Arshi - a story of love

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Dec 8, 2012

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 105 times)

One day Khushi was absent in her college. And by this Arnav was tensed as Khushi was the topper in her class. So it was quite abnormal for her to skip the college without any cause. So he decided to go to her house after the college.

After college he went to Khushi's house but seeing the scene in front of his he skipped a beat of his heart. There were a lot of people wearing white dresses and everyone was silent. He asked a man nearby about that.

Man: Woh, Today morning Khusav Gupta and his wife died by an accident.

Hearing this Arnav ran towards the gate and the scene which he saw broke his heart in hundred pieces. Khushi was sitting lifeless beside two dead bodies and Pari was in her arm. Khushi was sitting like stone and Pari didn't know what is happening there. There were also some women around her. After sometime somebody told that it was time for funeral. Arnav moved near Khushi and took Pari in his arm. Khushi didn't say anything. Then he supported her to stand and she has to fulfil the funeral. Khshi stood and Arnav gave her a side hug. Then some person took the dead bodies to the place where the funeral was about to take place. Arnav took Khushi there by holding her by her shoulder. After the funeral was over Khushi cried loudly seeing the burning bodies and Arnav hold her tightly.

Khushi: Why Arnav ........why always with me? What have ...I done? Firstly Maa Papa.... now Bhai Bhabi For what I'll.... live now?

Arnav: Shhhh.. Don't say like this. You have to live for Pari. Now you are her maa.

Khushi: Yes you are right. Now she has none without me.

Then they went home. Everyone left one by one. But Arnav was there. He made Pari sleep on the bed in Khushi's room. This house has a small courtyard. As Arnav used to see Khushi from the tree he knew almost everything about the house. Then he came to Khushi who was still crying. It was almost afternoon and he was sure that Khushi didn't eat anything from morning. So he went to the market to get something as he was not in mood of cooking. But before going there he called Kamla Masi an aged neighbour of Khushi to remain with Khushi till he come.

After half an hour when Arnav came back he saw some persons were there in the courtyard. He rushed to the house and found that Rahul and his gang were there. One guy keep hold of Kamla Masi and Rahul was holding Khushi's hand. Khushi's eyes were telling him that how much she was scared.

Arnav: ( Shouting) Leave her hand.

Rahul looked at Arnav.

Rahul: Ohh you are also here. Actually when I came to know that her over protective brother died I came to her just to console her and give her pleasure. I am sure you are also here for this. Actually a girl without a guardian is always free for everyone. Come and have her. Now the question is who wil get that first?

Arnav had enough of these dirty talks.

Arnav: Enough. No one dear to touch her. I said leave her.

Rahul: If I don't then..


Rahul: ( Mocking) Wohoho I got sceared........

Saying this he left Khushi's hand. But after that what Khushi did was beyond anyone's imagination. She ran to Arnav and hugged him. Arnav hugged her back. After sometime they heard Pari is crying inside the room.

Arnav: Khushi go to Pari.

Khushi: But Arnav..

Arnav: Khushi Pari is crying. Go to her. She needs you.

Khushi nodded and left to Pari. Then Arnav looked at Rahul.

Arnav: I thnink you should leave now before I change the map of your face.

Rahul: What do you think? Being the hero for one day you can save her. Let's see for how many days you can save her.

Saying this he and his gang left the place. Arnav was stood still thinking about Rahul.He was right. For how many day's he can save her? He came out of his thought at the voice of Kamla Masi.

Kamla Masi: Beta for you she is saved today. But what about tomorrow?

Arnav: Don't worry Masi. I am always here for her. From today I'll stay with her.

Kamla Masi: But what will people say?

Arnav got angry.

Arnav: If they couldn't do anything then they shouldn't say anything.

Kamla Masi: It's O.K. But you know the society won't take it easily as you aren't married.

Arnav thought of something and then saw at the direction at where Khushi was standing with Pari in her arms. She came forward.

Khushi: Why are you doing for us so much? Arnav you go from here. People will not like it if you stay here. My life is already ruined. But don't ruin your one.

Arnav: I am not going to ruin both my and your one.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Do you trust me?

Khushi: I have no way left.

Arnav: Then come with me.

Saying this he took Pari in her arms and hold Khushi's hand and went to the nearest temple. He went to the priest and told him something. After sometime he came to Khushi.

Khushi: I know Khushi What is happening is so fast. But I always wanted this. May be not in this way. But if to get marry with you is the only way to be with you then will you marry me and give me the pleasure to be with you and Pari when you needed me the most. I promise from today you both are my responsibility and I'll never come back from this responsibility.

Saying this he extended his one hand to her holding Pari in another hand.


I know you all want to finish the flashback in one go. But I can't do that as the flashback is so long. Sorry......

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Dec 13, 2012

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 112 times)

Khushi didn't know what to do. She looked at the guy standing in front of her extending his hand to hold hers. She

looked at Pari who was in his arm safely and comfortably playing with his hair. She dreamt a lot about her marriage but she never thought about this. She hardly knows this guy. All she know about him is his name is Arnav Singh Raizada, He flirted with her at the first day but got slapped. And after that he never talked to her but always followed her. Yes she knew that the heart throb of the girls of the college was following her. She also knew that he even claimed on the tree just to see her. But he was there to give his shoulder to her to cry when she needed that more. He supported her at her bad time. Now he is here to marry her and take the responsibility of her and Pari. So she couldn't deny. She extended her hand to hold his.

