Full Circle: Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water.

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Nov 30, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water. (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 52 times)

Disclaimer: These are fan fictions (FFs) using the character names Arnav and Khushi from the popular Hindi show Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND). The FFs borrows the character ‘names’ for their popularity and in no way claims any resemblance of the televised characters Arnav/Khushi in the show or their IPKKND world. These fan fictions and their situation are purely a work of a fan’s imagination outside the storyline of IPKKND and is intended for entertainment ‘outside’ the official storyline. There is no intention of claiming ownership over these characters or in any profit making from this publication of fan fiction on this website. I am grateful to the makers of IPKKND for their wonderful piece of work and without them I would not be writing these stories.

The story lines of Arshirandomfan’s Full  Circle fictions are purely based on the my imagination and the characters are fictious. Any resemblance, to person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The content is for mature audience. Warning: There are dark elements, violence, vivid descriptions and the readers are adviced to use their own discretion on reading these stories.

Chapter 1

Part 1

Present time

She jerks open the door and seeing him, moved inside too quickly.

She looks through him as if he was air. In that split second he moves to place his hands on the side of the door to restrict her from closing it.

"Khu..." He barely uttered her name.

She holds his eyes briefly; between her teeth utters "Number 101" and slams the door at his face too fast. It was clear from her reaction she wanted nothing to do with him. His finger gets caught in between even as he tries to retreat quickly.

He is a bit too late though to move his hand away, just the glimpse of her makes him queasy and unsettled, "It is really her!" His heart skips a beat. His heart stops and his movements become slow, he fails to move his hand away, he swallows the hard lump that forms in his throat, not sure what was more painful his aching heart or bloodied and broken finger. He shut his eyes, cringes his face, barely breathing, dreading in his mind he had no idea what she thought of him.

He just stands there, his hand caught, probably a broken finger...

But he barely feels the pain as the tip turns blue too quickly.

The storm outside gathers momentum...

He pounds at the door at the door once, twice... "Khushi, please." His words strained...

No sound come out from her side...

She is simply shocked to see him again. Her mind stopped working the moment she saw him... With her back to the door she simply clutched to the end of her frayed discoloured t-shirt. Biting her lip, she was holding herself from crying out... Soon her emotions strayed and instead tremendous anger built inside... She quickly started to throw her stuff in the back pack...

He takes steps back gathering his strength to lunge at the door unable to wait outside.

She opens it almost at the same-time causing him to fall over her. Mid air he twists her to save her from falling on the floor.

As he falls with her on top, his eyes lock with her and so does his arms...they stop breathing. She has her tiny palms on him making him scorch in that brief contact through his shirt... "Khushi..." He whispers unable to say anything more... The fact that he was seeing her made him numb...and he lost his words. He had so much to say and yet in that moment there was nothing inside his head except the feeling of her in his arms.

He sees a glimpse of familiarity that he had hoped for but in the next moment she stares at him coldly... And kicks him violently... Her final kick land on his stomach... He flinches, but does not let go but rolls over...

She gasps out as soon as she feels the cold floor on her bare legs...But she springs up with the agility that barely surprises him... "Come with me please, if you don't get out of here now..." He stops...looking at her angry eyes... He breathes,"I am just asking you to get out of here... NOW...then you go wherever, do whatever... I won't ask; I won't follow..." Her body falls lightly on the ground... He feels her breathing ease... Her body relaxes under him... He feels it and all that he can think of, is her lips... dry, but still pink, still so luring. His gaze automatically shifts... He swallows.

No sooner, he does that, she looks at him suspiciously alert... And in her anger her lower lip quivers as she clenches her teeth...breathing rapidly.

He figures, moves away lies next to her on the floor "I won't do anything..." He says... His hands come off her body...

She turns her head to the other side to avoid him, his eyes... notices the blood stained floor...She moves her body to that side and folds her legs, touches the blood with her finger tip...In a fleeting second she gets up reaches for the back pack and runs out...

It is when she is out of the building she realises that it is torrential rain that freezes her body... She stops there... The wind is so strong that she is barely able to walk.

" Let's go now." He says softly pulling her away from the middle of the road, coming from behind and covering her with his overcoat.

He makes his way with her, "Just around the corner."

The tall skys****er dark and dull stands there devoid of any sign of use..

His helicopter waits... As soon as they get in, they leave...and so does an entourage surrounding her building...

She pushes herself in the farthest corner away from him.

He realises there was no point and so he lets her be... In the middle of the entire hail storm, all he felt was silence.

Some time goes by and he thinks perhaps it was just useless trying to make a conversation. He gets the first aid box and cleans his wound clumsily...things drop from his fingers. His bone dislocated at the joint needs fixing. He twists his own finger, grimaces...

She seems to know, turns..., looks t it. "It's the other way. Twist and pull.." He follows her instructions methodically. It feels numb but the pain surges as soon as he tries to pull it. He clenches his teeth, shuts his eyes for a bit in the strain..

"It's over." She says quietly as soon as his finger is straightened but loud enough for him to hear.

Chapter 1

Part 2

They disembark and get into the waiting BMW. He does not respond well to her curtness earlier and keeps quiet. But insides he suppresses his urge to respond. His urge soon supersedes his ability to check himself over again.

"But that does not mean I don't..." He swallows his own words from being uttered out in such awkward moment. He tries to find the right words... "It would be a mistake to tell her anything. "His heart tells him to make peace with the situation.

"It does not mean I don't see you at all." He finishes. He knew it was silly for him to say something like that.

She stares... "You? Want to see me?" She asks with a taunting smirk ... "For what?" she adds.

He plasters a grin and says.. "Of course I want to see you and make sure you are alright..." and he winks "Look! What has happened in that attempt" He waves his swollen finger at her.. Her smirk vanishes... "I don't need you here for me." Her eyes fixed on him. He meets her gaze.

"This Khushi is not a fav......" His words don't come out. He turns away... But then looks back "I don't have much to say... Earlier I would not attempt to do anything for anyone... But you and me..." She glared at him, stopping him from saying anything... He breathed out.. " I think I can help."

" You...what?" She looked at him pensively.

"No?" He asks genuinely taken aback. "I think I am doing something right?" He said with some conviction in his eyes but soon they wavered in uncertainty. He did not know or understand her at all...

His discomfort did not get missed, her eyes fixed on him, she twisted her lips barely smiling and throws her head back breathing out.

"If you are done with this ... can you drive faster or would you like me to take the wheels." She said.

He pressed on the accelerator of the car.

They drove in silence.

"Where?" She asked finally after the spurts of twists and turns..

"No where in particular." He answers keeping his eyes on the road.

"You don't want to tell me?" She asks..

"Do I even need to.. You know this as well as the back of your hands." He replies.

"Then, why?" She asks.

" Its the closest from here." He says.

" I know geography." She responds. Looks at him, "Why are we going there again?"

" You are asking me or wanting just to hear it from me." He says.

" Would it matter?" She retorts.

"Guess not, not to you." He says " Either ways, it does not matter, it never did." He says. He smiles...

She does not and looks away, a faint smile appears as briefly as it vanishes on her lips. She yawns, stretching her arms. " Next time I take the wheels."

"Good lord! Are you serious?" He laughs.. "Next time? What is this turning into...a frigging relationship?" He chuckles

She looks exasperated and warns him, " Shut up."

"It was not me..." He says.

"Yea... Dream on." She replies and adds immediately "Is there hope for risotto from Josephine?"

"She is no more but...I have her secret recipes...At 89 she finally passed on her legendary recipe book..he blinks probably thinking of her..." I could, if you would have it.." He tells her .

"You?...NOooo." She looks at him with horror in her eyes.

"Why? I am good, don't judge me already." He says enjoying the moment of surprise he sees.

They turn a few more turns, after a two and half hour drive they drive past the huge walls of the property.

At the automated iron gates. He prints the 9 digit codes and the usual 5 finger tips...

She looks on, " Old school, I thought you would have come up with something better."

" I thought I have..." He says... "You saw it, I suppose, hence your remark."

The car moves inside, they stop at the drive way. He does not attempt to get out and keeps looking ahead...unlocking the central lock.

She opens the door gets out.

He does not...

She bends down, look at him, climbs back on her seat. Sighs.

"Humour me ..." She says pitying him perhaps.

"Why this?..." He asks

"Things have not changed." She answers looking at him.

" What things Khushi? I dont know about things... it feels like you are doing this almost intentionally..." He bursts out and checks himself... His chin buries deeper into his chest, while he lets out a few gasps of breath to ease himself.

She sits there passively.

He keeps quiet. "How long?" He asks.

She laughs ... "How about as long as I am ali..."

He leans over and snaps.."Don't you dare..." He hauls her body with his uninjured hand awkwardly... She looks at him gauging him, a smile breaks out on her lips.."Now that's thoughtful." She says softly jeering him, faking a laughter that pierces his heart.

