Pyaar- Kuch Meetha, Kuch Khatta

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Nov 7, 2012

Pyaar- Kuch Meetha, Kuch Khatta (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 29 times)

Hi Guys,

I am starting a new story. It is called Pyaar- Kuch Meetha, Kuch Khatta. I know we do not like the current track of our favorite show. I will be continuing on the current track, but will be adding a twist to it You all will like it. The main characters will remain the same.I will bring a new entry that you all will adore.

Happy Diwali!

Chapter 1

I will begin from when Khushi hears from Sheetal that Aarav is Arnav's son.

Sheetal: Do not tell Arnav anything. Please, for your and my sake. I will not be able to live without Aarav.

Khushi: Sheetal ji then you tell me. How can I live with Arnav despite know that Aarav is his son?

Khushi then explains her past with Arnav and all the obstacles they had to pass to be together, and tries to get Sheetal to come up with a plan to fix this. After failing, Khushi leaves the room in disappointment. As soon as she leaves, Sheetal takes out something from her cabinet, which is none other than Arnav's laptop. She begins typing something while smirking.

Sheetal: Don't you know Khushi... only I can be Arnav's!

Khushi is walking down the steps thinking about what to do." What did I do to deserve this?Why did Arnav hurt my heart by doing this? Why can't my life be perfect?"Arnav and Aarav were playing another round of chess.

Aarav: Checkmate! I have beaten you once again Mr. Raizada.

Arnav: Nicely done champ!

Khushi look at the two. She had to admit. They made a very good father-son duo. She was interrupted with another thought.

Arnav: Khushi! Make me a chai and Aarav give milk.

Khushi did as she was told. She then went up to her room where she saw Arnav's laptop open and on so she went to go shut it off. As she was about to shut it off, she saw the screen which caught her attention.

It was supposedly a letter typed to Sheetal from Arnav before she came to Shantivan.

Dear my darling Sheetal,

The time has come for me to meet my son and get you back. I have re-married a town girl named Khushi, but do not worry. In a few days she will not be my wife anymore. I only married her because I wanted revenge from her mother because she had an illicit relationship with my dad, causing my mother's death. I have a plan though. First I will make her trust me fully, make sure she has no income of money, make her parents orphan her again, the throw her on the streets. Then bring you back in my life and let her suffer.

Love your dear husband,

Arnav Singh Raizada

Khushi's world was torn apart."How could her Arnav be so disloyal to her? Sheetal knew all about this, still she did not tell me?" Little did Khushi know that Sheetal had planned and typed all of this, and was smiling outside in the doorway.

Khushi felt miserable, so she went outside to think. Khushi thought to herself,"NO! My Arnavji cannot do this to me! It is not possible!" She almost tripped, but a handsome, muscular person stopped her from falling.

Okay guys, here is the new entry, Armaan Singhania as known in the story, but for all of you Siddharth Malhotra from Student of the Year.

Khushi stands up.She looks at this nice savior/stranger with her tear-stained eyes.

Armaan: Are you okay? Be careful, what if something would have happened to you?

Khushi: Thank you ji for helping me. I am sorry. I am not feeling okay right now.

Armaan: What happened to you?

Khushi It is a long story, you probably will not want to hear it.

Armaan: Hey, why don't you come to my office and we will discuss over there. Have you eaten dinner yet because I can ask my chef to make something for you to eat?

Khushi: I am not hungry, thank you. I guess I will go to your office with you because you know what people say. That if you share your problem, it often gets better. By the ways, my name is Khushi.

Armaan: Khushi means happiness, yet you are so sad. Well namaste, my name is Armaan. Let's go Khushi.

Khushi and Armaan go to his business. Armaan owns AS and you, the leading fashion company in India, and AR Groups's biggest competition.Khushi likes his office and immediately feels comfortable in his office.Armaan's office was very huge and beautiful. The walls were filled with Indian patterns and vivid colors. It does not have glassy walls like Arnav's office that made you feel like you were being watched. Khushi shared her problem with Armaan. Armaan felt sympathy for Khushi. He blinked once and then froze.