Arnav became very happy seeing her hand on his. If she hadn't accepted his hand then also he was there for her. Actually he was deeply, madly and unconditionally in love with her. Sp it doesn't matter if she loves him or not. His love was more than enough for both. It was more enough for him that she trusted him.

Then they went to the priest and finished all the rituals. All the time Pari was in Arnav's arm. He felt an unknown attraction for this little girl. After all the rituals Priest declared them as Husband and wife. They took blessing from him and went to house.

When they knocked at the door Kamla Masi opened the door for them. She got shocked seeing Khushi with sindoor and Mangalsutra.

Arnav: Masi now is there any problem after that? We are married now. So, I think now I can stay with her.

Saying this when they were about to enter the house .......

Kamla masi: Stop.

Arnav: What Happened?

Kamla Masi: There are some post marriage rituals. Though it should be hold in brides sasural but I should fulfil it now. I am proud of you son.

Saying this she went inside and after sometime she came out with a aarti thali and a Kalas full of rice. Then she did the griha pravesh. After that Kamla masi left for her house. Arnav closed the main door and looked at Khushi. It was already 9 p.m.She was lost in her some thoughts. Suddenly Pari started to cry and Khushi came back to her world. She took Pari in her hand.

Arnav: May be she is hungry.

Khushi: Hmm. Let me see it.

Then she went to the kitchen and made the milk for Pari. After that she feed her. After finishing the feeding Khushi laid down Pari on her bed and made her sleep. Arnav saw all this motherly affection. After seeing all this who will say that Khushi is not Pari's Maa. She was her Bua. After making Pari sleep Khushi got up.

Khushi: You must be tired. Go and fresh up. Washroom is on that side.

Arnav: O.k.

Khushi: Ohh you have nothing to wear. Let me see.

After that she went to her Bhai's room. Seeing the room she became emotional. Till teasterday they were here but today they are far away from her. She kept the thought aside and took out a Kurta of his brother. Now she has to help the person who gave all his happiness just for her. Then she went to Arnav and gave that to him.

Arnav: Isn't there anything without this Kurta?

Khushi: is there any problem with this?

Arnav: No. Actually I am not used to it. I fell like it will come out any moment.

Khushi: O.k. Try this only for today.

Arnav went to washroom. When he came back he saw Khushi was sitting on the veranda looking at the stars. He went to kitchen and brought the food for her. He went near her and sat beside her.

Arnav took one bite of food and hold at her mouth. She took the food in her mouth. Then arnav took one bite of food himself. Like this they finished the food. After that Arnav kept the plate in the kitchen and came back to Khushi. Khushi could feel he was there.

Khushi: Look( pointing the stars) Those two brightest stars are my parents. And beside that the new two are Bhai and Bhabi. You know when I was 8 my parents died. After that Bhai used to console me saying that after dead people become stars. Still now I believe that. See bhai is now star.

Saying this she started to cry again. Arnav looked at her and hold her shoulder. Then he directed her head to his shoulder and hugged her tightly. All he knew that he has to divert her mind.

Arnav: Which are mine?

Khushi looked at her shocked.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Yes my parents are also died when I was 14.

Khushi: Arnav I don't know anything about you. Can you please tell me?

Arnav: Of course. Tell me what do you want to know?

Khushi: Where do you live in? I mean I know you are here in a hostel. But from where you are here?

Arnav: Actually I am from Lakhnow. But my family lives in Delhi.

Khushi: Then why are you in Lakhnow? You can have got admission in any Delhi college.

Arnav: I was my Maa's college. My Maa was a student of this college. So...

Khushi: Who are there in your family?

Arnav: Di named Anjali, Jijaji,Nani, Mami, Mama and A cousin brother named Akash.

Khushi: What do they do?

Arnav: Di is housewife, Jijaji is a lawyer, Mama has a small business and Akash is doing his study.

Then Khushi stood up and seeing her Arnav also stood up.

Khushi: O.K. Let's go for sleep. It's late now.

Arnav: O.k. You take your room. I'll take the guest room. If you need anything just call me.

Saying this he was about to head to the guest room.

Khushi: Arnav...

Arnav stopped and looked at her.

Arnav: Hmm.

Khushi: Wooo.. You can sleep in my room.

Arnav: Are you sure? I mean I am O.K. with that.

Khushi: yes. .....I mean I am afraid being alone....Please...I am telling Pari will not disturb you. She is a nice girl. Please.

Arnav: Khushi..It's O.k. Don't worry.

Saying this they went to Khushi's room. Pari was sleeping at the middle of the bed. They both laid down an both side of her.

**************************************************************************** **** ****************

Dec 18, 2012

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 84 times)

Next morning Arnav woke up early at 5 a.m. Firstly he couldn't understand where was he. He looked beside and remembered everything about the last day. He saw the angelic face of his wife Khushi and a beautiful angel Pari. He saw a cute smile at Pari's lip. May be she was dreaming about something nice.She is still unaware of the fact that her parents died last day. He promised to himself that he will never let Pari face this fact of her life. He knew how it feels to lose parents at a young age. He will made sure Pari will get all the happiness in this world. She will never feel the absence of her parents. He will be the best father to her and Khushi will be the best Mother. Thinking about Khushi he looked at her. There was some frown in her forehead. May be she was thinking about something bad in her sleep. Arnav hold on her hand which was on Pari's body. Khushi got relaxed. He slept again as his class was at 9 a.m.