He does not say anything... But as he moves away he closes his eyes.. His heart beats faster instantly... "What the #*@$ am I doing?" He questions himself.

She almost reads his mind... "Stop asking me." She says but still looks uncertain.

She looks down at her feet. Her hand automatically clutch the back pack..

He looks at her... Realises... Snatches the backpack from her. " Not again ..." He warns, starts going through the contents..

" There is nothing in there." She says moving herself away.

" Got to do it, once bitten, twice shy, they say" he says zipping up the bag, flinging it across his shoulders and gets out as if the conversation never happened.

"I could boil potatoes." She says as they walk to the door.

"Yum, hungry already." He says looking fondly at her, breaking into a grin ... Almost apologetic for the outburst earlier.

"Your boyish charms are no good..." She says tapping her fingers on the wall.

"It's the damned lighting, wait till I give you this very look under the spot light, you would love it." He says grinning and then leaning forward to kiss her...

She pushes him back, rolls her body over the wall once and whistles a tune, waiting.

He does not pursue his interest further but looks at her...

They hear the electronic click of the door opening.

Nov 30, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water. (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 59 times)

Chapter 1

Part 3

The short old man, dressed meticulously opened the door. "I thought it would take you longer." he said looking at Arnav and then gave Khushi a toothless grin that accentuated the wrinkles all over his face further. "Josie thought of you a lot in her last days." He said. His beady eyes looked at her. "She wanted to see you." he added.

"I ...am so sorry." she said. "Joseph, I did not know..." she added hastily. Joseph came to hug her. "It's alright, I am so glad to see you."

"I have cleaned the two rooms upstairs. If you need anything else..." He asked looking at Arnav.

"No, I will manage. Please go and sleep. We will see you in the morning." said Arnav.

Joseph turns to Khuhsi... "Good night... the grapes have been brought in." he said to her. She smiled but her eyes saddened to see the loneliness in Joseph's eyes; still unable to compose her self, she stepped back to rest against Arnav. Joseph left them at the hallway

Arnav could feel her shivering, perhaps a bit too cold from the wet clothes. He turned her, "Why don't you shower and change, and let me see what we can have for dinner."

She was still looking at the floor... Arnav wrapped her in his arms. He wanted to tell her that Josephine died in her sleep, painlessly, something that she had wished for.

Khushi looked up, her vision blurred with the tears that formed in her eyes. Like a small child she buried herself in his chest, crying. She rubbed her eyes frequently, as the tears streamed down. He held her in his embrace...until her tremours subsided. He guided her weightless body up the stairs to the room.

At the doorway, Arnav held her face. "Its okay...I miss Josephine as much..." said he kissing her forehead. "Now, go take shower, change and meet me down stairs in an hour." She merely nodded in response.

He switched on the lights, dropped her backpack on the table. He turned the tap on in the bathtub, placed the clean towels on the side. She was still standing where he left her, looking around the room.

She saw herself in the mirror. Her face was stained with the tears. Her hair, french braided on the side was messy in the dust and storm. It was sticky with grime on it...a few locks of hair fell on her face and neck. She had felt no desire to clean herself up for a long time... Her t-shirt was old, frayed and discoloured with tiny holes in them. Her legs stained with grease ... or dirt, she had no idea.

She discarded her clothes on the floor and walked to the bathroom. Showered and came back wrapped up in the towels he had laid out for her. It felt good being warm and clean but what she saw in front of her did not make her feel good at all. She walked to the wardrobe and opened it. Things lay there in organized shelves, things she had never used.

The dresses, the gowns, the matching shoes, sandals... you name it, it was all there. She looked at them and then opened the drawers... She felt smiled wryly. The laced under garments, lay there untouched, unopened. The night clothes that hanged seemed ridiculous to her. Short, strappy, transparent in vibrant colours.

She sat on the bed... staring at the wardrobe that was not hers.

Flash back

"I know what you are thinking." Riyah walked in through her door in her satin red dressing gown. Her tall figure was perfect, model like. She moved with the air of self confidence and pride.

Khushi was in the bed with headphones plugged in her ears. She switched it off as soon as she saw Riyah enter.

She walked confidently and climbed over her bed. "Have you seen yourself?" asks Riyah inching closer. Khushi pushes herself against the head board. "You have or you havn't?" asks Riyah. "What do you see Khushi?" she asks again.

Khushi stares back at Riyah, her lips quiver as tears gather in her eyes. "Noth..nothing." she says.

"Nothing?" Riyah arches her brow in surprise... pecks her cheek. "There is something, here of course..." says Riyah with a slight brush of her fingers on Khushi's cheek.

"But let me assure you, it is not what anyone would want to see." She adds and pecks her again. Riyah looks at the cassette player she has in her hand. "Just like what you hold in your hand, this thing is obsolete... no one would touch it in this digital age... but you still have it." She laughs... "Why Khushi?" she asks taunting. Tears roll out from Khushi's eyes. "Are you listening to something special?" she comes and snatches the player from her hands.

"Give it back." Khushi says.

"How old is this thing?" asks Riyah turning it over "As old as you baby?" she says and drops it. "Oops."

The walkman falls on the floor and the cover breaks the ugly insides stare back at Khushi.

"You see this without the cover?" says Riyah. "Nothing inside, just ugly, plain and so boring."

Khushi clutches the bed sheet looking at Riyah. "Plain, boring and ugly...you understand?" says Riyah looking for a confirmation. Khushi nods in affirmation.

"Good. Now who has any interest in plain boring and ugly... no breasts, no hips, no..." says Riyah "Ah well... let's spare you the details."

The sound of the tower bell reaches her ears, "Oh! It's getting late... ten o'clock already. I have to get back to my room." She winks at Khushi "Have a good night." says Riyah from the door. "Goo..d..night..." mutters Khushi still in tears. Riyah smiles at her as she closes the door.

Khushi clutches the pillow to her stomach and then soon buries her face into it sobbing.

Present time

Khushi gets up. She looks through the dresses in question... picks a few, places them in front of her and looks at her self in the mirror.

"Ridiculous." She says to all of them disdainfully and throws them on the floor. Then she turns to the undergarments, tries one... Her full body protests... She feels tightness in the bra...she opens the clasp hastily and breathes out in relief. "Push up and padding." she reads the description and smirks looking at the other details.

She shoves the lacey duo into the thrash bin. She goes through the night clothes and sighs.

She goes to her back pack...takes her own stuff out. There is no clothes. She wears the essentials and looks across the mirror at her flattened chest in the sports bra and pants.

"Shirt???" she quizzes her image in the mirror.

"Shirt, shirt, shirt" her image retorts back to her. She whistles...looking around. There was none in the room.

She tip toes out ... her alert ears catch the noise of the clinker of the utensils from the kitchen. She walks into his room and opens his wardrobe.

A similarly organized wardrobe is revealed. She picks his plain navy pajamas and shirt. She pulls it over her head tying a knot on the side against her hips and then folds the sleeves and the bottom. Then for a moment she glances back at his wardrobe, she runs her fingers over the lined up suits...smells the familiar fragrance before getting out.

In her room she makes an attempt to dry her long hair but tired out in less than five minutes she gives up. She takes the strands and quickly put them together in the same fashion of French braid. She gives herself a smile of satisfaction in the mirror before leaping the stairs and going into the kitchen.

The aroma makes her hungry...

"Better?" he asks.

"But hungry." She says trying to peek into the cooking vessel.

"Five more minutes." He says, grating the cheese.

"You really made this?" she asks in disbelief.

"Yes." He says...stirring the sauce and turning to take the dishes out.

"It smells the same." says Khushi.

"I hope it tastes the same." He says taking the dishes and the glasses out. "Wine?"

"Red." She replies but looking hungrily at the sauce. He smiles at her looking at her eager figure hovering over the cooking pot.

"Here...you can start with the salad and crakers.." he calls out to her.

She comes over... he pulls the chair and then gives her the glass of wine. Pours some for himself. He takes a sip and then goes back into the kitchen to bring the rest of the food.

She eats hungrily.

Arnav looks at her as she pulls the baggy sleeves over her elbows that were preventing her from eating fast.

"Nothing there fit you?" he asks amused.

"Nothing..." she says nonchalantly continuing to pour a good amount of sauce over her spaghetti.

"You changed it?" she says after a few mouthfuls.

"Like it?" he asks.

She nods vigorously smiling with her mouthful. He smiles back at her. "It's the wine I mixed..." he explains.

"Ummm... tastes better." She says still chewing too quickly...

He helps himself awkwardly with his one hand wondering if she was having a hot meal after a while... In his brief glance of her apartment, he had noticed the frozen dinner packs, half eaten, on the counter top.

