Main aur Mr.Right Release Date

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Oct 14, 2012

Main aur Mr.Right Release Date (By Sharandeep) (Thanked: 39 times)

Hey guys! I just want to make it clear that i am new to myeduniya so if i do anything wrong sorry. I just found so things about our Barun's movie main aur mr.right. i dont know if all of you know this or not but i still decided to share it. The thing is that Barun's movie is coming out in about a month, the release date is 23rd november 2012. So if you didn't know that you do know that now. Thank You!!!

Oct 14, 2012

Main aur Mr. Right Release Date (By Sharandeep) (Thanked: 22 times)

Hey guys! Most people were not sure if this date was right because it was said the release would happen in 2013. But i did some research and i found out that the on may 10,2012 they had begun shooting for the movie, and then 3 months later the fliming had been all done and packed up in august. so if the movie has been already finished it makes sense that the release date is 23rd november 2012 instead of having the release in 2013. if no one believes this info you can go on main aur mr.right wikipedia. If i get any more news about the movie i will let you guys know. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 15, 2012

Main aur Mr.Right Release Date Misunderstanding (By Sharandeep)

hey guys i have some bad news:( I was doing some research and i saw on flimicafe that the movie release is in early 2013, but then on india forums it said that the release was on the date i told you guys. please dont hate me. as soon as i found this out i was going to post it earlier this morning but i had to go to my gurdwara 100 year celebration so i just got home and told you guys. please dont hate me!!!!!!! once i get the confirm the date i will let you know. so it is either november 23rd 2012 or early 2013. ONCE AGAIN PLEASE DONT HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I FELL REALLY GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!

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