It was 7 a.m. when Khushi got up. She looked at her side and saw Pari and Arnav was sleeping. Arnav's one hand was on hers. She got up. She knew Arnav has class on 9 so she has to prepare for that. She can't go to class as Pari will be alone. May be it was the end of her dream for higher studies. But she is happy as she got a person beside her when she needed that most. She got up and went to kitchen after taking bath. After half an hour she went to call Arnav.

Khushi: Arnav got up. It's time for your college. Get up.

Arnav got up with a jerk.

Khushi: Go and fresh up. I'll serve the breakfast.

Arnav nodded and went to the washroom. When he came back to the dining table after getting ready breakfast was already there. He sat up. Then Khushi came out from the Kitchen. Seeing her Arnav shocked. She was wearing a casual dress not the college dress.

Arnav: Khushi aren't you going to college?

Khushi: no

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: Woh Pari is alone here.

Arnav: But what about your study?

Khushi: I was thinking that ....

Arnav: What are you thinking?

Khushi: I was thinking about .... dropout.

Arnav looked at her with a narrow vision. There was a pin drop silent in the room for some moment. Khushi thought now Arnav will shout at her. She closed her eyes and waited for that. But she felt a hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes. There was Arnav.

Arnav: Why? O.k. If you want to take a break that is alright. But why drop out. You must have a dream. You should go ahead with that. Khushi I am always will be there with you in your all dreams. But you have to help me in that. Yes I know Pari is there. She is also my responsibility as much as yours. Then why should only you have to sacrifice for that. O.k. Today you miss the college tomorrow I'll. Let's do it alternatively. Wait we can tell Kamla Masi to take care of her when we are at college.

Khushi: But Pari is not easy with the strangers.

Arnav: But yesterday she was alright with me.

Khushi: That was strange. May be she liked you.

Arnav felt proud of the thought that Pari liked her.

Khushi: Arnav you go. After one week the summer vacation is going to start and it will be for 2 months. If I don't go to college for one week then it will cause no problem. After that we will think what should we do about Pari.

Arnav: Are you sure?

Khushi: Yes.

Arnav: O.k. I will manage the notes that will be given in these days and give that to you. But don't you dear to think of dropout. I'll not take it easily.

Seeing his face Khushi laughed.

Arnav: You are laughing???

Khushi: O.k. I'll not laugh. Now finish your breakfast and go. You are getting late.

Arnav took breakfast. After that he was about to leave then suddenly turned back went went to the room followed by Khushi. He saw Pari was sleeping there extending her hand and feet. He went near her and kissed her forehead and told..

Arnav: good bye princess. Don't disturb your Maa.

Saying this he tured back and saw Khushi was standing there.

Khushi: Maa??? I am not her maa. I am her Bua.

Arnav: I know Khushi. But do you want her to go through the same path we went in out childhood. So I want her to know you as her Maa and me as her Papa.

Listening this Khushi's eyes filled with tears. She went near Arnav and hugged her. Arnav also hugged her back. After sometime..

Arnav: I remember somebody told me that I am getting late.

Khushi pulled back from the hug.

Khushi Yes go. And when you come back bring your stuffs from your hostel.

Arnsv: Yes maam. Anything else?

Khushi: And I don't want people of our college know about the marriage now. I mean when I'll be back then...

Arnav: O.k. I'll not tell anyone. But I may tell my friends. Actually.....

Khushi: O.k.

After that Arnav and Khushi went near the main door. Arnav was about to leave when he saw Khushi was tensed about something.

Arnav: What happened Khushi?

Khushi: Woh If Rahul came back?

Arnav: He won't. As I am in the college I'll make sure that he don't leave the college before I came back.

Khushi: Thank you.

Arnav: It's my duty to save MY WIFE from the outsider as a HUSBAND. O.k. Bye.

Saying this Arnav went to the college and Khushi keep looking at his thinking repeatedly about his last word.

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Dec 27, 2012

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 93 times)

Sorry guys for late update. I didn't have the lappy. I got it at the night before yesterday. Yesterday I gave the update of my another story. Today I'm giving the update. Sorryyyyy...

**************************************************************** **************** *********

Arnav reached at college but didn't found any of his buddies there. He then saw Rahul was sitting on his bike s usual surrounded by some girls. He went to his class. There he saw Armaan. He went direct to him.

Armaan: What's up Arnav? Is everything O.K.? You didn't come hostel last night.

Arnav: Relax Dude. It's about Khushi.

Armaan: What? What happened to her?

Armaan knew very well how much Arnav love her.

Arnav: Please come with me.

After that Arnav took Armaan to a lonely area of the college and told him everything about the last day. Even he told him that he married Khushi. Armaan was very happy. He hugged Arnav.

Armaan: I am proud of you. You did a very good work.

Arnav: Thank you. Now can you manage the notes of her class as she couldn't come college before the holiday?

Armaan: No problem yaar. Now tell me when will you going to introduce with my Bhabi?

Arnav: If you wish you can come today.

Armaan: Of course.

Arnav: But one thing, don't tell to anyone as Khushi doesn't want it.

Armaan: O.k.

After that they went to the class room. After college hour Arnav went to his hostel to pick up his belongings and then headed towards the home with Armaan.