Nov 30, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water. (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 70 times)

Chapter 1

Part 4

It was over a year Arnav had tried to trace her. His resources were infinite but still it was hard tracking her. She was too clever and simply good at leaving no tracks. He had been able to find her only because he was not the only one distressed at her disappearance.

"Dad..." whispered Khushi on to the receiver in the public phone booth.

There was silence on the other side.

"Just come back." The father said to his daughter.

"I can't." she said as her eyes glistened in moisture.

"It is not your fault." said the man.

"I messed it up, badly, Dad." She said. "He got shot." She added.

She kept silent...

"I am sure you did your best..." he said. He trusted her, her judgement, her abilities. She was young but he was sure it had nothing to do with her abilities. He waited for her response.

"I broke the rule daddy." said Khushi.

She could hear his breathing...

"Does he know?" he asked her.

"No..." she said.

"How long..." he asked.

"All along... daddy...all along... I did not realize...until...until..." she gasped for air...burst out of the phone booth. The receiver hung loosely... she started her bike and raced through the empty roads.

"Hello... hello... Khushi..." the old man on the wheel chair called out desperately into the receiver... There was no response.

He kept the receiver down shakily with tears in his eyes. He would not hear from her. He moved on his wheel chair to the study.

He saw the files across the table. He put his reading glasses on and stared at the news clips...

He closed his eyes...thinking of her.

"Dad... I can do this." said Khushi.

"I never said you can't... you are among the best in the lot. But..." he said to her.

"But what daddy... Don't go about reminding me..." she responded angrily.

"It is something important to reconsider." said the father in him.

"What is there to reconsider father?" she said sitting down stuff the files in her bag. "If I had anything to do with him, I would have ..." she said.

"You never know... you have never been so close before. At this age..." he said.

"At this age? Come one daddy... at this age I can tell the difference..." she said.

"I am just warning you...as a father." He says.

"Yes father." She says hugging him tightly. "Please, have you read the details?" she asks.

"I have the details...that's not what bothers me." he says.

"Then what daddykins? Are you worried that I am going to be infatuated with him like in school?" she smirks.

"I still don't know..." he says looking at her.

Her eyes widen ... "Daddy... are you going to tease me over this for the rest of my life."

He smiles. "You have had no boy friends." He says.

"The thing I don't have, daddy, is time for boyfriends." She says looking at him determined and then looking at her watch.

"I have to pack." She says as she gets up.

"Are you sure?" he asks again.

She was up and ready to leave with the satchel of files and folders. She glances back at him...

"What else would you do daddy...you gave your word too soon." she says.

His eyes fill with tears. "Khushi beta...if only Manav..."

Khushi rushes back to hug him... "I am sorry daddy... I should n't have... I am here ." She feels her own tears threatening her to rush out but she holds herself together as she had come to do... she rubs the tears off his face.

Next day she leaves.

Present time.

She finishes her fill of wine in three straight gulps and taps it on the wooden table.

He pours some more from the new bottle. The one empty, rolls on the table.

She sits against him propping her legs on the edge of the couch and her head and back resting on his chest.

He sipped his wine occasionally much slower than her. It had been tough for him to give up alcohol and he had no intention of getting into that habit again.

"Wine is good." She says arching her head to see him.

"Joseph said there is more in the cellar...you want me to go and check?" he asks.

She ponders rubbing her index finger on her jaw.

He watches her intently. "Every small thing she does makes her look incredibly sexy." He says in his mind, eyeing her jaw line.

"No... we will just finish this one and raid it to morrow." She says finally taking a few more sips.

He nods...

It does not take her long to finish the rest of the contents. She rests on him after her accomplishment. He sits there feeling the weight on him.


"Hmm..." she responds half asleep.

"Want to sleep?" he asks.

"Hmm..." she responds...

"Get up and lets go to the bed room." He says.

"No..." she whines.

"You will get cold here." He says looking at the fire that is almost out. The old house lacked the modern heating system. The renovations meant changing the whole look of the place...

"Let me sleep." She mutters.

"Can't let you freeze out here." He says gathering her up.

She whines in her but he manages to pull her up in his arms and take her upstairs.

He enters the bedroom his eyes widen seeing the mess of the expensive dresses on the floor, the fancy undergarments thrown into the bin. "What the..." he utters inaudibly.

He puts her on the bed. She rolls on her side and sleeps. He puts the quilt on her.

He then picks the dresses and puts them back in place one by one.

Dec 1, 2012

Treading storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 33 times)

Chapter 1

Part 5

He picked up the red cocktail dress to put it inside the last. He stared at it hanging there. The purpose of having it there in his house; misplaced.

Flash back

“ASR… this is valentine special.” She said, with her hands in her back zipping up the red dress.

“When is it not special?” he asked watching her while fixing his bow tie.

“Does n’t this look fabulous?” she asks.

“It always does.” He says coming over and pulling her up to him.

“What?” she eyed him mischievously.

“Do we have to go?” he asks…

“Its up to you, dad and mom will be expecting me to join them. I have to be there with them.” She says.

“And I with you…” he says, nuzzling at her bare shoulders.

“How many times have you said this and to how many girls?” she asks him taunting.

He laughs, “Honestly, not many if I recall at all…” he says putting her hair aside.

“Let me ask the ones I see at the party and verify.” She says smiling meeting his eye in the mirror.

“Suit yourself… I have a bad memory.” He replies and laughs.

She hits him with her fist. “Bad memory… huh? How did you buy this happen then.” She brushes her palms over the exquisitely designed crystral lined dress. “Its tailored.”

“It is not like you have changed…or your size.” He says taking her zipper down slightly in between his teeth.

“ASR…we just got dressed up.” She says.

“So…?” he asks. “Its valentine… you could explain the delay… could n’t you?” he picks her and drops her on the bed. He continues to kiss her back…

A soft knock disturbs them, a rasping voice says from outside. “We are ready, Sir.”

He curses and grumbles… “Be there in 5 minutes.” He answers and gets up.

She gets up chuckles. “They are prompt. Good for you.” she says.

“A bit too prompt since this new order has started… god knows who recommended this one to Steve.” He smoothening his ruffled hair in annoyance. She gets up fixes her hair and pulls her dress together. “Let me.” He adds and helps her zipper up.

“New order, the protocol has changed?” she asked.

“Guess it has. Not that I know much to make out." He said unemotionally and then laughed thinking about something. “It is almost puzzling, these men..."

She laughed along with him, “Yes...true." She seconds him. “The chief is particularly of bad taste, the uniforms…are Ugh…ly....” She adds with disgust.

He tilts his head perhaps in agreement and replies "But you have to admit, it is tricky. They look alike, they dress alike, speak in the same tone, their mannerisms identical... can’t tell them apart from one and the other."

"Such bizarre operation tactic..." She exclaims, touching up her make up. "How do they even know who is who."

"The code names..." He responds.

"Names…?" She says.

"Zeus, Horus, Phoenix..." He replies.

"Phoenix... I have heard that one before. The one just came by?" She as

"Don’t really know… Phoenix or Isis. It does not matter to me." He said.

"Isis? I thought Egyptian goddesses were reserved for the breathtakingly beautiful." She laughed pulling her high heeled shoe straps.

"This one misses the mark in my mind too.” He pauses. “I guess...or my best guess it is effeminate...." He muses over in his thought.

"Oh! ASR.” She chuckles. “Have pity on the dudes, they are starved indeed." She rolls her eyes in amusement under the thickly lined mascara over the lashes. “Isis or Phoenix as long as they do their job… like you said." She pecks him on the cheek. “I’m almost done.”

"Yeah, okay! I am in no rush." He responds dispassionately, pouring a drink.

"ASR..." She stands holding his hand... "Please don't start drinking already... You know daddy..." She protests. He ignores, gulps it, feeling the taste of it in his mouth, drifting in his thoughts. She grumbles...

"Your dad... has many issues..." He swallows the drink, coming back to her from his thoughts.

“I liked the old man, Apollo. It was different back then." She says… “Whatever happened to him?” she asked.

"Don't know, never heard of him after..." He pours and drinks the third peg of whiskey in one breath.

A dispassionate figure stands outside, waiting. The dark aviator glasses hides the eyes piercing eyes. The squarely fit beret over the sweat band on the fore head prevents anyone from seeing any sign of reaction. The figure stands straight in attention in the suede jacket, dark jeans and military boots, listening to their conversation through the crack of the door. "Listen, learn, and remember... You must hear every word, know everything. It is your instinct you will depend on for every move... You must know the smallest detail." Playing inside the head. It was definitely not expected to be on time when he was with her, glancing at the watch. "Apollo... the old man?" the figure makes a note and "Phoenix??" The figure looks ahead making mental notes, “How much did they know?” The question pops in the mind putting the rest of the conversation as irrelevant.

The figure pressing on the earpiece orders in a raspy voice. "I want every detail of Apollo and Phoenix in my system in the next hour. Everything...understand?"