Chapter 2

Armaan: Khushi, his plan is to make you feel miserable, but how will he feel if you do not feel miserable? How about you dump him, before he dumps you? That way you will be happy and he will feel guilty.

Khushi: Armaan ji, what are you thinking about? Do you have a solution?

Armaan: Khushi, welcome to AS, K, and You.

Khushi (confused): What do you mean Armaan?

Armaan whispered his plan to Khushi. Khushi first looked hesitant, but finally approved of his plan. Armaan dropped Khushi home and they got each other's contact information. Khushi still felt bad of what Arnav did, but she had felt a little better after listening to Armaan's plan. She wiped her fresh tears and walked into Shantivan.

Manorama: Hello Hi Bye Bye! Phatti Sari wherez youz beens? Huh, huh cam on tellz uz.

Khushi: Nothing Mamiji, just went outside for a walk.

Manorama: Theze dayz Phatti Sari haz beens takings too many walksa ha?

Sheetal was upset that Khushi was not crying and making a scene in the house She did not want that to happen. She noticed her tear-stained eyes on her milky skin.

Sheetal: Khushi, were you crying? What happened.

Sheetal wanted to add fuel to the fire.

Khushi (with a cold stare): The coldness outside did that to my eyes. By the way Sheetal, this is none of your concern.

Arnav; Khushi, is this the way you talk to guests?

Khushi faced him, her once lovre, but now her enemy who made all the burns on her skin.

Khushi (smirking, and staring at Arnav): Oh sorry Sheetaljji, I should have talked to you like that.

Khushi and Arnav at the same time: Arnav/Khushi I need to talk to you.

Chapter 3

Khushi: Arnav ji lets talk upsatirs.

Arnav: Okay.

Just as Arnav was about to talk, Khushi interrupted.

Khushi: Arnav, here i give you two choices, either one will have the same effect.

Arnav: What happened to you? You were are happy, and now you are all sad and grumpy. What is wrong?

Khushi (through teary eyes): Arnav people can change in a very little amount of time. At one moment, it seems like you know them, then at the next they seem like a complete stranger.

Arnav; What do you mean? Why were you talking to Sheetal like that?

That made Khushi furious, thinking that Arnav cannot bear his adorable Sheetal to beinsulted like that.

Khushi (crying inside): Arnav, either you divorce me, or I divorce you.

Arnav: WHHHAAAATTT!!!!! Why Khushi, you are joking right?

Khushi: Not everything is a joke, Mr. Raizada.

Arnav saw the pain in her eyes and then knew she was serious, but he was not going to lose that easily. She is Khushi Kumari Gupt Singh Raizada and will always be that.

Arnav: Why should I divorce you Khushi? I love you. I will not divorce you.

Khushi: Are you so sure? Would you want to be known as the mogul whose wife dumped him or a mogul who dumped his wife? The decision lies in your hand.

Arnav (in a slow, squeaky voice); Then Khushi you divorce me because I will never be able to muster up enough courage to divorce you.

Khushi looked in his eyes and thought that he really loves he, but she thought he was acting and creating a drama. The fact was she wanted him to say yes for him to divorce her, because she too did not have enough courage to divorce him. her anger took the best of her however.

Khushi: Fine if you want it to be that way. You will get the papers by tomorrow.

Everyone in the house fell asleep. Arnav tried very hard to stop khushi from going, but she had made up her mind. She took her luggage and went in Armaan's car. Arnav would not give up that easily, he ran to his car and started following Khushi. Armaan noticed that, so he sped his car up. Unfortunately, Arnav lost Khushi where she went and went the wrong way.

Khushi made her way up to the Singhania Mansion, followed by Armaan. She was welcomed greatly by Armaan's family.

I will update more tomorrow!! Thanks for reading!!

Nov 8, 2012

Armaan's Family (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 16 times)

Hey guys!

Ishika here! I am now going to introduce Armaan's family. Sorry for such a short update!