On the other hand after Arnav went Khushi was thinking only about him. She finished all the household work but she couldn't forget about the sentence what Arnav told today morning.She took bath and dressed with a pink salwaar kamez. Then she came to the morrior. Then she remembered she is now a married woman but she didn't have any dibba of sinddor. She went to her Bhai's room and took her Bhabi's sindoor and placed it on her maang. It was a strange feeling for her. From today she will carry the presence of one person of this world. She smiled lightly.Then she woke up Pari, made her ready. She prepared lunch and then waited for Arnav on the courtyard while playing with Pari. At about 2.30 there was a knock on the door. She jumped up and went to the main door. But before opening the door she asked.

Khushi: Who's there?

Arnav: Khushi open the door. It's me.

Khushi opened the door and saw Arnav was standing there with Armaan. Arnav came in with him.

Arnav: Khushi he is my best friend Armaan.

Khushi: Namaste.

Armaan: Namaste Bhabiji.

Khushi: Please don't call me that. Just khushi.

Armaan: O.k.

Then Arnav's eyes went to Pari who was playing with her toys sitting on the ground. Arnav went to her and picked up her in his arm.

Arnav: So princess, how are you?

Pari start waving her hand then patting on Arnav's check. Arnav laughed at that. Then he took her to Armaan.

Arnav: Armaan here is my daughter Pari.

Khushi looked at Arnav surprisingly. That means what he told in the morning was not just for telling, he meant it.

Armaan: Hi pari How are you?

Saying this he was about to take Pari when Pari started to cry. Armaan came back and Arnav again took her in his arm.

Arnav: No,no he will not take you. It's O.k.

Arnav started to make her calm. After sometime Pari calmed down.

Armaan: Seems like she is papa's girl.

Armav smiled at that.

Khushi: Do you want to stand here all the day? Please come in. Arnav you go to freshen up till then I will serve the dinner. Armaanji please have the launch with us.

Armaan: I have no problem. Actually Taking the food from the hostel mass my stomach has been rusted.

Everyone laughed. Khushi show the living room to Armaan and went to kitchen. By the time Arnav pun Pari down again near her toys and went to freshen up. After 15 minutes Arnav came out wearing a casual dress. He went near Pari to pick up her and went to Armaan.Then Khushi came and told them that lunch is served. They went for the lunch. While sitting Khushi tried to take Pari from Arnav but to her surprise she didn't came to her. She was now playing with Arnav's ear. To her it was a delicious food and she tried to hold it in her mouth but every time she failed.

Arnav: It's O.k. Khushi. I've no problem.

Khushi: But she will disturb you.

Arnav: But I don't feel disturbed.

Khushi: o.k. As your wish.

All were taking the food. After lunch Armaan said good bye and left. Arnav took Pari to the room for her afternoon nap while Khushi was cleaning the kitchen. After that She came to the room and saw Arnav was sleeping on the bed and Pari was sleeping on his chest. She smiled seeing the scene in front of her then she felt bad. Actually it was Pari's nature to take her afternoon nap on her Papa's chest. Now her blood father is no more. But she didn't give up the nature. The sight before Khushi was a perfect evident that she is accepting Arnav as her father.

**************************************************************************** **** ******************************

If you are boring at the flashbacks then let me know. I'll cut it in short. But as the story is based on the flashback the I can't tell how much I can cut it short. And I also know you all want Arshi romance moment. All are in the flashbach. So please let me know your thinking about the story. Please comment......

Dec 31, 2012

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 82 times)

After half an hour Arnav got up and saw he was still in the same place he slept. Pari was on his chest. He got up placing Pari carefully on the bed. He came out of the room to find out Khushi was sitting on the veranda. He came near her and sat next to her.

Arnav: Sorry Khushi woh..

Khushi: i know Arnav. It's her nature. By the way thank you for helping us this much.

Arnav: You need not to thank me.

Khushi: But Arnav why are you doing all this to us? Who are we to you?

Arnav: I said it before and I am saying it now also. You are my wife and Pari is my daughter. And I mean it.

Khushi: But Arnav why are you spoiling your dream for us?

Arnav: khushi all my dream has became related to you at the same day I saw you in college for the first time.

Khushi looked at him shocked. She didn't think that he will confess like this. On the other hand Arnav realised what he has just told. He wanted to confess his love to her in a very special way not in just this way. But nothing is normal in their relationship.

Arnav: Khushi you don't have to think all this now. Just concentrate in your study. We are both her to take care of Pari.

Khushi: Arnav I know you are here for us but what about the next week. The college is going to be closed for two months and you have to go to your home.

Arnav: I am at my home.

Khushi: Means?

Arnav: My home is there where my wife and my daughter are.

Khushi But what about Di and Nani.

Arnav: I'll tell them that I want to stay here in my holiday.

Khushi: What but won't they be unhappy? And they still don't know about us.

Arnav: Khushi they will be happy. And I want to tell them about our marriage just after my study here is finished.And they will be happy seeing you as their daughter in law. Believe me.

Khushi looked at him and saw his eyes were full of care. Suddenly Khushi hugged her. Arnav also hugged her back. They didn't know how long they were like this. They separated when they heard Pari's cry.

Arnav: You go and make her food. I'll go and try to make her stop.

Khushi nodded and went to the kitchen. When she came to her room Arnav was playing with Pari.

Arnav: Pari say papa.

Pari: Aaaa.....

Arnav: PAPA

Pari: AAAAaa.....