"Yes Sir!" responds the voice in the earpiece from the head quarters.

Present time

He shuts the wardrobe and then goes over to the edge of the bed and seeing her sleeping figure hugging the pillow, stops. Strands of hair out from the untidy braid fell on her face. He tucked them. She rolled over trying to get comfortable, her legs sprawled on the bed... She let out a deep breath consumed in her deep sleep. The warmth and wine coloured her cheek... He touched her face lightly, whispered a good night before switching off the lights.

He goes to his own room. The clouds gather, the storm brews outside, the thunder and lightening becomes frequent. He sighs, hoping to sleep off the rest of the night but sleep eludes him. He thinks of her, the soft body he had just carried over…

He thinks of her …and smiles come easily to him. Her clear revulsion for anything fancy still evident. She had rejected every thing that the wardrobe offered. His clothes did nothing to flatter her. In fact they hung around so loose on her that they barely gave his eyes or heart any sense of satisfaction.


The entourage reaches the venue… His body squirms inside in protest seeing the woman and man through the tinted glasses…with tremendous effort, he comes out delaying for a few minutes…

“Riyah…beta.” Squeals the overtly excited mother and father. “Oh! Beta … Are you not eating well, you are still so skinny…” the mother cries…

“Mom… please.” She protests…

“Your mom is right…why you are skinnier than the last time I saw you?” says the father snorting… “Is he not feeding you?” he throws a look of disapproval at ASR.

“Dad… come on.” She protests… She looks back at ASR to catch his reaction.

He lags behind…looks at them coldly, evidently quite disgusted at the noisy family riposte.

Riyah, beckons him, pleading with her eyes.

He moves reluctantly, stepping forward, extending his hand. “Mr Malhotra, good to see you.” he utters in the same coldness.

“Hmm… good to see you.” says Mr Malhotra with a twist of his lips. “You are going to have to explain a few things…” he adds.

“I am not here to discuss operations here Mr Malhotra.” He responds curtly making the man’s half smile disappear in the next fleeting second. “Discuss?” he retorts angrily. “You are supposed to tell me… follow my orders… I am the VC, operations…”

“As the new owner I am to operate as I wish…” responds ASR. “You are free to choose… work under me or …” ASR looks suggestively.

The man seethes in anger… his cheeks throb… “If not for Riyah…”

“Leave her out of this, Mr Malhotra…” ASR warns.

The man inches forward.

“Do you really think I am unaware…? ASR whispers in his ear… “But I like her because she tolerates me, you understand?”

Mr Malhotra curses under his breath… “You ************.”

The mother, daughter duo pretend not to hear it and laugh excitedly at something unimportant.

ASR struts in grabbing Riyah’s hand. “Lets get inside… get a drink.” He mutters. She follows. The silent figures follows the two inside.

Riyah’s mother passes a glance of warning to Mr Malhotra as they walk inside too.

“What’s that for?” Mr Malhotra looks at her angrily. “What does he think of himself?”

“Please, just try and forget it?” she pleads.

“I put as much work as his father, and he is not even of the age of our apprentice…” he says angrily… “He is telling me I should do what he tells me… or resign, ********! He swears again.

“Think of Riyah…Can’t you just be cordial.” she admonishes him. “It was your idea. I warned you then. I never liked him to begin with.”

ASR and Riyah get their drinks at the bar.

“How long do we have to stay here?” he asks sipping the drink.

“We just got here ASR, I am yet to see my friends and mom and dad…” she stops eyeing the figure 5 feet away. “Are they always going to be there?”

ASR shrugs his shoulders.

The figure mutters into the ear piece … 10 o’clock, two men approaching, about 5 ft 11. One with dark hair tied at the back and the other has it cropped, both with light eyes…You have two minutes, verify from the list… “Raghav and Rahul Rajvanshi, Sir.” comes the response in about 60 seconds. “Good…but you have to fast, 10 seconds… this one was easy…” responds the figure. “Now anything odd caught your eye?”

“Sir, 11 o’clock, Asian male…”

The figure barely moves but touches the aviator glasses…

Raghav and Rahul come across the hall seeing ASR walk in with Riyah.

“You have something on you Sir?” the figure stops Raghav from approaching ASR and Riyah.

“Whoa… What?” he asks.

“Any metal Sir?” the raspy voice asks again.

“ ASR… what the hell?” Raghav protests.

“You have a weapon, Sir, now?” the raspy voice warns …

“Okay… okay… it’s just a frigging pen knife…” Raghav, pulls it out from his jeans pocket…

Riyah squeals from behind… “ Raghav… Rahul…” She leaps forward… ASR follows…

“Here… have it.” says Raghav irritated handing it over. “But wait…how do…you?” His question remains unanswered as the figures moves away too briskly…

“Raa…ghav…” squeals Riyah again. Raghav shudders… “Oh God!..” Rahul chuckles from behind… “It’s a good day bro… first that and then this… ASR is surrounded by weirdness.”

Riyah jumps at Raaghav…

“Don’t…” Raaghav pleads…Riyah kisses him eagerly on both cheeks oblivious…

“Too late bro…” chuckles Rahul again…winking at ASR. They embrace each other.

“Long time…” says ASR…as he approaches Raghav.

Raghav rubs the red mess on his cheek frantically… “Is this one of those cheap ones Riyah…” he exclaims seeing the colour in his fingers.

ASR and Rahul wait for Riyah to react…

“Cheap…?” she screams…

“See…” Raghav says innocently rubbing his fingers…apologetically

“It is not cheap…” she shrieks…

“Oh… but your make up…” he says looking intently at her face…

ASR and Rahul grin amply behind her… “There goes…” says Rahul.

“My make up… what wrong with my make up…” asks Riyah touching her face…

“No… nothing… it’s kinda loud with the dress?” says Raghav, winks mischieviously at the two men holding themselves together…as Riyah dabs her cheeks with her palms…

“ASR … you did not tell me…anything…” Riyah looks at him fiercely…

“I am not good at this babe… you know…” he says apologetically…

Riyah turns to Rahul… “Rahul… what do you think?” she asks…

Rahul takes his time looks at her from top to bottom and rests his eyes on her face….“Riyah…like Raghav said…but I think its nice… but slightly over done…yea… may be… like …like drags…” he mumbles the words, as if unsure…

“What?” Riyah looks frantically across the hall at the guests… “You think they all saw it…”

The three men nod vigorously in the negative… “Not yet… not yet…” they utter together…

Riyah flees towards the nearest exit…

“Well done…” says Rahul. “Drink?” he asks the other two…

“Yes please…” they respond in unison… “Blue label.”

“Are those clones or what…” asks Raghav, pointing at the security figure standing across the hallway.

“No idea, ask Steve.” Responds ASR.

“It took my frigging pen knife man…” Raghav complains…

“You will get it back…it’s the new protocol… after father’s incident…” ASR said…

“How do they know…?” asks Raghav..

“Sensors, I believe...” says ASR…

“Ooh… high tech… What else can they sense?” asks Raghav looking at the security men… “Endowed, from badly endowed packages.” He adds…

“We are all equally blessed mate…they won’t be disappointed, if they did.” Says ASR laughing…

“Bastard stop boasting… I was talking about the one there…” The two men follow Raghav’s eyes across the hall.

“Miyagi…is that her?” exclaims Rahul.

“Miyagi?” exclaims ASR…

“Why do you think I chased Riyah out. “Want to say hello boys…”

ASR laughs… “You still have the eagle eyes.” He pauses to take another sip… “You two go ahead… I will wait for Riyah…”

“Come on bro… Let’s go… You know Miyagi … She can’t stand Riyah… specially after…” says Rahul.

ASR looks at Rahul coldly in that instant.

“All right…wait here for your damsel in make up distress.” Says Rahul. “We really thought you could do better.” He adds gulping his drink.

“I have not asked for you opinion on this.” says ASR coldly.

“Don’t start off again Rahul.” warns Raghav.

“Bhai…” protests Rahul but relents being the younger…

“You have no say in this.” says Raghav giving his final ultimatum.

They drink in silence… “Wow… Miyagi looks stunning…” says Raghav. “Its going to be either you or me…poor ASR has his hands tied for the night.” says Raghav teasing his friend.

“I will take my chances…” says Rahul finishing his drink. “How do I look?” he asks squinting his eyes to see the genuineness of their response

“Pretty boy…” ASR and Raghav respond together.

Rahul grins satisfied.

“We will be in the room…meet us there.” Says Raghav.

Rahul walks through the crowds to greet Miyagi…

ASR and Raghav make way to the room with the billiards table…

They take turns while sipping their drinks…

“Anything?” asks ASR finally.

“Nothing.” responds Raghav.

ASR picks the glass up… walks to the terrace.

“ASR…” calls out Raghav seeing him walk away.