Armaan Singhania- 24 years old, owns AS and You, and well you know the rest

Suhana Singhania- 56 years old, Armaan's mom, wants Armaan to settle down and get married to a traditional Indian girl, wishes the best for her family

Rohan Singhania- Armaan's dad, Armaan's biggest support, does not care as much to get a traditional Indian girl married to Armaan as long he finds someone he likes

Yash Singhania- Armaan's older brother, married to Ayesha Singhania, wants Armaan learn how to become more mature, for he thinks he is immature

Ayesha Singhania- Armaan's bhabhi, wife of Yash Singhania, pregnant with twins, bubbly, almost like an older sister to Armaan

Amrita Singhania- Armaan's younger sister, wants an amazing bhabhi, goes to college, is very popular, loves to study, wants to work in Armaan's office after she graduates

i will continue later!!

Nov 8, 2012

Pics of Armaan's Faimly (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 18 times)

Hey Guys!

Ishika here again. Some people e-mailed me that they wanted me to add photos for each family member so they could visualize them. I surely would love to do so. Thanks again for supporting me in my first story.


Armaan's Mom:

Armaan's Dad:





Nov 8, 2012

4th Chapter (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 29 times)

The whole Singhania family likes her immediately. They feel bad for what happened to her. Amrita develops the best relationship with Khushi and they become best friends instantly. Armaan's mom wishes that Khushi could have been her bahu. Armaan's dad likes Khushi's sense of humor. Yash thinks that Khushi may be able to help mature Arman, and Amrita likes Khushi because she is now a friend of Armaan.

Amrita: Maa, Khushi can sleep in my room with me during the time she is here.

Armaan's Mom: But bitiya, she can move to the guest room. That way she will be more comfortable.

Amrita: But mom, I want to sleep with Khushi Di...

Armaan's mom: Okay, but only if it is okay with Khushi bitiya.

Khushi: Definitely, Aunty ji. Come on Amrita, show me the way to your room.

Amrita smiles and takes Khushi upstairs. After they leave the rest of the family starts talking.

Armaan's mom: Beta, do you like Khushi? Because if you do, you should not let go of her.

Armaan's dad: Come on Suhana, just because he met a girl. It does not mean he loves her...

Armaan: Khushi and I are just friends Ma. I am just wondering how to solve her problem. Ma can I take Khushi to Lucknow?? We are holding a fashion show there, and since I am making her my new partner of my business, I want to take her take so I can continue with my plan and she also will get used to her job.

Armaan's Mom: Are you sure Armaan? Do you think that is okay.

Armaan: I do not know Ma. I will check with Khushi and see if she is okay with this. If she likes this idea then we will leave next week.

Armaan's Dad: I am proud of you son. Make me proud with the way you think. And Yash says you are not mature.

Yash: Dad, I am telling the truth! In April do you remember what he did?? He put gum on my pillow and let me sleep on it. He did it on purpose.

Armaan and Armaan's Dad: That because it was April's Fools Day Yash!!!!

Armaan's mom starting laughing like crazy and the whole family joined her.

Armaan's Mom: You guys are ridiculous! :-)

Thanks for reading guys. I will update more later!

Nov 9, 2012

5th Chapter (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 36 times)

Back at Shantivan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A rnav came back after being diverted into the wrong path when Siddarth changed the path the car was going. Arnav still not able to digest what happened. He had not eaten dinner, because the food was not tasty without his Khushi. "Why did she leave? Does she not love me anymore? What did I do wrong?" Arnav's sugar went low and Arnav fainted. Anjali was passing Arnav's room when she saw Arnav lying on the floor.


She called Hariprakash and he gave her a glass of water. She sprinkled some on his face. Arnav became a little conscious.

Arnav: Meetha..... kuch meetha chahiye.

Anjali quickly sent Payal to get something sweet for Arnav. Payal quickly rushed to the kitchen and picked up the tray of jalebies that Khushi made when she was sent to make chai and serve Aarav milk. Anjali feeds it to Arnav. Arnav immediately feels better and reminisces about the time when Khushi fed him jalebi when he was unconscious.

Arnav: Di, Khushi made these jalebies na? These taste like her made ones.

Anjali: Chotte, why did you not take your medicines? Whatever leave the topic. Chotte, by the way, speaking about Khushiji where is she?