Arnav: Say na please.. Papa is waiting please Papa

Pari: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......................

With this Khushi laughed out loudly.

Khushi: Arnav I think you forgot that every child say maa first. She will do the same.

Arnav: you are wrong. Every daughter say Papa first.

Khushi: Chalange?

Arnav: O.k. But if you lose you have to do what I'll say.

Khushi: O.k. and same condition goes to you.

Arnav: o.k. And now see. Pari say Papa

Khushi: maa..

Arnav: papa..

Khushi: maa

Arnav: papa

Khushi: maa

Pari who was confused what to say first was looking at her father and mother alternatively. And after being more confused she started to cry and that's when Arnav and Khushi top shockingly looking at her and the looked at each other. At the very next moment they laughed loudly together. Seeing them Pari stooped and looked at her parents shockingly.

Pari: (Thinking) Are they mad???

********************************************************************** ********

Jan 4, 2013

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 93 times)

7 days went like this. Arnav and Khushi are now very good friends. Arnav still didn't confessed his love to her as he wanted her to be sure about her own feelings. Pari is now more attracted to Arnav than Khushi. But still she didn't call Maa or Papa. It was Arnav and Khushi's daily routin to fight over this. Everyday Arnav went to college but made sure that Khushi got the proper note. Every day he collected that from her friend through Armaan. He gave her that when he was in house. But still now Khushi couldn't mind in her studies as she was doing all the house hold chores . Though Arnav was helping her but she couldn't cope up.

It was the first day after the holiday began. Arnav didn't have to go to the college. So he was sleeping over time and Khushi let him do. She got up early, and went for the bath. After coming back she went for the morning arti and when she came back Arnav was still sleeping near Pari. She went near him and called Arnv. But Arnav was in deep sleep. She called him for sometime but no response. Then she placed her hand on his chest and shook him. This time Arnav got up but still sleepy. He could only see that a beautifull face was leaning on him and she was none other than his wife. He caught her hand and hugged it. Khushi was not ready for it. She fall on Arnav and Arnav pulled her holding her waist and told her in a sleepy voice..

Arnav: Good morning Khushi.

Khushi who was in a shock couldn't understand what to do. She felt a new sensation passing through her spine. But she felt it good and so perfect. To her it was her right place. So she didn't move from there. She saw Arnav looked very cute when sleeping.

They didn't know from when they were in the same position. A drop of water made its way from Khushi's hair to Arnav's face which made Arnav woke and Khushi came out from the Terence. Arnav looked at Khushi and then realised their position. They both got up with a jerk. Khushi was now fully embarrassed.

Khushi: you.

Arnav smirked as Khushi blushed highly.

Arnav: But why are you stammering?

Khushi: Wh..when I stammered?

Arnav: Just now.

Khushi blushed highly and looked down.

Khushi: Woh...I...

Arnav: Khushi relax. I know. It is common between Husband and Wife.

Khushi blushed harder.

Arnav: But you know you made my morning.

Khushi: Means?

Arnav: Because I saw my wife's beautiful face very closely today.

Khushi couldn't take it anymore. She got up from the bed and about to leave when Arnav cought her hand.

Arnav: Khushi Promise me one thing you will give me.

Khushi:( not looking at him) What?

Arnav: I want to get every morning like this.

Khushi tried to pull her hand from his grip.

Arnav: Woho first promise me.

Khushi: I have to prepare the breakfast.

Arnav: Don't change the topic.

Khushi: O.k.

Arnav: What O.k.?

Khushi: I'll.....

Arnav: You'll what?

Khushi: I'll

Arnav loved the way the conversation was going.

Arnav: Kaise?

Khushi: Aise..

Arnav: Kaise........

Khushi understood Arnav was playing with her. She looked back and went towards Arnav who was sitting on the bed. She went very close to him, hold his ear and pulled it saying near his ear loudly..


Saying this she ran away from the room. Arnav was about to chase behind her but stopped as he saw Pari was up at Khushi's screaming.

Arnav:(Loudly ) I'll not leave you Mrs. KHUSHI ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA...

And went near Pari.

On the other hand Khushi was breathing heavily then she heard his screaming. She felt butterfly are flying in her stomach and it was a new sensation to her as She heard her new name in his mouth. She liked it actually she loved it very much.

*********************************************************************** ********* ****

Jan 11, 2013

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 94 times)

While they were taking their breakfast Arnav asked Khushi

Arnav: Khushi from when you are going to start your study?

Khushi: I decided from today. But there is a problem.

Arnav: What?

Khushi: Though I have all the notes in my hand but as I didn't attend the lectures so I don't know how could I'll help myself.

Arnav: You carry on. I'll help you.

Khushi: Thank you. And Arnav there is some problem.

Arnav: What?

Khushi: As I didn't attended the class for last few days so I may face some problems in the study.

Arnav: Khushi I'll help you.

Khushi: Thank you.

After breakfast Arnav was sitting in the living room and playing with Pari when Khushi came there.

Khushi: Arnav there is nothing to cook for lunch.

Arnav: O.k. No problem. You keep Pari I'll get that.

Khushi: But..

Arnav: But what?

Khushi: Money.

Arnav came forward and kept his hand on Khushi's shoulder.

Arnav: Khushi trust me. There is no problem. Never think about that problem when I am with you. I'll make sure that you and Pari are financial secure even if I passed away...