“A moment, Raghav.” He says. In the same instant his face fills with pain, he eyes looks desolate and his body shrinks as if worn out.

Present time

ASR lies on his bed…wide awake…

Dec 1, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 34 times)

Chapter 1

Part 6

Present time

ASR lies on his bed…wide awake… or so he feels. In his contentment, his body feels revived, energetic and brimming with a delightfully sweet sense.. In the same comfort, he closes his eyes … Sleep takes over.

Flash back

“ASR…” Raghav joins him at the terrace.

ASR holds the glass that is offered and faces him.

“There is no point…” says Raghav.

“I know…it’s a waste of your time.” says ASR smiling wryly.

“Is that what you think?” asks Raghav.

ASR merely smiles… “Rarely.” Says ASR and then adds “But, it has occurred to me that I have sent you on a wild goose chase…must not be fun.”

“You know I like to travel… this is all paid for.” says Raghav.

“Yes… that’s right. You are on a paid holiday…”said ASR.

“Listen, I picked a place for next month…” says Raghav.

ASR listens aiming the wooden balls for the pocket.

“It is incredible, this place…” says Raghav… Looks at the table, the balls continue to roll into the pockets quickly … ASR continues to aim and send them rolling… “Hey! Give me a break pal…”

ASR straightens up.

“Ha..ha.” Raghav takes over enthusiastically. “I was saying… the place is fabulous…” He looks aghast. “Eeeks…” he shrieks … “She is getting to me already… I used the word already.” says Raghav shudders …

“Sweety…don’t you think our babies would be fab-u-lous?” mimics ASR stressing on the word.

“Shut up.” Raghav warns… “That is never meant to happen.”

ASR smirks…

“What are you smiling about?” asks Raghav.

“She going to marry you and you her…” says ASR simply chewing the end of a tooth pick from the array of snacks…

“How horrible…I could kill you for even suggesting it.” he threatens and then laughs “She picked you… you are screwed, dude.” says Raghav.

ASR sniggers, “Who’s having a party end of the month?”

“You…*****… You got to be kidding me!” Exclaims Raghav, frustrated, “You are not half as good looking or even any good at relationships…

ASR smirks… “I hate being in relationships, they suffocate me.” He says plainly.

“But yet she sticks her *** up for you for the years.” Raghav retorts.

“I did n’t ask for it. She is willingly supportive.” He says… Raghav throws a disgusted look at him.

“Think whatever friend, the bad boy syndrome rules…” ASR smirks.

“You are disgusting…” Raghav voices his apparent disgust.

“I’d say, its all rather complicated… my dealings.” says ASR positioning himself to be back on the game.

“Complicated? Freaking insane, that’s what you are…” says Raghav shoving some food in his mouth.

“How would you know? You have never …tried it.” ASR stops.

“Are you serious? Or arguing for the heck of it?” asks Raghav.

“I am merely voicing my highly controversial opinion of myself … you have to endure a great deal of bull shit to be in my shoes.” He says.

“I agree absolutely… the bullshit life of yours includes among other things leisure, luxury and lechering.” says Raghav.

“Raghav all of it together is a problem…I am still alone in it.” says ASR.

“Of course it is a problem, that you alone should benefit from it ***********!” exclaims Raghav.

“Come on now, you have had your fair share. I am not to derive any perverse pleasure in depriving the fellow community.”

“******** pervert! You have spoiled each of us.” says Raghav

“That too, I agree, is the bane of my existence.” says ASR. “Have a smoke?”

“Wonder what’s Rahul is up for?” asks Raghav

“If I were him, I’d keep my distance… I think its three inches or may be four…” says ASR smiling.

“That would hurt.” says Raghav.

They both laugh… “We are such big jerks.” says Raghav… forming rings of smoke.

“The title shall not remain ours after tonight.” ASR chuckles inhaling the smoke…

“By the way… how come?” asks Raghav.

“Its Malhotra, he fancies the Asian market.” says ASR.

“Miyagi…?” asks Raghav.

“I think she is merely been sent for assessment, our past association will gives her access…clearance.” says ASR.

“Malhotra… is freakishly unreliable.” says Raghav.

“I figured.” replies ASR.

“Raghuu…” Riyah’s voice reaches their ears… They quickly stub the cigarettes.

“Baby…calls you for your prized opinion.” says ASR smirking.

“Arse…” Raghav swears…goes inside.

“Simply fabulous.” ASR hears Raghav flattering Riyah… in his mind, he unwinds…

Seven years ago he had the same answer from Raghav.

“Nothing…” ASR asks surprised.

“There is nothing…” said Raghav.

“How can it be?” ASR asks Raghav.

“What do you know except the name?” Raghav asks him.

ASR looks away… “Kara…is all she said. I believed her.”

“Sometimes you are such a fool. If you thought it’s her…why would you let her get away?” Raghav threw his hands by his side in frustration.

“I don’t know…it was strange…like a dream. I thought she’d vanish if I touched her.”

“You dim-witted **** … She is gone. What the hell were you thinking?” shouted Raghav.

“I was n’t thinking.” Responds ASR, morose in his own thoughts.

“Now what?” asks Raghav.

“You find her…” he says…adamantly.

“What?” Raghav exclaims. “Where do I start? There are no leads…and by the way I have a job…”

“Leave it… I will pay you… the same… more… whatever…” he says..

“You are crazy… you have no idea…No one can do this.” says Raghav.

“I will pay you double, triple…” he cries desperately.

“Its not the ******** money ASR…” says Raghav sternly. “We both know its not possible… there are no records… other wise you would have done it yourself.”

“I trust you… I would never question you.” says ASR.

“I am your friend ASR and I must tell you the truth…even if it is what you refuse to believe… “She is GONE, lost. We can’t find her my friend, just move on.”

“I can’t…” ASR whispers… “As long as you look for her… there is hope for me.”

“What will you do… in the meantime? Raghav asks.

ASR looks down…across the pool side party swarming with women and men. For sometimes he shivers…his glass shakes in his fingers. He dials…whispers instructions “Yes Sir!”

The security approaches her and passes on the message… “You have been invited for a drink upstairs Ma’m.” The tall beautiful blonde woman looks up…tilts her head in acknowledgement.

ASR tilts his glass to her.

Raghav looks on disgusted. He writhes in anger building inside.

ASR gulps his drink and walks inside… Raghav follows…

A solid hand strikes ASR on the jaw line as soon as they walk inside. His nose bleeds immediately. His fingers touch the blood…

“Raghav…I can’t be alone… not tonight…” he says stumbling forward to get the tissues from the box to clean his face.

“I hate to admit it tonight that we are still friends.” says Raghav.

ASR cleans up…

“What about Riyah, ASR?” says Raghav gravely.

“I don’t want a relationship… not with her and not with anyone… I am not good at relationships… you know that…” said ASR.

“ But you are with her since school… does it occur to you that this is serious? You would be responsible for what you do…” shouts Raghav.

“I told her the truth… she still insists to stick around. Its not my problem.” Argues ASR.

“It will become your problem ASR if not today then tomorrow…you cannot escape it.” says Raghav…

“We will see what to do when the time comes. Its not like I wish to sleep with her... ” says ASR.

“Do you even hear yourself … you sound like a selfish brute…” says Raghav angrily.

“I don’t just sound like one… I am a selfish brute…period…” admits ASR shamelessly…

“What can I even say?” exclaims Raghav…

“Say…yes…. You will do it…Just try...”ASR looks on expectantly…

“Okay… but what am I going to tell at home? And Rahul?” asks Raghav.

“Don’t say anything at home… not yet… but Rahul? Where is he?”asked ASR...

Dec 2, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 42 times)

Chapter 1

Part 6 continued.

At the valentine dinner party

“Miyagi…” Rahul taps on her shoulder. Miyagi shifts, without turning around she addresses her companion. "Mr Xui Li, please excuse me." The man nods.

Miyagi then turns around, looks past Rahul, her eyes scan the crowd. "Hello there, what happened to your permanent tag alongs?" She mutters unenthusiastically.

[At a distance, ASR's security confirms. "Sir, the woman next to him brought the unlisted guest, Mr Xui Li."

The security outside the room taps the aviator to acknowledge. "Its way too common a name, Chinese probably but track it through our system and see if anything comes up. Plug into extended database for facial recognition ... I want digital images run throughly, different looks, age and multiple profiles. Find out known associates of the head of the company for the woman - run it with Li's... See what comes up... Send the info immediately."

" Sir." Responds the voice on the ear piece in affirmation. The security looks on eyes the four surveillance cameras. Notes the angles, scans over the crowd and watches over. The lone security officer listen's intently to the audio details via the ear piece that narrates operation report from Apollo... "The pheonix will rise from the ashes.. The commitment, perseverance and life will not be lost in vain ." The security officer clenched the fist, the teeth stuck together harder, breathing out heavily in discomfort went unnoticed.]

