurd they are, & that too without a word. I am so fed up of these 'yes bosses' around me & mind you, that includes Lavanya! Her compliance maddens me & makes me keep off her. Why can't people have some gumption & stand up for what they believe?

You don't mind drawing yourself up to your full height (oh, if only you knew how I feel when you do that!) & giving me back good! & how I love it, just to draw your out & to see how farther you will push the limit this time & what new challenges you will throw at me!

Nobody dares talk back to me when I rave & rant at them, even if to just explain matters. You know, that really maddens me?

It's funny, but I am mad at others because they take it lying & I won't tolerate if they explain.

But not you, when have you ever learnt to take no for an answer! For the first time in my life I feel I have met my match, I had never thought that it would happen! It gives me goosebumps, puts life into me, lights up my day & gets me going, in one word - it is the most 'exhilarating' feeling I have ever experienced!

You don't stand injustice from anyone, but more particularly from me! You bet I know, that I am always trying to be unfair around you, or how else am I going to get you to spar with me all the time! I admit I am bored with the world & angry about it, but I do take care to see that I am being fair to all when it comes to the action part of it. But it is only you who have earned my respect 'cause I (more than anyone else) very well understand how difficult it is to be fair to everybody at all times.

You intrigue me endlessly & I show it as anger to mask my excitement, particularly caused by your sudden appearances & heart breaking exits. When I want you to look at me & listen to me, you won't & that makes me.. makes me... take hold of you & show you a thing or two about understanding your man!!

Your marble skin, your femininity, your grace, your naughtiness, your bewitching smile, I feel like I should be staring at you all my life & have you gaze back at me with that sometimes shy, sometimes doubtful, sometimes indicting look in your amazingly mesmerizing eyes! But how do I tell you? How do I tell you that I have my heart lurching out of its place everytime I see you or think about you, how I long to look at you, touch your face, draw you close & do a million things that are meandering about in my heart? How can I tell you that you make me do things no one else in this world can, you literally drive me crazy! Is it desire, is it love, is it curiosity?

Curiosity about the lower class people (as I am so fond to outcast), to stay away from whom, I have put in my life's effort! Was it worth it? I know it is time for me to change, the transformation has already happened within me, but I haven't been able to bring myself to tell you about it. After I met you, I found them to have much more humanity, values, principles, kindness, empathy than we the rich. If this class is filled with Khushis, I want them, I want to belong to them. I so do want to break my barrier & gather you, my amazing princess, to my heart & make your mine for ever!

I always thought you had the wisdom that was lacking in me, I thought you saw through Lavanya & me & this non-existent relationship between us, I thought you knew why I had done it & whether it would reach its culmination or not. But all you did was go & commit yourself to another, what the hell should I call that? Ha?? & how dare he touch your fingers that belong to me? Khushi, I hate it, I hate it so! So? Was the touch very exciting, did you feel like you feel when I touch you? Do you call his name the same way you call mine? Can he hold you with his eyes & make love to you without laying a finger on you? Can he? Can he? Answer me, dammit.

But of course, I know the answer just as much

Nov 21, 2011

TUM ‘MERI’ KHUSHI HO! (Part 2) (By Observer) (Thanked: 4 times)

you do! Never mind this stupid engagement, you are mine & you will always be mine, 'main tumhe apna banaake rahoonga'! I will hunt your fianc down, exterminate him if I need to do it, but you are only Arnav's, you cannot belong to anyone else even if he makes you wear the most precious ring of the world on your finger!

Khushi, Khushi, Khushi, what have you done? Why could you not give me just a wee bit more time to break the shackles I have bound myself with? You know I don't love Lavanya & we have nothing to do with each other, do I need to tell you why? You know that you are the only person who knows the real me, Di has no clue about most of me, I have worked very hard to keep things about me from her. But it's only you in front of whom I drop my mask, unwind & give wings to my imaginations & desires & I thought you knew. I thought that from the depth of your wonderful, dear heart, you will excuse me my rawness like you forgive others so easily? I thought maybe you will come to love that rawness, that apparent ruthlessness called Arnav, did I think you capable of more than you actually are? No, I can't be wrong, this once, oh God in whom my Khushi & Di believe, I can't be wrong, this once!

Khushi, can you hear me, calling you out from my heart! You know very well, I am not a man of many words, the harsh world taught me to be exacting, to do more & talk less. But you cannot be msistaken about the message in my eyes, you know I have eyes only for you. You know it, you know it, dammit, I am sure you know it. One day, I will hold you tight, demonstrate & teach you all knowing Khushi Kumari Gupta, a thing or two about love, about myself, about how you feel about me, till then just hang in there, lest I plunge us both in hopelessness and in my rage do things that will send us both in circles & keep sweet love from enveloping us for a long long-long-time.

You are mine Khushi & nothing in this world can ever change it, Tum Meri Khushi Ho, Sirf Meri. Do I still need to say that "I love you"? There I have said it!

Mar 1, 2012

TUM ‘MERI’ KHUSHI HO! - PART I (By Observer) (Thanked: 7 times)

Dear friends,

I wrote this way back in November 2011.

This is the first part of the Tum Meri Khushi Ho Series. Do give it a dekko if you will. I am quite scared to read it once again. I always abhor my writeups once I have finished them.

Lots of love and good night. ................................................................................ ................................................................................ ................................................................................ .....................................................................

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