But he couldn't finish the sentence as Khushi placed her palm on his lip.

Khushi: Never dear to say that.

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: if you say that I'll never talk to you.

Arnav: ( Smirking) Why? What is the deference if I am here or not?

Khushi: Arnav you are my HUSBAND and don't you dear to make me widow. In that case before weeping my sindoor I'll kill myself rather living without you. It may be seven days we are staying together but we are tied for seven lives.

Khushi told all these in one go. Arnav couldn't believe his ears. He hugged Khushi at instance andtold..

Arnav: I love you.

Khushi: I love you too.

Arnav: from when?

Khushi: Don't know. And you?

Arnav: From the first day.

Khushi looked at her in disbelieve.At that very moment Pari started crying and they looked at her.

Arnav: See she is so attention seeker.

Khushi: Arnav never say my daughter that.

Arnav: Sorry sorry. Now give me the list of the market.

Khushi gave him the list. Arnav saw that.

Arnav: Why the sweet is there? Is there any festival today or tomorrow?

Khushi: Arnav Singh Raizada you may be diabetic but we are not. And tomorrow is Pari's first birthday. We may not celebrate it in a grand way but we can do it at least.

Arnav: Khushi you have no idea what Arnav Singh Raizada can do on his daughter's birthday.

Saying this Arnav went out from the house leaving shocked Khushi behind.

Khushi: Laad Governor Kahe ka?

************************************************************************* ******* **

Jan 21, 2013

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 101 times)

When Arnav came back to home he saw Khushi was sitting on the veranda and Pari was playing sitting near her. Khushi didn't noticed that Arnav was back as she was reading one of her notes that Arnav bought for her. But Pari saw him. As soon as she saw Arnav she became so happy that she gave a cute smile to Arnav with her four toothed mouth. She got hold of the nearby piller and started to stand. She was doing it for the first time and Arnav was amused to see that but Khushi was still unaware of that. But she soon came out of her study as she heard a cute little voice calling 'Papa'.

Yes it was Pari and Papa was her first word. Arnav couldn't believe his own ears. He looked at Khushi who was looking at him at a shocked face. Arnav start walking fast to reach to Pari as he wanted to hear more. Seeing him coming fast Pari also wanted to go to him so she started to take her steps but her little weak leg were unable to walk in this tiny age so she tilted. But she didn't fall as two pairs of hand hold her instantly at the same time. Arnav and Khushi looked at each other.

Arnav: Khu...Khushi she told...

Khushi: Her first word.

Arnav: And...

Khushi: Took her first step.

Both of them were same happy at their daughter's success. Arnav hugged Pari so tightly.

Arnav: Pari say. Please once more. Please......

Pari: papa....

And she started patting Arnav's check. Arnav was sooooo happy. He didn't know what to do.

Arnav: Khushi I told you. Pari will say Papa first. See....

Khushi understood she lost the bet. But she was happy as Pari told her first word.

Arnav: Pari Beta now go to Maa.

Saying this Arnav make her stand on her feet and face her to Khushi.

Khushi: Arnav what are you doing? She will fall down.

Arnav: She won't. Because we are here.

Saying this Arnav slowly left go of Pari's body and Khushi stretched of her hand. Pari saw her Maa and smiled cutely.

Pari: maaaaaaa........

And stared to walk towards Khushi but after tow step she again tilted. Arnav and Khushi hold her at the same time. Khushi bought her in her arm and kissed her on her cubby face.

Khushi: Arnav she called maa.

Arnav: I see. My daughter is quite intelligent. She maintained the balance. But as she told Papa first you lost the bet and now you have to do what I'll say you to do.

Now Khushi got scared.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: I'll tell you later. Now there is the market. Now go to the kitchen and prepare for the launch. I am hungry.

Khushi: O.k.

She gave Pari to him and went to kitchen. After launch Arnav took Pari to the room for her nap. Whe. He came out he saw Khushi was sitting on the veranda. She was drawing something. He went near her and saw it was a beautiful sketch of bridal wear. He sat beside herand took the piece of paper from her. Khushi looked at him.

Arnav: It is beautiful. You are a good designer.

Khushi: I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Arnav: You will be.

Khushi: But after all this.

Arnav: You will be.

Saying this Arnav hugged her sidewise. Khushi placed her head on his shoulder.

Arnav: Khushi I always wanted to be a businessman. And I'll read in that line to be a businessman. And at the same time you'll carry on your study in fashion designing. After finishing our study we'll open a fashion house which will be our own. I'll take the post of CEO and you will be the Head designer.O.k.

Khushi smiled nicely.

Khushi: Seems It's already planned. But what about Pari.

Arnav: Khushi when we'll be in Delhi we'll have our family members. Di, Nani and Mami is there to take care of her. After 3 years she also will start her school.

Khushi: O.k.

Arnav: You know what seeing your design capability I can see a future.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Our fashion house will be the no. one in the world.

Khushi: So Arnav Singh Raizada has planned everything about the future. But the last part is excess.

Arnav: Hmm. Time will say everything.

Khushi: But one thing. We won't tell anyone that we are husband and wife.

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: You will be the CEO. If they know me as your wife then I'll be treated as VIP and I'll be alone in the office. But I want to work with the employee as a person as them.

Arnav: O.k But don't worry. You'll not be alone there. I'll make sure of that. You know what Now I am thinking I should make my or your cabin with tinted glass.

Khushi: Why?