"Miyagi...they are inside... You know ASR is not allowed to..." Rahul explains.

"And I don't have the requisite clearance." She interrupts.

" Miyagi... Its been 14 god damned years..." says Rahul.

Miyagi walks past him without a word... Rahul gapes looking at her stunning disposition again. She suddenly stops half way turns around suddenly, catches him staring at her back, her eyes blaze in anger ... "14 years, 3 months, 6 days, 19 hours, 33 minutes..." She bursts out and in the next fleeting second gives him a tight slap. " You jerk..." She mutters between her teeth.

[ ASR and Raghav cringe together watching them through the bullet proof glass... "Ouch!" They both say together and then their glasses clinker... "There is more...coming baby brother... Watch the heels." says Raghav. ASR smiles...as he looks on " I am not sure if your brother has any clue even now..." "Actually, he does n't ... Its fun to watch the fireworks, damn, she has no clutch...!" replies Raghav. ]

Miyagi turns around and looks up almost instantly, scowling... at them. They both cringe,"Unexpected incoming imminent threat... Shall I call the attention of your cloned platoon?" whispers Raghav looking at Miyagi's fiery figure approaching them. Rahul a step behind perplexed follows rubbing his cheek.

ASR listens to Raghav but his eyes scan the screen of his highly sophisticated phone like satellite device... " Mr Xui Li , Chinese, similar profile last seen at Moriba dessert operation, risk level three, information incomplete....actual identity ... unknown, no known associates. Remark: independent agent or dealer.

"In some time I would like you to take the others out, I want to talk to her alone." says ASR eyeing Miyagi. Raghav nods unable to understand the sudden coldness in ASR's voice.

Miyagi, her body now taller perhaps had seen maturity in the years, the bespectacled girl with doll like face had given way to a beautifully elongated oval shape of face, the eyes still brilliant blue, jet back straight hair just touching the shoulders...her eyes focused on ASR.

The security runs a quick scan before allowing the two to to enter the room again.

Dec 3, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water (By Arshirandomfan)

Chapter 1

Part 7

Present time...

He over sleeps. Jumps up on his bed as soon as old Joseph moves the curtains... "Goo..d..." Joseph sighs. Arnav is off the bed and out of the room before he even utter the greet. Arnav rushes to her room. "Khushi..." He barges in and his eyes quickly scan the empty room, the clean sheets... He rushes out... Almost panicking...

Joseph hears his hurried foot steps coming back again and seeing him flashes a toothless grin and points to the balcony... Arnav almost runs him over in his panick but follows Joseph's directions. The bright light makes him frown. The storm over with no clouds in the sky... The vision clear... He sees her stomping over the casket of grapes, her dress bundled up around her thighs. Her hair in a loose bun threatens to cascade down her back... Her light cotton sleeve fall over her shoulders...

ASR looks on... "She came looking for clothes. I gave some of Josephine's. Although they are too big on her, she insisted on having them and then she was standing next to the harvest .... I filled the cask with some grapes... " Said Joseph and paused... Looking away at a distance and then watching Arnav.

ASR swallows his lump looking at her bouncing playful figure, "I still remember Joseph." He says still eyeing her distant figure and smiles.. "Breakfast? Please..." He adds...

" 10 minutes..." Says Joseph walking out " By the way, get her out soon, the colour will stain her feet...." Adds Joseph winking at him... "I will put some lemon, scrub and soap out...she'd need it."

ASR looks on for a few minutes, he feels his nerves probably numbing in the melancholic moment. So much of his life he had wasted away... So much of it made no sense, probably none of it made sense.

He had no desire to get her out... The sun shined harder, reluctantly he broke his spell, walked inside, rushed through his shower and went down as soon as he had finished..

By now he could hear the splash, her vigourous stomping, her continuos giggling...

As his eyes fell on her, he saw her legs fully stained... She had rubbed her face perhaps, her cheeks had stains of red grape juice... She was thoroughly engrossed until he stood in front of her... Even then she continued... But her movements became slower under his gaze...Her skirt came down in the same fashion, as her eyes locked with his. Her rose coloured cheeks deepened under the sun, he could tell. He stood there holding her gaze until she stopped completely... Her legs crossed over the other in silence... She shifted awkwardly , her eyes moved with nothing in particular to focus. Hands clutched the skirt and shook a little in her nervousness.

Her lips parted as she breathed out to ease herself from the heat and perspiration under the sun or under his gaze, she did not quite know.. That made him move from his spot. His eyes scanned her face, and rested on her lips... A hint of prespiration on her skin burned him in his desire that surged inside him quickly... His composure however remained unchanged. Outside his skin, there was no change. He stepped forward...

He extended his hand.. She balanced her feet over the edge taking his hand... Before she could jump to the ground he pulled her over at once..She fell on him with a gasp. Her smile vanished as soon as his arms wrapped around her... Her feet still in air against his body.. He arched her... She wriggled against his hold for a second in her vulnerability but then she sought refuge heading in his chest..

He pulled her further up, pushed her back...against his arm. She came back at him, burying her face... Unyeilding, she fought him without a word, with no apparent strenght or force... It was just her body that willowed and resisted every attempt he made just merely by seeking the safe spot... Everytime he positioned her to kiss, she rushed back burying herself...

Eagerness or his wanting led him from one attempt to the other until he forced her face up against his own, holding her neck steady... Both gasping slightly from their efforts to out do each other. He had won as expected, his eyes bore into hers slightly agitated in his frustration... Her eyes looked back at him, it was not fear or nervourness but hint of sadness gave way to one single tear that filled the corner of her eye...

He took a deep breath and set her free that very instant.

Once, on the floor, her bare feet burnt slightly once set on the stone paved path. Feeling the heat, she immediately balanced on her toe... He realised, gave her a lopsided mused look. " Sometimes it is good to have me around."

She looked at him, her eyes softened, the sadness crept away... "Having you around is having a sword hanging over my head."

He laughed, "That is slightly exagerated, more accurately, no archiac perhaps."

She gave him a foolish grin. He picked her up in one swift move... It felt no different, as good as it could feel in that moment, Arnav soaked in every bit of that moment in his body.

" Joseph..." He called out, the old man scurried over with the towels. He put her down and exited.

"Breakfast is ready." She nods taking the towels from Joseph. For a moment, she feels Joseph's searching her face... She stands there with the towels, lost.

"It must be hard..." Says Joseph...

" Sorry...?" She comes back from her thoughts..

" It must be hard, I said..." Says Joseph and looks at her affectionately.

She remains silent... Meets his eye and in a fleeting second her tears run down her cheeks. " I ...." She whispers...rests back against the wall.

Joseph takes a moment and turns around walks away, looks back, "He is waiting for you..." Takes a breath " downstairs" he adds.

Dec 4, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water. (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 1

Part 8

Miyagi makes her way upstairs... It is no secret; one by one they all witness it. Miyagi's eyes were on him the entire time she walks up.

Even before anyone could say anything, ASR's icy voice fills the room. "Everyone out."

Raghav throws the cue stick on the table and faces him, gives him a death stare. ASR now looking at Miyagi with his eyes narrowed in interest, looks at Raghav for a moment. "There are always surprises, even in this, the thrills of unexpected developments makes it more appealing." He says and resumes his interest back on Miyagi.

"And there is a limit of the kind of unexpected surprises I ever want to see." Raghav's responds as his temples throb in anger. ASR merely nods and plays with left over drink in his hand, with a twist of lips his eyes measure Miyagi with utmost interest.

Raghav clenches his fist on seeing his apparent disinterest in the fact that ASR had come to ignore every word his friend uttered, "You are getting very close, Arnav." He says with a hint of sadness in his tone but his anger wipes it off him too quickly before he storms out.


In his mind, Raghav wonders once again why he puts up with him. Can this be friendship? What was it that made him stick around despite the fact that every aspect of ASR's nature had come to work like a slow poisoning. It did not kill him but caused him a great deal of discomfort. A fatal dose is something that he thought was perhaps his better option, once for all be betrayed and that would be the end of it. Instead of this, the rare occasions they met each other was far from happy reunions. Everything seemed so bitter around the man that Raghav rarely visited him now. Their conversations had become far from interesting. All that he was interested in was only one thing, "Any...any...thing?" ASR would ask in the dead hour of the night breathing heavily over the phone... Raghav would remain silent.

"Answer the ******* question." He would shout slurring his words, perhaps drunk out of his mind.

"I have told you a hundred times, I would let you know when I find something..." Raghav would finally answer.

He would expect as usual to hear things crash on the walls... before the device itself being thrown and the line dead.