Nov 13, 2012

6th Chapter (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 30 times)

Arnav: Woh.... (he thinks about the awkward discussion he had with Khushi)

Payal: Arnavji, please tell us.

Sheetal: (with a fake tensed face) Arnav, I saw Khushi go out of the house with a crying face is everything okay between you two??

Anjali: Chotte! Will you tell us or not?!!!

Arnav looks at Payal, with her eyes eager to know what happened to her sweet sister. He held her hands.

Arnav (with teary eyes): Woh chali gaye... maaf kijiye ga.

Nov 18, 2012

7th Chapter (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 22 times)

Payal: Kya! Aapki matlab kya hai? (What! What do you mean by that?)

Arnav explains what happened.


Payal (furiously): Arnavji, I know my sister,and she would not give a divorce unless something terribly wrong happened. You are the king of fighting, but you understand yourself to be the king of the world. Tell me, what did you do to Khushi?

Arnav: Uh... I do not know.

***Back at the Singhania Mansion***

Amrita: So, Khushi how are you?

Khushi: I am better, thanksw to you and your family.

Amrita: Di, I do not want to hurt your feelings, but who was your husband?

KHushi (stuttering): His name was Arnav... Arnav Singh Raizada.

Amrita: What! I know him. My brother beats him in everything. We are his biggest competition, but my brother is the best.

Khushi laughs about what amrita said, thinking about ASR losing to someone for once.

Amrita: Di, do not worry. In a couple of weeks, you will forget about him.

Khushi hopes so, but fate has something else in store for them

Nov 18, 2012

8th Chapter (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 22 times)

***Back at the Raizada Mansion***

Everyone leaves Arnav's room crying and worried for Khushi. Payal feels the at-most anger and hate for Arnav.

Arnav is left alone in the room and is crying bitterly.

Arnav: Why Khushi?Why do you want to divorce me? I love you so much.

Sheetal, who was watching everything from outside the door was smiling and thought that this would be a perfect moment to interrupt Arnav's thoughts and add some fuel to the fire. She walks into Arnav's room and sits down next to where Arnav is crying.

Sheetal: Arnav, are you okay? What happened? Is there something you want to share with me?

Arnav: Sheetal, how did you feel when your husband divorced you?

Sheetal became mad. Her goal was to make Arnav feel like he was Aarav's dad, so she can live a luxorious life in the Raizada Mansion and get Arnav's love. She thought of something real quick.

Sheetal (tries to make herself look hesitant): I do not want to talk about him. (then diverts the topic) But what happened to you Arnav? MAybe it will help you a tiny bit if you share what happened.

Arnav tells her everything. Sheetal fake sympathizes for Arnav, making Arnav feel as if she supports him.

Arnav: Sheetal, now i do not know what to do that the whole family has turned against me.

Sheetal: No, not your whole family. Arnav, consider me as part of your family also too.

Arnav; Thanks Sheetal. You really made me feel kinda better. Good night.

Sheetal (with a smirk with her face faced to the door): Goodnight Arnav.

Arnav goes to his cabinet and is taking his pajamas out when he finds in laptop in his shirt drawer.

Arnav (thinking): What the! I have been looking for this all day, and it is here. Weird. Shit! Let me check if I need to charge it.

Arnav turns on his laptop, and what he sees shocks him to his core. He sees the fake typed letter to Sheetal popped up on the screen.

Arnav (thinking): So is this why Khushi left me. Oh no, who did this? Sheetal? But why? I do not even love her and she is not my wife. I need to show this to the family and bring out the truth... of Khushi and I... and Sheetal. Let me wake up everyone... no it is too late. It is 12:07, and that is way too late. Tomorrow, in the morning, I will tell everyone... and start the search for Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

Nov 18, 2012

9th Chapter (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 24 times)

Everyone is sitting down in the living room. Some people wanted me to post a picture of the mansion so here it is...

Arnav did not go to sleep. He was busy on how to spill whatever Sheetal's secret was to the whole family. He could not understand why Sheetal would such a thing and that did she even do it.