Arnav: What do you think I'll leave the chance after being alone.

Khushi was confused. She looked at Arnav but still placed her head near his shoulder.

KHushi: Which chance?

Arnav: Do you want to know?

Khushi: Yeah.

Arnav: O.k

Saying this he started to lean towards her. Suddenly Khushi understood what he meant but she didn't come back from his embrace or better say she couldn't. She was lost in his eyes. It was a magical moment for them. Arnav was looking at her tiny lips. He was slowly decreasing the space between the two lips. Khushi closed her eyes in anticipation. She could feel his breath on her lips.

Arnav saw her lips parted and it was welcoming his to come. He leaned more to response the welcome............

********************************************************* ***************

Feb 3, 2013

Arshi-a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 113 times)


With a jerk Khushi came out from the dreamland and looked at Arnav. Arnav’s eyes were closed due to frustration of the unfinished kiss. She laughed at that and went to open the door.It was Kamla Masi there.

Kamla Masi: Khushi bitiya I was going to Temple. So I thought to take you. But seems like you are busy.

Khushi: No Masi. I’ll come with you. But Pari is sleeping.

Arnav heard all the conversation.

Arnav: Khushi you go with Masi. I am here with Pari.

Khushi: Are you sure?

Arnav: Yeah.

After that Khushi went to temple with Masi.

At night after dinner Arnav, Khushi and Pari went to bed. Arnav and Khushi both were at the both side of Pari and the little angel was playing with herself.

Arnav: Khushi I took a decision.

Khushi: I know. From few days you are planning for the future so much. But don’t forget that nothing can be happen without Devi Maya’s wish.

Arnav: Khushi I don’t know anything. I just want to be with you two with my whole life.

Khushi: O.k. Now tell me what is there in your mind?

Arnav: Woh. The design you did today that will be the first design of out fashion house and your wedding outfit.

Khushi: Are you mad? Arnav I am already married that also with you.

Arnav: I know. But you must have some dream about your marriage. So I was thinking to marry you again in front of my family with all the ritual.

Khushi looked at him with a teary eye. Arnav hold her hand on Pari’s body.

Pari: Maaa.....Papa.....

Both looked at her as she was also holding their hand on her body with her tiny one.

Arnav: See she is also wishing the same.

Khushi: By the way what are you doing tomorrow for her birthday? You told very proudly today morning that I don’t know what Arnav Singh Raizada can do in his daughter’s birthday.

Arnav: That’s a surprise.

Khushi: I always knew that surprise should be for birthday girl.

Arnav: But this time for her mother also.

With all this chit chat they slept.

Next morning when Khushi woke up she saw Arnav was already up and looking at her sitting on a chair.

Khushi: What are you looking?

Arnav: My wife and my daughter. Both look same while sleeping. Very cute. Now get up and be ready.

Khushi: Why?

Arnav: We are going to roam all over the town. Don’t worry we’ll take our breakfast and lunch outside.

Khushi jumped with a joy and hugged Arnav tightly.

Khushi: Thank you Arnav. You know I always wanted to roam all over the city in one day but Bhai never allowed me. Thank you so much. I love Pari’s birthday surprise. I love you. I love you soooo much.

Arnav: I love you too. No go and get ready.

Saying this Arnav kissed on Khushi’s forehead.

Khushi went to washroom.

After one hour the little sweet family was out for the town visit. They took breakfast at a dhaba. After taking breahfast

Arnav: Khushi I heard there is a fair in the city. Let’s go there.

Khushi: how do you know I like fair?

Arnav: i didn’t know. Actually di loved to go there when we were here. So I thought you will also like.

Khushi: O.k.

They were walking at the direction of the fair. After sometime they reached in front of the biggest mahal of the town. The sign board named the building ‘Sheesh Mahal’

Khushi: Arnav see the biggest building of the town. I wonder who lived here. You know when I was 12 the people who lived here moved out of the town. I don’t know why the people leave such a nice place? I always wanted to enter in this mahal just for once. But the ‘Gabbar Singh’ type watchman never allowed me to enter. Once I tried to enter when the watchman was sleeping. But alas I was seen. But he didn’t catch me. As I was the champion in running.

Arnav looked at her with amusement. How a girl be sooo sweet.

Arnav: So you want to enter there?

Khushi: yeah.

Arnav: O.k. your wish is my order maam.

Saying this Arnav started to walk towards the main gate but Khushi stopped him.

Khushi: Arnav I know I was the running Champion. And also understand that you were also. But pari is with us. How could we run with Pari in our arm?

Arnav looked at her and laughed loudly.

Arnav: O.k. You stay here. And don’t worry you don’t have to run with Pari in your arm.

Saying this Arnav went to the main door. After sometime when he was back he saw Khushi was standing and biting her nails. As soon as she saw Arnav she rushed to him.

Khushi: Arnav are you O.k. na. Did the Gabbar Singh do something to you?

Arnav: Khushi I am o.k and don’t worry. Let’s go to the fair.

Khushi: See I told you ne that he will not let you enter in to the Mahal. Seems like he is the owner. I wonder If it was the example of the watchman what will be the Owner. By the way let’s go.

After half an hour they reached to the fair. They enjoyed their time there. They went in every stall and enjoyed every ride there.They also took their lunch there. After three hour .....

All were exhausted. Pari was sleeping on Arnav’s shoulder.

Khushi: Arnav let’s go home.