They would not hear from each other for a while. For seven long years, Raghav had done what he was best at; tracking... it was his skillset. He could smell out people form their patterns of behaviour or based on the available information deduce their mind woek. He had tracked countless number of men and women, some successfully, some unsuccessfully. But this was a challenge he did not wish for. The young girl had simply vanished, never to be seen again. The information on her was so little that he had no chance but he still continued because of his friend. "Friend?" he asked himself... "Miyagi?" he thinks...walks past Rahul without a word. "Miyagi?" Raghav utters under his breath... Did ASR not acknowledge just a few minutes before, "I am not sure if your brother has any clue even now..." the words ring in his head and Raghav feels his blood boil. He stands dead on his tracks seeing Riyah. "Riyah..." he catches hold of her and drags her away from there.


Rahul halts at the door in his disbelief, hearing ASR's icy voice. A moment ago, ASR and Raghav had stood there..."How do I look?" ... he had asked them. "Pretty boy." They had answered in unison. And right now he could not tell from the look on ASR's face if he was the same man who had just encouraged him, along side his brother. It was disgusting, his stare, unnaturally lewd.

It made Rahul squirm inside, his hands itched to tear Miyagi away from there. He could not believe that Miyagi had hit him hard for no reason and now her eyes were stuck on HIM? That man...? He breathes heavily in the anger that builds inside his body. But he stands there his eyes zeroing on ASR. The man had not an inch of discomfort, being stared at... In fact he seemed at ease doing whatever he was doing, a twist of lips acknowledging Rahul. He was out there in his girl friend's home waiting for another woman to walk up to him right in front of everyone.

Riyah looks at the approaching figure, storms out finally, perhaps vicious thoughts run inside her head seeing Miyagi of all the women in the party but she keeps calm just like she had learnt to do in the years in her association with ASR. The fact was as he had said, "I told her the truth, if she wants to stick around, it's her problem not mine."

Riyah Malhotra had no idea why she was with ASR. There was this strange obsessive attraction she had for him. He did not love her, she was not sure if she harboured any feelings either but she was consumed in her desire to be around.

In 14 years ASR had never attempted to spend a single night with her on the same bed. He never expressed any desire to get involved but he let her be, because she wished for it and nothing else.

"Riyah, I don't care for relationships and so you understand that nothing would ever come out of this thing that you have in your mind." He had told her.

"I am not asking you to change or anything, lets say, we stay together but have seprate lives..."

On the nights when ASR had his parties, it was not unlikely for him to end the night with complete strangers under the same roof... or at least that was the norm. Well, until now...

Riyah had sought to do the same after sometime. But she had not let go of him. What is it that kept her in the relationship, was unclear.


Miyagi almost stumbles as she comes closer. Her fear clouds her face, in apparent nervousness the hands tremble.

She stands away from him but within his reach.

He looks at her finishes his drink and then walks away to pour a new one... "One for you?" He asks. She does not respond. He carries the two glasses over, thrusts one in her hand. She takes it but she is unable to hold it steady... With shaky fingers she brings up the glass to her lips... She feels his cold stare on her again and stops. Her lips tremble in the icy cold touch of the glass. "Too eager...?" He says taking the drink off her hands and placing it over the pool table.

"Please..." she whispers, Miyagi bites on to her cold fingers...

His hands reach for her hips. He pulls her closer. "I liked you when you were such a doll..." he pauses. "This my dear is unflattering on you..." he adds as his finger touches the line of her tube dress. His voice raspy, he whispers breathing on her neck. "And I am curious to meet your new friend." He whispers inaudibly in her ears dipping his head.

Perhaps he nibbles on her ears...or that is what it looks like to Rahul who stares at them from the frosty bullet proof glass. Miyagi's eyes widen as ASR dips on her shoulders but her body does not move...

It is only a few seconds before he lets her go... Miyagi stumbles again and holds on to his coat for a second for support to be steady on her feet and then leaves him.

ASR looks at her, a hint of affection that briefly meets her and vanishes in a fleeting second. He raises the glass "Good to see you." and takes the drink outside...

Miyagi rests her body on the table breathing heavily. Takes a moment and then walks out.

"What was that?" Rahul asks fuming from within.

"What was what?" she asks back.

"You know what, why is he allowed everything?" he retorts.

"Allowed?" she looks at him with fierce eyes.

Rahul looks at her, "Look at you now, so what happened back inside, you let him run all over you? Why? He asked angrily.

"You think I let him?" she asked fuming herself.

"You were a wet cat inside... all of this fire was doused the moment you stepped in." he exclaimed.

"Is that what you saw?" she asked.

"Yes, that is what I saw, I saw you let him do whatever and not move an inch...that's what I saw Miyagi..." he said under his breath.

"Well, good for you then, you saw what you wanted to see." She hissed at him and stepped ahead...

Rahul moved at her almost immediately... pulling her back. "If you can let him, then you can let me too..." that said he kissed her full on the mouth.

She struggled, stamped on his feet with her heels. He flinched in pain but continued to kiss her...until he felt the need to breathe...

Miyagi pushed him away as soon as he eased her... She looked at him. He looked back into the bright blue eyes... her lips swollen, her breathing irregular... He suddenly looked all confused and breathed out heavily... "Mi..yagi, goodness... I ...am ...so sorry." He muttered unintelligibly.

She looked at him again, "You have no clue... how sorry I feel right now..." she said and with quick steps moved down the stairs. Rahul stares at the retreating figure... "Damn..." he mutters in his frustration or confusion...

ASR smoked away in the terrace, watching the surveillance, replay. He then shoves his hand into the coat pocket and stands back looking outside into the distant.

Dec 4, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water. (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 31 times)

Chapter 1

Part 9

Miyagi goes downstairs, scans through the crowd and meets Li's eye. She nods. Li tilts his head across the crowded gathering and walks away.

Miyagi turns to glance upstairs. Rahul still stands there with a confused look on his face. There is no sign of ASR. Miyagi looks at Rahul and takes a step back before turning around slowly. She walks past the crowd heading for the doorway...

A car pulls up as soon as she reaches outside. She looks at the car and stands there. Someone opens the door for her... She walks ahead in slow steps, she bends, peeks inside.

"Good girl..." the man says to her.

She turns around to leave. The man grabs her waist, pulls her inside and closes the door.

"Its not over yet..." he says to her.

Miyagi cries out but the sounds muffle as the man puts his hand over her mouth. Tears rush out.

"Baby... just a few more things, we need you, so don't worry you will live until we have what we need." says the man. He shoves her under as the car approaches the main gate to exit.

The security mumbles... "He has her Sir, your orders?"

"Let them leave..." comes back the answer after a few seconds of pause.

"Sir?" the security confirms. "Shall we tail it..."

"No... just let them leave." says the voice.

The electronic gate opens, lets the car go after a brief inspection on the outside.

The man inside smiles pushing Miyagi further with his feet. " Just like I thought, he likes to touch you it seems." He hisses as he watches the video surveillance... "And that is one jealous young man." he snorts and says in an acidic voice... "Sometime, I would like to know you better, may be I am missing something..."