***Next Morning, Singhania Mansion***

Armaan's Mom: Khushi bitiya, what do you want to eat? I will ask the cook to make it. You must be feeling hungry from last night.

Khushi: Auntyji, why have a cook when there is someone to cook? I will cook the food. Aunty what do you want? Jalebies, parantha, pakore, just name it, and I will make it.

Armaan's Mom: Okay, let me see how my son's friend cooks. (teasingly) In this case I will have aloo (potato) and pyaaz (onion) parantha, poha, upma, and jalebis, okay bitiya.

Khushi (thinking): So much food? How will I be able to make it? Come on Khushi, you can do it.

Khushi (smiling weakly): Okay Auntyji.

Armaan's Mom: Pagal. She will not be able to make all of that.

Khushi enters in the kitchen. She ties her dupatta around her waist and starts cooking quickly with lots of perfection. Some oil almost splatters on her hand.

Khushi: Hey Devi Maiyya! Please let me complete this task without any injuries or mistakes.

Everyone is sitting at the dining table, very hungrily waiting for the food. Khushi comes from the kitchen with a dish of food. Everyone is happy to see the yummy food. Khushi starts to serve everyone.

Ayesha: What is this Khushiji? I am pregnant with twins also. So give me triple serving.

Khushi: Ayeshaji, do not worry....

She did not get to complete her sentence, because everyone started gasping when the saw the servants coming out of the kitchen with even more dishes.

Ayesha (giggling): Khushi, when I asked you to feed me thrice as much, I did not mean this!

Armaan's Mom: What! Khushi, you actually thought I asked you to cook all of this. Bitiya, I was just joking!

Everyone shares a hearty laugh at the table.

Nov 21, 2012

10th Chapter (By Ishika_Gupta) (Thanked: 25 times)

***Back at the Raizada Mansion***

Payal was serving everyone breakfast. She had a sad face. Aakash had never seen his wife so gloomy before. Arnav came sitting down looking better than he did yesterday. Payal got mad seeing him acting normal and did not serve him. She gave a heavy cold glimpse. Arnav got scared of that look, but he knew she would be on his side after she learned about Sheetal.

Arnav: Sheetal. Today do you want to meet some old college friends?

Sheetal (thinking that this is a perfect moment to become close to with Arnav): Sure, who are we meeting?

Arnav: A lot of my friends. You will see. They will be coming to the house.

Sheetal: Okay.

Payal: It is amazing. Of course, why will Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada feel bad about anything. Do you not even feel one bit of remorse of what you did to Khushi?

Arnav: Payal, speaking about that, what did I do wrong?

Payal: It does not take a lot of time to answer that question. Whenever Khushi is with you, you always do something to hurt her heart and satisfy your ego.

Arnav: Oh, now I know what I did wrong. Do not worry, I will fix the problem this afternoon.

***Back at Singhania Mansion***

Armaan: Khushi Ji, you made good food today.

Khushi: Thank you Armaan Ji.

Armaan: Hey Khushi, by the way what is your husband's name again? (He asks this because he feels that her huband is Arnav.)

Khushi's smile drops.

Khushi (stuttering): Arnav, Arnav Singh Raizada.

Armaan, clearing his suspicion, smiles.

Armaan: PERFECT!

He then walks out of the room leaving a puzzled Khushi.

Khushi: Why did Armaan ji ask me this? What is he thinking about?

***Back at Shantivan***

Evening now arrives, and all the guests start arriving. None of the family members are talking to Arnav, but are greeting the guests to be friendly.

Sheetal is shocked seeing all the guests. She knows all of them. There is Pranav, who on Karva Chauth, she "supposedly" called, a house owner, her bank account manager, a drama teacher, and a lady from an ashram.

Sheetal: Pranav?

Arnav: So strange na. Pranav says that he hasn't talked to you since many years.

Sheetal: I was talking with some other Pranav that time.

The whole family looks confused.

Arnav: So it's time.. I have invited some special people for tonight. (smirking)

A tall, thin, then walks up to Arnav.