Arnav: Why don’t you want to roam all over the city?

Khushi: We’ll do that later.

Arnav: O.k.

They headed back toward the house. At the time when they were in front of Sheesh Mahal, Arnav stopped.

Khushi: What again?

Arnav: Don’t you want to enter here?

Khushi: Are you mad? Will he let us enter here?

Arnav: Let’s check.

Saying this Arnav headed towards the main door and Khushi followed him. But with her shock the Gabbar Singh like watchman salute them.

Watchman: Salam Chotte Malik.

And opened the door for them. Arnav went to him and introduced Khushi with him.

Arnav: Khushi he is Paran Singh. He is doing this job for about 30 years. And Paran Kaka she is Khushi My wife.

Paran Singh: salam Choti Malkin.

Khushi: Namaste.

Then they headed towards the main building.

Khushi: Arnav what is this? What was he telling?

Feb 10, 2013

Arshi - a story of love (By Suparnasetu) (Thanked: 103 times)

Arnav: Khushi as my wife you have every right to know about me. Yes he was right. I am the heir of Sheesh Mahal. When I was small we used to stay here. Me, Di, Maa, Dad, My Chachaji, Chachiji, their son. We were a joint family. Our sure name was 'Malik'. As my father was the elder. So everyone used to call him 'Malik' and my Maa ' Malkin' and as I was his son all called me Chotte Malik and as you are my wife you are 'Chotti Malkin'.

Khushi: You were such a good family. Then why you left the place?

Arnav:(Sighs) Khushi sometimes what you see from the outside is not the always real. My father was a womanizer. But we didn't know till I was 14. When I came to know everything changed. Maa was our best friend. She committed suicide as she loved Papa unconditionally. Papa thought it was his mistake so he also followed the same path at the same moment. Just at the next day Chachaji had thrown us outside the house claiming all the properties in his name. So we went to Nani. Nani, Mama, Mami welcomed us with open hand. So we decided to change our sure name to Raizada as we didn't wish to claim us as Malik. After one month we heard the news that Chachaji died in a car crash with his whole family. So again the 'Sheesh mahal' came to me. But I never came here after Maa's death. Today is the first as you wished to come.

Arnav stopped. Khushi understood what Arnav was thinking. She placed her hand on his shoulder to support him. She knows how it feels as she also lost her parents at a very little age.

Arnav: Khushi I never came here as it remind me of Maa. Every corner of this house reminds me my Maa. She decorated the whole house with her own wish. She was the best Maa.

Saying this Arnav looked downwards. Khushi saw him.

Khushi: Arnav if you think that there is Maa's memory here then you should stay here as it will make you feel that you are staying with Maa. You'll feel her presence everywhere. You will feel good. I am not saying that you must do it but please do what your heart says.

Arnav looked at her. At the mean time Pari woke up and started to move. Arnav quickly composed himself and started to talk with her.

Arnav: No no see Papa is here. Maa is also here. See where we have come? See youe Grand maa's house. See.

At the same time they saw an old man coming towards them. Arnav also headed towards him. The man came to them.

Man: Chote Malik at last you came after so many years. You don't knoe how much happy I am. How is our Rajkumariji.

Arnav: Di is very well. She is married now. And meet my wife Khushi. Khushi, he is Ramu Kaka. He is working here since he was 20.

Khushi: Manaste Kakaji.

Saying this she bent to take his blessing but Ramu kaka stepped backward.

Ramu Kaka: What are you doing Choti malkin. I am just a servant.

Khushi: So what Ramu Kaka. But you are my older. I should take your blessing.

Ramu Kaka: Be happy Choti Malikin.

Khushi: Please don't call me that. I am like your daughter. Call me Khushi.

Ramu kaka: I can't do that. You are wife of Chotte Malik.

Khushi: But please don't call me that.

Ramu kaka: Well I'll call you Bahuriya.

Khushi: o.k.

Pari didn't like that nobody wasn't paying any attention to her. She called out

Pari: Maaaaa...

Everyone looked at her.

Kaka: Who is this Guriya?

Arnav: My daughter.

Kaka: That means choti Rajkumari?

Khushi: Rajkumari???

Arnav: This is the tradition of this house to call the daughter of the house as Rajkumari.

Khushi couldn't believe at all. Arnav was giving Pari the position of the daughter of this house.

Khushi: but Arnav...

Arnav: I know what do you want to say. But I meant what I said. She is my daughter ' PARI SINGH RAIZADA'

Kaka: Bas, now come inside the house. Your kaki is waiting for you.

They all started walking towards the entrance of the main building.

Khushi: kaki?

Arnav: Ramu Kaka's wife. She was also a maid here. Then Kaka fall in love with her. And see now they are married.

By the time they reached at the door. Khushi saw an elderly lady was standing there with a 'thaal' in her hand. They came near her.

Arnav: Khushi she is Nirmala kaki. Ramu kaka's wife.

Khushi: Namaste kaki.

Kaki: Namaste chotti malkin.

Khushi: Please call me Bahuriya like Ramu kaka.

Kaki: As you wish. But as you are entering this house for the first time I have to do the 'Ghar pravesh' again. If your mother in law was here today then she would become happy to do it. But I am sure she is giving her blessing to you both.

Then she did the Arti and then Khushi tilted the Rice Kalas and entered the house. It was her second Ghar Pravesh but the real one as she for the first time entered into her in-laws house.

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