Miyagi whimpers...under the pressure of his boots on her shoulder.

~~~ x~~~

A hour ago,

"Yes, of course he is here..." says Mr Malhotra.

"Do you have the girl?" asks the voice on the phone.

"Yes, she is inside..." answers Malhotra.

"Good... I will be watching... I don't want a single mistake. Is that clear?" hisses the voice.

"You think I want any mistakes here... I am tired of this..." mutters Malhotra as he cuts of the call.

Raghav pulls Riyah to the room

"What is this Raghav?" Riyah squirms under his hold... "ASR will..."

Raghav narrows his gaze and fixes it on her, "What exactly do you think he will do... or not do... For the last 14 years Riyah he has gone from bad, to worse and you just watch him from a distant." He tries to find his answer in her eyes.

"None of your business." She says gritting her teeth.

"It is my business... he is ... he is..." Raghav stops as he fails to understand himself. A moment ago, he was hating the same man with equal rage, and now he wanted to know what could perhaps be a cure for the sickeningly disgusting creature that he called his friend.

"Your friend?" Riyah smirks...

"Shut up..." Raghav explores her face again.

"Oh! You just brought me here Raghav... What is that you want from me?" she says eyeing him.

Raghav looks astounded and leaves her, "Its not just him who is sick in his mind, you are just a step behind him."

"Is that so? Are you feeling left out?" she pouts.

Raghav seethes in anger at first but he sees her and a certain degree of calmness sets in him , "You know what Riyah, its my mistake... You two know exactly what you are doing... who am I even to say anything ..." he looks away...

Riyah waits for a moment and turns to leave, "Raghav, it is strange to me that you even consider yourself to be a part of this..." She pauses, "You are not a part of this...You never were..." she says to him.

Raghav's insides shrivel in pain... "You are not a part of this...You never were..." her words prick him like countless needles pricking his heart all at once.

Raghav closes his eyes... Arnav's face floats back... "Sweety...don't you think our babies would be fab-u-lous?" ASR mimics Riyah stressing on the word."Shut up." Raghav warns... "That is never meant to happen."

ASR smirks...

"What are you smiling about?" asks Raghav.

"She going to marry you and you her..." says ASR simply chewing the end of a tooth pick from the array of snacks...

"How horrible...I could kill you for even suggesting it." Raghav threatens and then laughs "She picked you... you are screwed, dude." Raghav own words haunt him.

"She picked you... you are screwed, dude."

"She picked you... you are screwed, dude."

Raghav clenches his fists...


Miyagi's car exits the main gate and the security on the door says in raspy tone, "Just out, keep an eye out on her until further orders from boss."

"But, boss said..." protests the voice.

"Its an order, I am the head of security... It is my job to do what I think is best... screw what boss thinks, soldier, you ******* don't EVER question me again..." says the security.

"Yes, Sir..." says the voice on the other end.

"Good...I want Zeus on trail and take the parallel road, via satellite, no direct contact... tell him to take the bike...and keep reporting."

"Yes Sir!" confirms the voice in attention.


Arnav takes a deep breath and checks his watch, he times it. And then takes his satellite device out... He needed to get back to his work station.

He feels the small chip on his coat. He avoids it carefully to let it stay and orders for the car.

Dec 4, 2012

Treading Storms: a timeless love story of racing hearts in hell and high water. (By Arshirandomfan) (Thanked: 58 times)

Chapter 1

Part 10

Present time

"Joseph..." he says turning back as he hears the foot steps on the wooden floor...

Joseph looks at him for a moment, "She is just upset." He says to him and turns to leave...

"Joseph...don't..." Arnav pleads.

Joseph stops... "I always thought my Josephine will never leave me..." he says as his eyes look back at the haggard face of Arnav. "While it lasts, while there is time, make it worth her while..."

Arnav stands there ... his stomach cringes at the thought of losing her again.

He falls back and rushes out to the door and clutches it to keep himself from falling on the ground... breathing heavily... his mouth opens to scream out aloud but nothing comes out except a few random gasps of air...


Khushi sits on the side of the marbled bath tub... her body soaked in the warm water. She closes her eyes...the warm water feels like his body pressed on to hers... She gasps...His breathing on her is like the vapours rising from the water...giving her a warmth before a chill spreading in her veins... He was close and eager, in return she had fought him again... She almost died in her effort to keep herself from kissing him ... "It was so hard..." she gasped trying not to think about it. It was hard to deny her self the one thing she wanted so much...

And yet, she feared every time he got close to her... It would be over as soon as she would let him do what he wanted to do...

Flash back

"Sweety..." Riyah came at her holding the tattered bag with rolls of variety of sizes of papers binded together. "Did he give you this?"

She nodded...in affirmation.

The fireplace in her room flickered as the chilly wind beat at her window... the few bells and stars hanging from her bed rattled and protested in their sweet chime...

"He... he... said I can have them..." said the doe eyed, lanky girl in long maxi dress...

"How sweet of him." said Riyah... "Let me see..."

"No..." she gasped... trying to take her bag back.

Riyah holds the bag right next to the fire... "One, two, three..." she whispers...

The tears come easily out of her eyes...

"No..." she whispers...

"Let me see... may be we can pick and chose..." Riyah smirks...

Tears fall out...

She stands in the middle clutching her dress...

"Now this one...and this one, and this one....I think you look so vulgar..." says Riyah...

She holds them over the fire...

The flame quickly consume the sketches... "A lanky girl, doe eyes, long hair in a blush pink dress ...her hair down in one...in another she is holding her dress up and stomping merrily on the casket of grapes... in the other One by one Riyah sits on the cushioned chair and feeds the fire ... "So vulgar..." she says with utmost disgust filled in her throaty voice... "Do you know this is offensive?

The doe eyed girl looks on miserably at the fire that consumes most of the papers too quickly...

"Oh God...Look at you in this one...Are you trying to seduce him? The doe eyed girl is blushing pink under the sun with a shy smile on her face, her strap off her shoulder; she is looking at some thing... Oh wait there is a shadow... Riyah tears the picture into tiny bits and throws them in the fire... The fire glows...

How old are you again?" asks Riyah...

"Feef...feef..theen.." she mumbles as more tears rush out....

"Good lord..." cries Riyah... "If this is what you do now...its not long when you will be strutting naked to get boys to bed you..." she mutters viciously...

"I.. am... not... not...na..." the doe eyed girl mumbles...and her lips refuse to utter the word...

"You mean N-A-K-E-D?" says Riyah viciously getting up and holding her hair takes her in front of the mirror... "Think about it... how much they will laugh at you...?" she says pushing her in front of it...

Riyah stands behind her...

Tears rush out as the doe eyed girl tries to step back... and gets pushed back in front of the mirror over and over again...

"If you can't see yourself... you can you expect that anyone else would want to..." hisses Riyah in her ears... "Don't cry too much...Just know the truth."

Khushi rushes out of the water immediately, pulls every single towel available and covers herself up trembling in the corner of the bathroom...

A faint knock comes from the door... "Khushi... its been over an hour ... are you okay..." His voice fills her ears... She cringes further into the walls... crying silently...

"Khushi..." he calls again...

She panics inside...

"Sweet heart... just come out..." he pauses... "I ... I... was ..." Arnav stops regretting his actions deeply.

"No...." she whispers and let her tears fall freely...slipping on the floor... A array of beautiful glass vases shatter on the floor as her trembling figure loses balance...

"KHUSHI..." he calls out and bangs on the door... She had not latched it... It gives away...

He walks in... "Are you hu...?" he loses his voice seeing her cringing against the wall in fear...Her eyes fixed on him...she gasps as if trapped or stifled...She trembles uncontrollably and her teeth clatters...

His eyes see her like that and loses his mind... Everything burns inside him... The more she looks at him in her vulnerable disposition, the more his hunger builds inside him...his nerves howl craving to touch her... He closes the door and gets on the floor on his knees with one hand he pulls her to him. Se clutches on to the numerous towels... shakily...

He snatches them off her one by one ... until she is in his arms just in her own skin... crying helplessly... pushing him away... He holds her hair pulls her head...She throws her legs... he holds them together in with his legs and seeks her mouth...He bites hastily on her lower lip... She winces...

His fingers dig on her skin, under her breasts... pain surges through her body...her ribs crush in the grasp of his arm... She squirms, whimpers to free herself... He kisses her frantically all over her face...

"Stop moving..." he hisses in her ears... annoyed at her.

Her body stops protesting hearing his icy voice... He takes full advantage of the limp body and picks the dress that Joseph had laid for her and pulls it down on her before rushing out with her in his arms.

Joseph hears his footsteps fade away...he picks the cold breakfast tray and whistling dumps them into thrash... Puts the pots and pans away... Goes out, closing the kitchen door behind him

Arnav takes her upstairs ... Once he drops her on the bed...He locks her under his body before resuming his kisses...

She gasps, pants... she breathes when he lets her. She cries, when his nibbles turns into painful bites on her. She winces when he grabs her body up, down, over, under his own body violently...

She feels her body burn up slowly as he starts to consume her in his deep long kisses... It goes on...

His eyes soften looking at her thoroughly sweaty body... her reddened skin, marked with every inch of possessiveness he felt for her ... marked with every bit of longing desire he had harboured inside...

Her lips swollen and red look like they are hurt but they were also swelling in pride to finally get consumed in the mad desire that they had hoped for...

Her hair spread all over the pillow makes him feel weak enough to die...

Her doe eyes open wide stare at him and hold him in some sort of spell...

"Oh god! He gasps and dips his head again but this time he kisses her softly again and again and again... rolling her body clinging to his own...


He falls on his back on the carpeted floor with her on top of him...

He feels the pain, lets it settle...

"That my dear is falling from heaven to earth..." he says to her...

She stares at him with the same wonderous eyes...confused.

He looks at her...

"Are you serious?" he checks her face...

She stares back at him with more confusion written all over her face...

He looks at her face, sees her genuine failure to understand what he was saying...

"Heaven is when I kiss you...like this..." he pulls her and kisses her again...

"Earth is when I have to ******* stop... such a pain." He mutters as he tries to lift his body up.

Her eyes blink... she looks at him shyly... He stops his movements looking at her face..

He sees her shuts her eyes ...breathing out as if gathering all her courage and quickly taking a dip to kiss him lightly on his lips...

He groans even in that one tiny display of affection.

"I rather stay on Earth..." he whispers and smirks and places his head on his hands that he folds under to prop his head up slightly

She opens her eyes, her cheeks colour deep... but she stays on top of him...

He pushes his head up from time to time to kiss her... She moves away... and falls back on his chest as he retreats.

"All right... I give up..." he mutters... kissing her head...

She perhaps smiles...

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