House Owner: Sheetal was staying with me since last two months as a paying guest.. she never paid rent on time.

Anjali (asks): But Sheetal was staying in USA right?

Arnav: Sheetal was saying that.. but it doesn't mean it was true.

Now someone from Sheetal's bank steps in the consversation.

Arnav: So do you know her (Sheetal).

Mr. Chopra, Bank Manager: Yes.. she is Sheetal Kapoor and we were finding her since long time because she has 3 credit cards of our bank and she crossed credit limits. She never did any payment and it doesn't look like that she wants to pay.

Sheetal: It's all a lie.

Arnav: Nope.. there are more people.

Another guy comes in who says that Sheetal went to him and asked him to give drama training to Aarav.

Nk: What did you need drama lessons for? (with a seriou face)

Sheetal: I like performing in plays for the town.

Arnav: But Sheetal, you and I in college made fun of the actora in the play and never like drama as far as I remember.

Drama Coach: Ms. Kapoor, you had asked me to coach Aaran to become like an arrogant, rich person, which I did, but I never got my money.

Arnav: Why did you not pay him and why did you put Aarav into drama classes to become a character like me?

Sheetal: What you trying to do by doing all this? Are you insulting me?

Arnav: No.. i am just telling truth to everyone.

Anjali: What was the reason to lie?

Arnav: You will find everything soon.

Sheetal: Enough is enough.. I can't take this anymore... I am leaving.

As she is leaving, she sees something that surprises her.

Ashram Lady: Sheetal bitiya, how is Aarav? Have you been taking good care of Aarav since you adopted him from the orphanage?

Everyone including Aarav is shocked.

Aarav: Mama, but you said...

Sheetal: Shush, Aarav let us leave this house. We are not being respected.

Arnav: Sheetal, why leave now? The party has just begun? Aarav, tell us what your mom told you.

Aarav (looking at Sheetal's fiery eyes): She said that she is my mother and you're my father.. when I was little baby.. you left me in Aashram because you didn't like me. She said, I was like you already and if I become fully like you, then you would accept me.

Payal (now fired up): Why did you say that SHEETAL?

Arnav: That is easy. Sheetal had got bankrupt and to pay all her bills.. she decided to trap her old, rich boyfriend which was me. She adopted Aarav and trained him to behave like me. She then found out about Khushi and decided to make Khushi believe that Aarav is my son.. because then Khushi would do everything to make sure Aarav gets his rightsand created this fake note on my laptop which was "supposedly" sent to her before she came here. She set up everything the way so Khushi finds out everything easily and so she could live the rest of her life in luxury and as the legal wife of Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada.

Payal read the paper with teary eyes. She felt sorry for her poor sister and Arnav. Sheetal was now going ballistic that her crime was solved, and starts laughing hysterically.

Sheetal:, It is easy for you to say because you have got money. I did all this for money... and what is wrong with it? I didn't kill anyone. You're very rich... if you had given me some then it wouldn't matter to you. It was such a good plan, but this damn kid...

Payal got mad and she walked over to Sheetal.


Payal: Do not say a word against Aarav. Are you not ashamed of calling youself a woman? You tried to break my sister's marriage.. you used this innocent kid.. and using innocent kid like this is no less than killing someone. My sister is great because people who give up their happiness for others are great, not silly or stupid. You used my sister's greatness for your foolishness.

Arnav: Sheetal, one more guest is waiting for you.

Police come in and arrest Sheetal in a fraud case. Arnav thanks everyone else for coming and saying the truth..all guests leave except lady from the Aashram.

Aarav (talking to Arnav): You will bring Khushi didi back right? It is all my fault.

He was about to cry, when Arnav was starting to wipe his tears.

Arnav: That is phase two of my plan... to bring Khushi back. By the way how come I am uncle and Khushi is didi?

Aarav smiles listening to that.

Payal: Arnav ji, but you said you made a mistake. What was your mistake then?

Arnav: Letting that witch stay here.

Payal hugs Arnav:

Payal: Arnav ji, you are the best husband a crazy girl like Khushi could have ever gotten. Please find her.

Arnav: I will, I promise.

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